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Tiled codes in Sacred Stones...?

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So I have fire emblem 7 nailed down. In terms of making custom maps for it, and inserting them. But... I'm trying for Fire Emblem sacred stones now... I go to the chapter data editor module in nightmare. And the lay-out is different than FE 7. not counting the chapter number pointer at the top. It goes like this for the drop-down selectors. Object Type, Palette, Tile Configuration, Map, Tile Animation 1, Tile Animation 2, Triggerable Map Changes. So I have the code for the tiled map... but I'm not sure which numbers go where...?

So how would I go about putting the right settings there...?. Would the first set of two be the object type, the second set the palette, the third set the tile configuration, and the fourth set Tile Animation 1...? Right...? Thanks in advance :)

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Hmm give me one second and i'll look into that

Ok, here I am.

It's pretty easy.

you have, like:


consider the bytes 01 00 02 03

the second bytes is (almost) always irrelevant, so just consider 01 02 03 which are respectively the first three options: object type, palette and tile configuration.

For tile animations, just look into a similar map in the original game and track down the number you need.

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