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Touhou Fantasy, Xenomic's RPG Maker game!

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Almost 2 months later, and a new update! The game is nearing ever closer to completion, as the final dungeon is mapped out and ready to do eventing for! In addition to that, all characters (bar one skill on Hope) are done! The only real things left are to do the final dungeon/ending sequence, maybe update a couple more maps, and finish the crafting shop (if it's even needed). Oh, and getting battle sprites for Hope and Chaos. So close, everyone!


*Nue and Youki have both been dummied out of the game. Nue and Youki are only usable during the battlefield event during beta5

*Marisa: Master Thief has been removed.
   *Icicle Fall/Hailstorm:
      *Lv5: Power increased to 320.
      *Hailstorm Lv1: Power increased to 480.
      *Hailstorm Lv2: Power increased to 660.
   *Dark Side of the Moon: Blind: oo > Blind: 20.
   *Night Sparrow: Confuse: oo > Confuse: 20.
   *Blind Nightbird: 1200 power > 600 power. Confuse/Blind: oo > Confuse/Blind: 20.
   *Swarm of Bright Bugs: Poison: oo > Poison: 20.
   *Butterfly Storm: 1200 power > 600 power. Poison/Sleep: oo > Poison/Sleep: 20.
   *Fluster Escape: 750 power > 450 power. Paralyze: 50 > Paralyze: 20.
   *Ancient Duper: 1500 power > 900 power. No longer inflicts Berserk. Paralyze: oo > Paralyze: 20.
   *Little Devil: 1500 power > 600 power.
   *Lure: Inflicts Provoke: 30 to all enemies. Only usable when equipped with all Shields, bar Aegis/Svalinn. 45 MP.
   *Shield Aura: Grants Protect/Shell: 25 to Momiji. Only usable when equipped with Bane Shield or Hero's Shield. 45 MP.
   *Charge!: Grants Haste: 5 to the party, in addition to Bravery: 5 and Faith: 5. Only usable when equipped with Maple Shield or Hero's Shield. 8 MP.
   *Spirits of the Firm, Earthbound Souls, Spirit Amulet, Bondage Soul, Lazy Wandering Soul (originally Lazy Wandering Spirit), and Hatred Sign reduced from 10 levels to 6.
      *Level 1: ~345 base power, 20 MP, statuses last 20 turns.
      *Level 2: ~405 base power, 25 MP, statuses last 25 turns.
      *Level 3: ~465 base power, 30 MP, statuses last 30 turns.
      *Level 4: ~525 base power, 35 MP, statuses last 35 turns.
      *Level 5: ~585 base power, 40 MP, statuses last 40 turns.
      *Level 6: ~705 base power, 50 MP, statuses last 50/oo turns.
   *Life Aura: Restores ~1100 HP and grants Absorb Damage: 10% to on eally. 42 MP.
   *Dispelga: Moved from default skillset to Pestilence's skillset.
   *Tetra Elemental: Replaces Meteor Blast. Grants Fire/Earth/Wind/Water -100% for 10 turns to one ally. 48 MP.
   *Threads of Fate: Replaces Mind Blast in Fate's skillset. Revives all KO'd allies to full HP, but KO's any allies alive at the cost of 50 MP.
   *Drain: 400 power > 700 power
   *Osmose: 20 power > 100 power
   *Fearsiphon: 38 MP > 8 MP.
   *Pain Focus: Sap: 45 > Sap: 25, MP Regen: 45 > Haste: 25.
   *Jealousy Grasp > Grudge: Grants Return Damage: 100% for 20 turns to one ally. 68 MP.
   *Soul Sphere: Grants Shell: 50 to the party.
*Rinnosuke: Bribe has been removed.
*Koishi: Blue Magic has been completed revamped.
*Nue: Morph has been removed.
*Tewi: Bribe has been removed.



*Magic Book: Now only has Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, Aero, Drain, and Quake.
*Frozen Sap: No longer uses Mighty Guard.


*Protostar is now weak to Wind, halves Dark/Holy, and takes normal damage from Fire/Ice/Thunder/Water.
*Chaos no longer has Ruin or Galaxy Stop. Chaos will now use Bomb Charge > Megaflare/Gigaflare/Teraflare/Exaflare > Black Hole.
*Fate now uses Barrier Shift every 20 turns.



*All data related to Bribe and Morph has been removed.


Download link here!: http://www.mediafire.com/file/66m3l4360klrb4t/Touhou_Fantasy.rar

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So, I wish to discuss something here, and would like to get some opinions on the matter. What is everyone's opinion on the following two things?

*There is an attack that hits very hard (at level 1, does 2000 Mystic-elemental damage to all enemies, at max level roughly 5000) but has 60% accuracy.
*There is a weapon that gives the user 4x Attack, but has -50 Speed and 60% accuracy. Combined with an Auto-Berserk accessory, it can give roughly 3x normal damage, but due to 60% accuracy + accuracy loss from Berserk, hits don't hit as much. Plus it's Dark-elemental, which is the most commonly resisted element.

Do you think that such things should exist in games at all? Or do you think they should be done away with and not used? I know that everyone has their own playstyle, and some would rather something like this not exist, either it being overpowered 90% of the time but useless 10% due to specific circumstances, or because of RNG, or whatever else.

In other news, weapons are being heavily remodeled! Some weapons will outright disappear, and weapon shops may not even be around as much, but I think I'm liking how these are turning out!


*Gohei: 10 ATK, 4 DEF, 2 MAG, non-elemental.
*Ying-Yang Orb: 22 ATK, 10 DEF, 30% Crit, Mystic-elemental, Ignores Evasion, Dark Resist +50%.
*Adventia: 50 ATK, Holy-elemental, First Strike.
*Healing Gohei: 40 MAG, Holy-elemental, Boost power of Reimu's heals by 50%.
*Nirvana: Enables Full-Life. Begin battle with MP Regen: 50. Mystic-elemental.


*Besom Broom: 18 ATK, non-elemental.
*Black Cat: 34 ATK, 20 MAG, Dark-elemental, Blind +35%, Ignore Evasion, enables Mug. Received from Nitori at Youkai Mountain.
*Starlight Broom: MAG +50, First Strike, Mystic-elemental.
*Nimbus 3000: 20 ATK, 30 SPD, Slash-All, Thunder-elemental.
*Dark Nebula: Lowers all enemies Magic resistance by 20%. Mystic Resist +25%. Dark-elemental.


*Hauchiwa: 14 ATK, 5 DEF, 5 SPD, non-elemental.
*Fujin: 30 ATK, 12 SPD, 35% Crit, First Strike, Wind-elemental.
*Princess's Iron Fan: 70 ATK, 25 DEF, 25 MAG, 10 SPD. Party starts with Haste: 5. Non-elemental.
*Zephyrus: 100 ATK, 2x Attack, Slash-All, Slow: 10. Wind-elemental.
*Tenma's Gale: -150 ATK, -35 DEF, -25 MAG, 50 SPD, start battle with Blink: 50. Wind-elemental.



*Gojou: 28 ATK, non-elemental.
*Gauntlet: 35 ATK, non-elemental.
*Kiaiissen: 43 ATK, First Strike, Earth-elemental.
*Poison Knuckles: 49 ATK, 12 MAG, Poison: oo +70%, Poison-elemental.
*Force of Qi: 50 ATK, 25 MAG, Enables Chakra Lv2.
*Hakuraimononofu: 80 ATK, Thunder-elemental. Bought at Pandaemonium.
*Dragon Claw: 112 ATK, 15% Crit, Debrave: oo +30%, Ignore Evasion, Wind-elemental.
*Godhand: 255 ATK, Holyproof, Holy-elemental, Enables Chakra Lv3, start battle with Auto-Life.


*Magician's Book: 4 ATK, 12 MAG, non-elemental.
*Grimmerie: 6 ATK, 24 MAG, +25% Magic/-25% Physical.
*Feu: 10 ATK, 50 MAG, Berserk: oo +40%, Fire-elemental, +50% Fire/-50% Ice.
*Black Pullet: 6 ATK, 19 MAG, Stop: oo + 40%, Dark-elemental, +50% Dark/-50% Holy.
*Eau: 10 ATK, 65 MAG, Freeze: 50 +40%, Ice-elemental, +50% Ice/-50% Fire.
*Glace: 10 ATK, 89 MAG, Sleep: 50 +40%, Water-elemental, +50% Water/-50% Thunder.
*Foudre: 10 ATK, 95 MAG, Paralyze: 50 +40%, Thunder-elemental, +50% Thunder/-50% Water.
*Clavicula Salamonis: -20 ATK, 20 DEF, 157 MAG, 15 SPD, Lock: oo +40%, non-elemental.


*Traitor: 16 ATK, 10 MAG, Confuse: oo +70%, Dark-elemental.
*Blindside: 25 ATK, 5% Crit, First Strike, Dark-elemental.
*Silencer: 45 ATK, 5 DEF, Silence: oo +70%, Dark-elemental.
*Bio Blaster: 59 ATK, -17 DEF, 8 MAG, 5% Crit, Poison: oo +70%, Poison-elemental.
*Bio Blaster+: 59 ATK, -17 DEF, 8 MAG, 5% Crit, Poison: oo +70%, Slash-All, Poison-elemental.
*Mad Hare: 66 ATK, 70% Crit, party starts with Sanity buff, Dark-elemental.
*Calamity Trigger: -500 ATK, -30 SPD, Poison: oo/Blind: oo/Silence: oo +50%, Slash-All, non-elemental.


*Silver Knife: 12 ATK, 3 DEF, 1 SPD, Undead Slayer, non-elemental.
*Spring Blossom: 20 ATK, Plant Slayer, non-elemental.
*G-Force: 25 ATK, 12 SPD, Flying Slayer, First Strike, Gravity-elemental.
*Kingslayer: 40 ATK, Human Slayer, non-elemental.
*Angel Kiss: 60 ATK, God Slayer, non-elemental.
*Dragon Tooth Dagger: 80 ATK, 20 DEF, Dragon Slayer, non-elemental.
*Dagger of Time: Doubles Critical: Haste passive.
*Quantum Leap: 0 stats, Enables Haste/Hastega, non-elemental.


*Bastard Sword: 28 ATK, 5% Crit, Beast Slayer, non-elemental.
*Precieuse: 45 ATK, 5 DEF, First Strike, Beast Slayer, non-elemental.
*Tyrfing: 140 ATK, 50 DEF, Beast Slayer, non-elemental. HP is halved at start of battle. Earth Resist +50% to party, Earth Resist -50% to Momiji.
*Ragnarok: 180 ATK, Youkai Slayer, non-elemental. Start battle with Return Damage: 20%. Bought at Pandaemonium.
*Durandal: 225 ATK, 94 DEF, Dragon Slayer, non-elemental. Start battle with Protect: 50.
*Excalibur: 400 ATK, 255 DEF, God Slayer, Holy-elemental. Start battle with full HP. Mystic Resist +50%.


*Wrench: 10 ATK, 15 SPD, 25% Crit, Slash-All, Ignore Evasion, First Strike, non-elemental.
*Techno Glove: 22 ATK, 8 DEF, Machine Slayer, Water-elemental. Thunder Resist +50%. Doubles amount of Base Metal found from passive.
*Kaiser Gauntlet: 40 ATK, 10 MAG, 60% Crit, Machine Slayer, Water-elemental. Increase Physical damage by 10% to all enemies.
*Warlock Gauntlet: 70 ATK, 35 DEF, 25 MAG, Machine Slayer, Dark-elemental. Start battle with MP Shield.
*Hisoutensoku: 165 ATK, Machine Slayer, non-elemental. PBlock +33%. Start battle with random Nul- element buff.


*Hakurouken: 22 ATK, 15 DEF, 5 SPD, 25% Crit, Ghost Slayer, non-elemental.
*Roukanken: 30 ATK, 10 DEF, 12% Crit, Slash-All, Ignore Evasion, Ghost Slayer, non-elemental.
*Cloudcover: 57 ATK, -12 DEF, 15 SPD, 5% Crit, First Strike, Ghost Slayer, Wind-elemental. Sold at Hakugyokurou.
*Dragoncrest: 82 ATK, 50 DEF, 18% Crit, Ghost Slayer, Dragon Slayer, Earth-elemental. Start battle with Lv3 Focus. Enables Bonecrusher Lv2.
*Mournblade: 56 ATK, 22% Crit, Instant Death +50%, Ghost Slayer, Dark-elemental. Increases HP threshold for Bonecrusher to 50% HP.
*Muramasa: 104 ATK, 20 SPD, 100% Crit, Ghost Slayer, non-elemental.  Grants Doom: 20 and Haste: 20 at the start of battle.
*Masamune: 220 ATK, 35 DEF, 20 SPD, 70% Crit, non-elemental. Start battle with all Stance abilities. Enables Bonecrusher Lv2.
*Murasame: 190 ATK, 30% Crit, non-elemental. Start battle with max level Focus. Enables Bonecrusher Lv3.


*Testament: 32 ATK, Death +5%, Ghost Slayer, non-elemental.
*Charon: 45 ATK, -5 DEF, 14 MAG, Death +10%, Ghost Slayer, Dark-elemental. Enables Money Talks.
*Cerberus: 55 ATK, Death +15%, 3x-Cut, Ghost Slayer, Dark-elemental.
*Deathbringer: 80 ATK, -50 SPD, Ghost Slayer, Dark-elemental. Start battle with Instant Death immunity to the party.
*Undertaker: 104 ATK, 25 DEF, 25 MAG, Ghost Slayer, Dark-elemental. Revives all KO'd allies at the start of battle.
*Apocalypse: 340 ATK, PBlock +20%, MBlock +20%, Ghost Slayer, Debrave/Deprotect/Defaith/Fear: 50 +100%, Dark-elemental.


*Parasol: 80 ATK, non-elemental.
*Sunflower Umbrella: 120 ATK, 50 DEF, 10 SPD, 45% Crit, Earth-elemental.
*Hir'rokane Umbrella: 300 ATK, 75 DEF, 10 MAG, 20 SPD, 60% accuracy, 36% Crit, Ignore Evasion, Earth-elemental.
*Twinkle Star: 100 ATK, 50 MAG, Wind Resist +50%, Wind-elemental.
*Riviera: 50 ATK, 50 SPD, 25% Crit, Water Resist +50%, Water-elemental.
*Infernal Geyser: 180 ATT, 25 DEF,  Fire Resist +50%, Fire-elemental.
*Perfect Green: 255 ATK/DEF/MAG, 50 SPD, 100% accuracy, First Strike, Earth-elemental. Always enable Auto-Regen and Auto-MP Regen for Yuuka regardless of terrain.


*Claws: 50 ATK, 5% Crit, non-elemental, Human Slayer.
*Griffin Claw: 77 ATK, 10 SPD, 3% Crit, Ignore Evasion, Wind-elemental, Human Slayer.
*Rapid Claw: 80 ATK, -40 DEF, -50 MAG, -50 SPD, 60% accuracy, 15% Crit, 4x Cut, Ignore Evasion, Dark-elemental.
*Daybreaker: 75 ATK, 20% Crit, Ignores battle passive. Grant Regeneration Lv2, Human Slayer. Enables Vampirish Night.
*Midnight Requiem: 84 ATK, Blind: oo + 100%, ignores battle passive, non-elemental, Human Slayer. Enables Remilia Stoker.
*Crimson Twilight: Ignores battle passive, Fire-elemental, Human Slayer. Enables "Millennium Vampire".
*Queen of Midnight: 99 ATK, 70% accuracy, 50% Crit, Dark-elemental, Human Slayer. Grants Regeneration Lv3. Enables Hell Catastrophe.
*Gungnir: 400 ATK, 100% accuracy, Omni Slayer, Disable: 10 +10%, Mystic-elemental. Two-handed weapon. Grants Regeneration Lv3 and Amok.


*Brave Knuckle:
*Ghost Shell:
*Flare Arms:
*Flames of Niflheim:


*Sorcerer's Sutra:
*Mysidian Scroll:
*SOS Scroll:
*Diamond Scroll:
*Cosmic Mind:


*Onusa: 22 ATK, 5 SPD, 30% Crit, Dispels buffs when attacking, non-elemental.
*Star Rod: 32 ATK, 35% Crit, First Strike, Holy-elemental.
*Magical Girl's Stick: 10 ATK, 50 DEF, 80 MAG, 25 SPD, 50% Crit, Ignore Evasion, Holy-elemental. Changes Miracle to MP recovery only.
*Omikuji Onusa: 89 ATK, 30 MAG, 12 SPD, Holy-elemental. Healing +25%. Enables Omikuji+ Lv2.
*Vajra: Dispels buffs when attacking. Party starts battle with Shell: 50.


*Iron Ring: 45 ATK, 20 DEF, -10 SPD, non-elemental.
*Toad Ring: 52 ATK, 25% Crit, First Strike, Water-elemental.
*Venom Wheel: 65 ATK, Poison: oo +100%, Poison-elemental.
*Eclipsed Vision: 65 ATK, Blind: oo +100%, non-elemental.
*Silent Voice: 65 ATK, Silence: oo +100%, non-elemental.
*Deadly Sin: 80 ATK, -20 DEF, -20 MAG, -10 SPD, 100% Crit, Dark-elemental.
*Rings of Faith: 92 ATK, 100 MAG, +30 SPD, MBlock +33%, Mystic-elemental. Starts battle with Faith: 50. Holy Resist +33%. Enables Lv3 Hibernate.

Advent Cirno:

*Watermelon Blade: 35 ATK, 5 DEF, 5 SPD, 25% Crit, non-elemental.
*Lucky Popsicle Stick: 30 ATK, 75% Crit, First Strike, Ice-elemental.
*Buster Sword: 160 ATK, non-elemental. Grants SOS Protect.
*Materia Blade: 100 ATK, PBlock +10%, non-elemental. Doubles power of Boost. Grants SOS Shell.
*Tsurugi -EASY-: 285 ATK, 2x Cut, Ice-elemental. Grants SOS Regen.
*Ultima Weapon: 500 ATK, 4x-Cut, non-elemental. Increases HP threshold for Limit (75% instead of 150%).


*Bento Box: 15 ATK, 5 SPD, Paralyze: 50 +20%, non-elemental.


*Nuclear Cannon: 84 ATK, -40 DEF, -20 SPD, 10% Crit, Slash-All, Gravity-elemental.
*Cannondorf: 92 ATK, -95 DEF, -20 SPD, Slash-All, Gravity-elemental.
*Nuclear Flare: 116 ATK, -40 DEF, -20 SPD, Sap/MP Sap: oo +50%, Slash-All, Gravity-elemental.
*Bahamut's Breath:
*Yatagarasu's Eye:

Note that this list is still in the works!

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New update to the game! Man, can't believe it's been 2 months since last one. This one fixes a bad cutscene error for Yuuka's story segment, in which after beating the final boss, it would loop to the start due to not setting a switch (this was due to the remapping of Mugenkan and moving the boss's event without its events properly). Other changes include the following:

   *Hakurei Amulet has been buffed in power:
      *Level 1: 80 > 160 healing. 4 MP > 8 MP.
      *LeVel 2: 200 > 300 healing. 8 MP > 16 MP.
      *Level 3: 340 > 540 healing. 12 MP > 24 MP.
      *Level 4: 620 > 900 healing. 16 MP > 32 MP.
      *Level 5: 940 > 1600 healing. 20 MP > 40 MP.
      *Level 6: 1280 > 2500 healing. 25 MP > 50 MP.

*Yumemi: No longer has Bluff command.

   *Subterranean Rose:
     *Level 1: No changes.
     *Level 2: 1000 power > 800 power.
     *Level 3: 1400 power > 1050 power.
     *Level 4: 1800 power > 1300 power.
     *Level 5: 2200 power > 1600 power.

*Andvarinaut: Now only grants +1 Yen per step when equipped by Reimu, and grants Double Yen when equipped by Komachi.
*All chests in Corpse Cave will no longer respawn upon opening them, giving one chance from the random chests.

And that's that! I'm still working on final dungeon, only got 5 more bosses left to test and finish up, and then that's it for the game! Outside of other things like some optional stuff, crafting system (if it stays at all), etc. Getting closer and closer...but will it be done before the end of the year or before the 12th anniversary!? Who knows! \ o /

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11 1/2 years. That's how long this game has been in development, ever changing over the years. It originally started as a silly little fangame, based on one single dream I had for the Touhou series, about what mythological stuff from other countries haven't shown up yet in the series. This was back when I actually played a lot of Touhou, and was into Touhou a lot. Nowadays, I don't even deal with the series, or rather, I haven't dealt with it outside of Soku and this game for the past 4 years. The game was putrid trash, not having any real form of customized...well, anything. The character battle sprites and overworld sprites were the most I had, but the maps were absolute trash, and the battles were very bland and generic and boring. This game saw a lot of criticism for the terrible mapping and bland gameplay, especially on the old site known as Pooshlmer where it was frequently updated on. Eventually, after reaching the 50% mark of the game as I considered it (which is the Caves to Makai), I decided to finally go back after about a year or so of not working on the game to fix up maps, and that took up another part of a year to do that alongside fixing up old bosses. Afterwards, I FINALLY pushed myself forward after 2-3 years of not going beyond the 50% mark to actually get the game done. The game evolved and evolved, and it ended up a bit bloated with a lot of various quirks and whatnot with equipment, characters, and statuses. A bit of a "feature creep", as one may say, as I figured out more fun ways of doing coding due to DynRPG and its plugins. However, in the end, I believe this actually helps make the game a bit more unique and exciting from what it would've been otherwise.

11 1/2 years ago, I started a little fangame that took up hours upon hours of time, and got me connected to a few people here and there, some of whom I've lost contact with over the years, some of whom I still talk to to this day, if not very often. Some of whom were of massive help, whether it be with coding, graphics, or testing, some of whom were really big jerks. And some whom had promised to do things, but vanished and were never heard from again.

Today, I have finally finished said game. After testing the final boss and the ending, it is all done. However, even though the game is "done", it's still not "DONE". How so? Well, so to speak, there's still quite a bit of testing and polishing left to do for the game, which requires more testrunning through the game for Blue Magic, different party configurations, equipment, treasures, enemies and bosses, and shops. So yes, the story may be done, all maps may be done, heck even as it is the game can be considered done, but I'm not done with it quite yet. If you, yes you, the ones that have helped with this game, are willing to help with more testrunning to help with polishing and finishing the game once and for all, please, lend me your aid one last time, so that I myself can finally finish this one single game.

Who knows? Maybe after this game is done, I'll finally start my own original game. Maybe...though that may never happen as I am no graphic artist meaning no way for me to do original spriting and graphics. But only time can tell...only time can tell.

For those who are willing to give it that try, here is the newest download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/66m3l4360klrb4t/Touhou_Fantasy.rar

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