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100% RNG Playthrough

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Hey guys! I've been a longtime lurker on this forum and enjoy doing efficiency playthroughs. That being said, I'm currently planning a playthrough of Fire Emblem Sacred Stones using a code to make it so the RNG is always 0. That means that any event with a nonzero chance of occurring will always occur. This means that hit rates, criticals, and growth rates are always 100%! This code works for all three GBA games.

So this may make the game seem trivialized, and in some sense, it does. Early game is a lot easier now because your units are doing three times the damage. Franz gets extremely broken due to his D lances and high move and fast growth, easily outstatting Seth after 5-6 levels. Seth is still necessary for low turning much of early game, as he is the only character that can reliably have a crit chance on every character. Vanessa's shoddy offense gets slightly boosted, allowing her to become a flying tank if fed kills.

However, this also complicates things. Characters whose durability relied on them being dodgetanks are no longer reliable, meaning Joshua is much more difficult to use now.

Additionally, the skill system in this game is the reason why a playthrough in Sacred Stones is much more interesting. While it seems like this makes your units seem more broken (100% Lethality and Great Shield procs), this makes certain parts of the game a lot more difficult.

This means that clearing Chapter 8 is impossible as the boss Tirado is immovable unless a Sniper or Assassins kills him. There are no Assassins that early in the game; the only potential Sniper available at that point is... Neimi.

Yup, Neimi, a character that lives at the basement of most tier lists, is necessary in order to advance in the game. You have to baby the hell out of her to get her to 10/1 if you hope to ever get past chapter 8!

In my test runs, I'm having a hell of a hard time getting her to level 10 to use the Orion's Bolt. A lot of the standard low turn records are not met due to having to feed her kills. I think getting her to level 9 by chapter 8 and promoting in chapter is the only way to efficiently do it.

Tirado has 15 Def (because enemy growths are 100% too!) and 3 Def boost from the throne meaning that he has an effective 18 Def with 42 HP. He also has 6 speed, perfect for doubling.

Neimi at level 10 assuming perfect growths has 13 Str before promotion. The promotion bonus gives her +3 Str, and equipped with an Iron Bow gives her 22 Atk, with a good chance of critting, meaning she'll do 24 damage to him per round, enough to kill him in two turns (he has a Javelin).

Well, hopefully this allows for some discussion! If anyone's interested, I got the code from a forum search, but here it is.

83000000 0000
83000002 0000
83000004 0000

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Mekkah actually have this sort of runs in his Youtube channel >_>

EDIT: Minus the growth rate and the hit rate

Its actually kinda interestin since your units can only take like 1 - 2 hits lol

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Yeah, I believe they are 100% crit runs, which are similar in concept. However, he doesn't have to deal with Great Shield bs!

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i ran through fe7 like this (although i didn't bother with any AR codes and just hacked the rng routine) and it was actually pretty easy

have you tested to see if sure shot overrides great shield? i would think that instead of a 100% chance of tinking you now have a 150% chance at tinking (ie who cares)

also archers were a bit more powerful in my fe7 run (rebecca was actually worth it after her support with lowen happened since she would have like 3% crit on things)

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According to the site, Sure Strike overrides Great Shield. And yeah, looks like you can't have an assassin by that point in the game, so Neimi is literally your only option. She ends up with 14 strength to Tirado's 14 def, so she's not going to deal a huge amount of damage. But it should be enough to overcome throne defence and healing.

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Keep us posted! I'll make sure to try this sometime after I finish my Girl's Only and no promotions runs.

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Prologue: The Fall of Renais

Still fairly simple, except you save a couple of Steel Sword usages.

Turn 1: Eirika kills the more right most fighter while Seth kills the adjacent one.

Enemy Phase 1: The Boss will suicide himself into Eirika's Rapier, and she gets a perfect Level Up! (Seth will still 2HKO everything regardless and it's nice if Eirika gains a bit of Skill/Luck to deal/avoid crits)

Chapter 1: Escape!

This is essentially a Seth solo like a typical LTC, but you'll have to be a lot more careful where you rescue drop Eirika as she can't survive two Soldier rounds.

Turn 1: Seth rescues Eirika, and moves toward the throne as much as possible. Two fighters suicide during EP.

Turn 2: Seth drops Eirika 3 squares below and 3 to the right of the throne. This prevents the leftmost soldier and the fighter from attacking her, leaving her to kill the right most soldier while Franz kills the one near where he spawns. Franz becomes broken after like 3 level ups and is capable of soloing maps with a Javelin and 1 Vulnerary.

Turn 3: Seth kills the boss and Eirika uses her full move to seize.

Chapter 2: The Protected

This chapter you'll get Vanessa, who becomes essentially a faster, weaker Franz on wings. She'll eventually outdo him in usefulness, so she's fed a couple of kills here and there. (But it's nice to have essentially three Seths galloping/flying around).

Turn 1: Vanessa rescues Ross's weak ass and brings him back over the mountain. The horse units advance down as they'll be doing most of the killings. Moulder and Eirika visit the village.

EP: Brigand near Garcia gets smashed by a crit.

Turn 2: Moulder takes Ross and Eirika recruits him. Franz waits on the armory to chip away at the Brigand during EP while Gilliam approaches the forest to take care of the oncoming bandits. Vanessa makes her way to the village.

Turn 3: Eirika kills the chipped Brigand while Franz goes to the left to deal with the right most bandit. Vanessa chips the bandit with a crit Javelin (9 dmg) and Gilliam will take care of the left most bandit. Seth kills another bandit near the boss.

Turn 4: Vanessa visits the village, Ross helps Franz kill a bandit, and Seth moves in so both bandits will suicide on EP.

Looks like Bone (puts shades on) got boned. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

Chapter 3: The Bandits of Borgio

Neimi comes! Now I've cleared this chapter but I need to give more EXP to Neimi, so I won't post it yet, maybe tomorrow or something.

Also, I'd like for other people to attempt this run so they can help me optimize EXP for her! She will be getting the Secret Book in Joshua's chapter to assure more crits (no one else needs it :P).

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