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What are you working on?

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At the moment im working on a Radiant Dawn Rebalance, and i will do a more indepth post about it in due time, but if anyone wants to help i certainly could use a few more brainstormers for this.

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Whelp, what I'm doing isn't just a hack, but a full-on fangame in RPG Maker.

The gameplay will be much different tho.

I actually got some work done on it OMG!!!: :awesome:

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I'm more of a story teller than I am anything else, and my plan with the start of my hack: The Desert's Rebellion, is to tell a riveting story. I want people to love the characters I create, but that doesn't mean I intend to slouch in the gameplay department. Since Im still new to this, don't expect anything superb, but I would like for these type of maps to be featured in the hack:

  • Town Campaigns: Where your army enters a town in order to free it from the crutches of the enemy. Shopping can be done here, and there will most likely be an arena in the map as well. The smallest type of map
  • Desert Campaigns: The longest type of map. These will take quite some time to do, but there will be recommended save spots per wording, to make it feel like there's checkpoints. These will be large maps with tons of enemies, as well as points of interest. Every odd turns or so, an event will happen, like say, migrating animals that may attack your or your enemies, allowing you to push forward, enemy reinforcements, sandstorms that slow you down, or even the map changes to night blocking your vision.
  • Normal Campaigns: Campaigns that take an average amount of time, in no set location.

And a slew of characters, with supports by the time I'm done with em

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So before I get into anything about the hack itself, a bit of background on how I actually got here.

Ever since the school year started, I had been thinking about getting into Rom-hacking of some kind. I had a thousand different story ideas, characters and other things that came to my mind that would make it interesting, as well as some people both willing to help with certain aspects if it happened and support my decision to try it. That was all before I had the ability to get a computer, but last December, I got one, and the project was a go.

This ended up becoming know of as Fire Emblem: Blood Moon, my first experience with the world of Rom-hacking, and something that has become the secondary focus of my entire senior year. Up until the computer I had gotten down a large amount of the main characters nailed down, a script which is now up to chapter 9, and just some other ideas that I think would make it interesting.

The story follows Princess Susan of Ignalia, who finds herself thrust into a battle for her life against the various kingdoms surrounding her homeland. It’s definitely not the most complex of plots on the surface, but I don’t want to give too much of what is going to happen away. Sadly, I don’t have many picture of it due to me posting this via IPad, but once I get home I’ll show a few of the character portraits and some other stuff.

I’m only on chapter 1 still in terms of completed chapters, but I hope to give updates through here to hopefully show a bit more interest. Hope I’ve manage to intrigue you!

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working on an fe4 pme at the moment. getting wild as fuck. let's just say turn 2 forseti in chapter 6.

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I'm working on a project called Fire Emblem: The Spark of Life. It's a rom hack of FE8 which involves a brand new story and new characters and items as well. The plot is about three adventurers who go around exploring and helping people when they get the chance. Eventually, they discover that an evil cult has been manipulating some of the higher powers of the land to do their bidding, and they set out to bring an end to it. The project is currently on the first few chapters and new characters are still being added at the time of this post. This is my first time creating a rom hack of any game, so I'm more than open to suggestions and advice.

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Hey folks.

So I'm working on a FE8 hack right now. I made a concept forum listing back in January about it. Didn't get much feedback, but what i did get was pleasant. What I had submitted original was a version 0.1 essentially. I wanted to know what people thought of it. I'm working on version 0.2 now.

Here are my playlists for each version. They are Unlisted so this is the only way you'll get access to them. 

Version 0.1
Version 0.2

There is a lot different between the two versions. Namely I have more custom characters and a world map now. I learned how to use world map events and all that noise. Version 0.2 is only at the Prologue, while the first version I had up to chapter 3 and a lot of story concepts planned. You can watch the Version 0.1 stuff to get a rough idea where I'm taking the story. You could also look at my original concepts post to read about the general gist of things.

I'd appreciate feedback yet again. Hoping I get a bit more by posting in this thread than I did making an independent post. 


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11 hours ago, Sir Wolfram of Vallora said:

A 2D game in Unity/Bethesda Gamekit? How?

well in Unity it's supported, but in Skyrim, I'd have to really know the engine. There is a mod in development by the Project AHO dev team that's 2D. I was planning on seeing if they have a Discord and hanging around, maybe soak in some of their knowledge.

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1 hour ago, petuuuhhh said:

well in Unity it's supported, but in Skyrim, I'd have to really know the engine. There is a mod in development by the Project AHO dev team that's 2D. I was planning on seeing if they have a Discord and hanging around, maybe soak in some of their knowledge.

Huh, serves me right for not knowing. I hope it works out for you. The world needs more 2D games.

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I have no idea why I can't make a thread in this section, so I suppose I'll have to post it here.

I'm making my first rom hack called "Path of Sanaki". Originally it was supposed to completely replace Ike with Sanaki, however I'm doing other things to make the game more interesting. This includes every playable character having different stats and growths along with skills, and bosses being more challenging. However I'm merely configuring the game files itself and not sure to turn it into a patch, so sadly this cannot be shared. However I'll upload a walkthrough soon.




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26 minutes ago, Zuda said:

Can you give the rom in pm ? And it’s the rom is the japanese version woth maniac mode ?

It's the PAL version and so far I'm aware according to the rules, it's forbidden to share roms.

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It’s forbidden to do it in public, because they don’t want there away to download rom with the site, for legal purpose. But you can share it in privacy no ? But yeah, if it’s only hard mode, change only small stat for boss and characger don’t change a lot. But it really cool to play sanaki 😞

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Hi everyone,

I'm currently working on a FE8 hack, called FE8x : The fallen One. This hack is supposed to shed some light on /expand the Story of Sir Orson as it felt kind off unfinished in the original game. As of now there isn't anything presentable yet apart from the Idea and a loose Story. The Project will span over three Parts: The past, the present and the future. 

The Past is about how Orson becomes a Pladin of Renais, but also loses his faith in justice along the way. This part ends with the death of Monica.

The present gives Orsons Perspective of the events of FE8, where he is in Pain about the death of his wife. When he gets his chance to revive her if he betrays renais, he's tempted by it but also conflicted to betray his comrades. Eventually the wish to revive Monica is greater, and he accepts Tirados offer. This part ends with Orson not being killed by Ephraim in the battle of renais castle, instead he awakens from his madness and realizes what he did to her and asks her for forgiveness before killing her with his own hands. 

The Future. After the war Orson travels around in the lands south of Renais, wondering why he's still alive. He tries to help, but because of his branding as a traitor nobody accepts his offer. In order to not starve to death he begins to work as a mercenary. Slowly he regains his faith in justice and unravels a sinister plot about the his mercenary commander.

This is just a brief summary of my idea.

I look forward to your feedback

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I've got three ideas of fanfics with mock-LP footages that I am working on, after I finish off Fates Conquest (see my signature).

The first one is a fanfic retelling Three House's Crimson Flower, but with some Verdant Wind chapters and plotlines included. Here, Claude joins Edelgard's conquest during the Five-Year War of Fodlan, which I originally posted in Reddit:


The interesting here is how Edelgard is more successful in her own route than in others. I say, the White Clouds part would be a character development arc for both Edelgard, Byleth, and their other classmates. So we all know how everyone, including TWISTD, the other Adrestian nobles, and even Eadie's own family only sees her as a political tool? Well, her time with Byleth was her first regain in trust and faith in humanity, further expanded to include other close friends and trusted allies like Dorothea, Petra, and even Caspar, Linhardt and others. Sooner or later, Edelgard realised that the Adrestian nobles and TWISTD weren't her only allies, and they should not be. While she was reluctant at first, Byleth insisted on poaching other students that were similarly crest victims.

This could have been easily reversed, however at the end of Chapter 11, if Byleth sides with the church. Which is implied canon, I think. But even if Byleth sides with Edelgard, stating that Byleth would have some stern words for her head student would be an understatement. This was one case where Edelgard and Byleth's friendship could have gone all wrong, but Byleth, being unnerved by Rhea's behaviour prior, and reading Daddy Jeralt's diary which describes implications of Rhea's underhandedness (and the coverup of the Gautier incident) decides that while Edelgard was still being sketchy, at least she wasn't as creepy.

While some of their classmates were initially hesitant about joining the invasion during March 1181 (the weeks leading up to Chapter 12) and sometimes even a few years after that, they ended up being swayed, both by Edelgard's propaganda, her more sensitive and in-touch attitude towards commoners, and by other classmates who knew her better.

  • Lysithea was already disaffected by the church due to her trauma from crests being unaddressed.
  • Sylvain also had hardships from his crests thanks to the people around him, and especially Miklain, and he was generally disaffected by the political instability in Faerghus. His family disowned Sylvain after his defection, however.
  • Annette was swayed by her uncle to continue supporting Edelgard, as he himself decided to do so after being fed up with the political instability with Faerghus.
  • After Annette's return to Dominic Province, she pleaded to her uncle to take Mercedes in for a while. Baron Dominic appointed Mercedes as one of the surgeons for his troops. In 1185, Mercedes was headhunted by Edelgard to rejoin the Black Eagles as Manuela's assistant. While Mercedes still believed in the Goddess, she was also disaffected by the church's complicity with crests when it brought her nothing but hardship. Her and Manuela's disaffection became part of what was to become the Protestant movement in Fodlan in the years after the Great War of 1185.
  • Manuela always had a soft spot for the Embarr as it was somewhat less stratified than other places in Fodlan. It also helped that she was appointed as the general surgeon for the Black Eagles right after Chapter 11, and eventually for the whole army by 1185, one of the first commoners to be appointed to the position in generations. This also served to be the benchmark of how to introduce commoners to high government positions: starting small, and working the way up. (This is also true of any successful development projects in developing nations that don't have the expertise or the experience like more developed nations do.)
  • While Hanneman was more hesitant in supporting the Empire, he couldn't really cut ties with the place and family he grew up with. It also helped that he started to see the negative effects of Crests on people and is now researching Crests more for the effects on people and society, and started to agree more with Edelgard's anti-Crest stance.
  • While Ignaz was not too enthusiastic about supporting the Empire initially, he kept in touch with other units he had a support conversation with, such as Petra, Shamir, Lysithea, or Mercedes. Seeing that they are doing well under their new master made him decide that working for the Empire might be better than with the Alliance in disarray.
  • Leonie initially stayed with the Black Eagles for Chapter 12, but after Byleth became MIA, Leonie left for a while. She undergoes similar revelations as Ignaz when she corresponds with Bernadetta and Alois.

As for why the Empire doesn't seem to make apparent progress during the five year timeskip, this was due to a combination of factors: 

  • Edelgard's insisted in stabilising the domestic situation, and the territories on former Western Faerghus. This meant:
    • stimulating the economy on both so that she could indirectly raise more revenue without the additional burdens.
    • cleaning up the other nobles - both through Edelgard siding with the commoners, and pitting Edelgard's political enemies against TWISTD - to remove political corruption and recover more of the appropriated taxes
  • She also decided that she needed to cultivate relationships beyond the other high-rank nobles within her government and with TWISTD and consolidate her authority. More on that later down this post.
  • While she managed to win Garreg Mach during Chapter 12, the loss was high enough to dissuade her to fund further campaigns in the immediate future. Furthermore, Rhea decided to bail out, seeing her own base hopelessly overrun.

This turned out to be the right choice for Rhea in the short term, because she snuck out before Imperial Troops started occupying the Monastery proper. As for the troops themselves, they either couldn't capture her as she had already evacuated, and/or didn't bother doing so as this wasn't their primary objective...yet. And the presence of Rhea in CF boosted morale in the Kingdom and the populace and the territories were either happy to make her de facto leader, or were too intimidated to oppose her - maybe with the exception of the western territories.

In the short-term, this was a setback for the Empire, and they became more cautious about engaging with the Kingdom in a fight. Instead Edelgard and Ferdinand started proxy wars and orchestrated rebellions across Western Faerghus and part of Leicester through possible recruits such as Baron Dominic and Annette for the former and Count Gloucester and Lorenz for the latter. The former was quite successful (if you recruited Annette - as I have done), the latter less so. It was enough to distract both Faerghus and Leicester for a while, however.

Claude's faction remained neutral at first, partly because of him still being suspicious of Edelgard, and also because of the alliance still being shaky. Nevertheless, he gradually caught wind from some of his former classmates who had contacts with Edie and Byleth. While some of the Leicester duchies initially resisted against the Adrestian Army, the Battle of Myrddin Bridge was a wake-up call for others to surrender. Claude's call for defense was overruled by Count Gloucester, who made a "vote of no confidence" with two other represented houses (say, Edmund and Goneril). It didn't help that Judith was captured for political leverage. Therefore he was forced to call a truce after the canon!CF's Chapter 13. The battle in Chapter 14 never happens, and Hilda survives. Parts of VW would be incorporated, including Judith being released back to Claude's team.

Initially it still took some power play from Edelgard to make sure Claude wouldn't backflip. Thanks to Ferdinand and Lorenz negotiating behind the scenes, and especially thanks to other members catching wind of each other, however, Claude and Edelgard started to gradually understand each other. It helped that thanks to Byleth's influence, Edelgard here is more "strategic" with her ruthless behavior - which is probably canon, but emphasized in this fanfic. They now had two things in common: a) Rhea (and maybe some of the other upper cardinals as well) needs to resign from the head of the Church; and b) discrimination based on one's heritage and other immutable aspects of their identity (crests, race, social standing) needs to be fought against.

In addition, she showed her first signs of effective leadership, gradually but surely appointing former commoners and lesser nobles to vacant administration positions. She was strict, yet fair and merciful.

  • Ignaz's (or Raphael's) family was initially appointed to take care of the internal trade in the Alliance territory, but were gradually given additional responsibilities over the ensuing years, eventually being responsible for ministering and maintaining the vast network of highways.
  • Manuela (or maybe Mercedes), on the other hand, was appointed as the Black Eagle's surgeon-general, and worked in a couple of provinces training local doctors after the war, before becoming the Imperial health minister.
  • Dorothea was the wartime propagandist, commissioning by her favorite Edie to go on show tours for relief and war expenditure fundraising. Through her songs, she talked about the history of injustice in Fodlan and encouraged people to stand up against the old church order.
  • Then there was Bernadetta - a noble, but nevertheless a victim of the nobility - who was initially appointed as one of the gardeners for the Imperial Farm and Conservatory, and eventually becoming the agricultural minister, informing farmers of new land improvements for better crop yields, less periods of rationing necessary, and more tax revenue for the Empire.

There was still the issue of Edelgard's unholy alliance with TWISTD, but Claude understood the method behind, and at any rate, it helped that they were gradually rendered powerless by Edelgard distancing herself from them better thanks to her new allies she cultivated over the years.

  • She, along with Caspar and Linhardt also encouraged the latter two's fathers to distance themselves away from TWISTD and believe more in the Black Eagles proper. It's probably implied in the canon CF route as well considering Eadie's association with the rest of the Black Eagles, but I'd like to emphasize this further here.
  • The gradual appointment of Edelgard's immediate allies and particularly fellow Black Eagles members into important government positions was also done to empower them as a political counter to the existing nobility and their TWISTD allies. It helped that some of them became very popular, such as Dorothea. (See above)
  • As TWISTD had no idea about the Empire's financial situation, they didn't realise that they've been gradually outfunded by other factions. Lord Arundel caught wind of it sometime between Chapter 15 and 16, but by that time, it was too late. As Edelgard's cause gained popularity and as she also granted amnesty for defecting, TWISTD even lost some of their rank-and-file members. The Arianrhod Incident immediately after CF Chapter 16 turned out to be their last desperation attempt in intimidating Edelgard. In the short-term, they managed to put a dent into Edelgard's war effort. They were doomed in the long-term, however, as the launching of the Javelin gave away their location.

The invasion into Faerghus and vanquishing of Dimitri and Rhea generally goes as canon CF, but with more tragedy in terms of Dimitri. Claude and Edelgard desparately pleads their cases, and asks Dimi to lay down his weapons against them, but to no avail. After Rhea's downfall, Hubert and Lord Arundel exchange celebratory drinks amidst the burning city, only for Arundel to collapse, revealing that Hubert poisoned him to death.

Ignaz, Hanneman, and Linhardt immediately returned to the monastery to research TWISTD's location, while Hubert and his scouts reconnoitered Shambahla. After a month of recuperating, Edelgard, Byleth, and Claude leads their allies into the TWISTD base and rout the lot. Here, the finale would incorporate VW's Chapter 21-22, with the main difference being Edelgard, Hubert, and their allies joining with Byleth, Claude, and Hilda instead of Rhea. While there were still some stragglers to deal with, with Thales (Lord Arundel) dead and Shambala destroyed, TWISTD would face its inevitable downfall.


The second one is a crossover between the Pokemon Anime in XY, and Fire Emblem: Binding Blade in a closer depiction to real-life Europe, and a modern reenactment of World War 2 with some variations, which I've linked in shared document format.

The third one is not really FE, but Persona (though it has a TMSFE whatif arc branching out from the ending of Persona 4). Basically my retelling of Persona 3 to Persona 5's stories. (Also in shared doc format.) The major differences from canon are:

  • more involvement of characters from other number entries involved or influencing with the plot of the number in question, particularly Masayoshi Shido, Principal Kobayakawa, and Suguru Kamoshida in Persona 4, and Naoto Shirogane and the Shadow Operatives in Persona 5.
  • minor rewrites with Yukiko and Kanji's social links, complete overhaul of Naoto's social link, and a reassignment of the P4 Empress social link from Margaret to Sayuri
  • explicitly writing some family members in:
    • Sayuri Dojima-Narukami (National Police Agency senior-ranked bureaucrat and Yu's mother)
    • Sakura and Akio Amagi (Yukiko's parents)
    • Zenichi and Mitsue Tatsumi (Kanji's parents)
    • Naoto Shirogane III and IV (canon!Naoto's grandfather and father respectively)
    • Isamu and Haruka Dojima (Sayuri/Ryotaro's parents and Yu/Nanako's grandparents)
    • Hirotsugu Narukami (Yu's father)
    • Yuko Narukami (Hirotsugu''s sister and Yu's aunt)
    • Takaisa Amamiya (Ren's grandfather and Sayuri's immediate supervisor at work)
  • paralogues involving Sayuri - both as flashbacks from her high school days in Yaso-Inaba, and her work in Washington DC with the FBI concurrent to P4's main story
  • making Tokyo Mirage Sessions as an alternate timeline branch from Persona 3-4 - Sayuri and Naoto's prosecution against the Conspiracy happens far earlier and more successfully, and as a result Persona 5's story never happens.
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I have been making a fe6 hack for half a month so this is more like a pre-pre alpha of it.

Don't Worry though i will be completing it in 1-2 months.

School might make it slower but the end product will be amazing.

Here is the ups for now

Fire Emblem-The Second Scouring Pre-Alpha.ups

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