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H5 Blind playthrough log - COMPLETED!


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Nope. Also she can become Paladin IIRC

There is a character who come close to what you expect, at least for some players which Wolf and Sedgar as a General which is pretty game changing

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Well i'm telling you in my game right now, the cavalier option isn't available for Shiida...

The wiki also says female reclassing to cav is only available in 12.

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Miscommunication at its best

Female set

Non-promoted: N/A - Pegasus Knight - Archer - Myrmidon - Mage - Cleric
Promoted: Paladin - Dracoknight* - Sniper - Swordmaster - Sage - Bishop

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Chapter 4 time~


Brief delay, but I'm back


The boss this time is a total chump. He has a Horseslayer/Ridersbane but considering I have Shiida and it doesn't affect her, and he has no 1-2 now, who cares <_<


These guys cover a huge range due to being mounted and will double a LOT of units. Will have to be careful, but their comparatively low atk should make it easier.


Another recruitable...can't be bothered to find out again, so I looked up that Lena recruits him, and he's her brother. His stats look awful except for def. Definitely getting benched or reclassed if I have to use him...


Speaking or reclassing, some of these looked pretty cool. I need 2 healers for this map though, and I'd like Barst to get more Axe WEXP so he can use the Hammer eventually. He also won't be able to 1-2 if he goes to Merc now. Probably later.


Now we're talking! I haven't even seen any enemy mag users, and the def/str boost + flying more than outweights the effective hp. Jagen is now super tanky and has massive flying movement, going to be very useful.


These cav reclasses aren't really as good as I was hoping. Navarre gets speed gimped to the point of being doubled. Not going to bother for now.. Wrys vs Gordin comparison is kinda funny though, some of the boosts he gets are silly.


19 speed...jesus christ how horrifying. Other obvious problems though so definitely not bothering now.


I made Draug a Hunter because he seemed way too fragile to work as a Pirate/Fighter or a Merc, even if he was really fast. This way he shouldn't be getting hit, so its not too bad.


My starting lineup. To recap, reclasses - Jagen is a Dracoknight, Draug is a Hunter. Ogma, Julian and Navarre will take the northern fighters, with Draug, Castor and Wrys backing them up. Everyone else will be moving west.


More amusing localisations. Also, whats up with his eyebrows. :|


Cain chips, he's really close to Javelins now. Cord finishes the thief. Having had a look at his growths, his speed seems pretty nice, and comparatively, Bord's seems awful. Not getting doubled feels really important right now so I decided I'd raise him as my second axe user, but he'll be needing some levels and WEXP to be worth it.

I also buy 3 steel lances, for my cavs and Jagen. Ending formation for western team.


Didn't screencap the north team, but I baited a single fighter. Ogma dodges like a boss. Next turn I chip with Draug and Castor, and then give Julian a kill. Jagen had taken a steel lance out the convoy on the first turn, and here I'm putting it to use against the Hunter (this is important). Julian also tradeswapped Castor his steel bow. This is a safety measure to get the Hunter out my hair. He'll make things messy if he starts chipping my frontliners for the fighters, so I've set up two baits here. One is Castor, who can be ORKO'd by the AI, but since I've tradeswapped him back a steel bow, he'll get counterkilled if he tries this. The other is Jagen (flier) but Jagen's boosted def should let him survive fine, even vs triple damage. Either way, I don't want him hitting Julian or Ogma if possible.


Aside from moving Shiida into position to Winged Spear a single Cav next turn, nothing much happens down here. Lena heals up Cain I guess.


Next turn, Hunter goes for Castor and gets counterkilled. Julian takes one hit, but gets a sick level up for it. His growths are quite good but this is still impressive.


Blegh. Oh well, that great level up makes this fine.


Meanwhile Shiida obliterates a Cav. Even without str procs she'd only need like 2 or 3 speed procs (with a great growth in speed) to be able to destroy them anyway, seems kinda ridiculous.


Julian takes another kill, Jagen chips with Javelin, and Navarre takes the other fighter for a levelup. Not as impressive as Julian, but still good. Would have really liked to see some str though.


Ogma gets healed by Wrys who gets a crappy level up. I guess HP is better than nothing, but skill...?


Everyone to the West repositions so I don't accidentally kill Mattis whilst picking off some cavs. Lena is up on the tip of range so she can recruit him easily next turn.


Holy fuck... <_<


More chips, Cain gets to level 5. Both Cain and Abel are looking to become very well rounded overall right now. The growths I'm getting on this map are just silly though.


With a bit of positioning, I can have Lena recruit and still get a useful heal off this turn.




Lena heals Shiida and...man, somebody in the sky is smiling on me today, I've consistent gotten 4 stat or better levelups on everyone but Wrys so far.


Trend finally gets broken whilst Draug and Castor chip the last fighter up here.


...nevermind. Julian gets fed another kill. The northern crew move up.


Barst and Cord finish off the last Cavalier down here, and Marth takes the kill on that thief that Jagen tinked and chipped for him.


That hunter decided to head down to my western group instead of the eastern one. This sort of wastes some time for the units up there, oh well.


Mattis is on baiting duty for those archers today, since he's unlikely to be doing much else. Only the archers move down. Next turn, I blow the battle save since I can rig Cord a nice level up here, and in case I get fucked by the horsemen. It's also not far to the boss.


Cain finally has D lances! Barely don't have enough damage to kill this archer but he's completely boxed in, since Shiida is to the north of him right now, so he cant do anything too scary.


...now I feel like even more of a dumbass, I thought I could cross rivers with foot units. I'm positive Marth can though, so maybe its just a really big mov penalty or something. Maybe Julian can get over here?


I'm trying to avoid fighting the horsemen yet, so I make sure to have my units avoid the edge of the river down here.


Barst took a little damage from the archer, but nothing significant. Marth visits.


This swag ass mofo is my first real mage. The tome he comes with is basically Aircalibur/Arcwind, except only he can use it at E rank lol. A mix of Prf and high rank, neat concept. I don't have a fire tome for him right now though, so he's going to have to burn some of those uses here for some exp. Fortunately this game has a dumb ass forging system so I can make infinites of anything, and theres just so much money being constantly thrown at me.


I give Cord the kill since this archer was 1 hp anyway. I got a really crappy level up that I didn't bother to cap though (I think it was just HP) and the battle save was so nearby I just reset until I got this.


Much better.


Damn, that really really hurts. Enemies seem to have nonexistant res in this game so even without any training Merric hurts a lot. Cain will be baiting the leftmost horseman with his Javelin.


Apparently Merric tripped the aggro switch on the Knight, which I wasn't really expecting, since he hadn't moved before lol. Merric can take one hit so it's okay though.


Cain chipped back on enemy phase, and after some more chipping I feed Merric another kill. Tons of exp because these are promoted units (almost forgot that 1st tier nomads don't exist here lol), he gets a good level up. Would have reset at this point if it was bad probably since I'm still really close to the battle save.


Well at least I'm not crazy, 7 mov foot units CAN get over the river. The north team won't make it to the boss in time to do anything now though, oh well. Maybe I can try out that arena.


Chipping out the last horseman who moved down this turn. Jagen's level up is fine, can't really argue with it. I'd like him to get some more hp for EHP but more def will just make him even tonkier, and he could really use some luck for crit evade. Lena heals and get a meh level up. Can't be bothered to reset right now though, since I already got two good levelups on combat units, and a okay one on a third, although in hindsight I could have just not had her trigger her level up heal until I popped the next battle save for the boss. Merric gets fed the last horseman.




Top kek, Shiida could smash this guy in in one round. That's just disgusting. I'm not going to do that though. Instead, I'm going to abuse him a bit with Cord Barst and Merric for some exp, since this guy is comparatively a chump anyway. Elsewhere, Cord killed the Curate.


Mattis triggers the battle save first though, which will probably be his last contribution ever >_>


Meh, def is nice but I want more stats...reset.


Couple of failed attemps later gets me this. Julian also manages to actually get a battle in the arena he can actually win, for some free exp and 850 gold!


Some chips and heals later, I finish the boss off and get his Ridersbane. Only Jagen and Shiida can use it right now though, and god knows Shiida definitely doesn't need it lol.


Marth seizes. Silver sword that...nobody can use. NPC said it's for Hardin, who I assume I get next map.

Turn count - 13

Total turns - 54

Yay for inefficiency! This chapter was a LOT easier though, aside from a the annoying first hunter to the north. I hope some of the later chapters are more difficult...

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Shiida is the real Jagen in this game lol

Considering this is H5 difficulty yeah I am pretty shocked that she can pull that off. Looking at ch5 she'll smash the armor knights in this chapter too. I'm not really sure what they were thinking with her Winged Spear.

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I'm not really sure what they were thinking with her Winged Spear.

I just assumed the Wing Spear's creation was to make Cae/Shiida something special, since being Marth's lover makes you special. Also probably to make up for poor strength growth. Or maybe they knew just how overwhelmingly useful it would be...

And holy crap at Shiida's str and def procs in the same level up! What sorcery is this...

Use Vyland.

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Sorry for the delay, but I'm back with chapter 5


Skipping the pleasantries, lets just look at some stats. The boss has some mean defence but he'll still get Shiida'd or Merric'd easily and he has no 1 -2 <_<

Interestingly enough this map actually has two gates so you can seize without killing the boss, but since he has a Silver I'm not passing that up.


There are a couple of enemy fliers. They're speedy, but weighed down by their own steel lances, so not TOO speedy.


There's also this guy up here who I checked for Marth to recruit, since Marth is heading north to a village anyway. 12 spd base and B in tomes looks neat but I can tell Merric is going to outclass him fairly soon.


WTF, is this Arabian Nights? Hardin looks like a badass, and has some solid stats to boot. B in lances as well, so he can use a silver lance or ridersbane from the get go! For some reason he can't use the silver sword that the NPC from the last map told me to give to him though. :\


These two both look mediocre. Probably not going to bother.


Now THESE two are kinda nifty because one of the other things I happen to know about this game is that despite being prepromos, Wolf and Sedgar have rigged as fuck growths. They grow really slowly due to being prepromos, and their bases aren't so good though. I dunno if I'll get that much use out of them, I guess we'll see. For now they're the only ranged units down here to help with the chokepoint so we'll figure something out I guess.


Starting lineup. Basically everything uses lances so I skipped on bringing Ogma and Navarre. I'm really looking to get Barst to C Axes and Cord to D on this map.


Jagen will be baiting the Cavs from the north, since he's tanky as shit.


Meanwhile I swap the steel bow to wolf since Sedgar's slightly lower str means he gets weighed down enough to be doubled by enemy archers up here. I also gave Hardin Vyland's lance in case he needs to hit any Cavs or something so I don't have to have WTD. Shiida also flies over here to help out, but in retrospect she can't be that useful since there are so many archers over here...too bad nobody but fliers is getting there in time. Jagen is needed to tank right now so I don't really have a choice.


Next turn, this was actually a crit but the chip damage was so low that it didn't even kill. Lol.

Note: for the next two level ups, I reset a few times for something better, since its just their first attack anyway and doesnt take long to set up.


Merric chipped another cav and Cord takes a kill. Eventually I got something good though.


Marth finishes off the cav Castor chipped and also levels up. I was gunning for consecutive good growths but this was actually kinda retarded.


Barst killed the last Cav. Jagen got healed and will bait the Pegasus. Cain will bait one of the western cavs.


Not properly shown, Wolf and Sedgar both put themselves in range to counter archers on enemy phase. Wolf actually goes a bit to the west to bait one of the archers away so I don't get overwhelmed at this chokepoint. They have only enough hp to tank one round of combat.


It's super effective!


He looks more like a Bishop than a Sage really.


Holy cow, he can double this archer. Neat.


Cord finished off that archer and Merric chipped a cav for Barst. This is actually an unrigged level up, unlike the first two <_<


This is my eastern team's positions. Lena healed up Jagen a bit and he goes to block the thieves from getting to the village. He'll get doubled, but only takes a bit of damage so he's the only person I can safely put up there.


After crunching some numbers in my head I end up figuring that even if I position Hardin to only take 2 rounds of damage on enemy phase at this chokepoint, I'll probably get fucked anyway since he's the only one tanky enough to survive a cav + archers. I pull everyone out and leave Shiida just in range of the cav instead, far from the archers.


Lena heals Cain...I'm starting to feel really guilty about resetting for growths earlier on this map because my unit level ups are just becoming absurdly good even without help >_>


Jagen chips a thief and Abel takes the kill. His stats are SO well rounded right now.


Merric finally gets a normal level up as both he and Barst finish off the last cav.


That dumbass archer actually went to the east because of the way I'd moved some my filler units down here. This leaves Hardin and Shiida free to kill one of them.


The third archer is camping the battle save (what a jerk) Cain chips with Javelin ready for the next enemy phase.


Just stay out of the way...


Can't wait for more random people to throw money and items at Marth for no reason.


You're not Australian mate. Also, what the fuck, Parakeets? Those exist in this world? I guess there ARE pirates...


He gives me this which I guess is for a later Manakete.


I'm about to start some more rigging so I figure I'll use the battle save.


Abel will chip this thief and Cord will finish it off. The hitchance isn't great though.



After a gorillion resets of levelups that are pretty much all 1 or 2 stats, and a lot of misses (less than I'd expect though) I finally get something good.



Jagen flies off to buy some more Javelins and Steel Bows for my army, since we're wearing them down and I don't have many steel bows right now anyway. Besides, I have too much money.


I "could" have Shiida fly here to kill an armor but she's about to level up, and I'm NOT resetting again because Cord's level up took forever to rig. I also dearly want to give Barst some more WEXP, so she'll go here for now instead.


Jagen can go fly down to grab this battle save to rig something if neccessary anyway.


Barst will bait whilst everyone else is out of range.


Next turn, hit the save Batman!


Rigged her a str, I'm happy with that.

Everyone else worked together to finish off the Knights and last Archer.


Again, Shiida can obliterate the boss but I'm going to abuse him a bit since he has no 1-2. I also still need some WEXP and Marth will take a while to make it over here anyway, AND I'm saving some uses on WIN spear, although she doesn't really need to since theres forges I guess :\


Chip chip chip. Lena also is topping everyone off for some exp.


I secure C for Barst and D for Cord. Now I can finish this map. Merric is super close to a level up so I figure I'll rig him a level up at the start of the next map and let Marth finish the boss, since he hasn't gotten much exp this map anyway.


Slightly harder to do that for healers and I really want her to just grow to be more than a staffbot quickly, so idc. Heal exp is heal exp. This isn't even bad considering her last growths anyway.


Marth seizes next turn.

Chapter 5 turncount - 11

Total turns - 66


Next chapter...huh, guess you actually find out about the Fire Emblem in this game really early compared to all the rest.

Thoughts - this would have been a stupidly easy chapter to warpskip on. I also could have probably let Hardin get some EXP down there if I gave him a Javelin and Vulneraries but w/e I needed more WEXP for the rest of my team.

I should also stop using battle saves to rig growths but it's so tempting and it's not like they're getting used for anything else at this point

I hope the later maps are more interesting :(

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You actually don't have to get the chest you just have to hunt down the thieves. The top right is a killing edge. It's pretty useful if you ran out. The only essential one IMO is the seraph robe for caeda.

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lol I'm actually looking at his reclass options right now, these are just hilarious. What is it with old men kicking ass in this game?

Wolf and Sedgar as generals is also really silly.

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Well I just completely failed at chapter 6 lol, I didn't realise the thieves could escape off the top right of the map. Reset.

That silver lance cav also did decide to take a big shit in my cheerios. Giving it some thought, I figured this seems like a good a time as any to use warp to get someone up to the north ASAP, since there is a lovely choke to stop the thieves ecsaping. Unfortunately, I don't have anybody tanky enough to survive those cavs...

All I've got for a solution right now I guess involves forging a +MT Ridersbane or Winged Spear so I can OHKO the Silver, since otherwise I have to rig a dodge. If I attempt to use the choke to avoid getting attacked twice by cavs, then I aggro another armor, so I get attacked twice anyway. Blaaaagh, maybe I need to warp twice so I can defend it properly? I dunno. Vulneraries wont cut it.

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warp shiida up, instagib silverlance dude, she'll kill the other dude EP, then javelin thief to death


its probably the only way unless you just warp someone up later to kill the thief on his retreat.

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Thats the thing though, I don't OHKO the Silver so she gets countered (survives but 1 hp) then I have to rig a dodge on the other one. Unless I forge her something strong enough to oneshot them.

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Wow I completely misunderstood how Forges work in this game. I thought it duplicated the weapon into another one with the changed stats, not just strengthed a current one lol. I hope you can buy more of this thing later, even if its Prf.

Is there a benchmark for how strong is ideal, or is repeatedly forging it possible if you decide you later want more? I assume you don't need much for a weapon like this since +1 mt is actually +3 when used on on cavs/armors.

Also wondering if I should have been forging more things on previous chapters since I only get one per chapter. Oh well.

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Yeah, +4 MT is what I usually forge on it too. Another good use for forging can be 1-2 range weapons and what Horace mentioned.

EDIT: Also, once you forge something you don't get a second try on the same weapon.

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Well, after that advice and warp, this wasn't so hard.

Second attempt at this map after failing before. I have adviceplan this time!


Hilarious. 30 hp and 15 def makes them nearly unkillable to everything but the mages on this map. Corridor is 2 spaces wide too meaning its a perfect choke as well heh.


Jagen goes back to a horse for now since he has some of the best res on my team (bar wendel, who is going to be chip doubling armors by hitting res), and there are too many damn archers around here anyway.


Due to her lucky mag growth, she is starting to look very comparable to Merric as a Mage right now.


Forging a Winged Spear for Shiida so she can OHKO an annoying enemy...


...what, it's true :(


Another thief, who has even worse stats than Julian. I figure you could use the door key to bust him out as well if your Julian is dead so he can pick some chests open on this map.


Here's that asshole that decked me in last time. With that forged spear, Shiida can get rid of him on turn 1 before he gets to even do anything, thanks to Waaaaarp.


Mages hit really hard on this map due to high mag and Elfire, but are weighed down by their tomes a lot. Armors look intimidating but I have enough ways to wreck them. Between my mages, Shiida, and Jagen there shouldnt really be any problems. Thieves also are now being weighed down by their steels, which actually means they dont double as many characters, and Shiida can actually double them!


Another silly boss with no 1-2. It's kinda silly how absurd the ch3 and 2 bosses really were in comparison to these losers.


Starting lineup. Ogma can get some love since the map isn't really that easy to rush around with Cavs, and there are plenty of archers for him to double.




Not much else to say, Julian picked the lock and everyone moves up.


Fuuuuuck, I didn't cap the level up. Merric actually crit the armor and got a pretty nice level up for HP, Mag, Skl, Spd. There was some resetting involved here though which is why I was too busy mashing B through everything to stop to cap when something good finally procced >_>


Next turn, Shiida also conveniently ORKO's this thief due to his Steel penalty allowing a double. And gets a str proc. Again. Is it REALLY a 20% chance? I'm criminally lucky to get str at 3 times without actually rigging so far, since I've only given her 1 str rig. I think speed went up every level too...overall a pretty ridiculous unit atm, even ignoring Win Spear.




Jagen ORKOs that nasty Elfire mage on enemy phase with his javelin.


Next turn, mages chip the armors down for Marth and Barst. Barst gets a nice level up, then with some other chip from everyone else, Cain finishes off the archer for an okay level up. Much like Abel, his stats are wholesomely well rounded right now. Sedgar and Wolf wall off the Archers.


That is one early physic stave but considering I got Warp so early and have a C rank Cleric I guess I shouldn't be surprised...


I chip some enemies first, but now there are couple of levelups that can occur here so I use Rickard to go save. Atm, Julian is heading for the armory.


Couple of resets later result in some pretty solid growths all round. Everyone continues down the hallway.


I actually...didn't really know what I wanted to get at this point and just made Julian wait instead of shopping. I thought about it next turn instead okay? Cord and Cain finished off the last thief in the meantime.


Sedgar got crit (jesus christ, 2 luk ftl) but hangs on anyway since he's tanky as shit.




Gotta be slightly careful not to let anyone but Wolf get exposed here...also that thunder tome is a big fucking joke, weighs so much more, less uses. and only has 1 more mt and no crit! what's the point over a fire?


Shiida pretty much seems like the best possible candidate for the robe right now, so I duly give it to her. I don't actually remember if this game lets you use statboosters in base/prep, that is a huge pet peeve of mine.


Finally remembered that I needed another steel sword or two. I begrudingly buy another hammer since I dunno when I'll get the next chance.


Cleaned up the other archer and the armor, Sedgar baits again (wow, where have I seen THIS before?)


That pretty much does it for chests on this map now, since the other thieves already looted and I got their shit by killing them.


Merric crit the baited armor (yay!), and gets an okay level up. (meh)


Guess what, Sedgar is baiting again! <_<


Sedgar got crit AGAIN, I nearly had a fucking heart attack this time. Blow me if I was going to get consecutive growths that good again from earlier...


Marth finally gets to C swords, but Ogma gets priority on the good stuff anyway so it doesn't really matter that much right now. Merric crit another armor (what is with the crits on this attempt) as if to insist his skill level ups are actually super useful.


Since the archer and mage overlap in range, Jagen is probably the only safe bet to go here atm. Everyone else moves down whilst Lena keeps staffing.


For once the AI was smart enough to realise that Jagen would kill the mage but not the archer. Doesn't change much though <_<


Sedgar gets some free chip here since anyone else would have killed the archer on their next attack anyway. Maybe in like another 10 chapters he'll actually level up (lol). Gave Abel the kill.


Home stretch now lads! Barst and Shidda can both roflstomp the boss but I have just a smidgen of wexp to earn first so, and I'm going to be rigging whoever levels up off the boss+ Lena anyway since theres another map save...


Cha ching.


another 20 resets and shitty levels later...she also made it to B staves, but that was earlier and I forgot to mention. At this point her stats are good enough that I might actually consider making her a mage and letting merric do some healing. idk. seems viable at least. dunno how important merric having B or A rank tomes is, or how much promotion gain in WEXP you get in this game, but having more staffers is always great, especially since heal seems a bit weaker than usual in this game.


Barst finishes the boss off and gets a boss level up (oh god shoot me). At this point he'd probably be a killer merc when reclassed.


Marth seizes.

Chapter 6 turncount - 11

Total turns - 77

Also for shits and giggles


What the fuck, thats all it does in this game?


The entire series is named after a prf lockpick? <___<

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