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Sword of Seals Playthrough- With TheWarpedWizard!


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*Compares stats of Wendy to stats of mooks from chapter 3*


Come on guys, this is a joke, right?

She may be worse than Roy... They should have a joint ending. I'd do everything in my power to make it canon.

"Worse than Roy"? Try "the worst unit in the entire franchise".

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Roy x Wendy:

Together they rule Pherae into mediocrity, and Marcus was all like "Roy my boy, I am dissapoint"

But say if Roy is the worst Lord in the entire series(by far maybe, because Micaiah can heal and Leif is fucking good unlike what many tend to believe) Wendy has utter dominance for the title of the worst unit in the entire series

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Agreed. Wendy is badness incarnate.

At least Donnel can give Aptitude, Mercenary, and Pegasus Knight to his child in Awakening... (Not that I don't like Donnel or anything... I just can't be bothered to train him in a no-grind run) Donnel is my favourite parent for Kjelle.

Gah! Don't get sidetracked, Wizard!

Anyway... Wendy= Crap. Agreed?

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I actually used Wendy...for a while. I thought she was like Nino, and since I had good experiences with her, I tried training her....and she actually performed well. For one chapter (Oujay A Support FTW). Then she fell far behind and I admitted defeat. :P

Lugh is a bro, but I didn't use him since Lilina is made of badassery.

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Sorry, but I'm putting this playthrough on hold for a while as I have work to do.


Anyway, I wouldn't say Wendy is the worst character in the franchise (that'd be FE3 book 2 Est IMO), but she's definitely top 3.

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You should update infrequently

B2 EST has....


Okay, she has....

Oh right FE3 Arena is Troll Zone



Give her 2 statsbooster and she become a million times better than Wendy with simmilar resources

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The 'work' is a huge writing project, plus a ton of stuff I need to catch up on. Mainly my guitar practicing. Man, I need to sleep more. I have barely any energy, and being an insomniac hardly helps.

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Anyway, I wouldn't say Wendy is the worst character in the franchise (that'd be FE3 book 2 Est IMO), but she's definitely top 3.

Why? All Wendy has is availability, but that matters little when you can't leverage it by virtue of completely sucking (and being practically untrainable, to boot).

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  • 2 weeks later...

Today I'm going to do the next chapter and put it up.

EDIT: Sh*t. I made a fatal mistake.

I put Ward and the main group in the spot where Rutger would appear with his little group, and because I save-stated before this happened, there is no way for me to save them.

(Rutger has 100% hit against Ward) I'll have to start the goddamn chapter again, if I don't want Ward to die. So it might not go up today.

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I'll show you a pic of how it goes down:

This is my closest save state. Next turn, Rutger appears as an enemy.


Then, when Rutger appears, he ALWAYS targets Ward.


After that, they all gang up on Roy and he dies.

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Heh... I remember mine too. He killed Natasha, so I had to reset.

Like what I'll have to do here. I'll start the chapter again at some point. (I have no motivation left for today. I had taken like 23 pics...)

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EDIT: Done~! I'll show the pictures that I took before the Ward incident.

[spoiler=Chapter 4: Collapse of the Alliance]

Hector! *Sob*


He died last chapter... Screw you, Armads.



The crazy guy bought one of Erik's concubines! Fantastic!


So... She's treated her brother, too? Ephraim and Eirika all over again...






This guy is the boss of the chapter. He's a total prat who appears in Blazing Sword on the exact same map. I remember killing him with a Hector crit.


Then I noticed this weird cleric girl has really low magic. Worrying.


We use all our units for this one!


But they have a huge amount of minions. I find this disconcerting, Makoto-kun.


Rutger get's the concubine out, and she magically became a...



Right. That's when I lost Ward and had to reset.

These are the pics I got from the end.




As for the favorites and non-like corner...

I like that concubine, Clarine.

What I did:

I rushed the whole chapter because of the Ward incident.

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