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An alternate method of preparing battle sprite frames for

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I'm not entirely familiar with how other image editing programs look, but, using Gimp, you can animate using layers.

So you animate with layers, which is quick, because you don't have to erase all of the previous sprite, or guess where the previous sprite was.

Then, you finish all the layers. Once it's complete you can simply copy the file and paste it into a seperate paint file and click save, and it will be 100% compared to pasting over the paint files and cutting out the old sprite.

I hope this wasn't common sense, because although I had the idea in my head, I didn't try it the first couple of times, I inserted custom battle frames.

Either way, I might add some pixtures of the process later, if you guys don't think this is a useless resource.


Video Tutorial

You guys will probably want to skip around to the things you want to learn. I had no idea when I was making it, that it would turne out to be 21 minutes. Also sorry for my gibberish talking I was nervous/felt strange talking to my computer. xD

Also the audio is off with timing, if anyone has a way they know how to fix it please let me know.

Otherwise, I'd suggest either having the link open in two separate tabs and watch so that the audio is better fitted, muting one of the videos.

The export layers download is only a one time thing. You won't have to do it everytime you want to make a new animation. Just make sure you refresh it.

Actually, more´╗┐ accurate timing would be 6:40 audio, and 5:56 video for once you get to the gimp part

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You should change the topic title to "battle sprite frames" because it sounds like you're talking about making the battle frame graphics (the HP bar, the name tabs, etc.) easier to insert.

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