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【東方】 Yet Another Touhou Draft

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Well, let's give this another try, shall we?

This ruleset should work, but it's flexible. If you guys want anything changed, go ahead and tell me!


1. This draft is for 4 players.
2. All the Windows games will be played, except for PoFV and the ones that aren't integers. With the release of DDC, that's now eight games.
3. Only one character/team/shot/whatever may be drafted per game. Only teams will be picked in IN, but you can then use one of the characters of your team individually if you wish to.
4. No cheating. You can abuse glitches and safespots if that's your thing, though. (MarisaBroken in MoF, however, is banned because the Lv3 Laser glitch eats bosses for breakfast, eliminating basically all challenge in 1ccing.)

5. The Hitbox Patch for EoSD, as well as V-Sync-Patches to help with laggy controls are explicitely allowed.
6. Practice all you like, but all replays presented are to be recorded during this draft. No here's-one-I-prepared-earlier.
7. Normal mode, default gameplay settings (where applicable).

8. Continues are not allowed. You can continue as often as you like when you practice, but your actual submission can't use them.


1. Snake-style drafting will be used to determine shot types used. Take your pick from the entire pool, but after choosing from one game you obviously can't choose another from the same game.
2. The games will be played in chronological order, with each player using what they drafted for each game. You can send in as many replays of the same game as you like, I'll only count the latest - however, once you've sent in a replay of the next game, I will stop accepting improvements of the previous game.

So, for instance, when you finish EoSD, I will accept improvements of EoSD as well as replays of PCB. Once you send in a replay of PCB, I will no longer accept improvements to EoSD, but you can move on to IN (or improve PCB).

Of course there's the deadline, too. Once the first round finishes, the deadline of each following game is exactly one week after the previous.
3. After attaining a satisfactory score, players will send me a replay as evidence (preferably by linking to it via PM, although sending it as an attachment also works). I will then release these replays at the end of the round and declare the scores and rankings. You can upload your replays here (although at this time, DDC does not seem to be supported. You can upload DDC replays here instead). Please don't watch others' replays before the end of each round if they upload them there.


1. The primary source of points is obtaining the highest score. The player who scores highest will get seven points, second place is four, third place is two. The lowest score doesn't get any points.
2. 1ccing the game gets you a flat three point bonus.
(For your convenience: this results in 10/7/5/3 points respectively when the game is 1cc'd, and 7/4/2/0 when it isn't.)

[spoiler=Draft pool]


|        |  ReimuA|        |        |        |        |        |  ReimuA|

|        |        |        |        |  ReimuB|        |        |        |

|        |        |        |        |        | MarisaA|        |        |

|        | MarisaB|        | MarisaA| MarisaA|        |        | MarisaB|

|        |        |        |        |        |  SanaeA|        |        |

|        |        |        |        |        |        |        |        |

Players (in order):

|Player |Score|touhou06|touhou07|touhou08|touhou10|touhou11|touhou12|touhou13|touhou14|

|ZM     |   2 |  ReimuA| SakuyaB|   Magic|  ReimuA| MarisaC|  SanaeB|   Sanae| SakuyaB|

|Kalas  |  21 |  ReimuB|  ReimuB|  Border|  ReimuC|  ReimuA|  ReimuB|   Reimu|  ReimuB|

|Fera   |  62 | MarisaB| MarisaA| Scarlet| MarisaC|  ReimuC| MarisaB|  Marisa| MarisaA|

|Proto  |  62 | MarisaA| SakuyaA|  Nether|  ReimuB| MarisaB|  ReimuA|   Youmu| SakuyaA|

I myself won't be participating, but I may comment on the replays (unless you tell me not to).
Alright then, have at it!


Round 1, Th06: EoSD will end at February 27th.

Round 2, Th07: PCB will end at March 5th.

Round 3, Th08: IN will end at March 12th.

Round 4, Th10: MoF will end at March 19th.

Round 5, Th11: SA will end at April 2nd.

Round 6, Th12: UFO will end at April 9th.

Round 7, Th13: TD will end at April 16th.

The final round, Th14: DDC will end at April 23rd.

(Visual Timer)


| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | F |

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Well, this would be a good opportunity to try out the other games, wouldn't it? :newyears:

If you need some time to get comfortable with each game first, I could set the time limit per round higher (5 days? A week?). Like I said, the rules are flexible.

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Haha, definitely! I wouldn't mind playing Touhou non-stop for a long while. It'd enhance my skills, too.

Hmm...my birthday is on the 19th of February, and if I play my cards right, I COULD get my own laptop. If that's the case, then I could definitely do this. Though...I suppose I'll sign up, if it's okay.

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'aight, all in!

So, how much time per round? Is 5 days each alright with everyone?

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5 Days should be alright, although I might have a hard time sending the replays in because internet issues.

Although Zeem's idea for a week would probably be more accommodating.

Edited by Zak Stealer of Waifus

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But I like Koishi

I'll change you to Kalas, then. xD

Let's go with a week, then, just to be on the safe side.

If all replays of a round are in before a week has passed, I can still end the round early if so desired.

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Such awe-inspiring enthusiasm! :newyears:

I guess I could fill the last spot if there's nobody else to take it, but patience is a virtue. It's hardly been half an hour since I even made this thread. xD

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Actually, I have someone in mind who might be willing to play, but let's first give it a day~

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Do NOT let RAYKITTY~ join. He's going to own everyone else so easily it's not even funny. I'll take up that last slot (and I'm pretty sure I was the one RAYKITTY~ was thinking of anyway), though I'm not sure if I can handle one-week deadlines...

I'm not sure why default settings are necessary. Increasing your starting lives or bombs will end up severely crippling your score. But eh, since clearing the game is not a requirement, I guess it's fine.

I do think, however, that Marisa Broken should be banned. Maintaining the 3-3.95 Power isn't very difficult when you can destroy bosses before a single bullet even goes near you. And going above 3.95 is fine, because you can bomb down to the broken range anytime.

Also, you removed the extra rule that allowed us to chicken out and Easy Modo one game

Edited by Railgun

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