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Musical Chairs Mafia, Town Wins, the Mod Loses

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Welcome to Musical Chairs Mafia, hosted by NekoRex.

This is a gimmicky open setup for 13 players.

Standard Setup Notes:

-This is a No Outside Contact game. Discussion is limited to the Scum Quicktopic or the Game Thread.
-The game will begin on Day 1.
-72 Hour Day Phases, 24 Hour Night Phases. No Night Talk.
-This game has an Open Setup. All information about the game setup is provided here. There is nothing to hide.
-Consequently, this game is as bastard as you think it looks to be.

-Hammer to Lynch. A Hammer is a majority, rounded up, of the remaining players voting to lynch a single person. If there is no majority, there is no lynch.

-2 No Lynches equate to a Universal Loss. Please don't make me do this.

In addition to the standard gameplay of Mafia, this game has the following mechanics:

-All players start the game with either a Town alignment and no role, or a Scum alignment and one of the three Scum roles.
-At the start of each new day phase, all remaining roles (of 13 to start) are shuffled and distributed to each living player. These remain in place until the next night phase ends and role actions are resolved.
-Town players are free to use assigned roles as they please. Scum may not and are limited to the roles they began the game with, with the role they receive each day being disabled. They will still get the role PM, but they will not be able to make use of it.
-When a player is removed from the game, they take the role they hold with them. This includes killed scum players.
-When a limited-use role's shot is used, it automatically reverts to Vanilla.

The game starts with the following townie-usable roles:
1-Shot Tracker
1-Shot Watcher
1-Shot Vigilante
1-Shot Cop
1-Shot Bulletproof

In addition, the Scumteam is preemptively each assigned their own role:
Godfather/1-Shot Ninja
Redirector/1-Shot Strongman
1-Shot Reshuffler/1-Shot DayRolecop/1-Shot Janitor

The scumteams's one-shot killing roles (Ninja, Strongman, Janitor) replace the Nightkill, so only one can be used each night.
The Reshuffler can, during a Day Phase, reassign all townie-usable roles among the living players, as if a new Day Phase had started.


-I am the Game Moderator and my word is law.
-Do not quote private communications from the Moderator (PMs, Private IRC chats, etc)
-Don't screenshot anything game-related while the game is ongoing.
-Post at least once every 24 hours while the Day Phase is ongoing. If you can't, warn me in advance. Sub Outs should provide a valid reasoning to do so.
-Don't post after the Hammer.
-Don't discuss the game with people not playing.
-If you're not playing, don't interfere with the game. Snarky outside comments are allowed but discouraged.
-You are allowed a non-interfering bah post if you are removed from the game, unless it was by Modkill. Otherwise you're subject to the above rule.
-Don't be a jerk. I will make it clear if you are being a jerk.
-Breaking the rules may result in a Modkill depending on severity.
-If you are Modkilled, your alignment is changed to Survivor (Wincon: Survive to endgame), you and your held role is removed from the game (thus failing your new wincon), and your former alignment will be punished accordingly.

-mafia sucks (Prims) Shin
-EssBee (SB)
-Elieson (Lynched D3: Town Roleblocker)
-Gregor (Lynched D2: Scum JOAT, Vanilla)
-Kay (Killed N3: Town Vanilla)
-Refa (Killed N2: Town Tracker)
-scorri Shinori
-BigBadMarshmallow (BBM) (Died N4: Town Vanilla)
-Lonely Wallcrab (Killed N1: Town Watcher)
-Objection! (Lynched D4: Scum Redirector, Vanilla)

-Terrador (Modkilled N1: Town Cop)



Links to events

Confirmation Phase, I fuck up the Confirmation Phase

Day 1 Start, Votecounts: T-68 T-48 T-36 T-24 T-12 Really Stupid And Ugly Day End

Day 2 Start Day 2 End

Day 3 Start Day 3 End

Day 4 Start

Edited by NekoRex

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I didn't even read shit just happened to see this at 4:30. Ha.


Actually put me as a sub.

Or if you have trouble filling I'll sign up as a starter.

Edited by Shinori

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This is a ridiculously complicated looking setup and requires that I be lynched immediately into day-1, so go ahead and stick me in

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Looks like a cool setup and I'll be interested to see how role impermanence influences the game. Also no one cop, I want to cop pls thx.

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This looks fun and unique also it's NOC.

Why not.

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I don't think the faction of a modkilled player generally needs any punishment beyond the modkill...

/in despite aforementioned minor complaint

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Two more if I wait till Sunday, Three otherwise, not counting CT since his signup looks like a last resort or something.

Edited by NekoRex

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my family is moving, which ought to limit my activity significantly (idk if the internet is set up at the new place yet)

therefore i'd really rather not join just to get lynched/policyvigged/subbed out due to a physical inability to play

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Maybe people who don't have a good mindset about their quality should reconsider :V

One more, otherwise. 3-4 days isn't really a long wait for signups, you know.

Edited by NekoRex

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