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Verdant Shade

Of Manaketes and Monster - A compendium, correctly spelled. Oh, and updated.

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Before you begin reading, this is not a Fan Fiction in the sense of being a story. Rather, this is fan fiction about the world, its civilizations, and their inhabitants which may still include story segments to get the point across.

This is where I will be putting pretty much all the stuff related to. . . well, TBQH, the rather rampant machinations of an active imagination.

Oh, wow, that almost rhymes.

In regards to what this topic will contain. . .

I will definitely post information like this was an encyclopedia of sorts, filled mostly with my own thoughts by exploring territory not in game, such as how the world was during the times of the Dragons, long before humanity came. I'll be including not just original content, but also my thoughts on certain games and how they may have executed gameplay element X or done Y. Not everything pertains to Dragons and Monsters, such as weapon triangles.

I may also post story snippets involving both actual and original characters, mostly if I'd like to help illustrate a concept or train of thought. I may also do it for the sake of a little humor - something I am not so sure I am good at - or to help "flex my writing muscle," as some people so affectionately call their brain.

In regards to feedback, the feedback topic is currently open and already in use. Just please keep it civil and respect the difference between opinion and fact.

Finally, I have a few posts reserved in case I need more space, either for information or to keep things organized. All things considered, It shouldn't really need a second post in the front page, but JUST in case, since I can go overboard at times, and this IS a catch-all topic. It helps anyone entering the topic to not have to go digging throughout the topic to find what they came for.

Terms - Dragons and Manaketes

Manakete - A dragon who has sealed their power into that of a Dragonstone and instead takes a humanoid state. A manakete has the ability to turn back into a dragon using the power of a Dragonstone. Usability varies by the blood of the user and by the Dragonstone they are attempting to use. A dragons humanoid form is dependent upon the species they are. In general, most dragon tribes have pale gray skin and somewhat Draconic claws on their hands and feet, in addition to different eyes.

Dragon Tribe - Rather than actually being a geographical group of dragons, the term Dragon Tribe generally refers to a race of Dragons with strong tendencies towards certain characteristics, both physical and mental. That is not to say that Dragons are not individuals, each with his or her own soul and mind, each different from the other. Unfortunately, many are stereotyped based on their tribe - even by other Dragons - especially after the ancient Schism towards the coming of the Age of Man, which divided practically all dragons along battle lines thanks to growing prejudice and animosity.

Dragonstone - The sealed power of a Dragon's true form, turned into a small stone. Dragonstones were first created to counter whatever it was which caused dragons to go feral and sterile.

-The power within these stones is a great curiosity to Scholars and Mages. Under normal circumstances, however, only manaketes can tap into the power of a dragonstone. Dragons may both use a dragonstone to transform, or simply to enhance their abilities.

-Dragons can use Dragonstones from other tribes, though which ones they can use is dependent upon the Tribe that is contained within their blood. Dragonstones are the primary factor in determining which form a dragon takes upon transformation, though a rare few successfully transform into their natural tribe regardless of the stone they are using.

-It is said that the Divine Dragon King Naga was the one who thought of, or even created the first Dragonstones, in an attempt to stave off the growing sterility and loss of reason among the dragons. Initially, few wished to perform what they thought was ridding themselves of their true form and becoming human, but the loss of the Earth Dragon tribe and some of its allies quickly changed general opinion - for those who were not past saving. . .

Dragon Effectiveness - A term used for weapons which are capable of dealing major damage to Dragon, Wyvern, and Manakete units. In reality, the specific method that makes a weapon effective against Dragons does not matter, only that the weapon is able to bypass Dragon's natural protection - its scales. As such, the term may be more accurately described as "Scale Effectiveness," as neither Earth Dragons nor Sea Dragons have the kind of scales which can be bypassed by such weapons.

Lesser Tribe - Uncommon in usage, the term Lesser Tribe generally refers to Fire Dragons, Ice Dragons, Wyverns, and Mage Dragons. The term is more one of convenience as a catch all to describe these tribes via shared characteristics - the most obvious being that any Dragon may use Dragonstones that originate from these tribes, regardless of the users Tribe. This term is rarely used by common people, instead being an experimental term still in development, created by certain circles of scholars.

Greater Tribe - Another uncommon term used only in conjunction with the above and within only a few circles of scholars, this term almost always refers to Divine and Earth Dragons, though it may also be applied to Sea and Sky Dragons. Being a term without solid definition, the few common characteristics of its usage include Dragonstones which may only be used by Dragons of the respective tribe and superior ability when it comes to combat.

Glossary of Facts - Dragons and Manaketes


- Dragons are fully capable of interbreeding with other tribes, but the children of these unions have not been recorded well by history, and so it is unknown if they create new species or simply take on a mix of characteristics. Manaketes, in addition, can breed with humans. The children from these relations are longer lived and may have the power to use Dragonstones.

- Dragons far surpass humans when it comes to lifespan. Nonetheless, certain Dragons still surpass others in regards to age before death.

Fire Dragons

- Surprisingly enough, Fire Dragons don't just inhabit Volcanoes or Deserts, and also tend towards open plains and other areas which can support small towns. Hardly picky about where they live, Fire Dragons were perhaps the most wide spread of the Dragon Tribes before the Great Schism.

- Fire Dragons are powerful fighters, having the highest potential for strength amongst the "lesser" tribes of manaketes. Their muscles sculpted and built, their forms pulsating with the energy to bring down any opponent, they have more than intimidating looks to back up their claims as masters of the battlefield. Strong claws and well worn teeth stand second to the Fire Dragon's overwhelming breath, a mix of the dragon's physical and emotional power.

Ice Dragons

- Ice Dragons are resilient dragons. They do not necessarily prefer the cold - it simply does not bother them like it bothers others, and so most of their settlements end up being cases of "prime real estate" that others can't tolerate. That is not to say they could not be found elsewhere, but that the best place to see them together is among the frozen barrens of the extreme northern lands.

Wyvern Dragons

- Wyverns Dragons have never been ones to stay tied to any one place or person. Out and about often, these Dragons feel beholden to few things which don't involve their own caprices. Even relationships among Wyvern Dragons are fleeting more often than not - if only because of the dangers of adventuring the world over, and not as much because of a striking lack of fidelity.

-The wings on a Wyvern Dragon are strong yet leathery, and their teeth are as sharp as their deathly talons, instruments designed to shred flesh and armor like paper. Wyvern Dragons possess a lesser kind of fire breath which they use in close combat, though it fails to compare to those plumes spoken by Fire Dragons. Nonetheless Wyvern Dragons are still dangerous foes for their great defense and speed, and the fool to underestimate his opponent has a fine chance at becoming minced meat.

Mage Dragons


Divine Dragons


Earth Dragons


Sea Dragons

- Sea Dragons are possibly the least like other dragons in terms of physical appearance. Their heads are shark like, though with less prominent nostrils, their teeth razor-like but small, and their skin is equivalent to slick rubber. Their bodies are Eel or Snake like, twisting and moving with either strong thrusts of their tail while under water or by using their spindly, jointed legs for moving across land, though in emergencies they can use their muscled bodies and move just like snakes at any time. Their eyesight is adjusted for the darkness of deep sea, and they possess superior vision at a distance.

- A Sea Dragon's breath is a long ranged blast of water. Being a water attack, it has low power and has very little chance of being especially lethal. On the other hand, Sea Dragons are especially adept at hitting faraway targets with the help of their far-seeing eyes and whip-like movement when attacking.

- Merchants. Tacticians. Alchemists. Philosophers. But not believers. If there is one thing which comes hard to Sea Dragons, it would be faith and intuition - things which, to them, have no basis in facts. Sea dragons esteem three things above all else - Efficiency, Facts, and Perfection. To what extent they're willing to sacrifice one for the other is unknown.


Sky Dragons

- Four wings, each dwarfing the wings you could hope to find upon the backs of any other dragon, propel a Sky Dragon wherever it pleases and leaves a hurricane in it's wake. On the other hand the difficulty of designing any cloths with these wings leaves Sky Dragons with little ability to conceal their identity. The rarity of sighting a Sky Dragon in person, rather than catching a glimpse of their massive forms while they soar above the clouds, leaves some to believe they either live on floating continents, in faraway lands, or simply exist in legends and myth.

- Sky Dragons prefer existence without loathsome ground-dwellers, and rarely take a shine to something that can't keep up with their distant motives. This is part of the reason for why, despite seeing humans as little more than worms, few Sky Dragons took sides with either the Earth Dragons or the Divine Dragons during the war between dragon tribes

Terms - Weaponry Mechanics

Simplified Weapon Categories - A catch all term for any basic system of weapon categorization which forgoes bells and whistles in the interest of keeping things organized and easy to understand. Generally, the physical categories are Axes, Bows, Lances, and Swords. In regards to Tome magic, there is Light, Anima, and Dark. Sometimes Anima is further subdivided into Fire, Lightning, and Wind. Blood magic is rarely expressed included within conventional categories, and thus only goes by White (non-offensive) and Black (offensive) magic. These kinds of systems are very convenient during wars with few unusual weapons or dissimilar categories of weapons.

Expanded Weapon Categories - Whereas similar - yet different - weapons may be grouped together for convenience in simplified categories, these systems spare little expense in attempting to correctly note weapons which are simply too different to be handled equally. These systems, thanks to being much more work over such little reward, are generally used in rare cases. Below are examples of where differences between systems come into play.

Example One: A simplified system is good enough when Bows and simpler long range weapons, such as Arrowspates of varying quality, are the extent of their kind of weaponry. During a war where Bows, Crossbows, Arrowspates, and even Catapults and other siege engines are deployed, however, there comes the question if knocking an arrow between enemies' eyes hundreds of times can help one aim and fire a boulder or pull back and adjust to a crossbow.

Example Two: While they are rarely employed in war, Scythes do find their use within the underworld or as specialty weapons. Where in a weapon triangle system would they fall? On the one hands they can be swung wide or overhead, much like an Axe. On the other hand, they often have long reach and large grip areas much like spears. Proficiency with either weapon could contribute to experience with this kind of weapon.

(Weapon/Magic) Advantage - A situation where someone's weapon has a tactical advantage over their opponent's. The specific effects of the advantage can be minor or crushing, depending on circumstances.

- The physical triangle rarely changes, consisting of Lances beating Swords, Swords beating Axes, and Axes beating lances. Most other weapons lie outside this triangle. On occasion one will find the novelty of a weapon designed to reverse its position within the triangle with an unusual style.

- The magic triangle, however, is less stable. At times, Light and Dark are neutral to each other and best Anima. More often, however, Anima beats Light, Light beats Dark, and Dark beats Anima. In addition, the various kinds of Anima Magic have advantages over one another, Wind bests Thunder, Thunder bests Fire, and Fire bests Wind.

Items, Supplies, and Weapons


Scimitar : A heavy weapon wielded on the high seas by pirates. Notable for a high might but low Hit. Otherwise about as unremarkable as a steel sword.
Dragon Weapons : Weapons finely crafted to resemble the various deadly features of Dragons. While most of their stats for the weapon rank and type are average or above average, their durability is extremely high for physical weapons in general. Multiple grades of Dragon weapons exist. They are extremely expensive, despite NOT actually being made from dragons.
Foil : A fencer's weapon. High Critical and good accuracy, in addition to minor boost of defense and skill.
Scythe. : A class of towering and lethal weapons. While they can be effective, the difficulty of wielding such a weapon as easily and effectively as the more common sword or spear leads to few users. As a result most scythes are specialty weapons designed with certain abilities in mind. Ranged scythes are often infused with magic or else are actually sickles on the ends of long chains.
Tenebrae : Legendary Weapon, a Scythe with the ability to cast Nosferatu during ranged attacks. Raises any wielder's Res, or if the user has the correct Holy Blood it will raise their Res, Def, and Str.
Vexfire : Fire tome which unleashes a heat wave with a very wide area of effect, making it difficult to avoid. The extreme heat often sends its victims into a berserker's rage. On the other hand, not nearly as lethal as a stream of fire to the face.
Hailwind : Tome containing both wind and ice, this tome has might surpassing that of most common wind tomes. Though powerful and still effective against fliers, it is an extremely heavy tome, contesting with the likes of Dark Tomes. Also cold to the touch.
Duothunder : A thunder tome which laughs in the face of the saying "Lightning never strikes the same spot twice." Duothunder is a thunder tome with double-attack, or brave, abilities. Despite the similarities, it is not to be confused with Dimethunder, a unique tome. Duothunder is otherwise average beyond it's quick striking specialty.
Croix : Light tome of unparalleled strength, possessing extremely high might, critical, and the skill Lethality. The main drawbacks to this weapon are its low hit rate thanks to a build-up time, its weight, and finding one of these tomes. An attack which hits twice, though unable to double an opponent. The first part of the attack is a great light from above which sears the surroundings without creating heat. What immediately follows are impaling spikes bursting from the ground.
Heuldro'r / Diffyg Ar : An otherwise average "Dark" Tome which specializes in destroying all that is light. When faced with light magic, the tome flips the magic triangle and becomes a -slayer type weapon in having triple effectiveness versus light users. Against another dark tome however, it becomes the light tome "Diffyg Ar" with -slayer against dark tome type. Perhaps the only tome of its kind.
Octarine : A strange magic tome. A tome of "Pure" magic, which exists outside of the triangle of magic. The tome is not rendered totally useless when it expends it's power like other tomes. The tome instead requires a certain amount of charges before it can be used again.
Rest : A support staff with a tradeoff. On being used on an ally, the staff heals them slightly, about the same level as a heal staff. Its big gimmick is the two statuses it gives to the recipient. The more familiar one is the sleep status for two turns. The other effect is regeneration, a status which heals 33% of a units hp at the end of their turn, for five turns.
Haste : A staff which augments offense. Rather than increasing Mov or Spd like its name may indicate, Haste causes all attacks a unit performs to be in sequence, rather than punctuated by an enemy's attack. Naturally, this staff has little use being cast upon a Knight or Revenant, while a Thief or Myrmidon with a brave weapon will benefit from the ability to prevent an enemy's attack altogether.
Power Stone : A kind of stone, one that resembles more a power source than other dragon- or beast-stones, a power stone does not impart a form to its user. It simply allows them to transform into their true form, and a powerful one at that. A Powerstone plus could well put a Fire Dragon on the level with a Divine Dragon.
Dark Shard : A fragment of an ancient evil, a Dark Shard has a mind of its own-possibly even a mind it shares with every Dark Shard. Dark Shards are categorized under "Stone" in the loosest sense - rather than being used to transform by a user, a Dark Shard takes full control of a victims body and transforms them into its own monstrosity based upon the emotions of the victim and the power which the Dark Shard can access at the time. Some say destruction would follow if the shards are brought back together.
Maple Syrup : A usable item which raises the users Mag by 5. The effect decreases by one point each turn.
Lucky Clover : A usable item which raises the users Lck by 5. The effect decreases by one point each turn.



- Returning from Gaiden, Exorcists are well rounded servants of powers beyond the ken of humans. They have turned their back on something dear to them in return for unfettered power - whether to serve themselves, or others. Those who are especially greedy and pursue the path to becoming Exorcists generally aim for Lichdom along the way, but this cuts down their numbers considerably thanks to the high failure rate of effective "immortality," if it can be called that.

- Even when utilizing Tome Magic in combat, Exorcists still differ from summoners, conjurers, and necromancers by their method of summons-it is still Blood Magic, and thus draws from their health. They have access to a wide variety of monsters, but Exorcists poor Hp growth and upper limit on Hp limit summons somewhat. On the other hand, Multiple monsters are summoned with each use, unlike a conjurer or summoner.

- Outside of their minions, Exorcists are fairly close to bishops rather than sorcerers, wielding Light Magic, Staves, and their unique variation of summoning. In addition, Exorcists have negative modifiers for Hp and Luck growth and poor caps for defense and skill. Their magic and resistance are exceptional, but they are generally away from the frontline anyways.

Reminder:This post is constantly expanding. Be sure to check it often. Currently, it has got a lot of holes thanks to time crunch and me attempting to rush this topic out already. I welcome discussion and questions.

Last updated 8/6/13

Last Grammar Update 8/30/13 Removed some of the more common contractions, fixed some mistakes (i.e. Status's instead of Statuses)

Edited by Verdant Shade

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- Emergency Reserve Post -

Before I use this post for the main section, I'll also put ideas that have only popped into my head, without any proofing or real work put into them, so I can come back to them later.

- Under Construction Section -

The following is reposted from about 3 different messages I posted back on gamefaqs, in its original, almost stream-of-consciousness form. The original topic was either about Phila or about unique character skills, before it became about both simultaneously. Someone mentioned Tanith's reinforce skill and giving something similar to Phila. Naturally, I ran with it.

Candidacy for Reinforce type skills - FE13 - Currently being discussed in Feedback Thread


Phila, as mentioned above, is a Falcon Knight who commands a squadron of Pegasus Knights. They could easily get anywhere at her beck and call. As for ground units, you could excuse them as being paired up with the knights before deployment. Mages or Archers, perhaps.

Frederick is a Knight Captain, both for the Shepherds and Ylisse itself. I'd assume he'd have some cavalry (Paladins, Bow Knights, Great Knights.) on hand. Probably some normal knights/generals as well.

Chrom does become Ylisse's leader, even if he refrains from the title of Exalt in honor of Emmeryn. I'd assume he'd restructures Ylisse's military into a more balanced setup, rather than Emmeryn's almost total downsize. Not that Emmeryn didn't have a good reason for the it, but rather it seems more like Chrom's nature to have a new, better army. Surely, someone other than the shepherds must be warding off the risen when you're all the way over in Valm.

Though the shephards are his personal forces, so it might feel very strange if you had Chrom summoning up random soldiers in addition. For that matter, I'd expect Chrom would defer this kind of stuff to the likes of Frederick or Robin.

Spotpass!Emmeryn is in a hard spot for such a skill. Presumed dead, amnesiac, speech impediment. . . At most, I'd expect something along the lines of calling in a few Sages armed with physic staves-Village elders traveling with her, or something.

Others:Maybe Lissa or Maribelle, being royalty, would have some accompanying Chambermaids such as clerics/priests, troubadours, MAYBE a mage or two. (Miriel might be more fit for the last one. . .) Libra already attempted to rescue Emmeryn with a group of other clergy members, but I'm not sure he'd want to see even more die around him. Would be a good candidate for a unique setup, though. Most members of the Shephards seem more like a tightly knit elite group, rather than leaders of their own squads.

Kellam should use the reinforcement command, only for his reinforcements to not see him and leave the map.

And if you REALLY want to stretch it, give Donnel the ability to go in front of any village once per map battle (So you can use this during risen battles to.) and spawn a mob of angry villagers.

Regna Ferox;

Basilio and Flavia are pretty strong on their own, but they have a whole arm-nation backing them. (Even though the former pretends to be dead for a while.) Flavia is the raining Khan, but Basilion probably has his own group of champions waiting for the next round at the arena.

TBH, I can't think of any other Regna Ferox characters for this kind of ability (Lon'qu is a mercenary and from Chon'sin. Olivia is Olivia. I guess they might have a merc band and traveling troupe, respectively.)

Actually, wait a second. Raimi could use this kind of ability for the fight against her at the Longfort. In fact, she could summon a knight and three soldiers-and at the same time, serve as a tutorial for (both enemy and ally) skills of this kind.

This conversation will continue on to the next post. Be warned-there will still be plenty of unmarked spoilers.

Okay, actually continuing my earlier post. And for the my sake, another warning about unmarked spoilers ahead. You have been warned. (Three times.)


Gangrel, most obviously. Considering when you get him, his troops are probably some loyalist Berserkers, Tricksters, and Sorcerors who were not controlled by the Grimleal. Probably a few Wyvern Lords as well, but let's not split his variety too much.

Less clear is choices for the remaining three plegian choices.

Tharja seems like the least likely to me-her loyalty is totally in question even before she joined Chrom's group. And I don't see her summoning risen like the below choices.

Henry. On the one hand, lots of rumors were going about him in the Plegian army that scarred the socks off people-but he was also buddy buddy with several generic bosses as well and reveals quite a bit of backstory about them.

On the other hand, he does seem more inclined to summoning risen than Tharja-he talks about it in either some of his Supports or his Event tiles suggestions. But trying that doesn't seem like the best idea ever. . . it's possible, though unintentional, that the otherworld!Henry of the Golden Gaffe turned himself INTO the risen horde of that stage.

Aversa, though a high ranking Plegian for quite a while, seems FAR more inclined to summoning a swath of Risen like (I assume) she did in the Plegian Courtyard. The Grimleal aren't under her or Validar's command when you get her-They've all gone to their "Master" Grima.


Virion and Cherche come from a small, conquered country on Valm. Most of Virion's subjects assume he's a total coward when he actually ran away to stop them from sacrificing their lives for him. I doubt he's gonna get any help from anyone other than those few they helped evacuate.

Concerning Say'ri and Yen'fay, the former starts off as the resistance leader. Her being able to summon rebels would let us see Valmese allies before the siege of Valm castle. After that battle, Say'ri become the leader of, at the very least, Chon'sin, if not the new group of united Valm countries. This would change her group to a more advanced mix of units versus simple Swordmasters and Wyvern riders.

In the case of Yen'fay, however, he is the "Ghost" of a man from another, now destroyed dimension. He could get a few units from the current Chon'sin, but just as probable that Say'ri would have to make up excuses how there's a body interred in a tomb and a Yen'fay walking around.

Walhart. The felled conqueror. TBH, he has no forces of his own. Perhaps, just perhaps, he still commands some risen. Beyond that, I'm not sure there are even some loyal dynasts left to follow him.


Validar definitely could bring forth a group of Risen-even Risen Chiefs. Grimleal would follow his beck and call as well, presumably.

Probably a few Grimleal bosses could use these kinds of summons as well.

Grima is no question. Probably drop risen right next to each of your characters when you start the Endgame chapter, as if Grimleal weren't enough.


Priam and Gregor might have some old sellsword buddies on hand. Anna, being a merchant, has probably hired some in the past as well-or else reaches level 20/20 and can summon her sisters.

Old Hubba and Einhejar. Would be a nice-last second reinforcements for some special Xenologue in exchange for all the previous DLC you have.

The children characters come from a destroyed world. They might have recruited some friends while in this world, but. . .

I guess Naga could summon units, but it's not like she's a physical unit. . . Maybe she could summon herself to the battlefield?

^Sorry for the lower quality. . . It's getting late and I have other papers to work on. Additionally I split my post and still almost ran out of characters, so I squeezed everything down a lot. Didn't even have space for this disclaimer.

There are some other choices-Perhaps we'd have another excuse to recruit Servantes besides his brilliant hair, and I guess Excellus would make a good pure-magic reinforcement user.

And as if you could stretch this any further, DLC and Spotpass characters might have summons as well! . . .

My goodness, I think I've gone overboard.

Feel free to discuss now. I'm done.

Monster Skills - A side Project

(Revenant Level 1):

(Revenant Level 15):

Undying (Entombed Level 5): (Level) chance of finishing a round of combat despite Hp dropping to zero. (In plain english, counter attack even if killed, then die once combat ends IF health is not recovered.)

(Entombed Level 15):

Hp +20 (Cyclops Level 5): +20 to Max Hp.

Titan Strength (Cyclops Level 20): +5 Atk when equipped with physical weapons and +1 range to thrown weapons but doubles weapon usage rate.

Ill Omen (Mogall Level 1): -4 Luck to adjacent enemies.

Senses (Mogall Level 10): +3 to Vision in FoW

Scourge (Arch Mogall Level 5): -2 to all stats to enemies within 3 spaces.

Conduit (Arch Mogall Level 15): If the unit does not move before attacking, magic range +1 (+2 if siege magic)

(Gorgon Level 1):

Magic Surge (Gorgon Level 20): Use action command to grant Mag +10 and deal 20 damage to one allied unit.

Brittle (Bonewalker Level 1): +2 to Spd/Res, -2 to Str/Def

Submerge (Bonewalker Level 10): When traversing water can only be seen by adjacent units.

(Wight Level 5):

(Wight Level 15):

Venom (Bael Level 1):
A successful hit poison the enemy, dealing slight damage for up to five turns regardless of Def. Trigger = (Hp)%

Terrain Boost + (Bael Level 15): Doubles terrain effects.

Webbing (Elder Bael Level 5): On hit, stun unit for one turn. Trigger = (Skill/2)

(Elder Bael Level 15):

Assault (Tarvos Level 1): +2 Atk when attacking.

Intimidate (Tarvos Level 5): When attacking enemy units are inflicted with -10 Hit/Crit.

Stampede (Maelduin Level 5): Add (Spd/2) to attack. Trigger = (Spd/2%)

(Maelduin Level 15):

Hit Rate +10 (Mauthe Doog Level 1): +10 to Hit. (This skill appears in the normal game, but only on Lunatic and above.)

Scavenger (Mauthe Doog Level 10): User recovers +10 Hp on defeating an enemy.

(Gwyllgi Level 5):

Blood Frenzy (Gwyllgi Level 15):+1 Mov and +4 Spd/Str after killing an enemy or on arriving to the battlefield for two turns.

(Gargoyle Level 1):

Opportunist (Gargoyle Level 10): +5 Atk when performing a Dual Strike

Pursuit (Deathgoyle Level 5): Initiates a second round of combat if Speed is at least 5 points higher than the opponent's. Trigger Rate (After requirements are met) = (Speed / 2)

Desperation (Deathgoyle Level 15): +30 Hit/Dodge if under half HP.

(Dracozombie Level 1):

(Dracozombie Level 15):

(White Dragon Level 10):

Cataclysm (White Dragon Level 20): Brings a great destruction. Mt 25, Rng 1~2, Hit 65, Crit 15.

And by the way, feel free to post now. You know, unless you want to use that feedback topic I made.

Edited by Verdant Shade

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