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Vapo's FE10 Normal Mode Playlog

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[spoiler=1-P]MY BABIES


Tried to split exp somewhat evenly between the two, since I'm using both and DB has that ever-so-sucky lack of exp (only using like 5 units from it though permanently). Miccy used the Dracoshield early on. Miccy's sacrifice was useful for helping Eddy survive the boss, so yeah.

Stats: ScreenShot2013-10-01at195657_zpsed4c77bb

[spoiler=1-1]Nolan was useful as chip+wall here (AND MY AXE). Edward got nice exp. Micaiah got a gr8mazing level up somewhere as well. Dunno if I'm gonna use Nolan long-term yet, but he might as well get some exp now.

Stats: ScreenShot2013-10-01at201221_zps79272ff4

[spoiler=1-2]Miccy got to chip quite a lot here so yeh lots of exp to go around~ Eddie got a gr8mazing level up at the start here, which was nice. c: Sothe got more kills than I'd like, but meh. Miccy got the boss kill due to Thani atk bonus + I was in a rush.

Stats: ScreenShot2013-10-01at203724_zps883a325e

Also anyone know how to do that stat sheet thing without screenshotting off Excel like I've seen some people do?

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