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'Sup dudes I like drawing

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Hey, guys; it's been a while! (like half a year)

Since my main drawing style's changed a ton since I last posted, I'll just....create a completely new thread to differentiate from now and my embarrassing old drawings!

shameless plug I usually post on

Sir-Erdgeist @ deviantART

Erdgeist @ tumblr

SirErdgeist @ twitter

I generally have two main styles: secondary (simplistic) and tertiary (painterly).

Fletcher Faust (my attack on titan oc) as a Fire Emblem Wyvern Lord! (minus those shoulder decorations and helmet)
he was corrupt in the military police, and now he's a corrupt wyvern lord #thuglyfe
AND It's around that time of year again when I draw an experimental bustshot of Finland/Tino Väinämöinen from Axis Powers Hetalia!
and finally something in my secondary simplistic style
man i had so much fun with this like you wouldn't believe (although i'm definitely not redrawing this motorcycle anytime soon)
reffed a ton of random chopper googleimages for this
yes it says 'first-class douchebag'
i'll post periodically when I have more than one thing drawn out

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oops lol, forgot to post these here

been ridiculously busy with school and been art-blocking pretty badly lolsob

created a new character! tertiary style.

another lanceman because all the fantasy/medieval-esque peeps i create use polearms of some sort


also drew him in my secondary style!

the whole nail polish thing started out as a joke, but then it somehow became legit.

actually rather liking how his design turned out.


and lastly, just for the sake of making this post bigger, i drew this a little while ago when trying to figure out a guy's hairstyle


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Hey, you're back~! The nail polish is a nice touch, and I think it suits him well!

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Ah, the lance guy is so cool. Personally I prefer the way he looks with your simple style. It's sooo clean and his little cape thing is awesome.

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