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Hey, this is my first post here and I was hoping you guys could help me out.

See, I'm currently playing the second run of awakening and this time around I chose a female avatar, I'm thinking of this skill set:






I'm trying to go for a balanced unit, hence Sword/Tomefaire + Ignis

What do you think?

I know there's a lot of possibilities with this one.

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I'd remove both Faire skills. In general having one isn't good, having two is pretty terrible.

Are you going to do DLC? If so Limit Break is obvious. If not, you probably don't have time to get all the skills you listed, unless you grind horrifically, which there's little point to, unless you want to just destroy everything with ease. You reasonably can get two level 15 promoted skills by about chapter 20 without grinding, I'd say, and don't have time to get a third. So... work out what skills you most want and work from there.

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Limit Broken/Filler

2 Defensive skills

Gonna jump the gun and said that Faires are basically useless 9/10 of the time here

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I tend to play sword based classes and use:



You don't really need Limit Breaker until post game anyway.

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