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H5 Blind playthrough log - COMPLETED!


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Haha, you did it! Have I missed any videos of this run besides C21 by the way? I'd really like to see more of Sedgar in action in those strategies.

Nah that's the only video I did beacuse it's the only thing close to an efficient clear I had on like any chapter. In a more efficient enviroment, other areas where having a tanky unit that allows you to go faster...I guess chapter 8 and 16 come to mind? General!Sedgar can safely bait the DK's on 16 and also mess with the aggro on the enemies on the central island, since moving onto this tile aggros the horsemen, causes the Javelin Cavaliers to come back north instead of going west, and activates the Paladin and General who will go round the long way and possibly be ignored as a result. But that's just me theorycrafting, and my turncounts other than 21 all suck. :V (I guess 1, 8 and 13 are okay)


Funny thing about Sedgar is he probably did more work as a Warrior than as a Hero in this run, just because his bow rank didn't suck since I used him to chip with bows as a general a lot (especially beacuse chipping dk's with impunity to their counter Javelins is great, and he gets good exp for them despite being promoted). He can't double as a Horseman easily without dumping wings into him though, even with the amount of training I gave him. I've said it before, but if the dude could become a Paladin or a DK with all the Lance rank he can build as a general he could smash with great defence on a 10 mov unit with 1-2 and ridersbane access, actually would be justifiable to throw wings on him.

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