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Metal Sonic Hyperdrive is a heavy modification of Sonic the Hedgehog (1991) by Darkon360/GothicReaper/LoneDevil for the Sega Genesis.
with brand new Zones, Sonic CD style gameplay, Music, Playable Characters, and Modes. Starting Metal Sonic, taking Sonic's role as the main protagonist to stop Dr'Robotnik's greatest inventions yet. Also starting special guests such as Kirby,
and Somari (who're meant to be Unlockables due to technical difficulties, also there for the lulz.).

Metal Sonic Sprites - Yuski and CS
Somari Sprites - Marioguru64
Smash Bros Melee Kirby Sprites - Drshnaps
Music Ports - KCEXE
Music - Nineko
Sonic 2 Level Select & Options port - Esrael
Sonic 2 Clone Driver - Tweaker
Main Menu, Magnetize Rings, and Splash Screen code - HckTrox
Peel Out, and Extended Camera - Selbi
Sonic 1 Custom Title Screen Font - Dr-Luxcario

Download Patch (Sonic 1 REV00 only) Edited by Darkon360

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