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Folgore Rangers Mafia -- GAME OVER


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The revived Forces of Evil had the remaining Rangers at a standstill. Additionally, they had just thrown out their driver, so they had no way of making a quick escape! Things were looking extremely grim, as there was also still the unknown threat lurking around...

Suddenly BBM began to laugh maniacally. Everyone stared at him confusedly, until he threw off his disguise to reveal himself as Shadow Breezypants!

"...who are you again?" said JB, echoing the thoughts of everyone else in the room.

"Argh, you fools! Maybe THIS'll help jog your memory!" He released a loud fart that struck everybody's minds at once. Immediately, Manix and CR began retching as memories of their encounter with him flooded through their minds.

"You... that smell!" They ran out of the room, all the way out of Serenes to escape. JB raised an eyebrow.

"Luckily, I have a cold, and I can't smell!" laughed JB. BBM responded by punting him out a window.

The FoE began to attack him, but they were interrupted by Tang, who quickly banished them again for violating the "NO ALTERNATE ACCOUNTS" rule.

"HAHAHA! I AM VICTORIOUS!" Breezy cried. "That'll show them all for underestimating a filler villain!"

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k grats bbm etc

now mancer you fucking respond to this

I'm confident that JB will flip scum because that's the way he seems to play when he's scum.

answer the following questions

1. how long did i stop playing

2. how many games have i been maf since i came back

3. how many games have i been maf where i actually posted

4. is this a good argument

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oh okay i have a bit left

self-conscious: notice how it's always about stuff aimed at you, and you made statements trying to cover back on your tracks, some of which irk me for reasons i can't explain (scorri point)

Remind me about this when postgame rolls around.

this is me reminding you. what was it you wanted to bring up clipsey?

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Your ISO only goes back so far. :cry:

Anyway, it's aimed at BBM. The reason why he inevitably pings my scumdar is because he'll say something about someone, then say something about why that person is scummy. Throwing suspicion on the entire game looks stupid-scummy, no matter what side you're on.

Now Mancer: You were improving, and then this game happened. Do NOT provoke people if you're trying to get a lynch off of you. It's bad play, and I'll probably want you lynched just so I can focus better on the game. Making it hard for everyone else to scumhunt is extremely anti-town. Please do NOT ever do anything like this again.

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Your ISO only goes back so far. :cry:


you can reverse it though (ascending/descending), assuming i haven't reached full critical mass (i think ISO's only work 200 posts each direction, so over 400 posts would be critical mass)

sidenote: If i'm surviving to near the end of a game and I haven't hit ISO breaking point (200 posts) there's something terribly wrong

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This game just falls on some of the days when I was getting stressed up IRL and my emotions were getting distraught. Add on the fact that I had collapsed in school like in the middle of the game, and was very out both IRL and on the Internet.

So yeah, I'm sorry for my sub-optimal play this game, I've not much excuses for it.

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k grats bbm etc

now mancer you fucking respond to this

answer the following questions

1. how long did i stop playing

2. how many games have i been maf since i came back

3. how many games have i been maf where i actually posted

4. is this a good argument

#1: I was never around when you stopped playing mafia.

#2 and 3: 2 or 3 games IIRC, and you have the same posting style through them. Semi-active, poke fun and joke at people then proceed to tunnel. The games where you were town (Pokemon Adventures), you were as inactive but actually made good content posts each time you posted and did not tunnel at all.

#4: Why not, people have been metaing me for several games and judging based on behavioural patterns.

I might not have played enough games with you yet (or at all, really), to get a good enough grip of your scum meta, but from those past 2 or 3 scum games, that is how you played and that is what I pointed out.

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GJ BBM, sure, gee_wiz_emoticon.gif

However, WHY THE HELL WAS BALDRIC NOT LYNCHED EARLIER. Probably half of my comments in the master thread were concerning this.

Mancer don't try to use meta.

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post game part 1

Role Notes

[spoiler=Forces of Evil + Other Filler Villains]

Lord Zeddmare, FoE Godfather JoAT

This role was obviously the scum breadwinner. First drafts of the game had Zeddmare as just regular Godfather that scanned as vanilla (and with the way the game turned out, it may well have been). From what I know, the hitman pierced hooks, Shin, ZM's protect AND JB's BPV, which (in my view) would have counteracted the fact that there were ten bazillion hookers in this game.

Camdar, FoE Mass Roleblock

get the fuck at me

This role was one of the few things that was purely my idea in this setup, so you can direct any complaints about it towards me and not Boron. When I drafted the role, we (well, I wasn't) intending to have the massblock hidden (the original flavor was something along the lines of "radmac comes out and forces everyone to fight him instead of performing their action" which is what ended up happening anyway). During planning, someone came up with the idea of "let's not tell them what it does because camdar is incompetent" which I ran with.

Using this action at the start of the game was probably the only way it could possibly be done without dicking of the scumteam. Contrary to what probably the entire game believed, not one of us thought of having the kill actually go through if Camdar was the one taking the kill (which, in hindsight, we should have done to give the scum a CHANCE that they wouldn't screw themselves).

One draft of the role also gave Camdar an X-shot janitor (i think it was two), but I nixed that due to my personal hate of anything that dicks with a flip.

Was it a bad idea? Probably. Would it have been better to tell them what it did? Definitely. Would it have been nearly as amusing (especially to see the scumteam's reactions)? NOPE

this role is incidentally the only thing that would stop zeddmare's hitman kill

Horita Repulsa, FoE Hooker

Standard hooker. I think Boron might have had him doing something else initially but that's all I can think of that would be noteworthy.

Apoceclipse, FoE Redirector

I would hesitate to call this a nerfed driver since it takes some legit planning to use. In the end it ended up serving as both an extra scumkill (redirect elie on the night he shoots) as well as being extremely shenanigan-creating (I would never have thought of using redirector as a proxy for fakeclaim!tracker, so props on scumteam for that). It also one of the few roles that underwent zero non-flavor changes over the course of revisions.

Shadow Breezypants, Filler Arsonist

I think we originally had this as Survivor or regular SK, but I figured that was boring and so I came up with this half-baked idea instead. I will fully admit I was thinking about SFMM2 when I drafted the role since I thought it was pretty cool (this is the SK!Arsonist win that finally does StSS justice).

I will admit that it was actually underpowered as fuck, what with 4 different hooking roles AND a redirector (since arsonist is a role so dependent on picking the right targets). It also did not pierce Sharpy's BPV, when I feel that it should have. Alternately we could have given it a BPV or scans as town or something because that would also have helped a lot.


[spoiler=Folgore Rangers]

In general I'm not gonna have as much to say here as for the scum since they're generally standard roles and Boron did more with this than I did.

Refa-5 and Folgore Blue, FR Vanillas (+name changer)

yeah vanillas whatever

The name-changing thing was my idea, just to put a bit of extra flavor in that was mildly funny. If the name-changing ability had been used 3 times, we would have given him a 1-shot ability to change everybody else's names (and nothing else) just for the hell of it, I'm kind of upset we didn't get to see the reactions :(

Folgore Yellow, FR Alliance Cop

In our first draft of the rules we had this as a rolecop. I personally think I would have liked it better that way, but with all the hooks in the game I guess it wasn't such a bad thing. Standard cop.

Folgore Red, FR Doctor


Another one of the roles that was unchanged entirely.

Folgore Black, Vengeful FR

I think this one was originally Bomb.

Folgore Orange/Purple, FR Masons


also unchanged

Folgore White, FR JoAT

We had him doing different things, but that's about it. I don't remember if we gave him an inspect or not. In hindsight we definitely should have given him some kind of driving role (as the FR's driver...) or tracker/watcher but oh well.

Folgore Green, FR Bulletproof

2-shot bpv

One draft for the ending flavor was to just wait it out until BBM finally managed to kill off JB (and thus giving us the night 11 ITP win). The number of shots he could take changed a few times I think.

Folgore Pink, FR Hooker

Another hook, I forget what we had her as before. Added largely a) to give credence to the "DUPLICATE ROLES" clause and b) because town hookers are pro.

Shojor, FR Miller

standard miller, used to be vanilla but was added as miller for flavor reasons

i'll do player notes and awards later

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  • 3 months later...

Post game part 2

Extremely late and probably won't be of help to anyone. But I'm doing it because I promised myself I would.

First things first: game should've been better balanced and with less role blockers. I dunno what I was thinking putting in that many hookers and why I never went back and revised it. I suppose the setup was "fair", but far from ideal. At least I know what to do next time.

I don't think Mancer's initial posts looked that bad and the first wave of his wagon seemed to start over his being the fifth vote on BBM. Poor defense and too much votehopping around turned it into a full-out wagon, which forced Mancer to claim to avoid being lynched. Mancer, you need to explain yourself better when you defend yourself and not tell people to reread you all the time. If they're voting you, it's very likely they don't get you and you'll need to explain yourself. Also, people who think you are scummy are not necessarily scum, and you need to stop with the OMGUS votes. Also, if you're town and about to be lynched due to logical evidence, then don't act in a way that makes people not want to keep you around.

Sho, if you would've stopped talking about the miller claim you would've probably lived past D1. I don't know what to say. You did nothing but talk about miller claim and flavor.

Shin has been better in recent games, so some of this is outdated. Some advice I can give you on things you did wrong this game: your D1 posts sounded like you were waffling a lot or not thoroughly reading people's posts. Try to be more serious when you present your reads and cases, and back them up properly if you can. You don't have to have a definite read on everyone in the game. If you're really not that sure of someone, just say you'll try to read their posts again later and that you'll get a definite opinion on them soon. And be sure to follow up on it. Your reasons for wanting to lynch Lucina in #431 seemed reather sound, but you then unvoted Rapier in the same post. Don't do that stuff, 'kay?

Baldrick, you made some errors in your play. If you're going to lie about your action, then keep your story straight so that you don't get called out on contradictions, such as you claiming you idled on a certain night and then claiming later that you did something. Also, you seemed too curious about eclipse's opinions about what had happened to the night kill on D2. It sounds like you're fishing and you can accidentally say something revealing or let on that you know more than you should. Elie caught onto it.

Rapier got lynched because he's Rapier. Doesn't say much and doesn't always make sense. I ... really don't know what to tell you, Rapier. If you're going to sign up for games, try to continue to be motivated and post when you can even if you're about to be lynched. Just try to keep track of your thoughts and explain yourself better.

I think Manix's biggest mistake this game was assuming BBM to be clear and being talked into lynching Kay instead of just outright lynching CR. I think the Kay lynch bothered me more than anything this game because I don't recall a serious case for her ever being lynched until she claimed vengeful. I'm also bugged that no one called out BBM in LYLO for pushing the Kay lynch, and for claiming hunter while Kay was confirmed vengeful. I know the game said duplicate roles were possible, but there is a difference between too many hooks and too many town-sided killing roles. Especially considering Elie had a vig shot that he had gone and proved. Next time, just lynch who you think is scum. No complicated gambits. Had you guys lynched CR outright instead of Kay, you guys would have only been in potential MYLO instead of definite LYLO.

Speaking of the duplicate roles rule, though, that rule was specifically put into place for cases like Mancer claiming blocked and Shinori saying that he didn't block him. Remember, you guys don't know what roles scum have. In this case, scum had a living redirector at that point, so if not a hook then Mancer's protect could have been redirected.

JB and Mancer stuff, I don't want to touch this. But just general advice for JB, next time someone who you think is scum claims an important power role that hasn't counterclaimed but you still have your suspicions, don't focus entirely on that person. If you are still suspicious, by all means DON'T write them off entirely and make it clear you're not entirely convinced, but look at other people you think are scum and make your cases on those people MORE apparent than your continued suspicion on the first person.

Xinnidy did well enough to get shot on N2. Although I don't suggest outing whether you are a passive role or an active role as town unless it's absolutely necessary. And in D2 it wasn't necessary. Announcing that you are passive just lets scum know that you do not have an active power role and lets them narrow down who does.

Darros, you just need to play more and get used to mafia. I don't think he was ever seriously suspected, but I feel that his votes could have been better explained. Also, if you're specifically asked to tone down your PR, then unless you have a modkill threat over your head then do it. Don't ever make me yell at you in private over it. Reason I was most upset with you was because yours wasn't even a PR. This goes for everyone and not just Darros, by the way.

Elieson suspected the right people. Tried to shoot j00 (was redirected to Shin), correctly predicted a Mancer kill in D1 (too bad mass hook happened), and was right about Baldrick being scum. Was unlucky in his night actions. Try to explain your thoughts and logic a little better next time.

SB looked pro-town enough to get primed by BBM (twice). j00 got screwed over immediately after subbing in because I am a retard. I'm sorry again! By the time CR subbed in, I think that slot was getting negative attention. However, I think that BBM lying about who he targeted may have got CR lynched. BBM targeted Shin on the same night that CR forced him to target Shin, but BBM lied and said he had targeted Elie that night. Town believed BBM over CR. It was pretty ironic.

eclipse saved Shin's player slot and fixed my stupid mistake, which prevented a mass sub-out. Thanks, and I'm sorry for my derp!

BBM had a brief wagon on him in D1, claimed hunter, got Kay lynched, and somehow was not suspected in LYLO. I understand that my original fakeclaim for you wasn't very good, but here's some advice that you gave me when I played in Pokemon Adventures mafia (Baldrick, this goes for you too): it's not the best idea to stray outside of given safe claims. Safe claims that the host gives you are GUARANTEED to not be in the game. You claimed hunter, which was too similar to Kay's vengeful, and in conjunction to Elie's vig shot gave town three killing roles in a 16 player game. Had you been less lucky, you could have been lynched over it.

Shinori and Kay kept suspicion off themselves for most of the game. Shinori assumed that SB/j00 was town because he had been redirected to that player slot, when in actuality scum!SB decided to blindly redirect Shinori to himself, and thought that the redirector was town as well. Don't make rash assumptions like that. Kay did pretty well, but I think she could have been a bit clearer on who she thought was scum/town. Shinori forgot to submit an action on the night he died and Kay was lynched for claiming vengeful.

That took a while. This game was a clusterfuck and I hope any games I host from now on aren't as messed up as this (and Group) was.

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