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Blind Let's Play of Sacred Stones [Normal Mode]



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Today is a much shorter video, just to get storyline out of the way. I figured this could use its own video and not go into the next part, which I have to worry about anyways. Hopefully tomorrow's vid (or next vid) won't take as long as Chapter 8!

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Seth normally gets very little exp, but bosses give so much exp in this game that if you deploy him and only use him for killing bosses, he'll be right up with everyone else, and very useful in the last two chapters. I'd advise at least bringing him even if he does almost no fighting.

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In this episode, I get very frustrated at the game due to bad luck and me playing dumbly! Really, this shouldn't have taken 8 attempts to get one winning run...and then computer screws it up so I had to re-record it! Add 3 MORE attempts and you get this video! Most of it was at the start of the map thankfully...either due to Tana not killing the guys, forgetting to give Tana better weapons, or Tana dying (or in one instance, Neimi dying). And the very first restart was because I didn't want to lose the villages to the bandits. And there's only 3 of them, one of which appears from the northwest after turn 1, so you NEED to blitz over there quickly. Franz, Seth, Forde, or anyone really that's not a Pegasus Knight will do, assuming they're properly leveled and/or geared. Not...that Seth will have any troubles with that.

In fact, starting next video, I'm going to be bringing along Seth instead of Garcia. Garcia just isn't cutting it, and Colm isn't helping much in battle either. But he'll probably replace Vanessa...we'll see though! Seth is definitely back in the game though!

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I apologize for the late video. This was SUPPOSED to be up yesterday, but Camtasia randomly crashed at 90% after 2-3 hours of converting, then took 4 hours more to convert it. I don't know WHY it takes so long to convert...then again, the sheer length of the videos may be why, as well as making them MP4...

In this episode, we take a really long time to finish one map! The maps just keep getting longer and longer folks! Also, some arena fighting! Yes, I said I wouldn't grind, but that's in the TOWERS, not in the ARENAS. Truth be told, I REALLY really needed the money, so that's why I decided to do the arena. Also, there may or may not have been a save state between the break I took before the arena (and good thing too, otherwise I would've had to redo an hour's worth of recording. Seth tried to make the boss waste it's weapon in the meantime, only to die to a 1% critical...).

Hopefully me grinding up in the arena will be of much use to me! Lute gained a few levels here, and Ross got some as well. Ross still isn't pulling his weight very well though...

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In this episode, we restart right at the end of the chapter because Colm, and then we beat the living crap out of everything with Tana! Oh, and there's some Dozla being a pro too, while Colm continue to be worthless! And Ross finally reaching level 10! And I have no idea how to make him promote!

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Sorry for the delay in videos guys! Wasn't around yesterday to do this due to a gamer party, and the past couple days was spent learning how to hack FE7! ^^;;

In this episode, monsters are running rampant, and I finally have Ross not suck! Even though he dies anyways! Also, Tana tries to be awesome and things. And mention of Myrrh is love of course! Myrrrrrrrrrrrrh!

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How could you kill Ross Xeno?! He's one of the best characters, with Amelia and Ewan.

Unless you're doing a no grind run, I think you should try and level up some of your character a bit in the Valni tower.

btw, I'm liking you videos :D

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Ross just wasn't able to get in there to hit anything and/or to get any kills, or he just ended up getting killed somehow by someone sniping him. I'm probably going to drop Amelia and Ewan as they're not even doing anything but sitting there half the time of fear of them being OHKO'd by anything. >_>;

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I only grinded once, and that was in the Arena in...chapter 11? Somewhere around there. And that was mostly for money (because I'm terrible at managing money apparently). I think that's the only reason why my Lute is so ridiculous right now lol...

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In this episode, I take more than one day to do one video! Yes, everything BEFORE the winning run was recorded 2-3 days ago...I took that long of a break from the game before I recorded again. Just need a little break here and there. Also, Pure Waters are completely underrated and should be used whenever you feel like a boss is pushing you around with his stupid magic. STUPID MAGIC!

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In this episode, I finally promote Tana, Franz, and Lute! I was intending on leveling up and possibly promoting Gilliam and Neimi too, but that can probably wait until next chapter! Also, not sure where all of the Secret Shops are...that's something I'll have to find out.

So! Some questions for you FE8 experts! What classes should I change characters to for the next set of promotions? For the record, this is what's already been done:

Ross - Pirate
Lute - Sage
Franz - Paladin
Tana - Falcoknight

That leaves Gilliam, Neimi, Colm, Natasha, and Joshua so far, as I don't know if Marisa will ever catch up, and Amelia and Ewan probably still won't get used. Don't know who will replace Seth and L'Archel as I'll probably not use either of them as well (and I don't really want to use any pre-promotes atm either unless I can help it). So feel free to chip in your two cents on this! Also, I'm leaving it up to you folks as to who I bring next chapter! Or...I MAY leave it up to you. Whether or not I do so is another question entirely!

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So to avoid copying/pasting my YouTube descriptions, I'll instead follow Klok's advice. ^^;;

Anywho, this level took me by surprise. First restart was due to well...me leaving Knoll and Duessel by theirselves in the bottom left corner of the map while Ephraim was manhandling Valider's forces while being on a fort. Having 8 guys suddenly appear right around Knoll was kinda terrifying lol. And I knew I instantly lost the moment that happened. Kept it in mind though!

I gotta say though, I can see why nobody likes desert levels...ugh. And finding those hidden items was a pain. That's literally the ONLY thing I didn't do blind (yes, I looked up where the locations of the items could be, because fudge scouring the desert for them!). I did attempt to get Gilliam, Ross, Neimi, Colm, Natasha, and Joshua a lot of levels, and threw in Amelia and Vanessa instead of Franz/Seth/L'Archel just to get them some levels. Gonna aim for Wyvern Knight for Vanessa I think. Dunno about the others yet!

And yes, Gilliam is still just a Knight. Mostly due to him never moving faster than he is! And I used some items during this map to clear out room in my inventory (somehow hit 100 items in stock!), so I gave Joshua a Dragonshield and Ross a Secret Book for one, and chugged down some Vulneraries and breaking some weapons (or throwing away some weapons). And finally selling that White Gem I always forget about! Really, I shouldn't have to worry about items for the rest of the game, seeing as I got the Silver Card and PLENTY of items to go around. Still wondering who to give the other stat-boosting items to though!

Also, my god the bosses are getting extremely scary now! I'm terrified to even go all-out on them! Luckily Tana can tank hits, otherwise Valter would've been really difficult to beat! @[email protected];

I also feel like I'm not doing the commentary justice at all. It doesn't seem like I have very much to say at all...if anything really! But once you go past half an hour, kinda gets hard to come up with any good material, especially for someone like me. Almost kinda wish I did co-commentary on this game, but that'd require me having someone who'd stick around for 2+ hours for one video now @[email protected];;

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FINALLY! 3 days this one map took, all due to bad RNG. Seriously, how does 10-30% attacks hit so often!? Even throughout the entirety of this game thus far, I've NEVER had that many low hit% attacks hit! It's kinda frustrating to be honest. Also, really wanted to use Myrrh, but I know better than to do so. Poor Myrrh, so underused due to not wanting to use her for waiting till later. T-T

I tried to aim for Gilliam, Natasha, Colm, Neimi, and Joshua to hit level 20 to promote next map, as well as get Ewan and Amelia up to level 10, but that didn't happen. At least next map they'll promote...though I've yet to decide what they'll promote to. If anyone has any good suggestions, feel free to post here! I don't even know what the promotions ARE for most of them! ^^;;

So! Who to use next map? I can only bring 11 units, so here's who you can vote for!

Gilliam - Level 19 Knight

Ross - Level 10 Pirate

Neimi - Level 17 Archer

Lute - Level 8 Sage (Promoted)

Joshua - Level 19 Myrmidon

Colm - Level 12 Thief

Marisa - Level 6 Myrmidon

Natasha - Level 17 Cleric

Vanessa - Level 12 Pegasus Knight

Amelia - Level 7 Recruit

Ewan - Level 7 Pupil

Tana - Level 2 Falcoknight (Promoted)

Franz - Level 1 Paladin (Promoted)

L'Arachel - Level 4 Troubadour

Artur - Level 2 Monk

Garcia - Level 6 Fighter

Moulder - Level 3 Priest

Ephraim - Level 1 Great Lord (Promoted)

Forde - Level 8 Cavalier

Kyle - Level 10 Cavalier

Gerik - Level 11 Mercenary

Tethys - Level 1 Dancer

The ones that WON'T be used more than likely:

Seth - Level 4 Paladin

Saleh - Level 1 Sage

Innes - Level 1 Sniper

Dozla - Level 1 Berserker

Cormag - Level 12 Wyvern Rider

Rennac - Level 1 Rogue

Knoll - Level 10 Shaman

Duessel - Level 11 Great Knight

Myrrh - Level 1 Manakete (would use, but I'm saving her for later as much as I'd hate to...when's a good time to use her? T-T )

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Well, this chapter took only 3 tries! I'm honestly surprised, but it may have to do with me actually using my main team. Also, lots of stats up! Lute got 2x Angelic Robe, 1x Swiftsole, 1x Dragonshield, and 1x Body Ring. I WOULD give her Metis's Tome, but I have no idea what that does. Can anyone tell me? Also, am I missing any secret shops? I can't tell!

Gilliam got promoted finally to Great Knight, and also got a Speedwing. Ross got smarter by reading a Secret Book, and Joshua promoted to Swordmaster while using 2x Body Rings, 1x Talisman, and 1x Goddess Icon. Figured I might as well use the stat boosters now since there's no point in hoarding them now. WOULD have given them all to Myrrh otherwise but she probably won't need them. And now Lute is even MORE ridiculous!

This map was a really nice breather after Chapter 16 I have to say. I didn't get screwed over by getting hit by 20% all the time, which was nice, and the enemies weren't that hard either. Tana solo'd the entire northwest area, and Lute pretty much solo'd the east area. Everyone else kinda did....nothing. Ah well!

I know I was told not to bring Gilliam, but I did anyways. There...really wasn't as much moving as I expected, seeing as the above two characters handled the entire map on their own pretty much! ^^;

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Metis' Tome increase every growth rate by 5%. And GK promo is much better than General. After "queen of white sands"(or something like that)/"father and son" there is no secret shops.

And don't be surprised that some characters can solo chapter. It's FE8. Normal Mode in addition.

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