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Super Robot Wars RP

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For reals this time! I haven't wrote the intro for this but if someone can provide me with one then please do! Here are the series that we are using:

Space Route: Zeta, ZZ, CCA, Space Runaway Ideon, SEED, Compact 2 Originals (Excellen Browning), Classic Originals (Ring Mao), A Originals (Idiot!Axel).

Earth Route: NGE, Mazinkaiser, Code Geass R2, Gundam 00, Megas XLR, Compact 2 Originals (Kyosuke Nambu), Classic Originals (Irmgard Kazehara) Alpha Originals (Sanger and Touma!) and A Originals (Lamia Loveless.).


<b>Character Name</b>: (Uh... yeah)

<b>Notes</b>: (While this is positioned at the top of the app for our convenience, feel free to add things to it as you go along.)

<b>Background</b>: *REQUIRED* (This is a description of your character's background as per canon. This can be a wiki link for a translated canon, or a full text description for anyone. If you are writing it up and want to avoid spoilers you can send it to the mod account. If you do so title the message “[Character's Name]'s Background” and note here that you sent it to the mod account.)

<b>Personality</b>: *REQUIRED* (Show us you know the character. At least 1 or 2 paragraphs is a good length for this section.)

<b>Capabilities and Resources</b>: (We know your character has something to do with robots, otherwise you wouldn't be here. But what else does s/he do? Newtype? Geass powers? Own a company? Member of a military in good standing? That all goes here.)

(*REQUIRED* if you have a robot. Power armor/transformed forms also belong to this section)
<b>Robot Name</b>: (Uh... yeah)
<b>Robot Description</b>: (What weapons does it have and what can they do? Is your mecha a super (superhero-y) robot or a real (military-ish) robot? Does it have any special armor or forcefields? Magical powers? Traits? Can it fly? How? Feel free to link to a wiki or fansite to give an overview, but write the details down here.)
<b>Terrain Stats</b>: (This is optional, but for those who have played SRW, this is a good way to give us a quick judge of how good your mech is overall. For those of you who haven't played the games, they are measured: --, D, C, B, A, S, with -- or D meaning it can't fight there at all and S being the best. Note that only upgrades tend to have an S unless they are entirely gimped or unusable in other areas.)

(*REQUIRED* if you captain a flagship)
<b>Flagship Name</b>: (Uh... yeah)
<b>Flagship Description</b>: (Essentially the same as a robot description... except for a flagship instead. What abilities does it have? Does it have any special support capabilities? Is it intended to be used with specific units or kinds of units?)
<b>Terrain Stats</b>: (Same as above.)

Upgrades: (if any)

<b>Job</b>: (if any)

<b>Suggested Event List</b>: (The event list should consist of important combat actions that would make good material for missions, or special events and logs that require mod or NPC intervention. At this point, canons should not have more than 10/15 events.)

You are allowed to use any Banpresto mecha if you don't want to make your own robot.

If some people want to RP the SEED cast then they need to PM me.

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Additional rules:

  • The most important thing to remember when designing your original character: your OC can't do everything. As well, be reasonable with your character's powers: the "power level" here is pretty high, but try to be self-consistent at least.
  • Your original character must be detailed enough that we can run a game with them, and show us that you have put enough thought into the character that you know them as well as you would know any other character that someone else made up. While we don't necessarily expect you to not make up anything on the fly while RPing your OC, we do need them to have enough definition in the first place that they don't become your personal "whatever is convenient at the time" spouting device.
  • The above also means we reserve the right to ask for longer or more detailed Personality and/or Background section, simply to make sure we have a full idea of the character without canon review to fall back on.
  • The mech/battleship and capabilities/resources sections are just as, if not more, important than background and personality, if they're applicable to your character. Also, a physical description of its appearance is highly encouraged.
  • You need an event list if you want events, and your event list needs to be a little more detailed than for a canon character for the same reasons as personality and background.

Also, the players can pick which route they want to be on but if I see too many players one route then I'll put some on the other.

Oh, and send your characters to me or Acacia Sgt.

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