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TheWarpedWizard's Written Works! -Supports -The Tower

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Hello! TheWarpedWizard here. It just so turns out that some people actually sort of like my writing, so...

Firstly, the Nathaniel Supports. Nathaniel is the son of Ricken from Awakening, and he is quite the gloomy sort.

His first mention was here: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=39879&p=2458527

There are a bunch of supports across that thread, so keep an eye on it.

I am also working on some supports that some think should've been in Awakening with The-Mage-King.

Here is the first; EmmerynxGangrel: http://pastebin.com/HK7E4K3N

I will also be showing you forumers The Tower, a story I am writing that is about a world where magic has been forgotten, and the only place where it is still practiced is in the prison-like Tower. The main character is named Nathaniel,(No connection to Natty from Ricken supports) the only practitioner of necromancy in the world.

In The Tower, the people who live there are the only mages of their specific type. So only one Fire Mage, Necromancer, etc.

They were raised there from birth. They have no clue what the world outside is like, and they do not know that they're the only magic-user's left.

I'll post more soon! The actual chapters of The Tower will come later.

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This story is in the first-person perspective of Nathaniel. I will not provide any backstory, as it is best for it to be revealed as part of the story itself.
The Tower, By TheWarpedWizard.
I knew very little of my parents.
Of course, no-one at the tower did. We were all orphans; called 'angels' by Zethe, the Archsage of the Tower.
Where was I? Oh yes: My parents. I never knew them, like I said. Did they abandon me at the Tower, like Zethe said? Did they die in some plague? Murdered?
Or are they still out there, hoping that one day we may meet?
Perhaps. But I didn't really care back then, back when I was young. All they left to show that they were my parents was a name; my name, Nathaniel, and hair the colour of snow.
My eyes? I could hardly tell in the dull mirror in my cramped chambers, but I know now that they're a dark grey.
Hm. How thoughtful of my parents to gift me with such boring eyes. While poems speak of fair maidens with eyes the color of violets or the sky, mine are the colour of lead. I'll add it to the list of things that they owe me for.
This is the tale of how I left the Tower, and learned about the world outside.
Read on. You'll be the only one who ever does.
Chapter One- The Tower- Half done because I'm lazy.

You may be thinking to yourself: What is the Tower? Who lives there? Why are you there?

Before I answer any of those questions: at the time of my departure from the Tower, I was eighteen years-old.

Now, the Tower, surprisingly, was a tower. A tall cylinder, usually with a spiral staircase, often made of stone.

The Tower WAS made of stone, but not stone bricks. Just raw stone.

It was as if a mountain had been hollowed out and given a gate to let things in. I suppose the builders just got lazy.

It had no windows at all. It had no ventilation save for a hole directly in it's center. If Zethe hadn't made those modifications, we'd probably have all suffocated.

Ah... Zethe. I'd always thought of him as a great man.

He was the one who looked after us, and the only 'adult' so to speak. He was an extremely powerful mage, and he taught all of us a single class of magic each.

What did he teach me, you ask? He taught me necromancy; the art of raising the dead and making them into zombies.

Scared? You should be. It's the only magic I knew, but I knew it well.

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Nathaniel's Supports


Support Level C
Lucina: Excuse me.
Nathaniel: ...What do you- Why- You- (Frustrated look)
Lucina: Um... What's wrong? I'll fetch a healer, you seem to be getting a fever.
Nathaniel: N-no... (Ha! I knew she'd be here... After all, she is the daughter of Chrom!)
Lucina: Oh! You're fine now!
Nathaniel: Quiet!
Lucina: Wha-
Nathaniel: You have a lot to answer for, girl! Why was I left behind? Did you hate me? Was I a burden?
Lucina: Wait... Natty?
Nathaniel: You have no right to call me by that name! Do you not remember how you abandoned me?! It took me months to get here; to the past!
Lucina: You didn't come with us?
Nathaniel: (Upset expression) I was at my father's funeral.
Lucina: ...Oh.
Nathaniel: Yes, 'oh'. Now get out of my sight; I'm starting to feel sick.
Support Level B
Lucina: ...Natty?
Nathaniel: What do you want?
Lucina: I was wondering...
Nathaniel: What? Spit it out!
Lucina: How did you get here if you didn't come at the same time as the rest of us?
Nathaniel: ...If I tell you, will you go away?
Lucina: Father-!
Nathaniel: Tiki. The voice of Naga; what ever they call her. The manakete who knew Prince Marth. She helped me get here. (Goes off-screen.)
Lucina: Nathaniel... Why did you change...?

Support Level A
Nathaniel: *Sigh*
Lucina: (It's Nathaniel... Did he see me? I should just walk away before he-)
Nathaniel: Lucina.
Lucina: (Frustrated look) Gods...!
Nathaniel: I'm not going to yell at you or anything. I'd just like to take a minute to speak with you.
Lucina: ...Okay.
Nathaniel: I believe I owe you an apology.
Lucina: No, I-
Nathaniel: I'm sorry if I've made you feel guilty about leaving me behind. I know now that there were far more pressing matters at the time.
Lucina: ...
Nathaniel: Um...
Lucina: Ha!
Nathaniel: What's so funny?
Lucina: I can't believe you just apologised to me! You'd never do that as a child.
Nathaniel: Well, you've just been given a rare treat. Friends?
Lucina: (Smile) Yes, Natty.
Nathaniel: Don't call me that!

Support Level S

Nathaniel: (Now, I'll just slot the ring on the sword here. Then I just ask to practice with her!)
Lucina: ...Huh? Nathaniel?
Nathaniel: Oh, uh, hi Lucina!
Lucina: You seem cheery today. Should I be worried?
Nathaniel: Maybe. Uh, anyways, I was wondering... Would you help me practice my swordplay?
Lucina: Uh, Nat... You're a mage. You don't use a sword.
Nathaniel: Yes or no?
Lucina: All right. Defend yourself!
Nathaniel: Aieeeeee!
*Time passes*
Lucina: ...Do you yield?
Nathaniel: N-no... (Drat! The ring didn't fall off the blade!)
Lucina: ...Huh? Can I have a look at your sword?
Nathaniel: *Sigh* (She'll take it anyway... I may as well let her examine it.) Here. Take a look.
Lucina: ...Wait. Is this a ring? On a sword? I recognise it from somewhere... I'll ask father.
Nathaniel: It is- well, technically was- my father's.
Lucina: Who is it for?
Nathaniel: (Frustrated blush) No-one, I swear! I just thought it would look nice on my sword, 'kay?
Lucina: I don't think I've ever seen you blush before!
Nathaniel: Gods! All right, it was for you! Happy now?!
Lucina: Hmmm... Yes.
Nathaniel: Wait. Did you just-
Lucina: Yes. I accept your proposal.
Nathaniel: (Wide smile that is uncharacteristic to him) Th-thank you. I won't make you regret you decision!
Lucina: On one condition.
Nathaniel: (Still smiling) Yes, my love?
Lucina: I can keep calling you Natty.
Nathaniel: No you ca- Of course you can!
NathanielxAntoinette (Also a fan-made character; created by Anacybele.)

Support Level C

Nathaniel: You are Lucina's retainer, correct?
Antoinette: Um... Have we met?
Nathaniel: No. But I know Lucina well.
Antoinette: You do? Huh... Wait... Are you Nate?
Nathaniel: It's Nathaniel. Na-than-i-el. Or Natty. Actually, don't call me that. That's a terrible idea.
Antoinette: Stop talking. I need to interview you.
Nathaniel: Wha- Interview? Why?
Antoinette: My father told me to detain and interview any suspicious individuals. You're walking around in a dark cloak, with a dark tome at your belt, and you claim to know Lucina.
Nathaniel: Why you- Well, I guess it is quite suspicious when you put it like that.
Antoinette: We'll continue this conversation another day. Good day, sir. (Leaves.)
Nathaniel: ...Is she gone? Gods... I thought she was a 'friendly flirt'! I should NEVER take advice from my father. But then again, I DO exist, so he must know SOMETHING.

Support Level B
Antoinette: Hmmm... Where is he?
Nathaniel: (Gods, that girl is persistent... I told her I don't care what grade I got for my interview!)
Antoinette: There you are! Get out of that barrel!
Nathaniel: Oh gods... Please, Naga, Grima, anyone have mercy on my soul...
Antoinette: I reviewed your score... It seems like you hate Lucina, but you don't want to kill her.
Nathaniel: ...Really? Because the feeling I felt whilst in that prison was pretty close to murderous rage.
Antoinette: Yes, close. But not quite there.
Nathaniel: Hm... Can I ask YOU a question?
Antoinette: If you want to ask me out, then the answer is-
Nathaniel: Why do you dislike me so much?
Antoinette: ...Hm. That is a tricky one. Maybe it's because you're a dark mage?
Nathaniel: ...Only that? You don't care about how I hate Lucina?
Antoinette: Oh, no. She did some pretty horrible things to you; leaving you behind for one...
Nathaniel: Huh.
Antoinette: Hey, wanna go shopping?
Nathaniel: What? Ok. Whatever.
Antoinette: Nice! I'll see you in an hour! (Leaves)
Nathaniel: She changed her tune quickly, huh? She probably wants me to carry her bags, but at least I'll have company.
Support Level A
Antoinette: Gods! That was so embarrassing!
Nathaniel: It was actually. Wait... Did you mean because of me?
Antoinette: No- well, sort of. Father followed us around all day!
Nathaniel: Is this because I'm a suspicious individual?
Antoinette: I think so. I did show him your file.
Nathaniel: I have a file?
Antoinette: (Wink) Yes. So does Robin, Tharja, Henry, Ricken, Lissa and Maribelle.
Nathaniel: They all use magic.
Antoinette: Well spotted, Nate!
Nathaniel: It's Nathaniel.
Antoinette: Yeah, whatever. Wanna go shopping again?
Nathaniel: Sure. I'll cast a hex of invisibility on us... Now, take my hand.

Support Level S
Nathaniel: Hey, Antoinette.
Antoinette: Hi, Nate. You seem a little... Pale.
Nathaniel: This is how I always look.
Antoinette: Oh, of course. Shall we?
Nathaniel: Go shopping? Yeah. Let me just cast the hex. Remember, keep hold of my hand when we leave, as I'll lose you easily if you let go. And I gave the spell a bit of a boost; it also makes us silent.
*Some time passes*
Antoinette: (Heehee! I've wanted to do this for ages...) (Let's go of Natty's hand.)
Nathaniel: (Huh? She let go! And the spell hasn't worn off... No-one in town can hear me...)
*More time passes*
Antoinette: Gods, where is he? I'm actually kind of worried...
Older female villager: Shameful... For a young lad like that to get drunk in the middle of the day... Disgraceful...
Antoinette: Huh?! Nathaniel!
Nathaniel: ...Urf... So... Cold... Gah...
Antoinette: Hey! Help me here! (Frederick emerges from the crowd around Nathaniel.)
Frederick: Of course, my dear.
*Even more time passes*
Nathaniel: ...Ugh, my head...
Antoinette: You're awake.
Nathaniel: G-good morning. What happened?
Antoinette: You collapsed whilst being invisible.
Nathaniel: Ah. I must have had a flashback. When I was in that prison, I never saw anyone. They poked bits of stale food through the bottom of the cell door. The only time they ever came to see me, was the time they saw me making illusions to keep myself company. They nearly killed me with their fists, and they took my tome.
Antoinette: I'm sorry! I didn't mean to make you-
Nathaniel: It doesn't matter. (Slight smile) Besides, you seem a a lot more worried than I thought you would be.
Antoinette: Well, you see... I...
Nathaniel: Would you like to take this?
Antoinette: (Blush) Nathaniel! That's a ring! ...You're not thinking straight. I'll get a healer.
Nathaniel: (Also blushing) I'm thinking perfectly straight, thank you. I... Love you.
Antoinette: ...I love you too, Natty. You'll never have to be alone again.
Support Level C
Nathaniel: Huh? Who left this on my desk? ...It's some kind of necklace. A talisman? Oh gods... It must belong to-
Noire: Um... Nathaniel?
Nathaniel: Ah... Noire. Is this yours?
Noire: Yes. Can I have it back?
Nathaniel: Sure, whatever. Just put it on somewhere else, okay?
Noire: Um...
Nathaniel: Was there anything else?
Noire: Can you please help me... Um...
Nathaniel: Spit it out!
Nathaniel: Hmmm... You haven't changed one bit.
Noire: Wait, you weren't scared at all?
Nathaniel: Of course I wasn't. I'm scared of nothing, except maybe flirty women. (They're SO confusing!)
Noire: So will you help me?
Nathaniel: Sure. Just let me prepare something, okay?
Support Level B
Nathaniel: Ah, Noire! I have something for you.
Noire: What is it?
Nathaniel: It's a potion that can calm you down when you need it. Drink it once, and it'll kick in around the time you're about to do one of your outbursts.
Noire: Th-thank you.
Nathaniel: Now, if you would...
Noire: (Glug, glug, glug glug...)
Nathaniel: Well? Do you feel different?
Noire: Hmmm... Kind of...
Nathaniel: Drat. Maybe it didn't work.
Noire: No wait... Ah! I'm bleeding!
Nathaniel: What?! From where?! Gods, please don't-
Nathaniel: Take this one!
Noire: (Gulp) It's stopped...
Nathaniel: *Sigh* Sorry, Noire.
Noire: I get nosebleeds a lot, you know. It might have been random.
Nathaniel: But maybe not... I'll try making another potion.
Support Level A
Noire: ...Nathaniel?
Nathaniel: So I think if I add this pretty leaf... And some of these nice smelling flowers...
Noire: Um, hello?
Nathaniel: ...Gosh. Noire? What's on your mind?
Noire: I wanted to talk to you. About the past.
Nathaniel: Go on then.
Noire: You've changed so much... You used to be much more cheerful. You smiled more. You acted like a person.
Nathaniel: Are you saying I'm not acting like one now?
Noire: Y-yes you are! Just... Back then... When we played with Lucina, Cynthia, Inigo...
Nathaniel: ...I know, Noire. Grima affected me more than anyone else, I think.
Noire: You went right up to him and asked for a truce!
Nathaniel: Yes, well... It was a hard time.
Noire: Can you come with me a second?
Nathaniel: Why?
Noire: I want to play tag with you. Like we used to.
Nathaniel: (Really?) All right, then.
Nathaniel: No! Darn my legs...!

Support Level S
Nathaniel: Finally! I've finished this god-forsaken potion! Wait, before I fetch her, I'll put this in. (Knock knock) Come in.
Noire: ...Nathaniel?
Nathaniel: Noire? If you want the potion, I just finished.
Noire: N-no... I want to talk to you about something else.
Nathaniel: Go on, then.
Noire: I asked for your help so I could spend more time with you... Because...
Nathaniel: I think I know what you want to say...
Noire: (Blushing) I'm in love with you.
Nathaniel: (Blushing) W-What?! Noire...
Noire: I'm sorry if you don't share my feelings...
Nathaniel: Sorry to say this, but I do. (Shatter of glass as he drops the potion.)
Noire: You didn't have to- Is that a ring?
Nathaniel: Yes. It's an engagement ring. For you.
Noire: Oh, Nathaniel...
Nathaniel: I love you, Noire. I hope you never leave my side.

Support Level C
Nathaniel: Hmmm... This looks right. I'll just put in this petal...
Severa: Hey! Natty! Whatcha doing? (Sound of glass smashing)
Nathaniel: Why you little- I spent hours on-
Severa: (Smug look) Pffft. You can make another one.
Nathaniel: No. YOU'LL make another one.
Severa: No I won't! (Goes off-screen)
Nathaniel: Gah! That bloody girl! She's a lot more athletic than me, and she knows. *Sigh* I guess I have no choice.
Severa: What the he-
Nathaniel: I warped you back here.
Severa: You little jerk!
Nathaniel: Sorry to say it, my dear, but you are the 'jerk' in this situation. I spent hours mixing that potion, and if you don't make it for me again... I'll hex you so that you won't stop tripping over until you do.
Severa: Y-you wouldn't!
Nathaniel: I would. Also, can I ask something?
Severa: What?
Nathaniel: ...Who ARE you?

Support Level B
Severa: (Man, I hope he doesn't find me...)
Nathaniel: GOTCHA!
Severa: Aieeeee!
Nathaniel: Since I can't make you brew this potion for me, I'll just make you fetch the ingredients!
Severa: ...All right, gimme a list!
Nathaniel: Here. Now go on and get them!
(Time passes)
Severa: (Knock knock) I'm back!
Nathaniel: Ugh, come in!
Severa: I have the ingredients from the list! Can I leave now?!
Nathaniel: Let's see here... Yes, you can!
Severa: Who is that potion for?
Nathaniel: Patient-Doctor confidentiality, sorry!
Severa: If you don't tell me, I'll smash these bottles!
Nathaniel: Eep! Um, it's for your mother, Cordelia.
Severa: Why-
Nathaniel: She asked me for a Potion of Infatuation. Now, please go away!

Support Level A

Nathaniel: Hmmm... I just have to add a rose petal... Done! Now I can go and give this god-forsaken potion to Cordelia...

(Leaves tent)

Severa: There you are! And you have the potion, too!

Nathaniel: Gah! You!

Severa: Who does she plan to use it on? Who?

Nathaniel: I don't know, darn it!

Severa: If you don't-

Nathaniel: You know what? Take the potion. I don't want to be the one who ends your mother's marriage.

Severa: Wait, so the potion was for-

Nathaniel: Yes, it was for Chrom! She planned to use it on that prat Chrom!

Severa: Well, you know what to do with it now, don't you?

Nathaniel: ...What? I was going to keep it for further study.

Severa: Oh no you won't! (Shattering of glass)

Nathaniel: Why you- THIS TIME, YOU'LL PAY!

Severa: Wha- What are you doing with that tome?!

Nathaniel: This is a Nosferatu tome, my dear. I've changed it up a bit so it not only drains your lifeforce, but your blood as well.

Severa: Get that away from me!

Nathaniel: I need the the blood of a maiden to perfect the potion, anyway... How convenient.

Severa: I'm outta here! (Leaves)

Nathaniel: ...She really believed me? That's actually rather funny... Har.

Support Level S

Nathaniel: It feels so good to know that Severa will leave me alone now, in peace. I can't help regretting possibly giving her nightmares for life... Eh. I've done worse.

Severa: (He doesn't notice I'm here... I'll just leave it on his desk...)

Nathaniel: Huh? A Potion of Infatuation! ...Severa?

Severa: Eek!

Nathaniel: Did you make this? I better check for the right taste...

Severa: No! Don't drink i-

Nathaniel: Glug, glug, glug... Why hello there, Severa, my love! Aren't you looking de-lightful today!

Severa: God damn it, Nathaniel! Now I have to make an antidote...

(Time passes)

Severa: *Sigh* Done. Drink this.

Nathaniel: Ooh, a gift! Thank you, my sweet! Glug, glug, glug...

Severa: How do you feel?

Nathaniel: Ugh! ...Both of those potions were flawless, Severa. As are you.

Severa: Humph. The antidote was hardly flawless; it didn't work!

Nathaniel: It worked perfectly! It made me realize my feelings for you...

Severa: (Blushes) Huh. Well, I... Love you too.

Nathaniel: (Smiles) Then it's settled!

There is also a group of supports that I have not gotten around to completing yet, which can be found on the If male characters had their own children thread.

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Um...There doesn't seem to be a Feedback thread, so I'm assuming I can post here...Tell me if I'm wrong, please.

Anyway, I enjoyed reading the Emmeryn and Gangrel supports you and your writing buddy worked on, even though I'm not too fond of either character. The only thing that bothers me is how Emmeryn agreed to marry him right after she said she wouldn't forgive him in the S support. It's...confusing. Then again, it is the impossibly pacifistic Emmeryn.

Your The Tower sounds really interesting too. I'm gonna follow this topic. Now then, keep up the good work~! :D

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Wow, it's been awhile since I've posted here...

Well, here is the story summary of part of the Tower. This is set after the prologue of Nathaniel speaks about his parents. I'll post more later.

Nathaniel, the young Necromancer who is the main character, leaves the Tower against his own will after a group known as the Red Guard attacks it. He runs for the forest, is shot by an archer, and falls unconscious.

He wakes up close to a small campfire with a bandage around the wound in his chest. He notices someone else asleep by the fire, but he meets some of the Red Guard before he can wake the other person.

After discovering that the Red Guard had killed all of the Tower's residents except for a few, they prepared to attack him. Before they attacked him, the other person by the fire woke up and helped him defeat the Red Guard soldiers.

When they defeated them, he revealed himself as the prince of the Nashen, the country they are in. His name is Rolen. Nathaniel is surprised by this as he didn't know the name of the country they were in because of his seclusion.

The Red Guard took over the country by force after the death of Rolen's father, and Nashen was run by an unknown dictator mastermind. Nathaniel then agrees to help Rolen take back the country by starting a revolution against the Red Guard.

They travel to a village called Nenlast, where they fight an evil knight. They defeat him, and the village is taken out of his grasp. A priest named Alexander joins their party, and the village of Nenlast begins to prepare to strike at the Red Guard.

The next town they go to is close to the castle. Rolen goes to talk to someone, and Nathaniel visits the prison. He meets Sarina, a young woman who he falls in love with. Against his better judgment, Alexander helps Nathaniel break her out of prison.

That's all I can say for now.

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