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H5 Blind playthrough log - COMPLETED!


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Up until now, probably the hardest FE experience I've had was FE6 HM (having played 6 to 9 on highest difficulties except PoR JP Maniac, haven't done 10 HM yet). I've generally heard that the H5/Lunatic settings in DSFE greatly exceed these (and I like hitting my head against a wall) so why the hell not?


1. I know precious little about Shadow Dragon, and basically nothing about FE1/3.

2. I'm not particularly good at Fire Emblem, just stubborn. As a result...

3. ...Expect a lot of resets. This won't exactly be an efficiency run either, I'll probably spend forever just baiting units if I have to.

4. I might rig* some growths if it's relatively easy to do, ie map save, or short early chapter.

*I can't be arsed to clock abuse, probably just resets or maybe savestate turn order changes when I figure out a consistent strategy.

[spoiler=Chapter List]Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

Chapter 13

Chapter 14

Chapter 15

Chapter 16

Chapter 17

Chapter 18

Chapter 19

Chapter 20

Chapter 21

Chapter 22

Chapter 23

Chapter 24




Lets get this started!


Crank up that difficulty.


And of course, essentials first.


It's a bit annoying that only Marth can visit, but oh well, free gold!


My Armor Knight, Draug goes to the Armory.

Heh, armor to the armory.


For reference, I bought 2 Iron Lances (one for Abel and one for Shiida/Caeda) and 3 Javelins, for Draug, Jagen, and Shiida. Marth has the last javelin in his convoy.


This bastard can double all my units except for Shiida, so I'll chip him out first. That hit rate isn't too hot though...


This game has true hit I think? Definitely helped out here.


Shiida chips without getting doubled and Cain takes the kill. Damn, 50 exp? Thief bonus sure is nice.


Jagen plonks himself on the fort to get some better defences, and healing next turn. I decided to save his Silver Lance use, because I am incredibly conservative in general about good items and weapons. This is probably going to bite me in the ass sooner or later, but whatever.


As for you...um, just stay here out of the way.


Jagen has about 57 disp hit vs these enemies, so one dodge is nice. With the fort bonus, he has enough def so the damage he took can be fully regenerated on my next turn.


Shiida goes to the fort to heal up a bit (just in case) and Marth gives her her Javelin. Let the chipping begin!


Cain moves to lure one of the Pirates off Jagen. Don't want Jagen to take ALL the exp, or get surrounded. Meanwhile, Draug and Abel move into position, and Abel gets his Iron Lance. Gordin... sits in the back and does nothing. Damn archers...


Jagen has full hp so I take a chance on a player phase attack. This will also help out the rear guard, since Gordin is my only reliable chip, Javelins only have about 50 to 60 disp hit vs these pirates.


Fuck yeah Jagen. He regenerates all his HP again next turn because he only got hit once.


Cain is unfortunately, not as awesome as Jagen, but maybe one day he will be.


Marth gets fed a kill, and Shiida gets her Iron Lance. Cain goes back to regen on the fort again. Not shown, Draug and Abel move forward to protect Marth, and bait some more pirates off Jagen.


I take another risky player phase attack with Jagen. But the dude is basically MC Hammer, can't touch dis.


Jagen got hit twice on enemy phase. :( (Abel got hit too but who cares, he isn't as awesome as Jagen)

At this point I make two very stupid decisions that might have cost me a reset, didn't think things through here very clearly.


I attacked with Jagen on player phase again, disregarding the fact that he would be exposed on 4 fronts, and he only has enough HP to tank 3 hits. Making things worse, I chose to attack the bottom Pirate, instead of the 1 hp left one, because I wanted to chip him for the rear guard again (since he undoubtedly would attack Draug or Abel next turn). Jagen did dodge but he still could be killed if he doesn't dodge at least once next enemy phase. Poor decision overall.


This was greedy. I didn't want Gordin or Draug to take a kill, and instead wanted Shiida or Abel to get the Exp. However, due to the coast, Abel would have been exposed to two pirates on enemy phase if he kept his current position, almost certainly dying without a fort bonus. So, not shown, Marth moved back one tile and Abel tried to Javelin kill the 3 hp pirate.Unfortunately, he missed. I then gambled again and moved Gordin back so Shiida could try to take the kill. Luckily, this worked out. If she had missed, I would have had to hope Draug could hit the Pirate, and his disp hit wasnt very good. Draug tradeswapped Abel back his Iron Sword.


Abel dodges, and Jagen, not to be outdone by his pupil, dodges twice, pulling out the clutch. Draug tanks a hit and hits the pirate back.


I was planning on feeding Marth this kill after chipping with Shiida, but she crit instead! Not bad at all, you could use that Exp too!


Abel took the low hp pirate kill, and Cain moves up in front. Jagen chipped the left tile Pirate again (and dodged, but by now I'm not impressed anymore. Come on old man, bust out a crit)


Cain takes the kill on the left tile Pirate that Jagen chipped and gets our first level up. Pretty good, key stats.


Gordin moves up to chip the Pirate for Marth...


God dammit Gordin.


Fortunately, there's Shiida who doesn't give a damn about bad hit rates. Marth takes the kill.


Jagen finally gets his Javelin and takes a well deserved rest turn without any combat on the fort. He'll be needing the hp soon.


Enemy pirate moved up, and Gordin, Draug (missed), and Shiida (hits again with bad hitrate) all worked together to chip it for Abel, who is in need of Exp to catch up to Cain as a frontliner.


Meanwhile, Jagen moves with his new Javelin to bait the Archer, and Cain gets some shore leave to recooperate after his level up.


Marth chips the archer for Abel, who then gets his first level up...


Abel says Cain's a chump and gets a fantastic level up.


Jagen goes to bait the Pirates on the fort, dodges (as usual), but...


Holy crap! I was just kidding about the crit Jagen. The guy was even nice enough to let someone else get that kill for free next turn, like a true mentor. Oh I forgot, he also leveled up!


Very nice level up, especially considering his growths. Skill not so useful but more str and speed is welcome.


My turn, Marth moves up to take the kill Jagen set up. Eh, its okay I guess. Marth's base skill sucks so this is decent. Everyone else moves up and Marth stays on the mountain to get some chip Exp.


Battered, but not beaten, despite not dodging Marth holds out due to the extra def of the mountain. Shiida and Gordin move up to chip the left Pirate, and Shiida nets her first level up.


Yo Marth, your girl is outdoing you. Step your shit up!


Cain takes the kill on the chipped pirate, with his lance to raise some wexp (where the Javelins at?). Draug connects a pretty lucky Javelin, and Abel chips again so Marth can take the kill safely. Jagen moves next to the boss.


Jagen's hitrate isn't very good with either of his lances, but the Iron Sword damage is piss poor. I take a risk again and leave him with the silver lance equipped.


Dohoho...wonder what that pun was like in Japanese.


Jagen successfully hits! Damn that hurts though.


Shiida successfully chips the boss and I recruit Wrys, my first healer. Convenient, since I'm seiging the boss.


Unfortunately, Wry's base magic is so crap that even with a heal and a swap to Iron Sword, Jagen would still die to the boss if he got hit. Jagen, along with Abel, attempts to chip the boss, whilst Cain moves up to tank enemy phase after getting a top up from Wrys.


Cain finally dodges an attack, and retaliates. Next turn, I manage to get enough successful chips between Gordin, Draug, Abel, Jagen, and Shiida to secure a boss kill for Cain. Marth Seizes.

Chapter 1 turncount - 12

Total turns - 12

If this is too long/too detailed please let me know and I'll try to cut down on the screenshots.

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He manage to finish chapter 1


That's not the hard part. Just wait till he gets to chapters 3 and 4.

But on a happier note, good job on doing so well blind. And also you are very lucky when it comes to level ups.

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The issue with chapter 4 comes with the dual fronts. Even if you just throw sheeda at them there is usually a risk that she will get killed.

And for chapter 3 think fe 6 chapter 5 with the ridiculous boss.

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I attribute all of my success on chapter 1 to Jagen on the fort early on. He slowed down the influx of Pirates onto my rear units, and I don't see a good way to make a chokepoint before the last third of the map, meaning you're going to get swarmed. Jagen dodging a lot helps too, with an early retreat I dunno if Cain or Abel could have litearlly held the fort down (heh). The levelups were pretty sick though.

Anyway, time for chapter 2! The turncounts are going to hit rock bottom since I'm playing like a little bitch thanks to the chokepoints present, along with the larger map and ability to individually aggro smaller groups of units now instead of getting mobbed.


Chapter 2, lets do this.


Marth looks even weirder when blinking in this game. Wait, cavalry? Hell yeah, thats some easy Shiida and Marth kills.


My super hax Fire Emblem future sight skillz are telling me that these are probably recruitable characters!

(They have portraits)


Ogma has pretty nice bases. With 12 speed, he can double both of the nearby enemy Pirates, and is the only other person aside from Shiida to not get doubled by Thieves.


Shiida isn't really doing much this turn, since there's a hard hitting Pirate to the West and Archers to the North. May as well have her visit before I do anything...


Wow, I'd never have guessed! Truthfully, that is a bit helpful, it sort of hints that he won't attack Marth. Maybe he won't be aggressive to anyone in my army at all?


Guess there's an easy way to find out. I can always reset if Darros attacks Ogma. I need to clear out those enemies from the North quickly before they hit my squishies too, and there's less room to chip the Northern bridge than the Western one, along with the fact that Pirates can move on the sea.


To the west, there's also another Pirate. I play it safe and just stay away from him for now. Abel camps the fort, which is conveniently right on the tip of the enemy's range. I could have had Cain or Jagen do it, but I'd like some better Exp distribution, and Cain can't Javelin chip, so if an emergency occurs, I'd rather have him at full life.


Everyone who can chip moves up to get ready to hit some targets. Can't really do anything else, so I end my turn.


Yay for Ogma. Darros also decided not to attack me either, so my guess was right. Rare time a village actually influences my strategy, I usually skip on visiting them.


Yay for Abel. (more like yay for Forts)


Not so yay for enemy cavaliers rushing me despite being nowhere near them. Oh well. Fortunately, Shiida has enough AS to double them with her WINged spear, so I think I'll be fine.


Ogma can finish this pirate off without any help thanks to his doubling, so I go for it.


I luck out again and he comes out without a scratch. Speaking of without a scratch...


Tink, tink. Draug seems to be the ideal unit to block the bridge with once the Pirate is dead. Only Ogma and Shiida won't get doubled by the thieves, but Draug doesn't care anyway. Ogma has no 1-2 to affect the Archer with though, and Shiida will get owned by the bow.


Some chips with Barst and Gordin let Abel secure a kill onto this other pirate.


Cain and Shiida move up to block the Cavaliers. They won't get here until after my next turn, but I don't think I can safely kill the Pirate and both Cavs right now anyway. I opt to play it safe again. Marth moves so that Darros can talk to him (I assume that that's the recruitment trigger since he isn't attacking). I end my turn.




To be honest, this guy is a bit of a clever prick. Marth has such a tiny force right now that he can hardly say no to any extra hands, and being a nobleman's lackey is probably the best shot you'll ever have of making people forgive and forget your swashbuckling ways.


Draug gets doubled by the Archer (actually kind of hurt, wow) and misses with his Javelin. Thief tinks him and Draug hits back


Darros' stats aren't so hot. Decent speed base for level 3, but 6 str is Shiida tier, and he uses axes, meaning he's eating an AS penalty. Yuck.

The enemy cavaliers have moved up again. Shiida could go get one this turn, but the southwestern pirate might aggro, and Draug won't last much longer without support up north. Even if the thieves tink him, the archer hurts, and I don't want to expose Wrys to heal him back, or waste a vulnerary.


I move Ogma down a tile so that Abel can finish off the first thief, netting him another key level up. Draug follows up and smacks the Archer around a bit. Both those enemies should go down next turn.


The cavaliers attack Cain and Shiida. In retrospect this was actually a very stupid thing to do. Had one of the enemy cavaliers attacked Shiida first, she'd have ORKO'd him and the next enemy would have probably gone for her, resulting in her death. I should have kept Shiida out of combat entirely and let her take a free kill next turn, or chipped it so she wouldn't get counterattacked. So far, I've been pretty lucky with mistakes like these.

Maybe the enemy AI picked Cain first because he didn't have an effective weapon/the unit was certified not to die? Regardless, close call.


Barst chips the Cavalier, and Marth cleans up with a Rapier kill.


Meanwhile, Gordin chips a thief so Draug can finish him off for a level up. Another very nice level up, but I'm not sure that it's good enough to save Draug from benchwarming, as he is being doubled by practically everything with that speed.


Cain chips the Archer and gets some Lance Wexp, and Abel finishes him off. Jagen goes to bait the southwestern Pirate with his trusty iron sword.


Jagen da bomb.


This is slightly awkward though. I want to feed Marth another kill, but Ogma doesn't do quite enough to let Marth secure the kill afterwards. He also conversely damages it too much to allow a for another chip before Marth takes it.


However, I have a plan for that hand axe.


First things first though, since this is a pretty luck dependant strat, and I want to rig Marth a str growth anyway, I may as well save. Conveniently, this also baits another Pirate. Jagen is a master of many skills.


I trade Darros Barst's hand axe, and have both him and Shiida chip the Pirate for Marth.


Marth's level up is also amazing. I really wanted str though...I decide to be greedy and reset for a str/speed proc.




So tempting D:


I settle for this after a few tries.


I moved all the rear guard up, and since I've got a spare turn, why not visit? The last one turned out to be actually useful for once!


...this is why I don't bother visiting...


Yikes. Castor's crew decided to move in when I wasn't even in range. Maybe the battle save triggers it?


Jagen did fine vs the Pirate but for now, everyone has to go into full on retreat, as I can't get enough units up that far to deal with the enemies. I end my turn.


After testing who recruits him, turns out it's Shiida. He actually looks rather sad in that last cap...


Conveniently, she can use up her talk and then chip the Pirate to the south for Marth, which I do so.


Barst chipped the other pirate, time for Castor to help out with some more chipping. May as well check out this conversation though...


I can't get over the last cap, Marth looks so god damn smug, lmao.


With combined efforts, I finish off the rest of Castor's crew, and the kills go to Abel and Cain. Jagen gets a heal from Wrys and goes to the Armory, both to bait, and to get some axes. I bought 2 hand axes (for Darros and Bord), and one Iron Axe (for Darros).


Jagen has taken a serious beating now, and more than one Pirate started heading down, shared aggro table I guess. I retreat and give Darros his gear, whilst Marth moves to block the Bridge. Bord takes his hand axe from the convoy.


Marth dodges, and on my next turn I double team the Pirate with Castor and Gordin, letting Shiida fly in for the kill.


Barst and Bord successfully hand axe chip the other Pirate, and Marth takes the kill. I still had my cavs just in case anything went sour here.


Must suck to be Draug, running behind everyone while wounded and I won't give him a heal since he's not hitting anything else on this entire map safely anyway.


Barst chips the last generic again, and Shiida takes the kill for her next level up. HP is welcome, rest seems standard. She sure is fast though.


Marth isn't hitting anyone else for the rest of this map so he heads up to the village. Everyone else moves up to the boss.


Marth steals more gold from innocent peasants.


This boss hits REALLY hard, has a lot of speed and has 1-2. Leaving Javelin chippers like Abel in range isn't really a good idea. My archers would get doubled too, making them completely worthless here.


Time to roll the dice with Jagen's Silver Lance again.


Your face LOOKS like you've had an axe square between your eyes...who the hell is Shanty Pete?


OUCH. Jagen connects with the Silver Lance though, and thats whats important.


Ogma and Cain smack the boss with their swords, and Cain manages to dodge. However, since I've comitted to player phase combat here, I'm going to have to go all in. Cord, Barst and Shiida are the only other units I've got that're fast enough to not get doubled. Maybe I can give Cord some some chip exp.


Oh dear.


Abel manages to chip the boss to 1 hp. Barst missed though D:


Nothing for it. Going to have to risk Shiida. Even with a top up, she'll still get oneshotted by Gomer, so she HAS to hit here. There's a battle save so it's not too far away at least. Draug could try his luck but his hit rate is way worse than Shiida's due to crappy luk and skill. May as well hear your potential last words Shiida...


This is eerily appropriate considering what a morbid scenario I've just put her in.


Go Shiida!




Marth seizes!

Chapter 2 turncount - 12

Total turncount - 24



This fucking chapter name...

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If you do want to use doga I would advise reclassing him into a fighter or pirate. It gives him double the strength growth and an extra ten percent on his speed growth.

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Your going to want at least six so the cav won't double you. And to actually double you need like fourteen speed. This just being for chapter 4 when you can start reclassing. Just checked the base stats. If you reclass to merc he will be doubling most enemies. With an iron sword.

Edited by Randa
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Late game chapters have some 20+ AS(such as 22 AS Sniper on Final) but it seems the enemies are flying around 12 - 16 AS

The fire dragons and Gharnef in particular is a bit higher(if my source is right its 26 and 25 respectively)

Edited by JSND
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Late game chapters have some 20+ AS(such as 22 AS Sniper on Final) but it seems the enemies are flying around 12 - 16 AS

The fire dragons and Gharnef in particular is a bit higher(if my source is right its 26 and 25 respectively)

Gharnef has 25. (We probably use the same site for this.) and the fire dragons cannot exceed 24 speed. Manakete speed caps at 20 fire dragonstone only gives +4. Mage dragons are even slower.
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Hmm guess there's much work to be done playing this game. I suppose people stopped caring because they're sick of arguing with each other in tier list discussions where they try to prove that they're right regardless of what they happen to be saying. A shame that everyone just upped and abandoned the game just like that (and just about any FE game to a varying extent).

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Its kinda sad that FE11 Tiering stuff kinda stopped before Sheeda jumped onto God Tier

I can't find a Tier arguments that is based on the new stuff(especially those that is no warp skip), but I guess it is to be expected with the nature of Warp Skipping

Edited by JSND
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It's kinda sad that fe 11 itself kind of gets lost in the franchise. There is so much we could discuss about the characters. New ways to approach maps. Instead we get a bunch of useless threads in awakening.

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People just like to bash FE11 with weird reasons. I like the gameplay a lot. Sure, Warp exists but have fun actually warp skipping the game properly in H5. Even that is more complicated than a lot of people around here seem to think.

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Haha wow, looks like I sparked some FE11 nostalgia. I actually had a quick glance at Horace's efficiency run since its right below mine. Ouch, my chapter 2 clear really IS slow. Oh well, playing cautious and all for a blind run...

Edited by Irysa
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