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This is my first fanfic. The idea is that instead of being a dumbass, Eltshan fights Shagall from the beginning, and becomes king of Augustria. Augustria is then the last bastion of freedom as through house Nodions bravery and Eltshan's strategy it resists Grandbells attempts at conquest. Our story begins on the outskirts of Isaach, as one of the last lights of hope of humanity is about to be stamped out...

Chapter 1- Grave Tidings

The 14 year old boy ran. He ran like he had never run before. He knew full well that the future of Jugdral lay in his hands.

"Where'd that little bastard go?" Shouted one of his pursuers. " How should I know," yelled another one.

Oifaye heard the footsteps growing softer and sighed with relief. He looked down at the bundle in his hands. "You are gonna have a great destiny, Celice. You are gonna save the world someday."

That, unfortunately, was not to be the case. The magic descended suddenly, and without warning. Oifaye and Celice were gone. There was not even dust left over.

Manfroy, from his perch, smiled. The spell had worked perfectly. There was no one left to oppose his master now. No one except... Him.

Sigurd... Cuan... Gone. And they wouldn't come back. Damn it, thought Eltshan, My sister could be being tortured to death right now, and I'm focused on my friends from military school. The new king of Augustria did, of course, have more pressing matters at hand. He had received news of the massacre of Sigurd's forces at Barhara only hours before. His beloved sister, Lachesis, had been in Sigurd's army. Eltshan needed to know what had happened to his sister. One thing was sure: if they had laid a finger on Lachesis, Grandbell would pay in blood.

"Cross Knights, form up" Eltshan barked. His men charged a contingent of Grandbell troops holed up in a village. They were no match for Augustrias finest.

"Brother... help" Eltshan looked down and gasped. His sister was lying on the ground, bloodied. "They caught up with me... Nanna's safe... help." Eltshan helped his younger sister to her feet.

"You are safe now, sister. Lets go home. A great storm is coming, one that will sweep up all of Jugdral. We must prepare."

He turned to one of the captured Grandbell soldiers. "Why is the emperor attacking the nations of Jugdral? What does Alvis hope to gain from this? Power?" The king demanded.

"The Emperor... desires peace and justice! Long live Emperor..." The man fell forward, an arrow protruding from his back. The Augustrian company looked down in horror. There was no further discussion. None was needed. The Augustrians vanished into the night.

The assassin looked down from his perch. When the Augustrians were gone, he jumped down, arranging the body in an easily visible way. His work was completed. Now, Grandbell would have the excuse it needed to make war on Augustria. The Archbishop would be pleased.

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Chapter 2 Refugees

Sigurd, the holy knight of Grandbell, died without honor. His kingdom denounced him as a traitor, and he left no remains, incinerated by Emperor Alvis's tome Valflame. Alvis, who held sway over the entire continent. Alvis, from whom Augustria was not safe.

On the outskirts of Nodion, Eltshan and Lachesis scanned the horizon. They were waiting for someone. Someone who, if Grandbell knew Eltshan was harboring, their entire army would be at the border in a week's time.

"Look! There they are!" Lachesis yelled, pointing to a blue haired man on a horse coming towards them. "FIN!" She shouted ecstatically, throwing herself into his arms. Her husband smiled, kissing her. He greeted Lachesis, then addressed Augustria's king.

"King Eltshan," Fin said, "I am so grateful that you granted the prince asylum."

"Nonsense," Eltshan replied. "Myself, Sigurd, and your master swore an oath to always be there for each other. I failed Cuan. I could not save him from King Trabant. The least I can do is protect his son with my life." At the mention of Thracia's king, the Lenster knight's face darkened in hatred.

"Damn him to hell." Fin spoke with perfect clarity. "I swear on my honor as a knight that that MONSTER will never touch anyone I care about again." Then, the child sleeping in Fin's arms stirred. He was Prince Leaf, the son of Cuan and heir to the kingdom of Lenster. Fin's sworn duty was to protect the Prince from harm. Eltshan jumped to the aid of his brother in law, providing both with asylum.

"Lets take the prince inside" said Eltshan. "He has been through a lot." Leaf had been through a lot. But the people of Augustria would be through so much more.

Barhara, Grandbell's Capitol

One would think that the man presiding over the subjugation of Jugdral would be under a great deal of stress. One could think that about Emperor Alvis, however, and be wrong. And it was all because of... Her. "Sweat heart? Is everything alright?" Empress Diedre asked as she walked into her husband's bedchamber.

Alvis turned and met the love of his life. She was beautiful. Diedre was always beautiful. When they had first met it had been love at first sight. They were destined to be together. That was what Alvis told himself. But several things bothered him. Most of all was Manfroy. Alvis always wondered why the leader of the Lopto Sect desired the unification of the continent. No matter. They were under the Emperor's control. Alvis assured himself of this day and night. And so he lied to his wife and himself when he assured her that everything was fine. This was a mistake for himself and the whole continent.

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Chapter 3: Eltshan's Acsencion, part one

3 Years Ago

General Eltshan of Augustria surveyed the enemy from atop his steed. He and his elite unit, the Cross Knight , were facing the Grandbell army, led by Sigurd, the holy Knight. Sigurd... The one who Eltshan had made a promise with all those years ago at the royal academy at Barhara. Sigurd, without whom Lachesis, his SISTER, would be forced into marriage with that beast Elliot... and himself, powerless to do anything to stop it. Sigurd... Who it was Eltshan's job to kill today on the field of battle, and then return to Silvail to be congratulated on the excellent job he had done on betraying and murdering his best friend, by Shagall, who the gods, in some fit of sadism, had elected to make his liege.

"Men," Eltshan began, "this may very well be our last battle. I want you to know that it has been an honor to be your commander. Cross knights of Augustria... move out!" The most elite fighting force on Jugdral went into action. They slammed into Sigurd's lines, but Grandbell's soldiers did not falter. Eltshan charged some Grandbellian foot soldiers. They faltered and routed before the might of the demon blade Mistletain, passed down through the Nodion line for generations. Eltshan was looking for someone. He locked eyes with his target.

"Eltshan, please call off the fighting," begged Sigurd. "Surely you know that this war will only result in Augustria's destruction!"

"Sigurd, forgive me," replied Eltshan. "You know full well that I must obey the will of Augustria." As Sigurd readied a retort, Eltshan waved it off. "We stand as two knights on the field of battle. I regret that it had to end like this. I will fight for my country with honor. I expect you to do the same." With that, Eltshan pointed his blade at his best friend. "En garde!" With that, the two men tore into one another.

Sigurd and Eltshan were bred to be warriors. They were both in their prime, and were well matched. But Eltshan had the Demon sword of the crusader Hezul at his side, and so was more than a match for Grandbell's holy knight. Eltshan knocked Sigurd's Silver Sword from the other man's hands, and pointed Mistletain at his Friend's chest. "Sigurd. I am sorry it had to end like this. You have always been my friend. I will not ask you again. Withdraw from August--"

"Brother! STOP!"

"Lachesis? What the HELL are you doing on the battlefield?"

"Eltshan, please stop! Your duty is to the people of Augustria, not to some tyrant who treats them like tools to further his sordid dreams of world domination! For Augustria's sake, convince Shagall to call this off!"

So Eltshan called a truce, and ventured towards Silvail, where his master was. What would follow would change the history of the world... forever.

New. I split this one up into two parts because it is crazy long. And, after months of wondering why this fic was getting no comments, I opened a feedback thread!

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