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Everyone's Conditions not working?

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I went to go check my FE 12 rom to see if I had any new bonuses in, but for some reason, E.C stopped updating. The "internal clock" on my computer works just fine, and I can clock abuse by the minute. Yet... for some strange reason, this one section of the preperations screen doesn't want to budge. It always gives me 100% 0-hour quotes from characters and nothing else indicating that even a minute of time has passed. Not even stat boosts.

Has anyone else encoutered something like this? Can I fix it?

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Are you using Desmume? Because I noticed while the clock works fine on nocashGBA, it has some troubles on Desmume.. For example, EC works sometimes perfectly (Kelsper on youtube), doesn't at all (me), and... sometimes (you, I think)

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