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Scripting Assistance Needed - FEXP

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Hello! I am currently working on a very small FEXP project, and was hoping someone would help me a little bit?

My questions are as follow:

- What code do you use in order to have the camera pan across the map?

- How do you get a camera to follow a unit on the map, for a scene?

I have been following Klok's tutorial for Yeti's FEXP, but I've been trying to solve this problem for a little while now. Here are some screenshots:



Event 1


Event 2


I am trying to get event 1 (sage map sprite) to move towards the room on the top left, in the map. I also wish to have the camera pan, and follow him on his short walk.

Note: I am still looking for someone to assist with coding. If someone agrees to help me finish this project, they will be paid (either in dollars, or I can also trade for custom mugs.).

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To move the camera to a certain location use:

CAM1 [Position X, Position Y]

To have the camera follow units automatically use:


To have the camera stop following units use:


But that is just for event assembler, your screenshots do not look familiar to me.

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And apparently none of you know how to use it.

Can any of you direct me to other tutorials, other than ones that Yeti and Klok made?

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There ARE no other tutorials. Also it's being dropped for support because of CENSORED BY CISPA.

I have no interest in returning to FEXP but I'll answer questions if they're in my current realm of expertise.

1. Is your map a SCENE map? You can't move units without glitching the game unless it's a SCENE map. If you don't know what a SCENE map is, re-read my tutorial.

2. The camera doesn't follow units that are moving. Because FEXP sucks with that regard.

3. ????

4. Profit.

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You can pan the camera, you can move the character, but you can't do both at once without it looking awkward unless you time it really carefully. I don't even recall how I did it other than there being a moveplayer command and the move event command that you were using in the one screenshot. Seriously, I haven't touched FEXP in like 5 months now aside from when I had to show a couple things to Yeti.

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