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discontinued animations

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some spare animations that i have discarded as they did not turn out how i imagined them to be, or were used for testing/learning purposes.

i have no plans or desire to finish these particular ones as i will not be using them for my private collection of hacks.

so feel free to use/finish/do whatever with them.

have a nice day~! ;D

Discontinuted Animations.zip

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wow with a little edit the sol fencer could look like Saber. EX-caliba!!


so I tried to use you standing png of sol fencer then resized an image of saber that will fit to that body modifiy it to a 16 colors


err... although I am having a difficulty making her sword that has the Invisible Air

If this can be made into an animation I would swap Eirika or any female General for her



well it still looks funny.., im not good at making colors to make an invisible sword visible


Edited by misterbean01

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