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How does nino actually level up in anima magic level?

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Nino [fire emblem 7] (as we can gather from her support with erk) is illiterate. She claims to use anima magic because she learnt from sonia's chanting. So why/how does she

a) need a actual tome to use her magic

b) level up in anima magic (new magic is learnt through the tome(?) so how could she level up if she is illiterate?)

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..We also hear she's illiterate in Canas's supports (He starts teaching her, so if you get far enough that is over, but it still doesn't answer every question)

So affinity to tomes can be assumed, right? She was part of a powerful family of mages before she got "adopted" by Sonia, so is there a natural affinity for magic that is needed to wield tomes at all? Or is there something to contradict this?

Seriously, someone who knows more probably would be helpful. Please?

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