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fe13 playthrough 11 billion

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Efficient is a dangerous word to throw around, so I'm content with doing a bit worse than Horace because I'm not as good as him at FE.

Recruit everyone I can. Maybe not Cynthia and Severa, I hate their chapters, though I'm supposed to according to the tier list. Other tier list rules apply as well, of course, that's the point of this

No deaths allowed. I guess this isn't really a surprise, but I simply don't like killing off characters, so I won't let myself do that later if it would help me out.

Planned Units

Chrom x Avatar

Stahl x Cordelia

Frederick x Sumia

Vaike x Lon'qu

Panne x Kellam

and some other guys as needed. Lucina + Morgan might get used too, we'll see how good they are when I get 'em. This is kind of a lot but I don't care


I'm just aiming to get around 130 to 150 turns. Doesn't sound too unreasonable to me.

I want to see what Vaike can do in a quicker run than I'm used to doing and without screwing around with optional things. I also want to see how well I can use Frederick into lategame, as people are saying mixed things. Pushing Cordelia and Sumia up a bit is also a goal of this run. Lastly don't think Sully should be over Panne, so I'll be giving Panne a try, there's a bunch of people who already used Sully go read their logs.

Avatar +HP -Luck "Violet"

Premonition- 2/2 turns


Prologue- 4/6 turns

This one doesn't need too much explanation. Frederick got a few kills here, but Violet/Chrom did most of the work. Lissa didn't do anything. Violet/Chrom MVP

Chapter 1- 3/9 turns

Another pretty simple one. Sully/Virion/Lissa all hid while Violet/Chrom owned with Fred helping whittle a few enemies down, such as doing most of the damage on the boss (Violet got kill though) Violet/Chrom MVP

Chapter 2- 5/14 turns

Violet/Chrom to C.

Again, not challenging. Violet/Chrom took on some guys on the right while Stahl/Vaike went left. Stahl is pretty awesome, never used him before but he's strong and durable too, I was pretty impressed. Lissa healed him twice though the second wasn't needed. Frederick got the bosskill, which was a bit unfortunate but not completely terrible. He got a good first level up, so not complaining.

Chapter 3- 6/20 turns

Deploy Chrom, Violet, Lissa, Frederick, Vaike, Stahl.

I could've gone a bit faster here, but I wanted to get everyone a bit more experience, so I opted for that. Vaike got the bosskill a bit of favoritism, but eh. I took the left side and recruited Kellam, he'll be supporting Stahl until Chapter 6.

Chapter 4- 3/23 turns

Violet/Chrom to B.

Deploy Chrom, Violet, Frederick, Stahl, Sumia, Kellam. Vaike doesn't really serve any purpose in this map and Stahl/Kellam can build up a bit of support, so I decide not to deploy him. Also sorta makes up for getting the bosskill. This chapter isn't too hard, Frederick/Sumia goes up and to the left to Javelin some stuff, Violet/Chrom goes right and Stahl/Kellam goes left. Everything goes pretty well, though two enemies annoy me by using a Vulnerary, so they take a bit more effort and Stahl misses out on a kill. Frederick gets the bosskill because otherwise she'd heal with Parallel Falchion.

Paraloge 1- 9/32 turns

Sumia/Fred to C, Stahl/Kellam to C

This turncount sort of sucks but I lost patience with this chapter after a while, so fuck it. I got EXP around to everyone I really wanted to, though wouldn't have minded to get more EXP on Lon'qu, though he's really only around to give Vaike a speed bonus. Chrom also could've gotten more, but he was still level 1.9x when I started this, so a full level is good enough for me. I'm also pretty upset at myself for forgetting to get the Rescue in the chest when I had Vaike next to it with a Chest Key on the last turn, but whatever- I'm not using any staff users before the next one shows up anyway.

[spoiler=stats after para 1]

UNIT   CLASS LV.XP HP ST MG SK SP LK DF RS WEAPON RANK    SUPPORTSCHROM  LORD  02.90 21 07 01 08 08 06 08 02 SW D           VIOLET AVIOLET TACT  11.06 35 13 09 12 10 10 11 09 SW E TO C      CHROM AFRED   GKNIT 04.21 31 15 02 13 13 07 15 03 SW D LN A AX D SUMIA CVAIKE  FIGHT 06.28 27 12 00 10 07 05 07 00 AX D           LON'QU CSTAHL  CAVAL 04.97 24 09 01 08 06 05 08 02 SW D LN E      KELLAM CSUMIA  PEGKN 03.62 19 08 03 12 11 08 05 09 LN D           FRED CLON'QU MYRMI 04.20 20 06 01 12 13 07 07 02 SW C           VAIKE CKELLAM KNGHT 05.00 21 10 00 07 05 03 12 02 LN D           STAHL C
(yes lon'qu and kellam are base level but this makes things a little easier for me later)

edit: things I forgot

Fred got Para 1 boss kill because Sumia dual attacked at an annoying time, was trying to have Stahl get it.

I actually removed Solidarity from Violet in Para 1 because Chrom kept critting the bandit at the start I was trying to let Donny kill. This and misses/dual attacks/etc were the only resets of the chapter except for Chrom dying once. The only other reset of the run was when Violet missed Raimi in C3 which made Sumia die on EP and me forgetting to give Fred Javelin in C4

also feedback is cool if you have any

edit2: wow I fucked up the code box somehow I'll try and fix that later

Edited by Liquid Snake

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CHROM  LORD  02.90 21 07 01 08 08 06 08 02 SW D           VIOLET A
VIOLET TACT  11.06 35 13 09 12 10 10 11 09 SW E TO C      CHROM A
FRED   GKNIT 04.21 31 15 02 13 13 07 15 03 SW D LN A AX D SUMIA C
VAIKE  FIGHT 06.28 27 12 00 10 07 05 07 00 AX D           LON'QU C
STAHL  CAVAL 04.97 24 09 01 08 06 05 08 02 SW D LN E      KELLAM C
SUMIA  PEGKN 03.62 19 08 03 12 11 08 05 09 LN D           FRED C
LON'QU MYRMI 04.20 20 06 01 12 13 07 07 02 SW C           VAIKE C
KELLAM KNGHT 05.00 21 10 00 07 05 03 12 02 LN D           STAHL C

There you go. Power to the Vaike.

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thanks SB.

Chapter 5- 6/38 turns

Violet/Chrom A, Vaike/Lon'qu C.

Deploy main team and Lissa.

I could have done better here, but this is probably my least favorite chapter in the game and I had lots of people in lots of places. Plus my 2 clears that would've been 7 turns were because of a single low HP myrmidon which was immensely frustrating, so I again lost patience for this map. I don't know what a few people were complaining about with Sumia on this map- even only starting it at level 3, she was dealing huge damage to enemies with ease, she was pretty useful, though I probably could've completed this faster if she was even better! Vaike/Lon'qu took down the bottom area with a bit of healing from Lissa (she hit level 2 but isn't significant so I still won't be putting her stats up later). Stahl didn't really do much but his level ups (i think there were 2) were okay so that's good. Violet/Chrom got the bosskill.

Paralogue 2- 6/44 turns

Sumia/Frederick B, Stahl/Kellam B.

Deploy main team, Lissa, and Maribelle.

I don't like this chapter very much either. I could have had a 6 turn with better level ups but the enemy AI is annoying in this chapter for no reason. As it was my level ups were awful here with the exception of Sumia who did excellent. Violet /Chrom bosskilled with a crate, otherwise I would've taken an extra turn.

Chapter 6- 6/50 turns

Violet/Chrom S, Vaike/Lon'qu B.

Same people as last chapter.

Before I start this I realize I had Kellam's Iron lance unequipped for 3 chapters from when I was trying to recruit Donny. God dammit. This chapter is definitely among my favorites though, I always have fun with it. I could've done faster but Validar moved weirdly and I got 2 good levels on Violet, so fuck it. Gaius pairs with Stahl and Kellam with Vaike, they did pretty good. Got the Secret Book on the last turn- didn't forget this time! Violet got the bosskill, which capped her level as a Tactician, I'll be giving her a Second Seal soon.

Chapter 7- 4/54 turns

Sumia/Frederick A.

Deploy main team, Maribelle, and Gaius.

This chapter was good for Chrom who was lagging behind a bit, he has no problem against Wyverns. I ended up actually doing Stahl/Kellam and Panne/Gaius for most of the chapter, Stahl's durability was really worrying. Vaike and Lon'qu also did some stuff here which was cool with me. Sumia and Frederick kill lots of things.

Para 3- 6/60 turns

Panne/Kellam C even though they weren't paired last chapter. No complaints here.

Deploy main team.

I managed to save all the guys here, so that was good. Everyone does pretty well and gets good levels, except for Stahl. I might need tonics for him, he's really defense screwed. Vaike got the bosskill, he 2HKO'd with Steel+Bronze with Stahl chip (could've just done Steel+Iron otherwise).

Chapter 8- 6/66 turrns inb4 666 joke (except nobody reads this)

Frederick/Sumia S, Vaike/Lon'qu A. Violet uses the Renown Change Seal at level 20 to become a Pegasus Knight. I give Vaike a Goddess Icon and Sumia a Seraph Robe.

3 fliers made this a pretty simple task. This is yet another chapter where I could've went faster, but resetting was getting pretty annoying (I had to reset 3 times because of stupid things and one time because all my level ups were atrocious). Stahl finally got some good levels, so that's good to put him back on track. Got all 3 villages.

Chapter 9- 4/70 turns

Panne/Kellam B, Stahl/Cordelia C. Panne uses the Chapter 18 Change Seal at level 10 to become a Wyvern Rider, and uses a Speed Tonic for this map (though she doesn't use it that much, oh well).

This one was easy, except for the one time I messed up horribly which caused me to take like 4 extra turns because the reinforcements showed up, but I'm going to pretend that never happened and so should you. 4 fliers did a lot of work (fun fact Violet wasn't even 2HKO'd by Steel Bow Archers or the Killer Bow one, I'm not impressed with those guys). Everyone rushes- I think I could have taken a turn less here if I wasn't recruiting everyone, but I am so I couldn't.

CHROM  LORD  07.10 24 12 01 09 13 09 11 03 SW C           VIOLET S
VIOLET PEGKN 06.80 52 18 15 22 19 19 16 17 LN C           CHROM S
FRED   GKNIT 05.65 32 16 02 13 14 07 16 03 SW C LN A AX C SUMIA S
VAIKE  FIGHT 12.99 33 18 00 15 09 09 11 02 AX C           LON'QU A
STAHL  CAVAL 11.71 31 15 02 11 10 07 11 04 SW C LN C      KELLAM B CORDY C
SUMIA  PEGKN 12.85 32 11 04 18 18 15 08 12 LN B           FRED S
LON'QU MYRMI 07.25 23 09 01 14 15 09 08 03 SW C           VAIKE A
KELLAM KNGHT 05.78 21 10 00 07 05 03 12 02 LN D           STAHL B PANNE B
PANNE  WYVRI 02.47 34 17 03 14 14 12 14 01 AX E           KELLAM B
CORDY  PEGKN (i'll update these in like an hour)
Man, there's a lot of chapters I could have done faster if I wasn't so lazy. I suppose I'll just try and make up for it later. Or maybe I'll continue to be lazy, who knows.

Also I'll be dropping Kellam. He's still base level, which is just not acceptable at this point. Gregor will be Panne's partner instead. Vaike is a bit Speed screwed, I'll probably end up throwing him my first Speedwing. Nobody else really needs one.

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Fuck me I accidentally deleted this playing a different file.

I might redo the whole thing, might not- I could've done better anyway. If anyone wants I can post TCs up to but not including C14. My Avatar would've had Galeforce at C15, so you can just imagine I would've 2 or 3 turned basically every map after that with an unkillable flier.

Edited by Liquid Snake

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