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H3 LTC: Completed. 173 turns.



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  1. 1. Who do you think killed him?

    • MU
    • Luke
    • Catria
    • Palla
    • Sirius
    • Linde

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[spoiler=C6x 1/90 turns -- 1 Rescue]

Sold Bullion (L)

Forged +5 Mt, +10 Hit Steel bow (7315 G)

2969 G Remaining

Deployed: Sniper!MU, DK!Sirius, Cav!Catria, Myrm!Luke, Cav!Catria, Cleric!Linde

RP (55 Remaining): MU

Catria has Gemini and Taurus

Conventional strategy here.

Linde and Sirius were the only one of my units not gaining levels after using Rescue so I let Linde do the rescuing. Fed the boss to Sirius. Would've fed it to Linde if she was going to level up.


Hit rates are not great and also Devil!Luke but short map so whatever.

Level ups:


Luke has 74 Sword WEXP. I’m going to stop keeping track of this. He’ll be able to use the armourslayer in C8, he’ll probably never hit B as a Horseman and I don’t think it will ever matter if he hits A as a SM.

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Rigged a critical. Got all the items. Killed some heroes. Cleric!Caeda because I need to start working on her Staff rank for eventual Bishop!Caeda.

Also, positioning intensive map. Don't know how well people are going to be able to understand what's happening.

[spoiler=C7 5/95 turns]

Sold 78 Iron sword, 70 Steel sword, 66 Iron axe, 39 Iron bow, 23 Blizzard

Bought Energy Drop, Dracoshield

56 G Remaining

Energy Drop -- Sirius

Dracoshield -- MU

Deployed: DK!MU, DK!Sirius, DK!Arran, Cav!Catria, Merc!Luke, Cleric!Caeda, Malicia, Linde, Palla

RP (52 remaining): MU, Sirius, Palla

MU has Taurus

Marth has Gemini

Catria has Cancer

Linde has Aquarius


The strategy here is to rig a turn 1 critical on the hostile thief (the one carrying the Iron sword), dance Navarre so he can hit the Masterseal thief and then Physic him so he can tank the hunter on the EP. Fliers just move up. Palla will escort Marth for a bit and rejoin the other fliers soon. MU, Sirius and Arran will quickly join forces with Feena and Navarre on turn 2.


Steel, Lady, Aura is a perfect 3HKO on the dragon so I didn't need the Javelin toss to hit.


Sirius killed the Master seal thief. MU killed the hostile thief above Feena and was danced to kill the Angelic robe thief. He doesn't have a Javelin equipped so he won't kill the hunter on the EP. Navarre and Arran team up for the hunter. If Arran or Navarre miss their hits I forfeit one hero kill later on in the map. If both miss, I forfeit both hero kills. Luckily, they both hit.


The thief that MU chipped a few screenshots above suicided (why isn't this a word?) to Palla on the EP. Palla now moves here just out of hunter range to draw a hostile thief. It doesn't really matter where the thief attacks Palla from; all it will change is if Marth kills the thief on the PP or EP.


Malicia physic'd MU after he tanked the bow. Sirius kills a hunter (who he doubles) and was danced. Navarre chips the other hunter and Sirius moves next to the boss and tosses a Javelin for the KO.


MU swaps his weapon to a Silver lance and OHKO's the other thief. Sirius will be the target of the boss on the EP. Arran chips a thief from 2L. I had Palla attack a thief while being outside of any hostile thieves' ranges. The positioning of Palla and Arran force the thieves to move north towards the gate so Marth can still kill them with Feena's help.

The thief that attacked Palla last turn wasn't in Marth's attack range but Marth will be in the thief's attack range on the EP.


Catria with Cancer and lance equipped is 3RKO'd by these cavaliers. Luke and Linde will kill them on the final turn while Catria will chip a hero.


Before Palla killed the boss I had Navarre use the save point. Palla also handed MU the forged Javelin. Arran took the Javelin from MU and chipped the thief below MU. Sirius killed the thief below Navarre. And with Feena's help, Marth killed a thief. The positioning of all the DKs lined up encumbers the thief's path and now he moves across 3 forest tiles which places him on a square where Marth can kill him and then be danced by Feena for the 5 turn seize. That thief is the only thief left on the map.


I pretty much killed everything in 4 turns and Marth wasn't at the gate yet so I decided to send MU into the Heroes' range with a Silver lance equipped. Arran chips for Palla to kill the Sword!Hero MU countered on the EP.


MU and Sirius team up for the other Sword!Hero that moved east. I gave MU his second Dracoshield before this map. I also gave Sirius an Energy Drop to secure this kill.


The units near the cave killed the cavaliers and chipped heroes, healed, etc. Marth kills the last thief and seizes with Feena's help.

Level ups:


Sirius is close to the same level.exp as MU.

Between MU and Sirius OHKOing thieves as well as good positioning I was able to kill pretty much everything by turn 4. I thought about trying for a 4-turn rescue strategy but that would leave me with 2 rescues going into C11 and I'm not sure how Malicia would Hammerne rescue there so I didn't explore the option.

I have another 5-turn strategy for this map that doesn't rely on the critical on turn 1 and saves some physic uses. With that strategy I would get the same exp distribution except MU and Sirius would get slightly more without cost to anyone else. And obviously I would forfeit one of the Master seals, but I would still get both Hero kills. The strategy is even more position intensive than this one is and relies on controlling the thieves in a similar way to the strategy presented here.

I considered having MU use the killer lance on this map but opted against it for more reliable kills with Silver instead.

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Killed everything in the north except Jeorge (who I recruited) and Hardin (who cannot be killed at present). Feena dances Caeda, Malicia and Gordin. I think I remember SevenDeadlySins doing the engage and pull the generals thing where he had a MU who was like 11HKO`d or something so MU won`t be facing any chance to die on this map.

[spoiler=C8 3/98 turns -- 1 Hammerne, 1 Rescue]

Sold Bullion (S), 80 Iron sword, 25 Fire, 30 Firestone, 12 Vulnerary

Bought Speedwing

Arena (single fight w/o shards) -- Archer!Caeda (680 G)

4646 G Remaining

Master seal, Speedwing -- Palla

Angelic Robe -- Caeda

Deployed: DK!MU, Hero!Sirius, Merc!Luke, Cav!Gordin, Linde, Palla, Catria, Caeda, Malicia, Feena

MU has Gemini, Taurus and Cancer

Linde has Aquarius

Palla has Virgo


Linde + Luke killed the Firestone thief. Feena helped Caeda get into position. Malicia Hammernes rescue (it is on Feena). Both Caeda and Palla had Iron lances equipped. MU moves up to engage generals. His survival is guaranteed considering he has 23 DEF, Cancer and Taurus (he got 2 Dracoshields so far). Palla on the other hand needs to avoid getting critted on the EP. Catria moves south and Marth moves east.


Palla moves to set up a kill for Linde. Luke kills the Paladin Palla weakened on the EP. Linde moves up and kills another Paladin. Malicia full moves and Physics Caeda so she can recruit Roger and kill the final Paladin.


Feena then traded Rescue to Malicia and danced her. Malicia full moved north again. Cain moved north so he could assist Malicia with rescuing Marth on turn 3. Marth recruited Bantu. MU moved where the screenshot is pointing too. Gordin moved north as well. Forgot to take the screenshot but there is a square on the map where Catria can attack the Leo thief from where she would be outside of the Hero ranges but inside of the range of a mage about to spawn (which she would then ORKO). Roger gets off the save point and Sirius uses it so he can be in range to kill the Armscroll general. I think I had Bantu move toward the armoury but did not buy anything. I figured I have close to 20 Silver charges over 3 different lances and I could make do without additional ones now.


Reset from the turn 2 save point a couple of times for MU not to crit anything so I could give the kills to Caeda, Luke and Linde. Cain helps Malicia with rescue positioning. Gordin recruits Jeorge with Feena`s help. Jeorge uses the save point.


MU and Palla kill the snipers.


Linde and Caeda kill off the weakened generals.


Sirius and Luke trade-chain the armourslayer forge to kill the last two generals.


Catria kills the Leo thief and Marth seizes.

Level ups:


The first level up was from the base arena. I snuck Caeda an archer level to cheat the SPD cap a bit.

I did a stat check on MU. After this map he`s basically average after taking the Angelic Robe, Speedwing, 2 Dracoshields and the Avatar-creation bonuses into account.

I think I`ll finish up C9 and post it later tonight and then let this go cold for a couple of weeks.

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What I learned from this chapter is you shouldn’t try to use Master seals during the actual chapter. I should’ve just used Bishop!Caeda instead and had Palla double one of the DKs with RP + Scorpio but I do like a challenge.

IMO, this really is the best time to promote Caeda. She is dead-weight in unpromoted classes.

[spoiler=C9 5/103 turns -- 1 Rescue]
Sold 35 Steel Sword, 30 Firestone
Arena (2 consecutive fights with Scorpio, Aquarius, and Gemni) -- Linde (710 G + 810 G; 1520 G total) -- Nosferatu equipped
Arena (single fight with Scorpio) -- Linde (900 G) -- Aura equipped
Master seal -- Caeda
Master seal -- Linde (on turn 3)
4163 G Remaining

Deployed: DK!MU, DK!Palla, Sniper!Caeda, Sniper!Sirius, Hunter!Luke, Catria, Malicia, Linde, Jeorge, Julian, Feena
MU has Aquarius
Linde has Cancer, Taurus and Scorpio
Palla has Leo and Virgo
Luke has Gemini

I had a lot of difficulty trying to get Linde 3 consecutive arena wins so I decided to go for a 2-streak + 1 fight. (I got a lucky critical during the 2-streak and it may matter in the future.) After she kills a DK on turn 2 she'll level up and I will promote her on turn 3. I really should have used Bishop!Caeda instead. Throughout my ramblings I'll explain what would happen in place of Sniper!Caeda if I had chosen to use Bishop!Caeda.

I got the idea of starting Feena on the easternmost square from dondon151's playthrough. Feena dances so Palla can OHKO the Thief thief. Malicia barriers MU. MU chips the Master seal thief with a Javelin. Catria kills it. Jeorge and Caeda cross the river. Julian and Marth move east. Linde moves just outside of DK range. Sirius and Luke are already in position. No one other than MU is in range of enemies.

Caeda ORKOs a DK. (If I had used Bishop!Caeda, Palla with Scorpio + RP would double that DK for the kill. And the thief Palla chips for Catria to kill would be left alive.) Jeorge uses a Silver bow (got this from Nessie's playthrough and it saves me a Parthia shot so yay!) and Linde finishes it off and levels up. Sirius and Luke traded the forged Steel bow I made a couple of chapters ago to kill the DKs to the left. Palla chips the thief for Catria to kill.

On the RHS, Feena should be there when she dances Julian who will get the boots and send them to the convoy. Marth moves east again and uses the boots.

MU kills the mage from that square with a Javelin. Malicia heals him with Physic after. MU will kill a mage on the EP. MU (equipped with a Javelin) was super close to killing Etzel on the EP. I would've forged a Handaxe if it was needed. Etzel attacking from 2L is most preferable and it is also the most likely. He will rarely attack from 2U; it's the worst position for him to attack from and I am not entirely sure if the map can be cleared in 5 turns in that case without using the save point to correct his positioning. If he attacks from 1U1L his pathing can be controlled placing Palla on the same horizontal level and using a Purewater with Catria being at the edge of his attack range towards the east. This will be clear in a few screenshots if it isn't already.
Also, the sniper (and one hunter) squad led by Jeorge of course will have to deal with the 3 mages in the screenshot.

There are more preferable enemy configurations than this but between 6 units this isn't difficult. Caeda ORKOs the right mage. Linde uses the Master seal. Malicia moves up and trades Linde the Nosferatu and Rescue she'll need. Malicia doesn't have the turns to heal up Linde as she's busy this turn healing Caeda who is low on HP since she just ORKO'd a mage.

The mage on the screenshot attacks before the mage above him (look at the minimap). He'll attack Luke who has the lowest RES. Then the mage above him will suicide onto Caeda. Sirius would be in Caeda's position if I had chosen to use Bishop!Caeda. I selected Etzel's range just to make sure no one was in it. Linde with her recent promotion, a SPD proc upon level up, and the Scorpio is at 18 SPD which is more than enough to avoid being doubled by DKs.

MU is horizontal to the Swarm!Bishops. He healed on this turn. Palla moved 2U2R of Etzel and uses a purewater. This screenshot illustrates what I was talking about before. If Etzel had attacked MU from 1U1R of his current position I would've placed Palla 1D of her current position and used a purewater. Then with Palla obstructing his path he would attack Catria from 2L which will be important later on. Technically, you could use the save point to reset for him to attack Catria from the correct square if he chose to attack MU from 2U but it might take you a while. Catria obviously has a melee weapon equipped.
On the EP Palla kills a mage. She has the same RES as MU but MU has higher dodge. It doesn't really matter if the mage attacks MU as MU won't die to the mage + Etzel; although it's a pretty close call. The highlighted ranges are that of the right Swarm!Bishop and the DK closest to him as well as some random mage that will be dealt with by the sniper squad.

Julian got the shard. Marth moves twice with Feena's help and uses the save point. Feena needs to be on the square she is on this turn.

One of the mages died to Caeda after the other attacked Luke. Luke kills the DK Linde pulled.

Sirius gives Linde his vulnerary that she'll need. Malicia gives Linde the Fire tome back because why waste Nosferatu? Malicia physic'd Palla on this turn. Caeda killed the mage that attacked Luke. Linde moves into range of the other DK and the right Swarm!Bishop and heals. The range selected is the left Swarm!Bishop.

MU killed one of the Bishops so Linde would've survive the EP. Palla OHKO'd the last thief. If Palla wasn't healed by Malicia she wouldn't be able to tank the Swarm and the DK.

Marth recruited Minerva who moved as far north as possible and then as far west as possible. Catria moved to the edge of Feena's range and was danced. She then moved 2U to position Etzel to the correct square. I realize this was completely unnecessary but read the exp whoring tag.


FML... This shop doesn't sell SIlver lances.


MU kills the boss. I think I had Palla grab an Iron lance to kill the remaining Bishop.


Marth recruits Etzel who heals Catria for Staff rank. Feena dances Marth.


Sirius killed the DK that attacked Linde. Linde rescues Marth. Marth seizes.

Level ups:


Linde is so uselessly RES blessed.

Luke has 40 Bow WEXP.

I really wasn't kidding about Bishop!Caeda on this map. I had Sage!Linde baby-step the DK pulls on this map but Nosferatu!Bishop!Caeda could pull both on turn 4 with the right shards and would also be able to trade Barrier from Malicia for double Barrier action. She would also free up Malicia on turn 3 so that Malicia could physic MU. Really Bishop!Caeda is pretty good.

Edit: This map took a lot longer than expected because of the Master seal midway through the map.

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I have some questions about how to change topic titles and also about how to start polls. For the topic titles, how do you change them? For polls, why can't I create one now when I had the option to do so when I first start topics?

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I have some questions about how to change topic titles and also about how to start polls. For the topic titles, how do you change them? For polls, why can't I create one now when I had the option to do so when I first start topics?

For both: Go to the first post, click on Edit, then click on Use Full Editor.

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Pretty dull maps. Nothing to really optimize.

[spoiler=C10 2/105 turns -- 2 Thief charges]

Sold 40 Thunder, 20 Blizzard, 12 Vulnerary

Forged +3 Mt, + 5 Hit Dragonpike (5400 G)

3 G Remaining

Deployed: DK!MU, Berserker!Wendell, Sniper!Sirius, Merc!Luke, Palla, Caeda, Catria, Malicia, Linde, Feena, Minerva

RPs (51 Remaining): Palla

Marth has Capricorn

MU has Leo and Taurus

Catria has Virgo and Aquarius

Sirius has Scorpio and Libra

Minerva has Gemini

Caeda has Cancer


Malicia Barriers Catria. Catria takes out the LHS bishop and Sirius takes out the RHS bishop. MU and Minerva take out the shaver mages. Palla kills the sniper. Caeda sets the merc kill for Levin!Marth. Feena dances Marth and he moves forward. Linde thiefs the bullion. Luke moves towards the mage that drops the Elfire tome. Wendell crosses the river. Merric moves 1D and disarms. On the EP, Elrean doesn’t crit Merric, some merc suicides onto Palla another merc tries to suicide on MU but MU can't double...


Wendell recruits Elrean (Merric needs to pull Elrean off the throne so Wendell can reach). Catria kills a mage to the left (since with the Barrier boost and RES shards she can tank the counter). MU and Palla kill some mages on the LHS (one of them has a Fire tome). Minerva weakens a merc for Caeda to kill. Linde thiefs the Unlock staff. Malicia mends Sirius. Sirius moves towards the RHS, is danced by Feena and kills a mage. Luke kills a mage that drops an Elfire tome. Marth seizes.

Level ups:



[spoiler=C10x 1/106 turns]

Sold Bullion (L)

Forged 10 Hit to Handaxe (1080 G)

8923 Remaining

Master seal, Speedwing -- Luke

Deployed: DK!MU, Paladin!Palla, Horseman!Luke, Cav!Catria, Hero!Sirius, Feena

RPs (48 Remaining): MU, Palla, Luke

MU has Scorpio and Taurus

Sirius has Libra

This map would be a pain if it wasn't for MJemirzian's L-trick.


Catria + Sirius kill one of the bottom Roros. Palla kills the Roro blocking the way to the real Roro. MU sets a kill for Marth. Marth takes the kill. Luke takes out another Roro. Feena dances MU and MU kills the real Roro.


Level up:


I reset this map for Catria to proc SPD. She missed it on my first attempt. The SPD is relevant for C12; technically I can go for a SPD proc during C12 or just Arena but it's more convenient to do now.

Luke has 40 Bow WEXP. I made a mistake in C9; he only had 38 Bow WEXP at the end of that chapter. Still, I think at this point I'll stop keeping track and just double Armscroll for Parthia.

Edit: I really hope people vote in the poll. I mean 4 more people guess and you all guess differently, someone is bound to be right and you can claim you were right about this poll... right? Also, cool prizes for the winner.

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Simple strategy. Fliers fly. MU uses a save point in front of a hunter. Linde builds a sandcastle. Somehow got all the buried treasure. Unless there are 11 or more buried items.

[spoiler=C11 5/111 turns -- 2 Rescue]Bought 3 Dragonpikes, 2 Wyrmslayers
2473 G Remaining

Deployed: DK!MU, Sniper!Luke, DK!Sirius, Sage!Etzel, Palla, Catria, Caeda, Linde, Malicia, Feena
RPs (46 Remaining): MU, Linde
Marth has Leo
MU has Scorpio
Luke has Taurus
Caeda has Cancer
Sirius has Libra, Sagittarius and Aries
Malicia has Aquarius
Linde has Capricorn and Gemini

MU is the NW DK. Sirius is the NE DK. Caeda is under Sirius.

Etzel gets the Spirit dust with a dance from Feena. Linde moves to pull a wyrm. MU also moves to engage some bandits for some free exp. This isn't necessary but might as well. Catria moves southwest and stays just barely out of range of enemies.

Palla and Sirius move NW, Luke is in position to feed a kill to Marth. Caeda moves there in preperation for next turn.

Etzel kills his wyrm on the EP. Aura + Fire is a 2HKO against wyrms when Linde has RP and MAG shards. Feena dances Linde and she moves north. Palla kills the wyrm MU weakened for her. Etzel moves into this nice pocket with Palla. MU picks up the Angelic robe. Sirius is in position to pull the wyrm near Jake while being outside of any other ranges. He also has 17 SPD (which is below average slightly but still enough to avoid being doubled) and considering I've given him an Energy drop and training him he's actually just as good as Palla on this map.

Marth gets the wyrm kill. Malicia mends Luke who the moves NE.

Caeda in the position indicated in the screenshot is in range of 2 wyrms that will attack and basically almost kill her. Wyrms have 32-33 Atk on this map. I actually reset so that one of the wyrms spawned with 32 Atk so my 36 HP/13 DEF Caeda with Cancer would survive with 1 HP. Catria doesn't have the same issue as she's only in range of 1 wyrm. Neither of Caeda's Javelin tosses matter. Catria on the other hand should have the forged Javelin for better accuracy as she can actually kill the wyrm that harasses her.

Palla kills the westernmost wyrm from the west so she can be in position to grab the items she needs to get. Sirius takes out the other one. MU receives a mend from Etzel because MU needs to be in somewhat of a precarious position.

Catria gets the Speedwing and heals. Caeda gets the Dracoshield and heals. Both will be physic'd by Malicia + Feena so they will survive another turn.

Linde takes out Sirius' wyrm from a couple of screens ago. The positioning works out really wonderfully. Linde is just outside the range of the wyrm that Caeda activated. Luke is placed in range of both wyrms that attacked Caeda but he is in range to counter at least 1. Luke needs less DEF than Caeda for this redirection to work. He also needs to be 3HKO'd. Between DEF shards and RP this is pretty easy to get. Sometimes the wyrms will attack Caeda from 2U and 1U1R and in that case Luke would be able to counter both wyrms on this EP. I was trying to control the bandits' positioning for turn 5, that's why Malicia is super close to the save point but I failed as you'll see soon.

Finally we have MU use the save point right in front of a hunter... smart guy. This is why Etzel needed to mend him. This btw doesn't activate the castle trap. Just the bandit and hunter near the save point. I should mention that MUs with 23 STR can ORKO most bandits with handaxes. 23 STR is also the requisite for the OHKO on the boss with the +3 Mt Dragonpike forge. Technically, there are some extremely rare bandits that spawn with 43 HP/ 6 DEF which require 24 STR or a +Mt handaxe forge.

I forgot the screenshot but Caeda had the Ironaxe forge and ORKO'd the hunter. She and Catria will both receive physics by way of Malicia + Feena again on this turn. If Caeda can survive 2 wyrms, she'll have no issue surviving the 2 bandits. Marth kills the wyrm Luke weakened for him. Luke uses the bow forge to OHKO the remaining wyrm who didn't get hit on the EP due to positioning limitations.

MU ORKO'd everything blocking Etzels path on the EP. Catria, Palla and Sirius pick up the items they need to get.

Finish off the turn with the dullest move ever. 1L so he's in range to OHKO the boss. I couldn't activate the castle trap since everyone in the vicinity can't tank the enemies.

Palla got the Elysian whip. I chipped the wyrm for some exp. In all honesty I would've reset from turn 3 if I'd gotten a crit; though I think Palla was 1 STR shy of a OHKO with a crit. Caeda after tanking the two wyrms needed a vulnerary use as well as 2 physics to endure further punishment. She recruits Jake and trades the VIP card.

After Etzel rescued Feena, dance, rescue Marth and having MU use the support bonus for better reliability against the boss I had Linde use the save point.

Killer lance crit for the Mastersword. I figured since Sirius is pretty much the only one ever going to use it I might as well make him get it. Conveniently also picks up the Energy drop.

In the first screenshot you see where I failed. I tried to pull the bandit a bit closer to Luke but it didn't work out. Oh well. Bought 2 wyrmslayers and 3 dragonpikes. No need to waste money on a Wing spear as I have the armourslayer forge. Catria also kills the wyrm the was harassing her while she was collecting the items. Catria btw is the only unit to have engaged a wyrm while unpromoted. This should foreshadow what her future should look like... her very near future... like next chapter future.

Marth seizes. Yay got all the treasure.

Level ups:
Linde still getting those useless RES procs. Marth hasn't missed a SPD proc since level 11 I think.

I don't think I could've gotten all the items without Linde. As ridiculous as it may sound, she and MU are pretty much the reason I was able to field Catria to just get the Speedwings and Ladysword.
I do not think this strategy is adaptable for Lunatic Reverse. RP!Minerva would save you 2 physic turns for Malicia and perhaps RP!Caeda would only need one physic but Linde still requires assistance and Luke does too. Though there is probably a better way to get all the items.

[spoiler=Dragon Valley Kill Count]Since I like keeping track of numbers, useless as they may be, I might as well keep track of kills during these chapters.
Only wyrms, fire dragons, ice dragons and promoted units included. Currently only for C11 obviously but the subsequent kill counts will be cumulative.

Marth – 2 wyrms
Caeda –
Luke – 1 wyrm
MU – 1 wyrm (boss)
Sirius – 1 wyrm, 1 SM
Palla – 2 wyrms
Catria – 1 wyrm
Linde – 2 wyrms
Etzel – 1 wyrm
Team total – 11 wyrms (1 boss), 1 SM

So for both people that voted, thanks for voting but you are both wrong. If you've read everything up to this line you'd know Linde didn't pick up any of the items. She and MU just unburdened some support fliers which allowed them to be elsewhere on the map. And of course the correct answer was not in the poll. Sorry.

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I imagine this map has gained some notoriety for handing players some horrid hit rates; especially the boss that most units struggle to have even 65 hit against.

[spoiler=Enter Catria]w0lr.pngwmsn.png

[spoiler=C12 5/116 turns -- 1 Hammerne, 1 Rescue]

Arena (single fight w/o shards) -- Archer!Catria (780 G)

Forged +1 Mt, +5 Hit on Handaxe (810 G)

883 G Remaining

Elysian whip -- Catria

Energy drop -- Caeda

Spirit dust -- Linde

Armscroll -- Luke (C->B Bows as Horseman)

Deployed: DK!MU, Horseman!Luke, Bishop!Linde, DK!Sirius, Palla, Caeda, Catria, Malicia, Feena, Etzel

RPs (42 Remaining): MU, Palla, Catria, Luke

Marth has Capricorn and Aquarius

MU has Taurus and Cancer

Sirius has Leo

Caeda has Sagittarius, Libra and Aries

Catria has Scorpio and Gemini

I had Catria fight in the arena as an archer to get SPD. Pretty much the same thing I did with Caeda.


Since I want to get as much exp from these maps as possible MU needs enough HP/DEF/RES to tank 173 physical (over 5 attacks) on turn 1. After receiving a physic and using a vulnerary he needs to be able to survive another 105 physical (over 3 attacks) and 17 (18 if for some reason MU doesn't have A lances) magical (over 1 attack) on turn 2. This will guarantee MU's survival. It seems daunting to ask of that of any unit but between 2 Dracoshields, Cancer, Taurus and RP my MU survives comfortably even without a purewater. Even then you can use the save point to rig a dodge as MU actually has non-negligible dodge chance against these enemies.

For the strategy to work MU should just be ORKOing bandits; I forged another handaxe so MU could do it. The bandits are worth crap for exp compared to the wyrms and dragons and they are more of a nuisance than anything else. Credit to MJemirzian for trivializing this map by suggesting MU ORKO the bandits.


RP!Silver Palla just barely misses out of the kill which is terrific since Marth can steal it. Catria with stacked supports...


MU ORKOs the bandit while off of the bridge. If you step on the bridge the northern enemies move south and the enemies from the forts seen in the second screenshot spawn. Having Luke at C swords enables him to get all 3 dragons with the healing he will receive from Malicia. MU needs to ORKO the bandits in order for Luke's presence near the north to be unnecessary.


Etzel moves up, Malicia Hammernes the Rescue that he will give to Linde on turn 3. Sirius uses the save point. I used this save point to rig a 0 crit, miss at most 1 wyrm performance by MU on the EP. Both dragons needed to take both hits -- sort of, I had Caeda free but I'm not looking to feed her kills when she is in a SPD capped class as they are pointless levels.


The positioning of the enemies is irrelevant. Marth tosses the Levin sword into the convoy, picks out a wyrmslayer and gets another dragon kill. Linde moves up, mends Catria, gets danced by Feena, moves to Marth, takes the MAG shards and kills the other dragon.


Sirius with the forged dragonpike and Leo is strong enough to OHKO max HP/DEF wyrms. Catria just ORKOs. Despite the 46 hit the wyrm had it didn't miss.


MU moves up to obstruct the path of the SM and heals after receiving a physic from Malicia. I placed Caeda in range of Darros' handaxe range and he'll target her over MU. Luke moved full west and healed up as he can't tank a dragon quite yet. Etzel moved up. MU had a javelin as his second weapon. When he ORKOs the Devil!Bandit he will have the option to send an item to the convoy. I sent the handaxe to the convoy which equips the Javelin for WTA against the SM. I think Catria could just ORKO the SM with a Silver lance but I do not have that much Silver to spare.


Palla was physic'd before she killed the full HP dragon. Catria due to having RES doesn't need to be healed again to kill the SM. Marth recruits Darros, was danced by Feena (positioned 1L of Marth) and then moved up to get yet another dragon kill. What is that like 3 so far?


Etzel moved up, traded the Rescue to Linde and took Barrier to use for some staff rank. Normally, I'd have him heal Caeda but Caeda dodged Darros' handaxe. Sirius moves NW, Caeda moves NE. MU moved down to offer Linde a healing target.


Luke positions himself specifically there. If you place him on the other two squares where he could counter a dragon with a bow you risk him being in overlapping ranges on turn 4.


Turn 4 is just a prep turn. Palla moved onto the west central fort. Linde moved onto the save point, healed Catria, was danced and then moved onto the middle central fort to heal Palla. Darros occupies the east central fort. These forts spawn enemies once Marth moves 1L of Palla so they need to be occupied. MU and Catria join Sirius who also moves a bit more west. Caeda moves further east. Luke moves into position to kill the dragon he weakened on the last EP. Malicia mends him.


Darros used the save point. Caeda faces the worst hit rates even with her high LUK since she doesn't get support bonuses. Marth gets his 4th and final kill of this map with the help of MU's javelins.


Palla had just enough movement from the west central fort to kill the dragon. Sirius OHKO's another dragon with the forged dragonpike. Catria has a stellar 81 hit against this boss thanks to MU + Palla B support. Catria has basically outclassed both Caeda and Palla with her recent promotion. At the starting location, Luke dodged the dragon on the EP but with Etzel and Malicia he would easily have the HP to kill the final dragon with a wyrmslayer. Marth seizes.

Level ups:


Palla still no LUK and it's kind of annoying. She didn't get it in any of my dry runs either. Sirius I think is DEF blessed. Caeda up on HP but down on DEF. Etzel first level-up MAG which was nice. Catria first RES level, also nice.

Marth also hits a possibly very crucial 17 SPD for the next chapter. I kind of want to field Hero!Sirius instead of DK!Sirius. If I am able to field him as a Hero then the 17 SPD for Marth isn't important for Sirius' growth.

[spoiler=Dragon Valley Kill Count]

Only wyrms, fire dragons, ice dragons and promoted units included. Cumulative, continuing from C11.

Marth – 2 wyrms, 4 fire dragons

Caeda – 1 fire dragon

Luke – 1 wyrm, 3 fire dragons

MU – 1 wyrm (1 boss)

Sirius – 3 wyrms, 1 SM

Palla – 3 wyrms, 2 fire dragons

Catria – 2 wyrms, 2 fire dragons (1 boss), 1 SM

Linde – 2 wyrms, 1 fire dragon

Etzel – 1 wyrm

Team total – 15 wyrms (1 boss), 13 fire dragons (1 boss), 2 SMs

Edit: Before computing Catria's chance to cap SPD as a PK with 6 levels as a PK and 3 levels as a cavalier I was considering redoing the chapter and 2HKOing the boss instead of ORKOing. I consider the whole cheating SPD cap abuse for Catria to be able to double the boss to be acceptable since Catria will, with 83.75% chance, at least cap SPD as a PK. With an arena level as an archer she's likely to gain SPD. And she levels up during the map before engaging the boss so it's not as bad as it seems.

But for the sake of my conscience can someone run a joint binomial calculation to check against the percentage I got?

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When life gives you Rescue, give it back and ask for Feena.

Just a disclaimer, this strategy is more serene if you field a second healer instead of Julian but I wanted that Spirit dust. Marth gets danced on turn 1, 5 and 6. Sirius gets danced on turn 2, 3 and 4 for vulnerary healing action + killing ice dragons.

[spoiler=C13 6/122 turns]

Sold 140 Steel sword, 140 Steel lance, 70 Steel axe, 25 Fire, 6 Vulnerary, 2 Master seals

Bought 2 Spirit dusts, 1 Physic

1801 G Remaining

2 Spirit dusts -- Linde

Angelic robe -- Sirius

Energy drop -- Caeda

Armscroll – Luke (B->A Bows as Horseman)

Deployed: DK!MU, Hero!Sirius, Horseman!Luke, SM!Linde, Sniper!Caeda, Palla, Catria, Malicia, Feena, Julian

RPs (39 Remaining): MU, Palla, Marth -- Sirius used a LUK bond

Marth has Cancer

MU has Taurus and Leo

Palla has Virgo

Sirius has Pisces, Aries and Libra

Linde has Aquarius

Malicia has Capricorn

Caeda has Gemini and Scorpio


Take a picture (or I guess that's what I did) because by the end of turn 3 PP, many of the red dots are going to be gone. Start by killing the dragon and bandit on the LHS with Sirius and Linde.


Marth moves barely into enemy range and Feena dances him from 1R. The ranges selected in the second screenshot are that of the highlighted mage as well as the dragon across the river. I loaded Marth with a number of DEF shards and also used RP so Sirius has lower DEF than Marth. The bandit has like ~50 hit vs. Linde and he can't reach Luke (who is positioned to ORKO the mage on the EP). The bandit will attack Sirius. Sirius was physic'd this turn.


Caeda used the Steel forge (and a +STR shard -- god she's so weak) to ORKO this bandit from range. Catria killed the ice dragon. Palla took out the mage with a Javelin from range. On the EP Palla will be left with single digit HP, but she doesn't need to land either of her javelins against the remaining bandit as Caeda will ORKO it on the subsequent PP.

I have a slightly RES and HP blessed Palla. Even with the RP, average Palla's should not be able to survive the mage and the bandit without healing. Catria on the other hand should be able to comfortably survive without healing assuming RP or DEF/RES shards so the clear is still possible. If I had chosen to field Etzel or even Yumina instead of Julian then I could've gotten the exp distribution I wanted but would've had to pass up on the Spirit dust. So I just took advantage of my Palla's greater than average durability.


So yea, continuing the trend of just having MU eliminate annoying bandits and other small fries I place MU there (which is the tip of one of the dragons ranges) and use a purewater. MU needs to survive 36 and 33 physical Atk as well as two 27 magical Atk. Really shouldn't be much of a problem. MU shouldn't even have to heal on this map. Julian moves as far up as he can while remaining out of ranges.


Linde kills the bandit that attacked Sirius. Marth moves up, again staying out of the ice dragon's range. Luke is positioned to counter KO the left wyrm with Silver equipped. [spoiler=A lot of rambling]I should mention though, sometimes the LHS wyrms like to move 11D1R instead of 12D; in that case Marth should to a square where he can recruit Beck, is out of the dragon's range and is not obstructing one of the wyrm's suicide path to Luke (who will also be on another but appropriate tile in this case). Sometimes if Sirius is within 2HKO range of a wyrm + bandit after turn 1 PP the wyrms might go haywire. One instance of this was the first wyrm to move would move 10D2R and the second will just move 12D. This issue can be resolved by having Marth acquire 3HKO status by way of an Angelic robe, then placing Luke and Caeda into range where they can snipe the wyrms down with Silver and the forge, respectively.

I chose to handle this issue very differently. I first bought 2 dusts for Linde and gave Malicia the MAG shard. Ever since I've made the adjustments to shard allocation the dragon's have been behaving perfectly. The general strategy itself is rather reliable and flexible; I however was stubborn and handled various issues obtusely.


Catria from her position barely has the movement range to ORKO the full HP dragon that moved south. Malicia mended Catria prior to the kill.


Everyone moves to just out of range of the wyrms. Julian's presence should draw the wyrms into a location where Caeda can snipe at least one of them.


Sirius moves 1U of Feena, uses a vulnerary, gets danced by Feena who steps into the river, and OHKOs the wyrm MU weakened on the EP.


Palla (and Sirius) are still both strong enough to OHKO wyrms with the forge. I was going to OHKO with the forged bow but then Caeda dodged her attack against the bandit so why not just double with regular steel. MU still hits like a truck.


Catria gets physic'd to ORKO her 3rd ice dragon of the game. This ice dragon doesn't need to die this turn but does need to die by next turn at the latest in order for Julian to get the Spirit dust. Marth recruits Beck and gives him the VIP card. Beck buys 1 Physic. I figure, I get one more Physic from a bishop in C15 and another after Frost joins + I'll have 2 Fortifys to spam all day so all my healing needs will be covered. TBH, I might just spam Fortify to level Malicia up faster. After Marth vacated his position Luke can then move in and kill the remaining wyrm.


Dance all day with Feena. Sirius (like Catria) also has 3 dragon kills on this map. Linde will eventually kill the thief (who she double's) after it picks up the wyrmslayer.


I did say most of the red dots would disappear from the map. Just a whole lot of movement now; movement and healing. Luke will gallop his way to the northern most dragon, counter with bows and finish with wyrmslayer. He'll need to use vulneraries and receive a physic for this.


Julian makes his way to the dust. I abused the fort below the boss area for 2 turns. Palla also had to hand Catria the forged dragonpike. Caeda and Beck both made their way to save points.


Feena dances Marth for him to get into position for the next turn.


By now Luke has already killed the dragon to the north and Linde has killed the last enemy thief. Julian got the Spirit dust. I didn't know what the hell to use two save points for so I think I went for a Devil axe hit with MU. Saved two vulneraries I guess. Sirius got a kill and so did Palla. Marth moves into the river and no further so Feena can still dance him.


My, my Catria. Facing a 1% crit chance. Goddess icon for sure. Feena dances, Marth seizes.

Every time I do this map, whether it is Lunatic Reverse or Lunatic, with RP or without I've never managed to kill both mages in the castle area. One always lives. They haunt my dreams.

Level ups:


[spoiler=Dragon Valley Kill Count]

Only wyrms, fire dragons, ice dragons and promoted units included. Cumulative, continuing from C12.

Marth – 2 wyrms, 4 fire dragons

Caeda – 1 wyrm, 1 fire dragon

Luke – 3 wyrms, 3 fire dragons, 1 ice dragon

MU – 1 wyrm (1 boss)

Sirius – 3 wyrms, 1 SM, 4 ice dragons

Palla – 4 wyrms, 2 fire dragons, 1 ice dragon

Catria – 2 wyrms, 2 fire dragons (1 boss), 1 SM, 4 ice dragons (1 boss)

Linde – 2 wyrms, 1 fire dragon

Etzel – 1 wyrm

Team total – 19 wyrms (1 boss), 13 fire dragons (1 boss), 10 ice dragons (1 boss), 2 SMs

Considering all the dead time on this map, it might be possible to activate the reinforcements and farm them for exp while maintaining the 6 turn. Not sure if it is possible to still acquire the Spirit dust though.

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I really do not like this map and it's BS FOW. These myrmidons are like ninjas vs. arrow drawing.

[spoiler=C13x 2/124 turns]

Spirit dust -- Linde

Master seal -- Malicia

Deployed: Hero!MU, Horseman!Luke, Paladin!Catria, Linde, Sirius, Feena

Marth has Cancer, Aquarius and Capricorn

MU has Aries and Sagittarius

Catria has Taurus and Gemini

Sirius has Libra, Scorpio and Leo


4 dusted Linde with Fire. Yeah...


Marth fed a kill, MU needs to avoid getting crit'd on the EP in this position though.


Drawing arrows. FOW really dumb.

Sirius, Luke and Catria all kill things.
On the EP, Luke was only in range of a bandit who would attack him. With the DEF shards Marth is 3HKO'd. All of the mobile enemies on the map were revealed to me on PP 2. Catria, Sirius and Luke handled the bandit and 2 myrms.
MU fails to ORKO bandits without crits so Athena steps in for the bandit kill. Linde is worth every penny.
Dance Linde, reveal last enemy and kill. Short map.
Level ups:

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Marth is basically endgame ready.

[spoiler=C14 5/129 turns -- 1 Rescue, 1 Thief charge]

Deployed: Paladin!MU, Paladin!Catria, Paladin!Palla, Paladin!Caeda, Hero!Sirius, Bishop!Linde, Horseman!Luke, Sage!Malicia, Julian, Feena

RPs (35 Remaining): Marth, Palla, Catria, Linde -- Sirius and Luke used LUK bonds

Marth has Gemini

MU has Taurus and Leo

Catria has Cancer and Taurus

Sirius has Libra and Aries

Malicia has Aquarius and Capricorn

Julian has Pisces and Virgo


Palla is 1D of Feena, and Caeda is 1D of Linde. Max SPD Paladins with Scorpio can double the Fortify-thief occasionally. FK!Catria can double with Scorpio guaranteed but I prefer Paladin growths and Catria kind of needs to fend for herself on this map, receiving only Fortify heals. Catria should be given the forged dragonpike to OHKO ice dragons after she weakens them on the EP as she can't run back to the main group since the reinforcements spawn on EP 2 in a 5 turn clear.


Sirius even with all the LUK shards and a LUK bond faces crit chances. Nothing can really be done about it but it's only 2 percent. Linde mends him after he kills the dragon. Linde is in position to destroy the 2 mages on the LHS. Now that I think about it, I could've gotten away with just using a Fire tome instead of Nosferatu. Ah well. 4 Spirit dusts went into this Linde so far.


Luke sets a kill for Marth. Luke also faces crit chances on this map. Again, nothing can really be done about it currently. Ice dragons really do have way too much skill.


Xane imitates MU. Julian swaps his items. Xane has +3 more RES than MU which basically forces one of the mages on the RHS to attack MU. Xane only gets 2 mage kills and a thief kill on this map which is terrific because that's pretty minimal in terms of exp loss. MU moves up and attacks the mage from that square. There are only two units on my team who can currently OHKO thieves on this map. MU and Linde. MU actually needs the shards to be able to do it, which means Xane can't OHKO. This forces my hand and I have to weaken multiple thieves with MU (and other units) so enough of them can be killed on turn 2.


Palla and Sirius (after being danced by Feena from 1U) kill the mage and dragon accessible on turn 1. After all of that, Malicia moves up takes the Fortify from the convoy and heals everyone. Palla will be taking attacks from both an ice dragon and a thief (equipped with a killing edge); she needs to avoid being crit'd by both. Nothing can really be done about this either sadly. Luckily many of the hit rates (due to support bonuses) are in the 90-100 range. MU will dish out counters to a couple of thieves.


This is not nearly as intimidating as it seems.


Linde full moves and Aura bombs one thief. MU moves left and kills a thief. Palla moves 1L of her dragon and kills it. (Sometimes this dragon will attack from 2L instead of 2U, in that case the 5 turn is still possible but a significantly less desirable exp distribution is forced; namely Xane will have to trade someone's dragonpike and kill a dragon while most units settle for thief kills.)


Sirius kills a thief from the spot he is to create a barricade for Feena. I don't have the firepower to kill everything in one go so I need to protect Feena. Caeda needs to be in the spot she is in order to be able to protect Marth on turn 3. Malicia healed everyone at some point. Luke moves to kill a thief and counter a dragon. It's probably best to use a killer bow to do this as actually killing the dragon as opposed to just weakening would be beneficial for unit positioning but I kind of wanted to force-feed Sirius exp so he can get to level 13. Sirius will be the same level as MU after this map btw. No favouritism, for reals No but seriously, I think this is best for the teams overall strength.


Marth gets fed a kill by MU!Xane. This is hopefully the last time I'll have to feed Marth a kill for a long while. After Marth got this kill, Feena danced him from 1D so she remained in the protection of the barricade and Marth got the starsphere.


Catria needed the forge to OHKO ice dragons after they were weakened by her Javelin. Her positioning here is a bit risky but it's mostly okay. Only one of the mages reinforcements should come after and all the dragons should move north. Julian moves up.


The LHS is a lot easier than the RHS. MU kills the mage from 2R. Palla ORKOs an ice dragon. Linde full moves and destroys an ice dragon on her own. Linde has some insane offense if you give her 4 (uncontested) Spirit dusts and actually level her.


RHS is a bit tricky. Sirius kills the dragon Luke weakened on the EP. Marth full moves, is danced by Feena and then moves to ORKO the ice dragon in the screenshot. Marth needs 18 SPD + RP and starsphere to do this. My level 17 Marth had already had 18 SPD going into the map. Caeda then kills the mage near Marth. Caeda will be the target of the ice dragon (who moves before the mages), then Marth will be attacked by a mage on the EP. Obviously Malicia will be healing everyone on this turn as well. Xane kills the last thief on the map and Caeda takes out the other dragon who attacked her on EP 1. A single mage has moved toward Catria while all other reinforcements moved north as expected.


I had Julian use the save point before this attack since the hit rate wasn't even in the 90s and Luke is facing a 4% crit. On the MU takes hits from 2 ice dragons.


MU and Palla take out the dragons weakened on the EP. Linde full moves and heals MU.


After Malicia healed Marth ORKOs this ice dragon just like he did the last one. (This is 4 dragon kills for Marth on this map.) Sirius moved 1U of Marth took a steel sword from the convoy and killed a mage. Caeda kills the last mage blocking the path to Tiki. Feena dances Marth, and Marth recruits Tiki. Julian moved north towards the Swordslayer chest. Catria I think equipped a Javelin to counter KO the mage near her.


All the ice dragons move before the mage. MU!Xane is at full HP and can tank any combination of 3 enemies; he will actually tank 2 dragons and a mage (the mage will die on the EP). The dragon not highlighted will go after Luke who is equipped with a bow to counter it.


I thought about what I wanted to do here for a while. Sirius is the only one with the STR to OHKO the ice dragons weakened by MU!Xane. Luke can OHKO the dragon that attacked him with a wyrmslayer. If the dragons were not low enough for anyone to ORKO, the solution is to heal with Malicia and dance her so she can thief the Again staff. This would allow Caeda, Sirius and Luke to get one kill each. My Caeda has capped SPD so I didn't want to give her levels and thus Sirius gets danced for 2 kills while Luke just gets one.


The last unit was killed, Julian gets the Swordslayer, Malicia thiefs the Again staff, Palla helps Linde with Rescue positioning and Marth seizes.

Level ups:

In the next post.

[spoiler=Dragon Valley Kill Count Total]

Only wyrms, fire dragons, ice dragons and promoted units included. C11-C14 inclusive.

Marth – 2 wyrms, 4 fire dragons, 4 ice dragons

Caeda – 1 wyrm, 1 fire dragon, 1 ice dragon

Luke – 3 wyrms, 3 fire dragons, 3 ice dragons

MU – 1 wyrm (1 boss), 1 ice dragon

Sirius – 3 wyrms, 1 SM, 9 ice dragons (lol)

Palla – 4 wyrms, 2 fire dragons, 4 ice dragons

Catria – 2 wyrms, 2 fire dragons (1 boss), 1 SM, 6 ice dragons (1 boss)

Linde – 2 wyrms, 1 fire dragon, 1 Sniper (1 boss), 1 ice dragon

Etzel – 1 wyrm

Team total – 19 wyrms (1 boss), 13 fire dragons (1 boss), 29 ice dragons (1 boss), 2 SMs, 1 Sniper (1 boss)

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Video version of C13 and C14. There are statistical discrepancies because I had to replay from C12 and also the play is pretty sloppy because I was playing with cold fingers, I was worried about the time limit/file size, and I had kind of forgotten the strategies and other convenient excuses for terrible execution; the screenshots show more precise actions. There were some contingencies in C13 that I had failed to account in the write-up for the screenshots but they don't change the strategy. C14 is really sloppy because I left the room for EP 1 and I was confused because one of the dragons was missing. After watching the video I realized I got a bunch of unnecessary crits. Both of these were like the second recording (although I got lucky for C14 considering Palla needs to avoid being crit'd on EP 1).

Anyway, considering I had to split up the screenshots for C14 (and also seeing that PKL's videos are actually watchable even with all the lag) I'm considering changing the run to video format. Maybe commentary to go along, who knows. Probably no commentary and just a quick write-up though.

Please vote in the poll... please. PLEASE! Poll-lease?

And any tips to get the file size down while maintaining this level of quality would be helpful. I currently have like 175-195 MB (down from lol2.5-3.5 GB #videocaptureisridiculous). Umm.. 720 width by 480 height and 1750 bit rate at 30 FPS. Using windows live movie maker because screw professionalism.

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I'm stuck, and probably will be for a while. I'm still theory-crafting some straight-up/seemingly impossible strategies. But here's what I've been thinking about.

A theoretical 1 turn without Rescue and Again uses.

Step 1: Figure out how to hack the game.

Step 2: Hack the game.

Step 3: Profit.

A theoretical 4-turn with 1 Rescue and 1 Again.

Step 1: Dance rescuer on turn 1 so they can rescue Marth 1U of the north door of Est's prison on turn 2. They need to be standing on the fort to rescue Marth to the correct square. This actually can be accomplished by having a Palidan full move and OHKO the enemy Paladin with a +5 Mt Ridersbane forge.

Step 2: Both doors magically open. Don't ask questions.

Step 3: After being rescued, Marth full moves every move and receives an Again use at some point to reach the gate in 4 full movements starting from turn 2. Assume enemies including the boss step aside, because... reasons!

Step 4: Abel recruits himself, because... just hope, it's all I got.

The problems? Oh not much, just steps 2-4. It's not so bad I swear.

Let's just forget about the arrowspate ballistas on this map, the fact that we only have 1 Iote's shield, Abel needing to be recruited to satisfy the conditions of my run, the boss area needing to be routed at a much later date due to needing forces to stay back and protect Feena, Linde not having the Nos charges to tank all of the enemies that will attack her (the 5 turn only needs 12 but this stupid impossible 4 turn requires she tank many more enemies) and the list goes on...

Theoretical 5 turn with 1 Again use. (This is actually what I'm working on.)

Step 1: Rout as much of the boss area without the help of Xane since Feena won't be able to help Xane partake in PP 1 combat. Thus at least one enemy (on top of the normal Abel-boss-killer!General would be left alive and need to be tanked on the EP). Probably is manageable.

Step 2: Marth needs to be danced on turn 1 and turn 2 to reach 1U of the door to Est's prison and then open it himself. He'll have the armourslayer forge equiped and can ORKO the general on the EP where he will have to avoid being crit'd.

Step 3: Someone will have to open the other door as Marth needs to use his full movement. There may be some complications that arise from both the bishop and the reinforcement being alive on the same turn. I'll figure this out when I actually start playing the map.

Step 4. Marth needs to receive an Again use to help protect Abel/Est from the reinforcement? Maybe, not quite sure how this will pan out exactly. And I need enough units to clear Marth's path to the gate. I might need a unit to occupy the fort as well. I forget what the spawns are and what weapons they possess. If it's something like a Ridersbane!Paladin followed by a Bow!Horseman I'll be in a bit of a bind.

Step 5: Kill boss, recruit Abel, etc, etc, and finally seize.

Seems possible... maybe?

I should probably start playing instead of continuing to theory-craft but this map is scaring the hell out of me.

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You could search for my old Lunatic playthrough. I 5 turned the map with Abel obtained and I didn't find it all that hard. You also have Linde instead of Malicia so you don't need as many resources to nostank. What's the problem with the map, exactly?

EDIT: My H2 playthrough could also give you some ideas.

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5 turning isn't the problem. It's 5 turning with just the Again (no rescue), which does not allow Feena to dance Xane on turn 1, since she has to be placed so she can dance Marth 1U of the Est's prison's door for turn 2. It doesn't seem like it will present that many problems but I have some additional objectives I want to complete (I want those Silver weapons the thieves are carrying) and I also want to field Luke as a Horseman instead of a DK so he can continue to gain SPD and have better all-around offensive growth. I would also like to visit the shops to purchase some Purewaters (I didn't get a chance to buy them in C9 although if this proves too difficult I might just wait for C19 - I think C21 sells them too) and maybe a extra door key just in case. There's a lot to do on this map and it isn't simple to get the most out of it.

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Oh, I misunderstood you. So basically you want to do the H1 strat where Marth doesn't get rescued? You might definetely need Luke as a Dracoknight even with his bad weapon ranks, it'll help clear the boss area.

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Yea, trying to avoid fielding him in SPD capped classes. Luke is pretty much primed to annihilate C17 (with RP), however he's off average in STR by -0.5 to + 1 STR and +0.5 to + 1.5 SPD (only gave him one Speedwing so far). Everyone other than Luke and MU are set to clear C17 in 4 turns without RP uses; the blessings and curses for Catria (insanely on mark with her averages), Sirius (STR and DEF blessed but SPD cursed), and Palla (SPD cursed) affect the clear. MU needs a SPD proc, a stat he's cursed in by roughly 2 points after accounting for the Speedwing I gave him, and Luke just needs the levels for me not to have to take advantage his current offensive blessings; they'll both need RPs. I don't see either of them meeting the benchmarks for C17 without the RP, blessings or more stat-boosters. I thought I did a good job getting Luke enough exp in the valley but apparently not.

The next map with stupid hard benchmarks is C19 which I think MU and Luke will hit in time; again they'll both need RPs and MU will very likely need a 3rd Dracoshield (since he's DEF cursed by ~1.5 points) but I can afford it; actually I still have the C11 Dracoshield on hand.

After that I think I'll be sitting pretty with a ton of cash for the Secret shop and forges.

Edit: Actually MU is above his average DEF by 0.45 after the 2 Dracoshields. He'll still need a third Dracoshield even with an RP use.

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Just FYI, this strategy sucks. It doesn't meet my standards for hit-rates (multiple sub 90-hit rates in a long sequence and without save point usage no less). However, I completed all the objectives I wanted to do; I got all the thieves' items, farmed the reinforcements for exp and visited the shop; though I ended up not buying anything since there is a mage with a doorkey who was kind enough to die on the last turn and I realized I could get a purewater for free in the next chapter. If I really need more purewaters I'll buy one from C19's shop. I won't need to purchase door keys as one of the C17 snipers will drop the final one I might need.
Took the near-rout of the boss area idea from PKL's playthrough, though there is a method that involves a bit more finesse that could be applied if Luke was given an Angelic robe right now involving pulling the sniper to attack someone from the starting position and having the mage just suicide on the EP. However, the method limits the fliers' ability to run around the map.

I'm continuing from the screenshot clear, not the video clear... because I didn't save the video clear and that was mostly for quality testing anyway.

[spoiler=C15 5/134 turns -- 1 Again]Sold Master seal, Bullion (L), 55 Steel sword
Bought Spirit dust
Forged +5 Mt, +5 Hit on Ridersbane (10200 G)
1038 G Remaining
Spirit dust -- Linde

Deployed: Berserker!MU, Berserker!Luke, DK!Sirius, Sage!Malicia, Bishop!Etzel, Palla, Caeda, Catria, Linde, Feena, Xane
RPs (31 Remaining): MU, Catria, Linde, Sirius
Palla has Iote's shield and Starsphere
MU has Lightsphere

The strategy is a lot cleaner if you have everyone stay on the island to really just maul it to death but I'm not a big fan of fielding 4 fliers and then have them just roosting on an island for 3 turns. Could probably be cleaned up a bit by fielding MU as a DK instead of a berserker but then I wouldn't be able to easily handle the horseman reinforcements which is what causes all the accuracy issues. Also, didn't exactly have enough Javelins to pass around. That being said, this strategy is IMO cleaner than the 5 turn with 1 Rescue and 1 Again I've seen on PKL's thread (mainly due to the positioning of Marth especially when if you don't bother with the secondary objectives) but I did get the near full rout idea from it so credit where it's due. If you really wanted you can avoid all of the reinforcements. Like literally all of them; you can plug up all the central forts before any reinforcements spawn and you don't have to trigger any reinforcements until turn 4 so you can avoid the northwest spawns entirely and Marth never has to take more than 1 hit per EP. Very clean if you don't care about the exp gains (which are nothing to write home about); crappy strategy if you want all the secondary objectives completed. I'm mostly happy with this clear but the sequence of sub-90 hits is so long it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Etzel barriers Marth on turn 1 so that on turn 3 the Bishop will attack Sirius (who would then have the lowest RES of the prison group). Etzel is getting dropped. Katarina's staff rank lead is way too much for me to not bring her into the fold. Due to fielding Julian during C13 and C14 I didn't even get Etzel to C staves as a Bishop until AFTER turn 1. I had to give Dolph the accuracy forged Javelin because he kept missing the Ridersbane!Paladin who is apparently in love with Marth or something. He refuses to suicide onto Linde no matter what I do. I had Marth equip a killing edge (it won't kill if it crits but it'll put the Paladin into 1HKO range for Luke who is using the +10 Hit handaxe). Linde does ~75% of the work to help Marth actually enter the prison. Marth opens the door himself and on the EP can ORKO the general with the armourslayer forge I had. The armourslayer forge isn't necessary since Feena can dance Linde far enough for her to clear the rest of the path towards the other door which a flier will open. Oh yea, I did a lot of theory-crafting about how to handle the reinforcement spawns. I was so pissed off when the reinforcements didn't spawn when I expected them too. But then I remembered this.
So I did.
Turn 3 Catria moves into the trigger area. Catria is responsible for eliminating 3 targets on this map. The sniper on the boss's island, the sniper on the fort blocking the way to the prison and a Paladin that attacks Marth in the likely event Marth doesn't crit-kill it with his Rapier (yea my Marth so amazing he can actually crit-kill things with effective weaponry -- it only took like 10 dragon kills for him to get there but he got there... hurray?)
Palla eliminates the thieves holding a Rapier, a Silver axe and a Silver sword (~2500 G when sold); I had her use the +5 Mt Riders bane forge because it's basically Silver except I only need like 10-12 uses from it at most. Xane helps control Abel before Est can recruit him and gets me an Elfire tome (600 G sell price) and Caeda gets me a door key that I may or may not need. I tried to show relevant ranges but I don't think I did a good job, sorry. I also did some square counting though I'm not sure people would understand why. Near the end I situated MU in range and equipped a 65 Hit handaxe in order to try and feed Marth a kill but MU landed both hits. I had initially thought that Marth would never hit B swords, but it could happen in this playthrough. Actually, I'll be trying to tailor maps enough so that I could avoid giving Marth boosters to be ready for Medeus altogether.
I had Etzel and Malicia move to draw the NW spawns east so I could feed Linde some more exp since Palla wouldn't be able to take out the horseman and the thief on the same turn. Gave MU most of the central reinforcement spawns; he's and Luke are actually the only one's with benchmarks to reach.
Final note, my Linde is like really cursed in HP and MAG. Like half an Angelic Robe and an entire Spirit dust. Basically, Linde is a beast or she's just a really high level for this point in the game, IDK. If you see Linde get HP procs on maps, just assume I'm rigging them is basically what I'm saying. The MAG won't be rigged, I can afford to buy her more Spirit dusts from the C21 Secretshop but the Angelic robes kind of need to go onto more traditional combat units first.

Changed the height/width for this video. Lemme know if it makes any difference. Also, is the play speed okay?

Edit:[spoiler=Boosters up to this point]MU - Angelic robe, Speedwing, Dracoshield x2
Luke - Speedwing, Armscroll x2
Linde - Angelic robe, Spirit dust x5 (lol)
Palla - Speedwing
Catria - Energy drop
Sirius - Energy drop, Angelic robe, Speedwing
Caeda - Energy drop x2, Angelic robe

Edit 2: [spoiler=Additional notes]
On turn 3, if Palla crits the thief, the other thieves won't become aggressive because the village is still intact and they attempt to destroy it instead of becoming hostile and suiciding onto Palla; in this case Palla must then the other two thieves on PP 4 and PP 5 for the items, it doesn't change anything really.
Sirius needs to avoid being crit'd on EP 1 (14% chance to die) and Marth needs to avoid being crit'd on EP 2 (7% chance to die).
The knight on turn 2 (who suicides to EP magnet Linde because of her horrible DEF) should move before the general. I'm not sure if the general would move and attack Marth before the knight if say he had a 10% or greater chance to crit. I can't test whether or not this would work but the rescue-less 5 turn still exists; you just might have forfeit some of the loot on the map.
On turn 3 if Catria doesn't move, the reinforcements won't spawn because no one would enter the reinforcement trigger tiles (Marth is just barely out of the trigger range). And thus all of the reinforcements can be avoided if the central forts are plugged up on turn 4.
Of the paladins, I'm not sure how many will attack Marth if given the chance but the positioning I used should only allow one to hit him while all remaining cavalry would suicide onto Linde.

Edit 3: Updated OP.

Edit 4: Give me ideas for where to use Rescue. Please. I'm so lost.

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Rigged a crit. I thought about it for a while and even asked PKL what he would do and he was like forge a Javelin to get the crit up so it’s justified. I was considering +6 crit and keeping the starsphere on Catria when actually killing the Geosphere!Thief for a 24% crit chance but it costs like 1500 G and that would make my net profit for this map like 300 G (since I intend to actually use the Fortify). I mean I would’ve forged a Javelin but I’m trying to raise funds to eventually forge a +9 Mt Dragonpike to OHKO late game dragons with and I want to get Feena to KO something with Mercurius. I got dreams too. And these dreams total to like 40K G. Basically: Didn’t forge, didn’t Rescue, rigged the crit, dropped efficiency tag for this topic, and sorry to disappoint.

[spoiler=Mostly nonsense.]Seriously, the Geosphere!Thief position is such a troll move. I rigged a cheap crit (@16 crit no less – would’ve been at 21% had I the foresight to forge +3 crit onto my initial Javelin forge and opted to keep the starsphere on Catria) to save a Rescue burn. I used RPs on Linde and Malicia instead of Luke and Sirius to satisfy my own nonsensical whims. I also dropped 20 Heal staff, again to satisfy my whims. It doesn’t make any difference to viewers what the critical chance is on the Geosphere!Thief (since I would`ve just cut out the failed attempts - of which there were none luckily) but sending the starsphere to the convoy, retrieving it, trading it Sirius (who would eventually be in position to allow Luke to use it as well) and then saving with Marth just looks so cool. Everything other than the crit is immaculate with the lowest hit rate being Marth’s armourslayer forge hits against the general at 90 displayed hit (like 98 or something true hit).

I’ve been using Kngt_Of_Titania’s 165 turn completion of Lunatic as a reference for what turn counts are achievable and where to use Rescue/Agains. With my current knowledge of maps, his turncounts and also his Rescue and Again uses I’m pretty sure I can save more turns by Hammerning Again (instead of Rescue) at this point.

[spoiler=C16 2/136 turns -- 2 Thief charges]

Sold 20 Silver axe, 36 Elfire, 15 Vulnerary

Dropped 20 Heal

3998 G Remaining

Deployed: SM!MU, Horseman!Luke, SM!Sirius, Sage!Malicia, Paladin!Caeda, Bishop!Linde, Feena, Palla, Catria, Jeorge

RPs (29 Remaining): Malicia, Linde; MU used a MAG bond

Catria has the Starsphere

Luke has the Lightsphere

MU needs to tank 115 damage (over 3 hits) so MU needs 50 HP and 22 DEF or equivalent The DEF requirement is pretty easy to meet for Knight!MUs with 2 Dracoshields and RP. The HP on the other hand isn’t. I went through what classes my MU leveled up as and I counted 9 Knight (@ 80), 3 Cav (@ 70), 2 Pirate (@ 100), 9 DK (@ 60), 1 Hero (@80), 2 Paladin (@ 70) and 1 Berserker (@100). MU should have 50.9 HP (after the Angelic robe I gave him) which if we take the floor, 50, is enough to survive the attacks even if all three enemies flux up in STR with 1 HP remaining. My MU currently has 53 HP. If this map were done with a Rescue usage, one would not need to meet such demanding benchmarks as General!Jeorge could be used to draw the Longbow!Sniper and survive at roughly 77.5% if given a LUK bond. And of course if MU had access to the starsphere the HP benchmark would not be as demanding either.

Marth needs 21 SPD and a forged Armourslayer to ORKO the general. Sirius (who is ORKOing the Sniper) needs 37 Atk and Luke (who is killing the boss) needs 26 SPD.

Having Marth ORKO the general frees a combat unit to acquire the Fortify staff. Feena needs to be at the save point tile or equivalent to dance Marth. The soldier blocking the entrance and the Sniper are the toughest units in the throne room. 24 SPD is needed to double the soldier and pretty high Atk too (like Caeda needed Silver to ORKO).

Near the end I have Jeorge, Astram and MU all use ranged attacks to kill a hero for a Silver axe. MU needs 5 MAG and a MAG bond or RP to do this with Jeorge just using the +5 Mt bow forge. You could of course just have Astram use Mercurius (to finish) or Jeorge use Parthia (to open and still get MU the kill) if you don’t have a 5 MAG MU.

I only needed the crit to acquire the Geosphere but MU also crit once on the EP saving me 1 Swordslayer charge, Sirius also first attack crit’d saving me 1 Silver sword charge, and even Luke crit’d once saving me 1 Iron bow charge.

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“Can you guys get your SPD procs already? Especially you Palla, ya dumb bitch.”

Is what I would say if these characters were real. But seriously Palla needs a SPD proc before C20.

[spoiler=C16x 2/138 turns]

Deployed: Sniper!MU, Sniper!Luke, SM!Palla, SM!Linde, Paladin!Catria, Feena

RPs (28 Remaining): Palla

Luke has the Starsphere

I was considering Devil!SM!Caeda or Sirius instead of Palla but getting Palla some more exp couldn’t hurt. I tried to feed Marth a kill at the beginning by having MU use an Iron bow but he crit.

Really easy map if all of your units can ORKO without the starsphere. Pretty easy if most can ORKO with the starsphere since you can conveniently trade it between people. I think this map starts to get tricky if you don’t have someone who can ORKO the rightmost SM but Linde should be able to ORKO anything on this map when holding the starsphere or having a RP boost.

Didn’t bother with Geosphere but I suppose one could try to just try to go for multiple crits on this map with a weaker team.

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