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(Offline) Fire Emblem 7: HHM S Rank Attempt Stream - Part 4 (Ch. 22 / 4 Star Tactics, 5 Star everything else so far!)


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Just a quick update to notify you all of my 3rd attempt of my FE7 L/HHM Ironman Stream LP. Since I have finished my FE8 Difficult Ironman stream LP, I have been requested specifically to start another FE7 L/HHM Ironman run. It starts on Tuesday January 21st, 2014.

I have also added the last two End Run stats of my army in the OP. You can find it under Update 4.

I hope to see you all at my next FE7 L/HHM stream! :D

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So as you all may already know, my bad luck came so badly on tonight's stream that I had to restart several times because I lost several key characters... and just wasn't willing to push forward, so I managed to rage reset from the beginning of HHM 10 more times! This was due to mainly Chapters 11 and 13x, because I was either too hasty, or too cocky in my tactics. It was also because i was tired, so I'll make sure that the next HHM stream on Thursday is more appropriate :D

I will have highlights up probably tomorrow for the people who were unable to make it to tonight's stream.

I'll see you all there Thursday! :D

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But Luna is still scary in FE8 because it ignores Res, and if the user themselves has high Mag, it's going to hurt... ><

However, I do feel it was overnerfed in FE8. Just getting rid of the crit chance, and just maybe a slight hit reduction would be fine for me.

I'm glad that you enjoyed the stream! I stream regularly, so there'll be another one soon enough.

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