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Characters to use for bonuses in RD

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Sothe's stats will transfer directly if he's at 20/20, even if it's lower. It can definitely be useful since you can make him even more of a tank early on, but chances are he might need some stat boosters to match his FE10 bases.

Among the others you listed, Shinon doesn't really need them but it does cap a few stats quicker which means he could be BEXP'd earlier. Brom becomes quite durable in part 2 but his part 3 should fade as usual. Ilyana still doesn't get that interesiting. Finally, while Mist could use the extra Magic and Speed, she'd probably appreciate HP and Defense more since she'll still remain really fragile.

I'd suggest to go nuts with boss abuse if you wish to transfer as much characters as possible, even bad ones. In a run I didn't complete, I've had nearly my entire team promoted by chapter 10 in a normal mode run just by abusing the recovery of a throne boss. Good bosses for this include Kotaff (chapter 9 Halberdier), Kimaarsi (chapter 16 General), Ena, Petrine, Bertram, Haffedd (the Halberdier before the Black Knight, though it may be frustrating if Ike ends up not defeating the BK right after) and Heddwyn (chapter 28 Sage). Both Ena and Ashanrd are also perfect to level up your healers since their weapons don't break, so you may want to bring even an untrained Rhys, Mist or Elincia for the final chapter and get them to 20/20.

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I'm only in Part 3 of RD though,

here's my opinion

- I manage to transfer Mist Str/Mag/Skill/Spd/Def/Luck but don't find it that useful as I only use her as a healer in RD.

- I didn't transfer Sothe but I guess he's fine as he is without transfer. Too painful to train him in PoR.

- Shinon is already superb without transfer. I didn't use archer in PoR. I prefer Mages.

- I didn't transfer Brom. He's only useful in one chapter that he's forced in RD.

(I don't like General/short-movement unit)

- I may train Ilyana in my next PT. I use her a lot in RD (without transfer).

- I transfer Elincia Str/Mag/Skill/Spd and I'm glad I did. (I'm favouritism towards pegasus anyway)

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Characters I like to cap

Jill get's the most out of anyone in transfers as she starts out quite fragile in RD and if she get's transfers she can then start to 0RKO units.

Ilyana in my opinion is worth it even in the short term as with transfers she can also start to double (not too sure if she can in HM) and can start to kill units on her own rather than just chipping in.

Boyd is worth it in my opinion, this fixes his dodgy speed and defence and that extra bit of HP will keep him alive in a pinch.

Nephenee can sometimes struggle in normal mode so I think giving her a transfer can really help especially as she can gain a lot of levels in parts 2, 3 and 4.

Sothe can really come in useful just for tanking to allow weaker units to level up but if you're not going to use him for that then there isn't much point as he'll cap everything anyway.

Titania is difficult to cap but I always find it worth it, I use her in nearly every RD playthrough and I think the investment pays off

Soren for the same reasons as Ilyana IF you can cap his speed.

Giffca...No explanation needed.

Mia to fix those early chapter strength and defence issues.

Characters I would advise against capping

Shinon is going to kick ass regardless, invest the experience in someone else

Oscar isn't that great even with transfers and he has bad caps, besides I find Gold Knights > Silver paladins in RD

Rhys isn't going to do much with caps and probably won't keep up with the rest of you're team anyway

Mist still won't be dealing decent damage with transfers so why does she need transfers to heal and run?

Zihark seems to cost too much effort to invest in him when he comes over-leveled and will probably be outshined by Mia.

Brom, I just never found him a long term unit

Geoffrey/tormod/muarim - Availability

Any cat laguz simply because of the gauge

Tauroneo - doesn't need it

Can't think of anyone else.

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Edward, Leonardo, Meg, Fiona, and Heather.

I'd see Jill, Soren, Ike, and a max speed Haar (though it will require using a lot of Speedwings judging by his stats and growth rates) be good units to raise and transfer. Although no unit really needs the transfer to work super well, it's still nice to have some on those units since Jill would turn even more like DB Haar-lite, Soren could use the speed boost and make him double more enemies early on and allows you to use BEXP level ups a lot more efficiently and you will truly see Soren's power. Ike could use it but it doesn't matter, it's just easy to get him to cap most of his stats from what I know. Haar is too manly to need boosts but a speed boost would turn him into a soloer early on.

If you want a greater challenge though could you just remove Blossom on Sothe and have a really weak level 20 Sothe. I'm not sure if you can significantly make him weaker for RD but it's still something you could consider.

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Haar, who's mediocre at best in PoR (lol)

Haar is a great unit in PoR, he just joins late.

IMO, the following units benefit the most from (realistic) transfers:











Roughly in that order. Happily, most of those units are great in PoR.

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