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Another Quiz Just Hit You In The Face.

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Hahahahahahah, you really just came in here, didn't you?
Well, I suppose... since you're here...

You looked at this topic, how gullible does that make you?

1. Pretty gullible
2. Not-so-gullible
3. Joke's on you, I didn't even see
4. So gullible that I could trick you into doing anything

On a scale of 1-3, how would you rate this?

1. 42
2. 666
3. 13
4. 4
5. Bro, we're only one(two)question(s)in.

What time do I live in?

1. The 90's
2. In your time
3. Somewhere out of time
4. The actual right time

How many life choices have you regretted about now?

1. None
2. All
3. I haven't even made any
4. 79

How many lives do I have left?

1. 0
2. Zero
3. None
4. Nothing
5. 14

If I left SF, would you care?

1. Yes
2. Yes
3. YES

4. YES

Did you answer that last question?

1. What question?
2. Yes
3. There was a question?
5. No

How famous am I?

1. Nowhere

If you loved me, would you love me?

1. Yes

2. No
3. bby, i luv u <3
4. No, I don't

Am I even doing this right?

1. Yes
2. No
3. Doing what right?
4. I haven't noticed
5. Everywhere...

This is the last question.

1. What?
2. Wat?
3. Wut?
4. Huh?
5. I don't even...
6. No, it's not

How do you pronounce my name?

1. Miralizmis
2. Miralizmis
3. Miralizmis
4. Meow
5. Miralizmis


If you answered mostly right, you're right.
If you answered mostly wrong, you're wrong.
If you answered everything, I love you.

So, uh, yeah.
What did I just do?

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