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Blind Let's Play of Sacred Stones [Normal Mode]



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So here I am, finally playing a Fire Emblem game. I was told to NOT record any Fire Emblem games though by a good amount of people, but I felt like doing it anyways. It just...feels funner to share my experiences with others than to play it on my own, or so I feel. There will be commentary for this LP (which I hope doesn't make people not want to watch it...), and I'll try my best to liven up the mood at the very least (I'm not super great with commentary but...). Please refrain from spoilers for the most part, as I don't want to be spoiled on Ephraim's path specifically (I have read a Let's Play for the game, and only read from start up through Eirika's path fully). If you want to help, feel free to give some advice here and there! I'm hoping to hear from you guys! ^^ I'm also hoping that the video quality is at least semi-decent too. ^^;

In this first video, we just go through the Prologue. Nothing interesting really happens, but we gotta get through it nonetheless! Tomorrow, and each day from on, should be at least one new video for each chapter. I've played through the game myself a couple nights back, up to chapter 5, so I kinda know what to do up until then. Past that? No idea! Also, vote for either Eirika's route or Ephraim's route first! I'll be making a backup save when I get to chapter 8, so that once I complete one of their routes, I can just use the other save and go from there without having to restart the game up to chapter 8 again. ^^;; The video will be in the next post as I'm having issues with converting the blasted thing (three times it got stuck at 99% in Windows Movie Maker...3 hours lost...)

Hope you all enjoy the LP, and hopefully it won't be too taxing on me! ^^

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Copy/pasted from video description:

"Welcome to my first ever Fire Emblem LP, and first Fire Emblem game in general! It's not 100% blind, as I've read a LP of the game (quite a while back though) up through Eirika's route, and I've played up to chapter 5 myself, but once past there, we get into blind territory! This is just the simple Prologue, nothing exciting really. I do my best to try and explain the game mechanics here and there...well, TRY being the keyword! Again, I'm no Fire Emblem expert, and may who may watch my series will probably be appalled by how terrible I am! But I will make it through, dead or alive!"

I do apologize for not getting this up earlier. 3 failed attempts in Windows Movie Maker (stuck at 99% each time), and one failed attempt in Camtasia (due to me not knowing what I was doing) = 4 hours wasted trying to convert the video. Then 1 more hour to actually convert it. *Sigh* Well, the more you know I guess...

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Probably me at some point lol. If I actually cared about FE5. ^^;

Sadly, for me the only Fire Emblems I care about right now are: FE8 (this game), FE3 (I wanna play as Tikiiiiii!), FE11 (can't record, dunno how to record emulator), FE12 (same dealio), and FE13 (Would LOVE to play and LP, but don't have a 3DS and don't have a Dazzle...so now Nowi, Nah, and Tiki for me again ;___; ).

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I'm going to try to do one each day. It'll be a while before I get to it as I tend to do all of my online stuff first, then video (if I'm in the mood). And then it takes about 30 minutes to an hour to convert the video so...yeah. ^^;

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In this episode, I restart once because RNG! But really, it was for the better. I think Eirika got some good level ups out of this (can't say the same for Franz...), and overall...I think I'm getting strategy down more! I was afraid that Eirika was going to die again though...good thing I walled up! Also, next video I may rego over stats as I have a little explanation of sorts of the stats from a friend of mine. Hopefully they're correct? ^^;

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In this chapter, everything goes super well! I'm honestly surprised because this is the chapter I restarted the most, mostly because either Ross or Vanessa died a lot. But it went swimmingly this time! I do apologize for the commentary as it sounds more nasally than normal...

The following is in text format for those who can't understand what I'm saying. This is from a conversation that I got into about stats, and well..do correct me if I'm wrong on these at all. ^^;

Strength/Magic - each point increases attack by 1
Skill - each point increases chance to hit by 2%, also determines how often certain abilities activate if the character has an ability
Speed - each point increases chance to evade by 2%, if your speed is at least 4 points higher (don't quote me on this number) than the enemy, your attacks will be doubled
Luck - reduces enemy critical chance by 1%, increases evade by 1%
Defense - reduces damage taken from physical attacks by 1
Resist - reduces damage taken from magical attacks by 1
Move - how many spaces you can move. certain terrain types are more difficult to move over for certain units; for example, mounted units cannot move through forests very well. flying units ignore movement costs but also ignore terrain bonuses
Constitution - if the weight of the equipped weapon is higher than this, the unit suffers a Speed penalty
Aid - if this value is higher than the Constitution of a unit, this unit may Rescue the other unit, protecting it from harm but suffering a heavy Skill and Speed penalty
Trv - if a unit is being Rescued, it will be listed here
Affinity - supposedly, each map has an affinity tied to it that will boost similar characters' attributes, or units with similar affinities will grant a bonus to eachother. I don't really know for sure
Condition - any status effects will be shown here

Weapon ranks - determines how strong of a weapon you can equip, also grants bonuses to attack, hit, and crit per rank

Attack - Strength/Magic + Might of equipped weapon + weapon rank bonuses
Hit - the chance of an attack landing, determined by adding the character's innate hit chances from weapon ranks and Skill with the hit rate of the weapon being used
Range - how many tiles away an attack may be executed. line of sight rules do not exist
Crit - chance to deal triple damage on attack
Avoid - subtracted from Hit to determine the chance of the attack connecting

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In this episode, everything once again goes perfectly, and I get some great level ups. Seriously, I'm getting some REALLY good vibes about this game now. Maybe this once-a-day Raocow method I'm doing is the best thing I could've done!

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In this episode, we murder everything while not having a whole lot to say about the game! Really, I didn't have much to talk about at all, which kinda sucks seeing as how long this chapter was. But tomorrow, I will have a bit to talk about, assuming I don't have to restart the chapter...

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