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I don't like wearing socks.


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It's September and if i don't wear two pair of socks (one woolen!!) at home, my feet will become ice-blocks attached to my body.

And no, i don't live on the Northpole. I live in Germany.


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If I didn't hate the feeling of dirty toes then I'd go barefoot everywhere. But just the thought of walking around on asphalt or something and then flicking my toes (I mean, like, snapping your fingers, but with your big toe and, uh, index toe) makes me cringe. First thing I always do after walking around outside is cleaning in between my toes. Just cringed again.

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socks and sandals, as much as it's hated on, is mad comfortable.

especially if you're on your feet all day at your job, or playing bball / sports in general for a significant amount of time. post gym i get out of the shower, socks + sandals immediately = relaxed

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