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H4 Female Mage: C2 6/65 turns.

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Orphan, Strength, Honourable Female Mage!MU.

Mixed classes, Forges, Lunatic boosters, Bonds, and Base arena are okay.

RP, Drops, Wi-fi and Everybody's situation are not.

All playable characters will be recruited and kept alive.

All villages will be visited. (C15's joint village may or may not be up to a vote which I may or may not veto depending on how close the vote is.)

This playthrough will be a semi-efficiency playthrough. That is, I'll keep dead turns (where nothing much is happening besides healing and movement or just literally nothing is happening) to a minimum but the style of play will be relatively safe (except maybe around save points - I don't know why I can't help myself around them).

Prologue 51 turns
P-1 6  P-2 6  P-3 7  P-4A 9 P-5 4  P-6O 3  P-7C 3  P-8 13

C1  8  C2  6

Anyway, P-1 to P-4A, P-5, P-6O, and P-7C.

MU ends up pretty SPD and RES blessed by the end of P-7C.

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Did you try training Rody or why had he gotten quite a sum of boss exp?

I dislike the RP, but you really need it if playing fast. You will probably relie more on Arran for chapter 1 and 2 and I´m curious for your chapter 3 strategy. Palla will fit MUs missing spot then, while your Mage MU may just be a slightly better Linde.

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Fully intend on using Rody. He's (hopefully) going to be a good hunter -> Sniper, Bow!Horseman, Bow!Warrior (perhaps some Devil axe action? he'll have decent LUK), and alternative C Rank lance user (will still need some work even after the lance rank from promotion bonus kicks in but he should be close). He's so much worse than Luke who is basically good enough right out of the prologue but seems like the next best option. Well, I guess Draug is there but he's got so many non-SPD growth issues.

Best case scenario for C3 is 18 turn (since voting results so far seem to indicate I'm to visit all of the villages), so maybe I can time the opening of the bridge to handle the boss area more swiftly.

Palla is likely going to have to shoulder much of the early game burden that MU normally would, but Sirius can help her. Although I'm not sure if how well Sirius can recover.

MU is stupidly SPD blessed, but I think overall she will still be inferior to an Angelic robed Linde since Linde is (on average) faster and will usually have uncontested access to Spirit dusts. I lack AK!MU and will probably end up giving some dusts to Malicia for healing purposes.

As for speed of the clears, I've given it some thought and I don't think I'll care too much for AK!MU's minimums. Early game, my goal is to manage turn counts while maintaining enough vulneraries (which is why I haven't posted P-8 yet) to keep a decent pace. Later on, I'll pace the maps so the team is productive enough in acquiring items and exp to justify any potentially lost turns. TBH, forced village visiting will help with pacing, although it's also going to make C4 a nightmare.

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[spoiler=Vote related]So I'm going to veto the RP vote. I'm not going to use it since I got this


No booster purchases (but I should probably sell some excess swords to fund the purchase of an Angelic robe for MU as she survives with only 1 HP). I did make a +8 Mt Iron bow (was going to make it for C2 and the rest of the game anyway).

All of the other vote results will be accepted.

Sorry to those who voted for RP.

The clear would be cleaner if Luke starts with 9 STR going into the map but he needs to proc STR on his first level. Other than that there isn't much wrong with this. A reckless continuation from turn 6 that consumes all of my vulneraries can net an 11 turn, and add a bit of luck (2 random dodges, one was a handaxe) can net this.


I take advantage of Merric proccing SPD (and therefore not being doubled by max SPD Levin!Thieves as well as Caeda proccing 2 STR (and therefore being able to ORKO low HP/DEF Silver!Thieves). Although, a reset can be done for the RHS Levin!Thief to spawn with 13 SPD and Caeda with 1 STR proc can ORKO min HP/DEF Silver!Thieves.

No sound up to the first save point because WindowsMovieMaker apparently can't 2x sound or something. Or can it and I'm just dumb?

13 turns. Have 4 vulneraries going into C1.

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Finally got around to recording.

C1 and C2 are pretty easy maps, compared to what I'm expecting C4 to be anyway. I might update C3 tomorrow night. If not, will be not be for a long while.

[spoiler=C1 8 turns]

10000 G Starting

Forged +8 Mt, +5 Hit Iron bow (8360 G) - the premium on the +5 Hit is 220 G or something absurdly low, why not?

Sold Bullion (S) (+5000 G)

Bought 2x Javelin (1500 G)

5140 G Remaining

Optimized from my initial clear; this one consumes one more vulnerary (3 total) but gets Marth 2 more kills, gets Rody the coveted thief kill and even features an extended Cecille manipulation.

Luke can semi-reliably hit his benchmarks for the clear (~75% overall; ~80% to get 2 SPD on base at level 6, ~95% to get 6 HP+DEF on base at level). The numbers here are without RP. No, I did not pull these numbers out of my ass. The actual overall probability is (slightly) greater than 77%.

Strong present Mage!MU has only 55% of getting 6/8 HP procs @ 70 growth (assuming RNG is uniformly distributed). With RP she only needs 4/8 (~95% chance). As mentioned before I can afford to sell some of my swords to fund an Angelic robe purchase; currently however I am opting to maintain flexibility.

Rody gains 2 levels on this map... he's really not that difficult to train.

[spoiler=C2 6 turns]

Bought Speedwing, Fire (2800 G)

Forged +1 Mt, +10 Hit Javelin (1875 G)

465 G Remaining

Used Speedwing on Marth - I kind of want him doubling some of the slower enemy types on future maps and it'll help him get some kills. I am not anticipating that anyone other than Palla and Sirius needing wings.

Pretty reliable clear. Only thing is the end sequence; Javelin tosses are kind of a drag with the hit rates but it's bearable. The Cav manipulation on turn 2 is important, if Marth has to tank it, he should double and ORKO it. I don't see Mage!MU beating this chapter in 6 turns without an Iron forged bow but not certain. Maybe she could do it with a sacrifice but I didn't explore such options.

Umm.. is there a manual for this site? Like for code options and stuff?

Edited by commonguard

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