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H5 Blind playthrough log - COMPLETED!


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Too many images so I split this into two posts and parts. This is part 1.


About 70% of that playtime is me checking enemy stats and trying to calculate stuff. Anyway, moving on...




The girl looks too ditzy to even want to give you gratitudesex Julian. But hey, she's a redhead, so I approve.


I bet you WOULD like to move that frock. Also, I'm beginning to become quite fond of the localisations in this game, heh.


Oh look its Mr Generic "badass edgy" Myrmidon. I actually know about this guy since I read he's the archetype of which all Myrmidons were based off. IIRC he was also originally a Merc, but they've updated him to a Myrmidon here. Comes with the usual Killer Edge too. Stats are quite decent. Comparable to Ogma with a level up or two. I went to check who recruits him since I really couldn't be bothered to waste time figuring out who to send up here, and it turns out it's Shiida. This is convenient since the upper pass is full of mountains and peaks, but theres an Hunter I'll have to watch out for.


Julian's a thief, and has standard stats for his class. His high speed looks like it will be invaluable due to the pumped up AS of many enemies, meaning he'll be able to avoid being doubled, but his defences are pretty pitiful. I can probably put him to use defending the chokepoint up here if he's on a mountain.

Lena's has a stat lead over Wrys in nearly everything, and has a really high staff rank for an early Cleric. She also comes with a warp stave, in chapter 3! I didn't realise you got warp THIS early in SD. I checked the range on it too, and apparently Warp has unlimited range in this game. I now understand why people talk about crazy warpskipping in this game so much now, lol.

Weirdly enough, I don't have to recruit either of these characters as NPC units, they come in already controllable. This makes the task of dealing with the northern enemies a lot easier.


The fighters here still do ridiculous damage, and have gotten an AS and HP increase. These will be tough. Stats are mostly the same to for the Western fighters too

The thieves are mostly unchanged, and are still weak but double everyone but Julian, Shiida and Ogma. Nabarl is weighed down by his own Killing Edge so he'd be getting doubled once I recruit him too, unless I give him an Iron Sword.

The archers have pretty high AS, but their damage is managable. The one to the north will be a bit annoying to deal with though, but fortunately Shiida can double him so I should be come up with something.


Jesus Christ.

If the last boss wasn't crazy enough, this guy has had a serious speed and hp increase to mirror the generics on the map, and he has 1-2. This pretty much means I can only safely let Ogma tank the boss, potentially Navarre if he procs speed or str, or uses an Iron Sword. The boss's hp increases means the Fort regen outsustains the damage they can do on enemy phase if they were using Irons however, which means I'll have to get Navarre a proc to use his Killing Edge so he can alternate with Ogma. At least his hit chance isn't so great, and his defence sucks (buffed up by the gate though)

I can see why Randa made the comparison to FE6 CH5 boss, but that game also had Marcus. Jagen unfortunately can't hold a candle to FE6 Marcus.


There is also a nearby fort for infinite regen, and a battle save. I could rig a crit pretty easily with this, which will make things a lot more managable. Fort also looks like a fantastic chokepoint, but I can't imagine those enemies will let me get over there and block them THAT easily.

Other random observations - Abel is the only other unit aside from Julian that could get warped on turn 1 by Lena. Unfortunately, even though the Western Fort seems like a great chokepoint, the archers would make things hell for him. It might be possible in a more efficient run to give him the vulnerary and pray for misses but I don't really care about that, so I'm not going to bother.


Shiida still has the Steel Sword from the last boss. I figure Navarre isn't doubling those Fighters anyway, and I'd like to save his Killing Edge, AND she has to head up there to recruit him anyway, so I may as well just give it to him. I move Shiida and Draug up, along with my Archers. Draug will block the thieves from advancing, and should be able to tank a single round of combat from an enemy fighter thanks to his def, even if he gets doubled. The archers are my most reliable chip and have no good chokepoints to the west to protect them anyway, so north makes the most sense. Wrys also moves up since I plan to give Lena his heal staff, since I have a lot less available units that can attack up here, so healing will be more important to this group.


Everyone else moves west to approach the enemies. Jagen starts farthest to the west but I'd rather he stay in formation right now, so I'll just visit this house instead.


He's obviously reffering to Navvare's high crit thanks to his Killing Edge, but you'd think they'd have updated the writing to reflect the fact he's not a Mercenary anymore...


I almost forgot to move these two lol. Julian and Lena retreat, with Lena in front. Ladies first!


Fortunately, none of the Hunters decided to move this turn. This alleviates a lot of pressure from the north, since Shiida won't be in any immediate danger, and the western front doesn't have to deal with any 2 range yet.


I move Lena down to safety and Draug moves up to block the leading thief. Julian sticks around since I'll be needing him soon, and Shiida and my archers move up. Wrys gives Lena his Heal stave.


This fort would make a great spot to fight the approaching fighers on, but they are in relatively close formation, and after counting some movement, I confirm that all 3 would be able to attack on one turn. Even with a fort bonus, 2 attacks is already death for most of my units, and 3 to even my most durable. The fort isn't going to be of any use.


However this mountain is in perfect range to wait for the single leading Fighter. With any luck, the extra avoid will help me out too.

Ogma is too far back to reach the mountain in time. I figure Barst is the next best candidate, especially since he has 1-2 so I could chip after he takes a hit, and mounted units can't ride on mountains.


Everyone else moves up. Marth goes to visit the village.


Creepy old git. I have never bothered to use one of these things in any FE and I'm not about to start, so whatever. Turn end.


The enemy thief actually chose NOT to attack Draug this on his phase. WTF. This sort of complicates things but I think I should still be fine. I need to kill that thief so that I can get Shiida into a safe position from the Hunter and Fighters to recruit Navarre.


Archers chip and Draug takes the kill.


Shiida moves to recruit Navarre. Since her turn isn't over, I trade him a steel sword and chip the other thief with her Javelin.


Julian's avoid and his damage are less than stellar, even when he's on a mountain. If he gets hit here he can die in one hit to the enemy fighters, and the thief will double Navarre if I don't chip him a bit. I decide to do some gambling with first save point, so I can kill this thief without taking any damage.

Notably this chokepoint is also the only spot I can hold right now where only one enemy may attack per phase.




Alright! Julian dodges and Navarre finishes the thief off. Lena moves up to get ready to heal someone next turn.


Barst moves to camp the mountain. Everyone else moves to get ready to do some chipping.




Shiida now has a good spot to Chip from though, since nobody else can get on the peak and Julian is blocking the mountain. The level up is okay, hp is again welcome.


Far too many chip misses, and including the fact Barst got hit on the mountain, this is unsalvagable.




Not this shit again...


After failing a bunch more times, I eventually realise I'm actually a dumbass. Julian doesn't need to attack on player phase because Navarre can't KO the thief in one round anyway, meaning he'll only be exposed to one round of combat regardless. The thief does the exact same damage that a fighter would do to Navarre anway, meaning that all I'd be trying to do here is save turns by gambling against a very high hit chance. I decide to just end my turn up here without doing anything more.


In a string of revelations, I also notice that Jagen can actually get on the mountain, unlike Cain and Abel. This helps a LOT beacuse with WTA Jagen has a much better chance of avoiding on the mountain, and better chance at hitting back. I trade him Ogma's steel sword and move him up instead of Barst. Everyone else takes their positions.


Fuck yeah Jagen.


Next turn, I chip the Fighter with Shiida safely on the peak. Her level up is similar, but I get a luck proc this time, which is nice. Still no str, but seeing as it's a 20%, I was lucky to get one so early anyway. Julian takes the thief kill, because Navarre needs to move back. Even with a Lena heal, he'll still get oneshotted by a Fighter. Draug can tank exactly one round of combat, so I use him to defend Lena whilst Navarre gets a top up.


On the other side, Abel chips and gets a level up. I have so far gotten a str proc every level with him, which has only a 6.4% chance! Very lucky. Def is welcome too. Barst finishes off the Fighter.


Jagen tries to chip one of the other fighters and misses. He's still on a mountain though, so he'll be fine. Bord moves to tradeswap him back his steel sword to top, and visits since he has nothing better to do.


...why am I bothering with these...


Ogma tradeswaps Abel an Iron Sword. With my current formation, only the units on the mountains can be attacked twice by the enemy, and both of them are wielding swords. My dodge chance is decent so I'll hope they go for easier targets like Bord.




Yessssss. Abel crits this fighter, which assures I'm now in the clear down here.


Ouch. Draug missed :\ The rotation up here is weakening. If I get unlucky on dodges I'll have to retreat soon. One of the enemy Hunters to the west moves down this turn.


Darros misses his chip. Barst chips in, and Marth takes the kill, for a nice level up.


Meanwhile, Cain finishes off the other Fighter with his Lance, and gets an average level up. His skill sucks so this is decent.


Jagen goes to chip the lone archer that came out with his Javelin. Conveniently, he does 13 damage, which means if he hits on enemy phase as well, I can feed the kill to someone else.

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Part 2


Shiida chips safely on the peak again, and Castor moves back to let Lena get a heal off on Navarre, and then let Gordin get some chip in as well. Navarre takes back the chokepoint and waits, as does Julian.


Navarre dodges, and crits. Didn't even actually have my killing edge on right now either, so this was really lucky. Extra lucky that I dodged first before critting, as if I hadn't, I would have had to roll the dice with the second fighter, who did manage to hit him. Navarre is in the danger zone again, and Shiida has just enough hp to survive one round of combat for next turn, so I should be able to clean up the fighters.


Julian chips, and dodges (which isn't neccessary, but nice.). Gordin chips and gets a shitty level up. <_<


Navarre finishes off the Fighter, and Shiida moves up to block the chokepoint. Since there's only one enemy now, it's safe to have a unit be exposed to two tiles. Lena doesn't need to be here anymore, so she starts her treck to the west.


Ogma finished off the first Hunter, and Jagen chips the other. Marth has nothing better to do AGAIN, so I visit.


...shouldn't you be keeping ALL bow users out of close range combat? :|


Next turn, Shiida tanked the Fighter and then chipped him a bit. Navarre takes the kill.


Great level up. Now he's not slowed down by his Killing Edge anymore, meaning I can use him vs the boss with it.


Gordin trades Castor his Steel bow since he doesn't have the Mov to get into position to enemy phase chip the hunter, and Castor waits for it instead.


Cain chips the Hunter, Jagen moves up to bait the last generic Fighters, and I try to give Barst a kill...but he misses. Kill goes to Ogma instead.


Amazing level up. I love mercenaries. Everyone else moves up towards the boss. In hindsight, Ogma actually NEEDED this str proc level up in order to use his steel sword vs the boss, otherwise he wouldn't be capable of outdamaging the boss's regen on enemy phase.


Ouch. They've done their job though.


I let Gordin chip for some free Exp and Shiida flies in for the kill.


I elect Marth to camp the fort now that Jagen has baited the Fighters. Wait, why am I still carrying this stupid Devil Axe?


Bank that shit. Jagen gives Marth the steel sword.


Next turn, Marth can't tank any longer, so I move him off and give the steel sword back to ogma. I figure now is a good a time as any to give Cain some Lance Wexp, since he doesn't actually desperately need to hit and these are the last enemies to fight on the map before the boss. I could chip the fontlining fighter, but that would mean Cain gets exposed twice on enemy phase, so I pass on it.


Shiida's turn to camp a fort. Right now, she's also fast enough to not get doubled, and bulky enough to tank one hit from the boss. If I need to, I can rotate her in once I'm moved up.


Cain dodges, and chips back the fighter. I give him the kill on my next turn too. Javelins are very close now. I also get a second vulnerary.


Now I feel like a dumbass, I forgot that I could have been chipping the other fighter from here.


Barst chips and gets a decent level up.


More fort healing for Shiida and Navarre.


Cain chips on enemy phase, Barst fails to chip on player. Cain takes the kill. Lena finally made it over and heals Ogma, while Wrys camps the save point. Right now I just basically have to wait a bit for Navarre and Shiida to heal up and make it over so I can start working on the boss.


Few turns later, Julian makes it to the Armory. I buy an Iron Sword for Navarre. Still waiting on Shiida and Navarre to heal up.


Marth chats with Lena whilst they camp out around the boss. Nothing interesting though :(


After what seems like an eternity, they're healed up and begin moving over to the boss. However, I STILL have to wait for them to get here...


read - wants in her pants.


You know what, fuck this, I have a battle save. The fort healing's done so I'll just at least start working on it with Ogma.


Animations on for extra cool on the boss fight...they're also my good luck charm when it really matters :D


Without needing a reset, I get a player phase dodge. Neat. Like I observed earlier, his hit rate kind of sucks so that makes this easier.


Bloody hell, his fort healing is ridiculous.


Ogma dodges and chips again on enemy phase. I don't go for the player phase combat this turn.


His healing is just absurd. I think I'd break my weapons before I actually kill him unless I get a crit at this rate. I decide here that I'm just going to go all in on player phase combat.


Navarre gets his Iron Sword from Julian and Ogma successfully hits and dodges again.


Ogma finally gets hit on enemy phase but Navarre is here to back him up at last. I bust out the Killing Edge because god knows I need a crit right now.


Zap mothafucka


Marth se-oh wait theres still a conversation for Navarre...


That about sums it up. lol.


Marth seizes.



Chapter 3 turncount - 17

Total turns - 41

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yeah, the chapter 3 boss is just a terror in general, if you have battle saves, the Devil axe is a really good weapon early on since its Might and Hit are ridiculous and you can just revert to the battle saves if things go bad.

You've beat the hardest part of the game though, congrats.

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yeah, the chapter 3 boss is just a terror in general, if you have battle saves, the Devil axe is a really good weapon early on since its Might and Hit are ridiculous and you can just revert to the battle saves if things go bad.

You've beat the hardest part of the game though, congrats.

The boss doubled all my axe users. In hindsight that's probably a lot better than effectively doing 1 damage per turn with Ogma though, assuming I rig dodges...maybe I should have had Shiida trade away Navarre's Killing Edge to give it Ogma faster and just rigged a crit. Oh well.

If you just mean in general as a weapon, I guess I hadn't really considered battle saving for using it. My axe users have atrocious luck though. :(

Holy cow, I've had a look at some of the effects of reclassing today too. Wrys as a Cavalier looks hilarious, and Draug gets an insane amount of speed for changing class. This seems a bit crazy. Lena would make a nice Pegasus Knight as well.

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They way a lot of people do it is finish with the devil axe - something like an ogma KE crit + Barst Devil axe, if you wanna kill him in one turn so he can't regen.

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Oh I see. I had a look at your efficiency run for ch3 now, that does seem legit. I'm thinking way too conservatively lol, that has to be my weakest aspect as a player. I'm scared to extend myself when the enemy stats are so high and I don't know how the enemies move/reinforcement spawn times. I think the only reason my chapter 1 was remotely efficient was because I didn't have some kind of chokepoint to fall back on at the start, so I HAD to man up a bit.

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i actually find that Chapter 1 is easier to do faster, because otherwise you just get backed into a corner and you can't defend the weaker units because the pirates can just water walk around for the most part

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Yeah lol, that's what I meant. The lack of healer until the last part of the map really emphasises it too. Jagen on the fort just seemed like an obvious thing to do on turn 1, but when the pirates started swarming I realised how important it really was to thin their numbers out quickly, and how important the Fort Healing would be.

I really like these little "puzzles" in the maps in this game, I'm sort of shocked that they hold up despite the game's age when the overall map layout is "relatively" similar to what I know of the originals. I guess it's sort of brought out more in H5 because they almost become neccessary to succeed, instead of just ways to make the game easier if you're observant. It's a real breath of fresh air after RD's sloppy lategame maps (which is a shame since I really quite liked a few of the Dawn Brigade chapters)

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The post manster dudes have good growth£

Well, let's consider the promo bonus + 20/20 level cap and 20 stats cap

I will exclude build because I can



70 45 5 50 35 60 30


75 40 10 65 45 55 25


65 40 10 45 65 70 25

This is on a guy who get free turns of Scroll dominance


75 55 5 50 30 40 30

EDIt: Ninja Horace rage

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So FE2, FE4 Gen 1, FE5 and FE6 all suck too because of growths too.

And I guess all FEs suck because every game has a trivializer.

FE6 growths aren't really too high or too low for the most part imo. The real problem is how absurd the bases of some of the recruitables/prepromos are, especially in HM. compared to your regular units. That's another nice thing about SD so far, recruitable stats haven't been pumped to match the difficulty.

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I have spent a really long time staring at the reclassing screen on chapter 4. I feel really overwhelmed by it right now. I've generally felt rather annoyed at the concept because I felt it diminishes the individuality of each unit...

I'm scared to NOT use it though since this is H5 and I'm going in blind. I half folded and ended up looking at the way reclassing affects growths for a bunch of characters ( so much for blind, sorry OCD ;_; ), so I may as well ask for some advice regarding it - is it a really big deal if I don't really use it that much?

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It's not a big deal if you don't use it a lot. Though if you do use it don't go over the top. And beware of armor early. The cavs will double most units reclassed into knight and the defense isn't high enough to shrug of the attacks.

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Its not that much of a big deal for most characters

I think the big one would be those like Jagen, Hardin, Cain, and Abel into another class that uses Lance(you know the one)

Sheeda switching beetwen Cav and Pegasus is quite staple. She USED to be reclassed into Mage, but I don't reccomend Mage Sheeda considering how powerful she is as Cav and Peg

Wendell is affected by no Reclass the most I guess, because of his versatility

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She can't be a cav in 11, only 12.

So you're saying it's not like some neccessary thing to get res points for my physical units by making them level up as curates if possible or w/e? If I can get by mostly without it with the exception of like, Dragon Knights and Heroes then I'm okay with that.

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