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The Music Resource Topic


Music from Genealogy of the Holy War

Music from Thracia 776

Music from Shadow Dragon & New Mystery of the Emblem ~Heroes of Light and Shadow~

Other Resources, Documentation, & FAQs

Hello! You've all been unlucky enough to wander into the manifestation of my egotism aka my music resource topic.

Everything in here is uploaded to serve the public so that we might better ourselves as a community.

The goal of these is to get songs that pay respect to their originals whilst also using newer samples to fit in with FE7's aural aesthetic--the best of both worlds?

These will work on any game that uses the Sappy engine (i.e. FE6/7/8) and can play the sufficient amount of DirectSound tracks.

Yeah, I have that other topic, but now it's all cluttered and gross and stuff and I don't like it.

While these songs are for public use, credit is preferable, though not required.

I take no responsibility in what happens to your ROM after you use these.


[spoiler=.bin method]Get Zahlman's Song Editor

Backup your ROM

Put your ROM and the .bin in the same folder, along with extracting the contents of the RAR into that same folder

Open main.py

Type the following:

load NameOfSong.bin [press Enter]
open FERom [press Enter]
burn [address on the song table] [address where you want the song] [press Enter]
close FERom [press Enter]

The third step, "burn" requires you to know the offset of the table entry. To calculate this, the formula is 0x69D6E0 + [songnumberinhex] * 0x08. If you still don't know what you're doing, use 0x69D9B0 for [address on the song table], and once you open your ROM, the song will be playing instead of the main theme. Then, open up your ROM in Nightmare and, using the Music Array Editor, change whichever entry to the pointer to the address of the song, and go to entry 0x005A, and change that back to 0x8AD15EC or whatever the original entry was. By default, the main theme is at that address.

[spoiler=.s package method]The following is still under construction, check back later.

You need a working version of Sappy to use this.

Get Sappy here and please let me know if it doesn't work for you

For this example I'll show you how to import "Army of Verdane" into FE7/8. Each package comes with specific instructions on what to do with the samples (if there are any) but a brief version for those of you a little more familiar with the method will also be included in the lists of this topic. This is currently an experimental method, since I'm not sure how clear my instructions are, but it's the most space-efficient method existing.

You'll also need the native instruments map for your FE7/FE8 game specifically modified to suit your game.
Copy and paste that map into your desired address, and note the address you put it at. You make need to make a separate map for each song.
Extract all the files except the README from the RAR into wherever.
After that, open your ROM in Sappy, and head over to the track that you want to take over.
Then, hit "Import tracks" and tick ALL the numbered tracks. These should look like "FE4_201_ArmyofVerdane Track 0" and so on.
For "header", put the address of where you want to song to go. Let's say it's "0x0DA0000".
For "First track", put the previous address + 0x28. So in our case, it's "0x0DA0028".
For "Voicegroup", make it the same address as the Native Instruments map.
Tick the boxes of "Reverb change" and "Priority change" but DO NOT change the values.
Hit "Import". It will ask you if you want to set the proper entry in the song table--hit "yes".
Your song is almost fully done. You can hit "play", but you'll notice that the song sound a little different to the preview.
This is because you haven't put the new sample(s) in. To do that, use the "Import sample" function, and look for the correct sample.
In this case, you're looking for "FE4_201_ArmyofVerdane Sample Synth.s" and "FE4_201_ArmyofVerdane Sample Fingersnap.wav".
For "Import Address", enter the place you want the sample to go, it doesn't really matter.
But make sure you note it down. Let's put it at 0x0DB0000 for the sake of this tutorial.
The two next boxes may be greyed out if you're importing a .s file, or they won't be if you're importing a WAV. Don't change these unless I instruct you to.
Hit "Import". Sappy will even tell you where it finishes writing. Repeat for any additional samples.
Lastly, you need to write the pointers to these on the voicegroup. In Sappy, head over to the song that you're editing, and use "Edit Voice table".
This is your native instruments map, but put in a more visual form.
Edit these as instructed for each individual song.
Basically, for "Address 1", write the pointer to the offset of the sample.
If it's a drumkit, then you'll need to go a step further and edit that.
Change Atk/Dex/Sus/Rel to 255/0/255/0, and make sure the other boxes are unticked (unless instructed to).
Hit Update, and then OK. That should be it! Try hitting play. If it doesn't sound right, you probably screwed up somewhere.


1. The .bins take up a lot of space. If you're a more experienced hacker, have a go at the .s method.

2. They take up a lot of space.

2a. This is actually due to what I suspect is something Zahlman missed when he made ZSE. At any rate, rest assured, I will rework the songs so that they take up less space (probably about 1/10th-1/3rd of what they take up now)

3. Some tracks will cut out when sound effects are playing.

Curiously, the SNES songs will also do this in their respective games.

3a. Speaking of which, if your battle song has too many tracks in its beginning, the game tries to play everything at once resulting in the battle song getting cut out sometimes.

Remedy: find a battle song that doesn't have so many notes playing at the beginning or make the first few notes of the song into a single sample

4. They take up a lot of CPU (???)

5. At some point your ROM will refuse to play 8 tracks at once.

I'm still investigating this, but I suspect it's due to either a large ROM or placing data at an offset that's much later on in the ROM.

6. Purportedly, EZ Flash IV cartridges have issues with Zahlman's Song Editor, so these may not work on said cartridges, or cause your ROM to not work using them. Once again, use at your own risk.

Edited by Agro

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[spoiler=Song Insertion using MID2AGB and Sappy]Song Insertion using MID2AGB and Sappy

You need a working version of Sappy, Mid2AGB, and a ROM. You'll also probably need to have used either the All Instruments Patch or the Native Instruments table.

Get your MIDI down to 7 tracks (not covered here)

Using a MIDI editor like Anvil or Cakewalk, insert a marker with the text [ at the point where you want the song to begin looping from. For most songs this will be at the beginning. Place a ] at the point where you want the song to end. If your song doesn't loop, ignore this step. Note that some programs, such like Sonar 8. won't allow you to directly type in [, but you can copy and paste it from somewhere else and it works fine. This method of looping also doesn't work in Mixcraft 5 for unknown reasons (sorry!).


Drag and drop your MIDI into Mid2AGB. It should churn out a .s file of the same name.

Open up your .s file in a text editor. You should see a header, which looks like this:

 .include "MPlayDef.s"
.equ heroes4_grp, voicegroup000
.equ heroes4_pri, 0
.equ heroes4_rev, 0
.equ heroes4_mvl, 127
.equ heroes4_key, 0
.equ heroes4_tbs, 1
.equ heroes4_exg, 0
.equ heroes4_cmp, 1
.section .rodata
.global heroes4
.align 2

Or something along those lines, at any rate. Look at this line here:

 .equ heroes4_mvl, 127

This line is the master volume level of the song. Generally speaking, FE songs have a master volume between 60-70, so keep that in mind. If you get it wrong, you can just change it in your text editor and save it, and reinsert it later.

Open up your ROM in Sappy.

Head to whichever song it is you want to be replaced. For the purposes of this tutorial, I'm using song 90 in FE7 as that is the title theme.


Go Tasks > Assemble song. In the ".S file name" box, click on it, and find your .S file that you generated before.


Leave "Target .GBA file" unchanged if you've got the correct ROM open.

For "Base destination offset", this is basically the location where you want to go. Select somewhere with sufficient free space.

For "Voicegroup offset", input the address of either the All Instruments map or the Native Instruments map. If you used Blazer's patch, this will be 0x11ae42c. Do NOT add 0x8 or 0x9 to the front of the pointer!!!! Sappy will do that on its own. For the Native Instruments map, it's wherever you copy and pasted it to.

Leave "MST offset" unchanged.

Hit "Cook it". Wait a little while, it can take some time.

Assuming everything went well, you should get this screen.


Hit "Yes".

Close the Assemble song window, and hit play if you like. Your song should play, and loop at the correct spot to boot.

(Note: if some tracks appear to be cancelling out in Sappy, head to Settings and to the Extras tab. Increase DirectSound voices limit to the max, or 7 if you want it to play as if it were from the game.)

[spoiler=Inserting custom samples]Inserting Custom Samples
The follow is taken from a tutorial written by gogojjtech of the PokeCommunity forums. It has been reposted with permission, but will remain in quotes for credit's sake. It might not be a bad idea to visit it yourself.

Ok, here's when we import our instruments we want into the game. You should have a sample of the instrument from anywhere. Open it in Wavosaur.
You need to make a modification to it before inserting. Go to process -> Bit Depth Converter.
Do everything I did. It should sound good in the GBA if you have it set to 8-bit, because the natural sound the GBA produces is 8-bit :)
Now in Sappy go to Import Sample.
Open the .wav you have now.
Import Address: The offset to import. Remember to change it in the Voicegroup as well.
Change Frequency: Changes how long or short the instrument is. It also makes it higher pitched or lower pitched. More info: http://www.pokecommunity.com/showpost.php?p=7654719&postcount=9
Enable Loop: Where the instrument loops. Try putting this around a half so if you have a long note, the instrument doesn't just end. It loops.

Agro's notes: it is my personal recommendation that you rip samples from other games that have known loop points rather than trying to guess where a good loop point might be--mostly because our own guesses end up being wrong. There are a variety of ways to do this but one way is to open the WAV up in Wavosaur and see if it still has the loop point marked. If it does, you can right click it and use the value listed there. Also, if you are ripping something from, say, a SNES game, then you can move on to another part of the tutorial. Finally, if you are inserting a sound effect or a percussion instrument like a drum or a timpani, it's probably not necessary to loop the wave.

[spoiler=Troubleshooting and FAQs]

I'm having some issues with this midi:


Specifically, when I play it in Sappy, different channels get cut off at different parts of the song. Is there a limit to how many channels can be playing at once or something? If not, any idea what the problem could be?
Thanks again for your time!

Yes, it's 7 channels. It's not just 7 tracks, it's 7 notes. This MIDI has a crapload of chords and double stops. In Sappy you can change the number of DirectSound channels to 28 by going to Settings > Extras but when you play it in-game it will limit itself at 7. There's a trick to get it to 8 so keep that in mind but always think of it as 7.

Sappy won't work! It gives me some vbalex.ocx error or something like that.

Have a read through this thread from the PokeCommunity forum. Specifically, this section that says "For many of you on here including myself, Sappy requires a specific file by the name of VbalCboEX6.ocx to run. You will not find this on the internet (as of now) but I provide the solution. Download the sappy12.exe file from the beginning of this tut and open it. It will install the necessary components to run sappy. Once it's done... DELETE EVERYTHING EXCEPT THE MID2AGB FOLDER!!! Because that Sappy is old, I have the newest one (again at the top) for you to download. Move the new Sappy.exe you downloaded to the existing folder and the Sappy.Xml I provided. Now you have a WORKING sappy :)"

You can actually find this file on the internet rather easily now, although it will appear to come from some sketchy websites so I do recommend keeping an AV filter on.

[...]I'm not sure how much cleaning I need to do--this part has 8 simultaneous notes, since I'm not overwriting the title screen it should play 7, but Sappy only gives me 5 at a time except for one part at the very end where I'm pretty sure it has all 7?

Oh right, you need to go into Settings > Extra > DirectSound voices limit > put to whatever you want (max 28). It's at 5 by default as Sappy was made to work with Pokemon Sapphire (Sapphire = Sappy) which has a default of 5 tracks max.

So I inserted the song, and it's much better, still needs some trimming on the tracks, but it works... at 120 bpm. The MIDI is 180. Whazzat about?

[...]for some reason some MIDIs don't have the tempo command properly marked. If that happens, go into the .s file that was generated with a text editor and within the first few lines of track 1 you may or may not see a TEMPO line. If there IS one and it has a value of 120, then change that. If there ISN'T one, then add the following line in:

	.byte	TEMPO , 112*intothedarkness_tbs/2
So that it looks like this:

@**************** Track 1 (Midi-Chn.1) ****************@

	.byte	KEYSH , intothedarkness_key+0
@ 000   ----------------------------------------
	.byte	TEMPO , 112*intothedarkness_tbs/2
	.byte		VOICE , 7
	.byte		VOL   , 106*intothedarkness_mvl/mxv
	.byte		PAN   , c_v+20
	.byte	W96
N.B.: Obviously do not use "intothedarkness" if your song isn't name "intothedarkness", and don't use 112 if your planned tempo isn't 112.

I just keep getting this same popup message. I had that MPlayDef.s file in both the sappy and mini2agb folder(at separate times) and I still keep getting this message here.


Is there any chance there's something else that could be causing this?

This is actually a very odd glitch that happens when you turn off file extensions on any Windows OS. The solution is, of course to turn them back on, which you should be able to find out by googling around.

Edited by Agro

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Music from Genealogy of the Holy War

This area is under construction. If you have a specific request, let me know and I'll expedite the process; otherwise, I'll take my time. I strongly suggest you insert these into a song table entry past 0x007F, otherwise some tracks will cut out even more than usual.

105: Prologue: Birth of a Holy Knight | .bin | .mp3 |

106: Chapter 1: The Maiden of the Spirit Forest | .bin | .mp3 | (9/10/13: This one is really REALLY big. I'll make another version and update it at some point, I promise.)

107: Chapter 2: A Disturbance in Agustria | .bin | .mp3 |

108: Chapter 3: Eldigan the Lionheart | .bin | .mp3 |

109: Chapter 4: Dancing in the Sky | .bin | .mp3 |

111: Chapter 5: Destiny's Door | .bin | .mp3 |

116: Chapter 6: The Light Shines On | .bin | .mp3 |

117: Chapter 7: Crossing the Yied | .bin | .mp3 |

118: Chapter 8: The Dragon Knights of Thracia | .bin | .mp3 |

119: Chapter 9: For Whose Sake | .bin | .mp3 |

120: Chapter 10: Light and Shadow | .bin | .mp3 |

201: Army of Verdane | .bin | .mp3 | .s package |

MIDIs to be made available at a later date
Edited by Agro

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Music from Thracia 776

This area is under construction. If you have a specific request, let me know and I'll expedite the process; otherwise, I'll take my time. For a bit of fun I came up with some song names on my own, since the originals are so... bland. I strongly suggest you insert these into a song table entry past 0x007F, otherwise some tracks will cut out even more than usual.

109: The Search for Victory ~Warriors of Fiana (Base)~ | .bin | .mp3 |

110: The Search for Victory ~Charge! (Charge A)~ | .bin | .mp3 |

111: The Search for Victory ~Rally the Troops (Charge B)~ | .bin | .mp3 |

112: The Search for Victory ~The Face of Adversity (Adversity)~ | .bin | .mp3 |

113: The Search for Victory ~Victory Within Our Grasp (Victory is Near)~ | .bin | .mp3 |

114: The Search for Victory ~Impending Defeat (Defeat is Near)~ | .bin | .mp3 |

115: The Search for Victory ~Under the Cloak of Night (Search for the Enemy)~ | .bin | .mp3 |

116: The Search for Victory ~Leif of Lenster~ | .bin | .mp3 |

117: A Pressing Threat ~Unwelcome Guests (Base A)~ | .bin | .mp3 |

118: A Pressing Threat ~Insurrection (Base B)~ | .bin | .mp3 |

MIDIs to be made available at a later date

Edited by Agro

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Music from Shadow Dragon & New Mystery of the Emblem ~Heroes of Light and Shadow~

(post reserved; on hold until after the first release of Eternal Bond)

Edited by Agro

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Other Resources, Documentation, & FAQs

[spoiler=FE7 Native Instruments list with annotations (and decimal numbers):]

This isn't really much, but for those of us interested in using mariobro's native instrument table (or "FE7 Instruments", if you would) I have my own list that I keep with some added annotations that you might find useful. It's organised mostly by the type of instrument rather than being numerical, though.


0 Piano (silent Ground)
1 Piano 2 (Silent Ground) //soft//synthy in path to greatness?
2 Piano 3 (Enemies Appear) //electriccy
3 Echoey Piano 1 (Respite in Battle) //like the keyboard in Livin on a Prayer
4 Echoey Piano 2 (Respite in Battle)
6 Harpsichord (Dragon's Gate II)
7 Harpsichord (More Echoey) (Game OVer)
8 Celesta (Reveive the blessing of)
9 Glockenspiel (Curing)
10 Music Box (Requiem)
11 Music Box 2 (Reminiscence)
12 Marimba (Happiness Abounds) //sounds really cool? keeps going up and down
13 Xylophone (Softly with Grace)
14 Tubular Bells (The Archsage Athos)
15 Dulcimer (Shop)
43 Stacatto Timpani (An Unexpected Caller)
47 Timpani (Precious Things)
16 Drawbar Organ (Legendary Inheritance)
17 Percussive Organ (Victory Now!)
18 Rock Organ (Happiness Abounds)
19 Church Organ (Shadow Approaches)
20 Reed Organ (Campaign of Fire)
21 Accoridan (Going my Way)
22 Bass sounding Organ? (Nabata's Wandering Messenger)
23 Some Organ? (Going My Way)
24 Acoustic Guitar (steel) (Grit's Theme)
27 Electric Guitar(clean) (Softly with Grace)
28 Overdriven Guitar 2 (What Comes from Darkness)
29 Overdriven Guitar (Destiny Enlaced with Fear)
30 Distortion Guitar (Scars of the Scouring)
31 Guitar Harmonics (Scars of the Scouring)
32 Acoustic Bass (The Messenger)
33 Electric Bass(finger) (Companions)
34 Electric Bass(pick) (Precious Things)
36 Slap Bass 1 (Campaign of Fire)
37 triangle wave
38 Synth Bass (Blessing of the 8 Generals) //bouncy sound
39 Acoustic Bass 2 (Land of the Swirling Sands)
5 ????? (One Heart: Eliwood's Theme) //8-bit bass?
40 Resonant Sounding Strings (Winning Road) //huge range
41 SynthStrings 3 (Companions) //really soft
42 More Strings? (Rise to the Challenge) //kind of soft or something
44 Orchestral Harp (Blessing of the 8 Generals) //another harp?
45 Pizzicato Strings (Road of Trials)
46 Orchestral Harp 2
48 String Ensemble 1 (Companions)
49 Cello (Precious Things)
50 SynthStrings 1 (Precious Things) //super low
51 SynthStrings 2 (Friendship and adventure)
106 More damned strings (Dragon's Gate I) --almost synthy, celestial feel
107 Dammit more strings? (The Cogs of Fate) --very very soft, good for sad songs and event music
108 More Synth strings? (Dragon's Gate II) --similar to 48 but easier on the high notes
109 Distant sounding strings that rise? (Dragon's Gate II)
52 Choir Aahs (What comes from Darkness)
53 Voice Oohs (Everything into the Dark)
54 Balanced Choir? (Within Sadness) //golden sun's choir
55 Choir Hit (Everything into the Dark)
56 Trumpet (Winning Road)
57 Trombone (Binding Ties)
58 Tuba (Enemies Appear)
59 Muted French Horn (Binding Ties) //might be ok for one who carves?
60 French Horn (Precious Things) //armoury thing
61 Brass Section (Raise Your Spirits)
62 SynthBrass 1 (Friendship and adventure) //really low sound, almost like a guitar, contender for doluna keep low bit
63 SynthBrass 2 (Companions) //I like this!! good for staccato brass
69 English Horn (Raise Your Spirits)
88 Distorted Sounding Brass (Merchant Merlinus)
89 Some Stacatto Muted Brass sounding thing (Precious Things)
90 Some Echoey Brass or Trumpet ensemble (Precious Things) //a little bit like FE4's weird trumpet
91 Synth Sounding Brass Section (To the Heights) //same as 57
92 Trumpet used in Road of Trials (DUh) //really strong same as 61?
93 Synth Tuba? (Destiny Enlaced by Fear)
95 Sounds very similar to 5F? (Destinly Enlaced by Fear) //dunno what this is lol, some sound effect thing
97 Muted Trombone (Results)
98 Muted French Horn (The Cogs of Fate) //maybe this too
99 Not sure...weird sounding synth brass? (Precious Things) //good sounding for horn
101 Synth Trumpet (Strike) //like a strong horn
102 Not sure...weird sounding synth brass (Can also be used as guitar)? (Shadow Approaches)
67 Synth Oboe? (Shop)
68 Oboe (Precious Things)
70 Bassoon (Happiness Abounds)
71 Clarinet (Winds Across the Plains)
72 Distorted Clarinet? (When the Rush Comes) //ethnic clarinet of some sort
73 Flute (Companions)
74 Recorder (Requiem) //exactly like golden sun flute
75 Pan Flute (Enemies Appear)
76 Blown Bottle (Land of the Swirling Sands)
78 Oboe 2? (Treasured Hope)
79 Ocarina (Shop)
80 Lead 1 (square) (An Unexpected Caller)
81 Lead 2 (sawtooth) (2 or 3 octaves lower)
82 Lead 3 (calliope) (Darkness Comes) //sounds like a person whistling
84 Lead 5 (charang) (Different from Normal Charang) (Messenger from the Dark)//sounds like 103 no it doesn't
85 Lead 6 (voice) (Distant Travels)
86 orchestra hit?
87 Really cool synth instrument (Within Sadness)
94 Pad 7 (halo) (Healing) /like a little choir
100 FX Brightness
103 Ireallydunno (Enemies appear, first melody) //cross between brass and strings
104 Sitar (Land of the Swirling Sands)
105 idunnomiddleeasternsounding? (track 3 on Nabata's Wandering Messenger)
110 Pad 7 Halo 2? (lolwut) (Opening: History Unveiled) //synthy, celestial. not looped. It's like a mini choir hit
120 More Orchestral drumkit? (Winning Road) //has like, gunshotty snares or something. more industrial sound
124 Drum kit (Are these even different) (One Heart: Eliwood's Theme)
126 Applause (Arena Entrance) (sounds like wind)
127 Drum kit (Precious Things) (sound effects!)

[spoiler=Inserting WAVs]
First of all, find the WAV you want to be played, and try to get a good measure of the time.
In your chosen MIDI editor, make a new MIDI that has a length and a note that plays for approximately the same amount of time. Make sure that the note is a middle C (C5 or C3 depending on your editor). Make the instrument 0, which is Acoustic Grand Piano.
Get Wavosaur, and open up your WAV in it. Hit process > Bit depth converter, tick 8-bit, and confirm. This will prevent sound glitches later on. Save the WAV.
Open up your ROM in Sappy, and hit "Import sample". Choose an address. Don't tick looping (will be covered later) or use Change frequency (also will be covered later).
Using any given MIDI-insertion technique, insert the MIDI you made before.
Make a new instrument table for the MIDI by going to any 4-aligned free adress (so it must end in 0, 4, 8, C) and write the following:
00 3C 00 00 XX XX XX XX FF 00 FF 00
where XX XX XX XX is the address of the sample in little endian (e.g. if you put it at address 0xD89450 it would be 50 94 D8 08)
Find the header of the MIDI, which is usually where you inserted it, and head to the 5th byte of the header. Typically headers might looks something like this:
01 00 0A 80 56 78 45 08
Bytes 4-8 (56 78 45 08) are the pointer to the instrument table, so write the address of the new instrument table you just made there (again, in little endian).
Using the Music Array editor (or by hand), write the pointer to the HEADER of the MIDI.
Test the sound effect by playing it in Sappy.
Note: you can adjust the volume of the sound effect by heading to where you inserted the MIDI, and looking for a pair of bytes that say something like BE 3C or BE 32. Change the byte after the BE to any value between 0x00 to 0xFF to increase or decrease the volume as needed.

Edited by Agro

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UGH i cannot be bothered recording them but ok i will try to include one from now on

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Updated to include mp3 previews for non-believers such as Kitty of Time, and also added some FE4 songs. Changed the names to stuff I think sounds cool.

What, no takers?!

Edited by Agro

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i've known all about this for quite some time...

Very useful regardless, new music is always praised, so having a library like this to the world is pretty dope.

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I sure hope it doesn't get stolen by Japanese people, though. :P:

Edited by Agro

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I sure hope it doesn't get stolen by Japanese people, though.

but you stole it first you hypocritical asshole

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Just so you know, I've had some problems playing certain hacks on my native GBA flash cart (It's an EZ Flash IV if anyone cares) that I think might have something to do with ZSE.

I really haven't tested it to make sure it's actually ZSE that's causing the problem, but it's the only thing I can really think of (It's worked with ROMs that used FEditor, NM, EA, GBAGE, almost every hacking tool but ZSE, so it seems likely that that's what's causing the problem...)

Just thought you might like to add that to your list of known "issues" :P It won't affect VBA emulation at all but there are a few people (like me) who care :3

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What kind of problems do you get? Do you mean it doesn't work at all?

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Some more FE4 player themes updated, and found the cause of the songs taking up so much space. Will fix when I have the time; until then, you may have to deal with huge files.

Edit: some FE5 enemy phase themes added.

Edited by Agro

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Added a tutorial on song insertion and looping via Mid2AGB and Sappy, which is by far the best and easiest method of insertion for songs. Why we are still using the ELF method I'll never know.

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Can you go more in depth as to how you make music loop with Anvil Studio?

I've been using a guide found here and it isn't working at all. Doubt it's compatible either.

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I don't know how to do that, and even if I did, it's not really pertinent to hacking as Sappy wouldn't recognise it as a command :sweatdrop:

Try having a look at this tutorial which is specific to Anvil. It's important to note that this is a tutorial on how to make songs loop in-game, not when you're playing them as a MIDI elsewhere.

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Added a short section (under construction!) on FAQs, which should hopefully prevent me getting the same PM 3 times in a week. For future reference, I do prefer that if you've got a question you ask in the questions board, specifically because A. I am not the only one who can answer your questions and B. people can't search for PMs. As I said to another member, I always check the questions board so your posts will not go unnoticed.

Edited by Agro

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Are there any more .s packages? Seems little the better route if one plans on adding a bunch of these songs.

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