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Fe 14

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In a time gone by, the holy kingdom of Thebea and the Jotana empire were at war. Then, Jotana got greedy and launched an assault on the numerous city states in the highlands to the north. However, under the leadership of Pericles, first emperor of Marchea, the city states united into the Marchean Empire. Marchea crushed Jotana, ad took most of their land, becoming overnight the most powerful empire on the continent of Nactia. Meanwhile, the monarchy of Thebea was overthrown by a brutal revolution that massacred the nobility. The infant princess Sylvia was rescued from execution and adopted by Vespasian, supreme commander of Marchea's army. Marchea and the de facto dictatorship of Thebea have been at an uneasy peace ever since. However, First citizen Maximus of Thebea and Empress Cornelia of Marchea have been pushed into alliance against the return or Jotana. In the second Great War of Nactia, there will be betrayal, death, sorrow, and, most of all, friendship.

That is the background of an idea for FE 14 that could become a fanfic, depending on the response to the idea. I will now go into detail about the characters and nations.


Sylvia is a bit of a cross between Marribelle and Sully. On the one hand, she is the ex-princess of what was once the most culturally advanced nation, but she is also raised by Marchea's best general, so she was raised to be a warrior. More than anything, she seeks justice towards Maximus, first citizen of Thebea, for the genocide of the men, women, and children of the aristocracy. She also wishes to reclaim her throne.

Alphonse is a mercenary who fights against Jotana for revenge. He is inspired by Scar from Fullmetal Alchemist and Lonqu from FE 13. He knows full well what Thebea has done, but considers them better than Jotana. (He has a negative history with Marchea). Alphonse and Sylvia get put in the same special ops unit in the allied army, and must work out their differences to defeat their common foe.

Other good guys

Vespasian has all of the physical prowess of General Zelgius and the tactical genius of Soren. He is the supreme commander of Marchea's army, and is a kind but demanding father to Sylvia. He has a mysterious past and a dark secret.

Alexander is Vespasian's biological son and is a captain in Marchea's army. He is Sylvia's older brother and the Jagen.

Cornelia is the empress of Marchea and is like Emmeryn except resorts to violence quicker. She cares for her people, but encounters opposition for her gender.

Nina is the princess of Marchea who is captured by Jotana, an event which sets the first part of the plot into motion. She is pampered, but is good at heart.

Xexes is the Prime Minister of Marchea. He is a commoner who rose up against the odds.

These are the non main good guys who drive the plot. There are other, more minor characters, much like any FE game.


Napoleon is the insane king of Jotana, who desires revenge against Marchea for executing his father.

Bernardo is Napoleons brother, with a deep rooted hatred towards Vespasian.

Joseph is Napoleons son, who fights in the hopes of pleasing his father.

Maximus is first citizen of Thebea, who wants to unite the continent under democracy by any means necessary.

What do you guys think? Any feedback? If demand is great enough, I will make this into a fanfic.

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It certainly sounds interesting, I'd like to see what this could become

It is partially to tie all the universes together, such as explaining the Deadlord's ties to Grima.

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