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What are you working on?


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So many times have I seen people posting topics, presenting to us a project that has barely entered into fruition itself. Sometimes all we get is mere concepts and ideas, nothing more.

Well, my intention for this topic, is to essentially be where you can discuss your project, essentially what you're working on, even though it might not be ready for the presentation stage.

Basically, here is where you can preview things, discuss and tell us your ideas, what you're planning, get feedback on things. This will hopefully leave the board clearer for when hacks are presentable, then we'll see them.

As for me, I'm working on a hack called Fire Emblem Dystopia.

It's set 60 years after Fire Emblem 6, the hack is of FE7, so it'll have three lords, Paris, Asrun and Costigan. These three lords won't share maps, unlike Eliwood/Hector in the original FE7. Though, because of that the paths might not be as long as FE7 individually, all up I plan to use every chapter available to get the most out of the project.
It's still basically naught more than concept work, I've got a lot of mugs for it, a lot of ideas and so far, only one chapter has been completed with a lot more work needed to make it a good chapter.

Either way, here's some screens of what you can expect so far:


So what are you working on?

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Well, I have most of my hack planned out, however I've only truly begun today.

It's a simple ~15 chapter hack; 7 (possibly 8) playable characters. One of those is an FE7 character.

The storyline is still under the works and all, but basically, Lord's father dies -> revenge -> fullscale war.

OK, yes, there is more plot development then that. And not really fullscale. In fact, it's more trying to prevent that.

There are actually two 'Lords', but only one is your main character, and his sister is a ubersage, who joins ~11.

Also, your first Lord uses bows and swords; promotes and gains Lances (maybe).

Also, I'm planning on everyone having a 'Custom Class'. Even though they will essentially be the same (just a custom title). A few will have custom map animations though (just edited ones, really).

Animations are the real thing I'm worried about, however.

[spoiler=Character Classes]Nomad Prince (Bows, Swords) (Mounted) -> Nomad King (+ Lances) (Mounted) (To Be Changed)

Veteran (Swords, Axes, Bows) (Mounted)

Healer (Staves) -> Thaumaturge (+ Dark Magic)

Sage Queen (Anima Magic, Dark Magic, Light Magic, Staves)

Swordsman (Swords) -> Ranger (+ Bow) (Mounted)

Scout (Axes) -> Champion (+ Bows)

Footsoldier (Lances) -> Pegasus Archer (+ Bows) (Mounted) -> Falconlord (+ Swords, Axes)

Oh yes, almost forgot that this actually will involve a Fire Emblem, of great plot relevance.

Seems interesting.

One of the major draw points that I see in smaller, less chapter hacks, is that you've got a pretty contained story and it doesn't need to enter into the whole excessive padding and filler area whereas that's where a lot of other hacks go that don't account for having a large amount of chapters.

Keep at it.

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as most of you probably don't know (since you don't play it or hacks of it) I'm working on an FE4 one, here's some random recent progress screenshots


I'm doing my best to improve upon the original game by having more interesting map layouts, classes, items, and other stuff

one thing that's (arguably) easier to do in this game is program in new magic animations, I even created a whole new element (water) which works pretty well, and I've changed just about all of them

as for a simple explanation of the story of my hack, it's simply a bunch of folks that get together to play an online virtual reality RPG conveniently called Fire Emblem (if you've ever read half prince, it's like that, love that manhua)

however, something starts going wrong and lamia lazily investigates it

since there's limited data for FE4, event changes are minimal and/or repurposed so far, and obviously I do not know how to add more chapters or if there's even space for it (I don't know how to expand this ROM without breaking it, SMC is a little different if I recall, but if anyone does lemme know)

oh yeah, most importantly, there's a weight-reduction system in place, working on half strength or magic depending on the weapon type equipped, keep it in mind

things to do:

- finish programming in remaining new magic animations

- hire someone to convert portraits that I draw into sprited mugshots (I really can't sprite that well)

- work on chapter 4 map


- delve deeper into the japanese research and patches (have uncovered quite a lot in my travels which at least five or six of their patches have been applied)

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what I'm working on?

I've had this hack project I'm trying to work on. The title as of now is Fire Emblem : Solus Chronicles.

I'm trying to approach it opposite to how other people hack since first of all, my skills in regard to rom-hacking

is extremely limited. I'm trying to finish up the graphics(mugs and maps) first. I have enough written for 10

game chapters which is just the prologue of the actual story. xD

The story is set in a continent called Solus where there are three major powers. To the north, there is the

Highland Arcadian Empire. The Holy Etherian Kingdom is seated in the west while the old Exodian Kingdom

was located at the east. These three countries have held a long-standing alliance until Arcadia launched

a full-scale invasion against the other countries. While Etheria was able to manage a stalemate, Exodia

was still just recovering from internal strife. In just a short amount of time, majority of the territories of Exodia

was subdued by Arcadia.

Prologue chapters : set during the fight of the remaining lords against Arcadia. focuses on Vermillion, heir to

House Aquaria, and his journey to fight against Arcadia after their defeat in Duran.

[spoiler=prologue end] The prologue eventually ends with the apparent deaths of Vermillion and his party

Actual story : set 6 months after prologue. Verdant, Vermillion's younger brother tries to rally Exodia to rise up

against Arcadian occupation.

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I'm working on the Shin Patch, amongst other pet projects. I've come across some rather interesting moonspeak hacks, I've even managed to reverse engineer a few of them. Still, events, graphics and music are still eluding me.

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Currently, I'm working on a reboot of my old hack.

It was about 3 chapters long before I scrapped it, but I found my folder a few days ago and saw some potential in it.

It was about a mercenary (first time, it was originally a Lord, then a soldier) fueled by revenge against some empire for the murder of his son. It would have been difficult, with a lot of maps being tight in movement.

The redo I'm making will be about 10~ chapters long, it's a small story, really. But since I'm redoing it, I have unfortunately have no screens at all.

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I'm currently working on re-balancing a FE4Birany romhack that uses Touhou characters (Touhou Emblem: Genealogy of the East) I discovered a few months ago. Long story short, all your units capped at 50 while the bad guys only capped at 30. The biggest icing on the cake was that everyone and their mama had each Holy Blood, some having two Major Holy Blood while having several minor ones. So, to make it a more fair game, I'm editing some things within the romhack using Nightmare.

Here's what I'm doing so far:
+Giving only important storyline based characters Holy Blood. For example, Cirno is the Levin of the romhack, so she'll get Major Holsety blood while Reimu (replaces Noish) plays an important role and shares the main character spot with Sigurd, she is just a mere commoner and will not have holy bood (she had minor Narga in the original romhack)
+Stats caps at 50 for everyone (need to figure out how to cap level at 50, instead of 30)
+Weight reduction for all weapons (Yay Axe and Fire Tome users are now useful)
+Giving certain weapons new bonuses, but at a cost (Prayer Sword can now critical Armored and Mounted units, but is now at "B" Rank, weights heavier, and loses accuracy.)
+Touradours and Female Paladins can now use magic (C Rank Light for Touradours/C Rank Fire/Thunder/Wind and B Rank Light for Female Paladins. They'll wont use Lances however)
+Because the Loptyr tome is an usable player weapon (Yukari's personal weapon in this hack), I made it not broken. It will no longer reduce an enemy's attack power and weights heavier now.
+ New class skills (For example: Fire Mages can have Wrath, Duke Knights have Charge, Heroes can use Sol just like if they were in Fire Emblem: Awakening)

(The following links are screenshots of the game BEFORE I started the re-balancing)







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From time to time I've been working on a hack I call Fire Emblem: Rebirth.

At the moment it is just concepts and ideas with some work on the actual ROM, though nothing graphical yet.

There cast of playable characters is limited, no more than 20 at the moment, and the plot is divided into 4 (or 5) parts, each around 5-8 chapters long.

The main overview of the story has been planned as well as the direction of the parts within.

Interesting things planned:

- Bow Lord

- No Jaigen

- Story Routes

- Hidden Chapters

Other things eventually coming to fruition:

- 4-5 new classes

- Redesigned classes

As of right now I have thought out the first 7 chapters (not including hidden ones) which will be part 1. Eventually I'll get to map making/growths/portraits, once I've finished fleshing out the countries and politics. If I gave an estimated of a real preview (including graphics), I'd say around December for Part 1.

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I've been working on and off on an FE8 rebalance/difficulty hack, more to teach myself about events and general hacking than anything else. Part of that involves figuring out what unknown commands do so I can create interesting chapters.

Right now, I'm trying to figure out how the game does counting through events. It does this mainly to have reinforcements that continue for X number of turns without having to define the turn numbers. For instance, you have events where you open a door, and shamans spawn for two turns after that.

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I'm planning on making a short, five chapter hack of FE7 called Conquest of the Generics. Now, don't go thinking that it's going to be a carbon copy of Klokinator's Generic War, because it isn't. The only units you have at the start of the game are 2 Soldiers, but you can recruit other unit classes by talking to them with any unit, but you can only recruit, say, 2 units per chapter, and only units of the same tier class, to keep it believable. Oh, and you can't recruit bosses, because bosses aren't generics.

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EDIT: Gosh, I'm so bored, that I'm not doing this idea. Move along, move along.

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Aside from stuff I am commissioned to do, I am teaching my friend how to reverse engineer vidya gaemz so we have something to work on together instead of just playing TF2 all the time.

I let him decide how to jump into the learning process and he came up with porting 4 player co-op to Majora's Mask. This is kind of a large project to start with so in the mean time we started with creating an invisible sword that utterly obliterates all enemies and NPCs in an area with one stroke in Minish Cap. We've only made tangible progress on the latter so far, which was facilitated by the fact that I'd already hacked a code years ago (i.e. 2006) that killed all enemies in the area with one sword swing (it doesn't affect NPCs).

I should bug him to get back to that at some point.

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Right now I'm working on not getting pummeled by my AP calc test.

On a related note, I'm working on my own project that the community helped me decide on doing.


Don't have too much so far but making slow progress.

Personally, I'd suggest that if you wanted to personify a character through speech by using things such as "Cap'n" or just using kind of slang words in general, you keep it frequent throughout the characters speech.

So, for example, "Don't ya think, cap'n?"

Just flows better, in my opinion.

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On the other hand, using 'cap'n' can show an informal or a level of comfort between the two, and doesn't necessarily reflect the way one would otherwise speak; it can function just fine as it is, without being overburdened with vernacular.

As for me, I've randomly been remaking various maps from the Advance Wars series using Fire Emblem tilesets and with its gameplay in mind. When I get a good amount of them finished, I'll make them publicly available for whomever to use in their projects.





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