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Horrandia no Densetsu

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(Ok guys. Here is the deal. This will be a FF styled/script RP. If you wish to have your characters join,then I am for it. Just have to manage your characters in terms of Health (HP) Magic (MP) Experience Points (Exp) and so on. Post your character name and stats in your first post,and post their actions in the posts following that. Please,and thank you.)

***=Active combat members

Keitaro Kusanagi 6100/6100 HP Exp57230/75000***

Lv.25 4900/4900 MP

Rebecca Sasebo 5270/5270 HP Exp:55710/71000***

Lv.23 4160/4160 MP

Toyomi Kanzuki 6000/6000 HP Exp:56390/74600***

Lv.25 5900/5900 MP

Raevena Sasebo 5190/5190 HP Exp:54700/70900***

Lv.22 4080/4080 MP

Kent Hiroshima 4750/4750 HP Exp:118400/124000

Lv.34 3630/3640 MP

Valerie Kusanagi 2790/2790 HP Exp:78900/119800

Lv.25 1680/1680 MP

*Hidden Village,Dragonia*

Elder: Miss Valerie. I bring urgent news.

Valerie: What is it,elder?

Elder: I had a vision,just not long ago,from Gaia herself. She suggests that I send you to go deliver a message tot he emperor of our world of Horrandia.

Valerie: Do you remember what was said? What did you see?

Elder: She said "A grave,dark power looms on Earth,and vows to conquer Horrandia in darkness,destruction,and death. We must warn all the nations on Horrandia before it is too late."

Valerie: Wow. Any idea what this "dark power" is about?

Elder: All I saw was a dark and evil dragon queen. She razed all of Horrandia with her minions,killing all in her path. As did her followers. Man,woman,nor child were spared.

Valerie: This almost sounds like the arch-demon dragons the ancient heroes fought during the Ancient War. Thanks for the message,elder. I will go and warn the emperor,straight away.

*Valerie stood to her feet,and began to make her way to the Dragon's Gate. Once she passed through the portal in the gate,she wound up in Angelia Forest,to the south of Castle Angelia,where Horrandia's emperor resided. She began to navigate through Angelia Forest*

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I'm gonna do this. I'm not exactly well-received but anyways

Garyl Orson HP: 975 Exp:0/100

Lv. 1 MP:200

Not sure if this is necessary but Class: Ranger

Edit: Starting exp said 0/10 as opposed to 0/100. FIXED.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Garyl continued to stride through the forest.

"Wait a minute... "

He saw the shadow of what appeared to be a human being.

Stepping closer, he saw Valerie.

"And why is a young girl like yourself in this forest, huh?"

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  • 2 weeks later...

Valerie: I am a native to this gorgeous planet of Horrandia. I was on my way to convey a message to Horrandia's emperor.

???: Beautiful women like you shouldn't roam alone. There are rumors that the dominant spiecies of Earth,called "humans" are scouting around different parts of Horrandia.

Valerie:......who are you sir?

Kent: My name is Kentaro Hiroshima. But you can call me Kent for short,sweetheart. *winks* I am the emperor's head general,and advisor. If you are on your way to see him,I can guide you guys.

Valerie: I would love that. *her cheeks turned rosey red*

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Finally a new reply


"Get a room, you two."

Garyl:"And, Kent, was it? Sigh... now I'm stuck with pampered castle trash. And a pervert no less. Learn some manners."

*Akward Pause*

???:"Garyl! Mr Garyl!"

Oni:"It's me! Oni!"

Garyl:"Oni! Haven't seen you in a while."

Oni:"I see two other people. Who are they? You two, my name's Oni Shinigami."

Garyl:"This is Valerie, and that's *ahem* Kentaro.

Oni:"Nice to meet you, guys."

Garyl: "I know his name doesn't exactly imply "Nice", but he's a great guy. That's Oni for ya."


Just saying

Oni Shinigami:

Lv 1 Hp: 960


XP: 0/100

Also did you not notice you made someone named Kent with Sain's general personality?

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(Now that you mention it,yes. His full name is Kentaro,though. His son to be is much worse,you'll see.)

Valerie: *narrating in her head* "Kentaro was definently different from the men of my home village,but he is a sweetheart. He led us to Angelia Castle,where he too,was going. I conveyed the message from my village chief,to the emperor. We resided with the emperor,and awaited this event that Gaia foretold. During this hiatus,I found myself falling in love with Kentaro. We eventually married about a year later,and during this.....I gave birth to two children. My eldest child,Keitaro Kusanagi. And my youngest child,Mayra Kusanagi. We waited for another 20 years,and nothing still happened."

*20 years later*

Soldier: Lord Keitaro,I have a message from Miss Rebecca Hedgehog Sasebo.

Keitaro: Oh really? What did she say?

Soldier: She wants you to come meet her on Dragon Point Isle,back on Earth. It's just a few miles west of where her parents settled,years ago,when his majesty sent them ahead to investigate something.

Keitaro: Ok. I will go to her,right away. No point in keeping the lovely little lady waiting. *he straps on his equipment,which consisted of a Silver Claymore,and some armor* Alright guys. I will be back soon. Please,enjoy yourselves,and relax here.

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As Keitaro left, Garyl was inside the castle, hoping to get a good haul from a treasure room. Nobody had noticed the fact that he was there eavesdropping (Also, no-one probably remembered he even existed.)

"Hedgehog? Sigh... today's generation sure is suffering in terms of names."

Garyl vanished.

"So this is the main treasure room. Odd that they aren't guarding it."

Oni: "Mr. Garyl! I found quite a sword in one of these chests!"


Garyl: "Hmm... you keep that for yourself, Oni."

Oni: "And I found some gemstones, gold and assorted other things of value."

Garyl: "Let's get outta here."

Oni: "Sounds like a plan."

Garyl Orson: Lv 9

Exp 200/2900

Hp: 1950


Oni Shinigami:

Lv 7

Hp: 1700


Exp: 100/1800

(It only makes sense to level them up a lot considering it's been 20 YEARS and Garyl is like 49 years old now)

And for amusement purposes:

Garyl now: http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQATVfCZYVCZn6NdBWZD_HbgJBzyt0P42QLpLgA765QGGGv4D0_tw

Garyl 20 years ago:http://images5.fanpop.com/image/photos/25000000/Dean-supernatural-25001501-345-500.jpg

If you don't get it then please consider welcoming our lord and savior Supernatural into your life

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(I got the gist of it. Lol)

Valerie: Hmm....so our soon is gonna go meet his little girlfriend,is he? Hee hee hee......

Kent: Yes he is. It seems she has fallen in love with him,or maybe that's just crazy talk. Be it Rebecca be a hedgehog,or a elven like us,she is still a person.

Kent: Say Garyl,what brought you from Earth,to Horrandia? Or better yet,how did you two get here,if I may ask?

*On Dragon Point Isle Beach*

Rebecca: Where is my love at? That soldier told me Keitaro was on his way.

*A stream of light shone down on the beach,and from it,Keitaro emerged*

Rebecca: Is that?? Oh,but it is!! I recognize that long red hear,and those sparkling blue eyes,anywhere. KEITARRRROOOOO!!!!!! *she charges at him,knocking him to the ground,and hugs and kisses him on his cheek*

Keitaro: Omph!! Damn woman. For a female hedgehog,you are almost as strong as I am. Hahaha. (yes,as in a Amy Rose-type female hedgehog)

Rebecca: Sorry hunny. I was just too excited to finally see you again,after so long.

Keitaro: It is ok. So,how was your stay here on Earth?

Rebecca: It was tragic. Between losing my parents,and not being at your side,I had it pretty bad. My parents went missing,and I never saw them again. But,we will find out what happened to them,eventually. If they are alive,they will come back.

Keitaro: They will,indeed. Brock and Sharice will come back. So then,shall we go back to Horrandia.....together?

Rebecca: sure......?!?

Keitaro: What is it,Rebecca?


Rebecca: That!!

Boss Battle Boss:Red Dragon HP:6500

Rebecca: This isn't good. Fire types will deal me the most harm. however,I do use powerful Water and Ice Magic!!

Keitaro: Good,because it looks like it is capable of counter attacking. Let me take point,and la it on him. You hit him from the rear with magic.

Rebecca: Got it!!

*Battle begins*

Keitaro: *slashes the Red Dragon,dealing 485 HP damage*

Rebecca: Take this...........FROST!! *she casts Frost,dealing 799 HP damage,due to weakness to Ice/Water element*

Red Dragon: **tries to swat Rebecca with its claws,but missed*

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Garyl: Damn it Oni, keep your voice down! You got us noticed! Valerie, so ya married that son of a-

Oni: Garyl! So... miss Valerie. I'm guessing we should give you this treasure back-

Garyl grabbed Oni's arm and disapeared to the next room.

Garyl: Fuck, Oni! What were you thinking?! Let's get the hell out!

Garyl fled. He had once been acqainted with Valerie, but slashing through a guard's chest on the way out probably wasn't the best hello

after 20 years.

He got back to the forest.

Garyl: Sigh... phew...

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(You didn't have to leave or sit out. Lol)

Valerie: What's wrong with him? O.o

Kent: I haven't any clue. What's taking Keitaro and Rebecca so long to come back?

Valerie: They probably being curious kids,and exploring.

*Battle at hand*

Keitaro: Eat this!! *slashes the Dragon,dealing him 1640 HP critical damage*

Rebecca: Time to chill out.......FROST!! *casts Frost,dealing the dragon 875 damage,due to his water/ice weakness*

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(I was stealing prized jewels and other items from the castle, so I'm guessing that fleeing would be the only option.)

Garyl: So, we got some gems, coins, and weapons. Nice job, Oni.

Oni: Garyl, I think that we should probably go. No doubt that the royal guard's probably on our tail.

Garyl: Hm... I think going back to Earth would be the only way...

Oni: Well, that's a sure way to get away, but we've still got-

Garyl: No- I killed that damn mercenary.

Oni: Then let's go.

Garyl arranged a portal-creating summoning circle.

As he and Oni landed on Earth, they saw Keitaro and Rebecca.

Garyl: A dragon... oh, ok. The "hedgehog" lady is actually... a... hedgehog!

*Garyl burst into laughter*

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(Horrandia has plenty of money and all that. almost limitless. Lol)

Keitaro: *slashes the Red Dragon,dealing 625 HP damage*

Rebecca: Time to say goodnight!!.......FROST!! *casts Frost,dealing 2190 HP critical damage*

Dragon: *slashes at (counter-attacks) Keitaro,dealing him 220 HP damage*

Dragon: *uses its Flame breath,dealing Keitaro 80 HP damage,and Rebecca a nasty 1250 HP damage*

Keitaro: Bastard!! *turns to Rebecca* I won't let you die!!.......CURA!! *he casts Cura,restoring 1175 HP to Rebecca*

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(Theft is a crime none the less, so...)

Garyl: Um... so...

Oni: Man, do we ever get any action?

Garyl: Well, be glad they killed it. The thing was one hell of a dragon. I've gotta congratulate you guys.

Page 2!

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(He wasn't defeated,yet,but here comes his defeat!! Lol)

Keitaro: *uses Mid-Potion on Rebecca,recovering 780 HP,restoring her back to full health*

Rebecca: Thanks darling! This is the end for you.........Torrent Pillar!! *casts Torrent Pillar,causing a pillar of water to fall from the skyand scoring 6 direct hits,dealing the dragon 900 HP damage per hit,killing him*

End of Battle

Rebecca: We did it!!


Exp earned: 2100

GP earned: 4200

Keitaro has reached Lv.15

Rebecca has reached Lv.13

*After the Battle*

Keitaro: He was sure a tough,mean little bastard.

Rebecca: No kidding. Glad you came when you did.

Keitaro: Of course. *He spots Garyl and Oni out the corner of his eye* Hey,what are you guys doing here?

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(I did the math and I swear he was dead)

Garyl: Umm... how do you recognize us?

Oni: And who's the pink... hairy... hedgehog... thing.... woman?

Garyl: That's what I'm wondering. And Keitaro, I kind of... well... stole some things.

Oni: He conjured a portal to get away, and we landed here.

Garyl: And now we're being faced with a royal. Just when we thought we had escaped.

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Keitaro: Umm,I been recognized you. My father told me a little about your encounter with him,years ago. As for the stolen things,just quietly hand them to me,and I will absolve you of any guilt.

Soldier: Keitaro!!! Bad news. You must get back to Horrandia,quickly!!

Keitaro: What?!? what's wrong?

Sildier: Well,while you were here to greet Rebecca,this human military force of sorts came and attacked the capitol,Angelia. Many of our soldiers are wounded,and some dead. We could use your help,if his majesty permits.

Rebecca: What? OH,THOSE ROTTEN MOTHERFUCKERS!!! Keitaro,let's go back,and teach these cowardly assholes a thing or two about what happenes when they mess with Horrandia!! :angry:

Keitaro: Wow.....umm ok then. Let's get'em!!

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Garyl: Umm... calm- calm down, Oni.


Garyl: Sigh... and by the way, I'll give you back these things when hell freezes over.

Oni: Don't you think that's-

Garyl: Oni, you're to honest for someone who makes his living as a thief. But seriously, no way I'm giving all this back.

Oni: I-

Garyl: Oni!

Oni: Yeah, yeah... we should go and help them out with what's happening in Angelia, though.

Garyl: And I thought I could visit my homeland for more than 2 minutes without all hell breaking loose.


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