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Assemble ARM won't give me the .dmp file.

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I've tried a different assembly hack before, and it gave me the .dmp file, and it worked fine...

But it just didn't this time.

Here's the actual ASM (I just modified the Hector Hard Mode forcing thing):

.org 0x00

        ldr     r1, =0x0202BD78
        mov     r0, #0xFF
        strb    r0, [r1]
        ldr     r1, =0x0202BD6E
	mov	r0, #0x04
        strb    r0, [r1]
	ldr     r1, =0x0202BD6F
	mov	r0, #0x14
	strb	r0, [r1]
        bx      r14

The error:


This gives me such a headache...

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