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Hello, Hi, Hey: I'm $$$ richh

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all my $$$ goes to her20atGhE.png


old link sticky'd stuff



[spoiler=PiratePad Links]
HHH Touhou Project
HHH Fighter
HHH YearBook
HHH Trainer Classes
HHH Pokemon


[spoiler=N7 XCOM stuff]As N7 Commander of the XCOM Project, I have gone undercover to protect my identity so that I will be hidden from the Alien Menace.
This is now the HQ of the XCOM Project.

N7 Commander:

  • N7 Commander John

N7 Squad:

  • N7 Average Azn
  • N7 Ridiculous Rich
  • N7 Terrible Timmy
  • N7 Doctor Dennis
  • N7 Energetic Eukaryotic
  • N7 Glorious Gorgan
  • N7 Enigimatic Emerald
  • N7 Magnificent Mar-Mar
  • N7 Supreme Sean
  • N7 Orgy Orph
  • N7 Super Shocker
  • N7 Super Sol
  • N7 Derpy Duck
  • N7 Jiac Attack
  • N7 Dankey Kang
  • N7 Perfectionist PKL
  • N7 Volcanic Void
  • N7 Mondo Monde
  • N7 Derriere Doofina
  • N7 Starfy Starbound
  • N7 Abominable Aura
  • N7 Repeating Ryan
  • N7 Dastardly Damian
  • N7 Dangerous Dusk
  • N7 Ravish Raven
  • N7 Bystander Bly
  • N7 Ace Austin
  • N7 Elegant Elie
  • N7 Mango Mac
  • N7 Killer Kalas
  • N7 Zipping ZM
  • N7 Zealous Zerker
  • N7 Bluish Blazer
  • N7 Sneaky Snake
  • N7 Galiant GrabBro
  • N7 DanTheMan Dragon
  • N7 Corny Cornet
  • N7 Quintessential Quint
  • N7 Jeigan Jedi
  • N7 Brave Bal
  • N7 Wild Weegee
  • N7 Captain Cecil
  • N7 Luxurious Lux
  • N7 Extreme EWoozy
  • N7 Crucial Crizix
  • N7 Mystical Mei
  • N7 Kritical Kim
  • N7 Gorgeous Glaceon
  • N7 Accurate Ace
  • N7 Henious Helen
  • N7 Awesome Azuria
  • N7 Lascivious Lyndis
  • N7 Rockin' Rindisu
  • N7 Terrific Terra
  • N7 Lucky Letty
  • N7 Powerful PK
  • N7 Queen Crimson
  • N7 Supreme Samus
  • N7 Zealous Zelda
  • N7 Killer Karina
  • N7 Incredible Icarus
  • N7 Tsunami Serge
  • N7 Acute Ana
  • N7 Hectic Hoshi
  • N7 Noble Ninian
  • N7 Fearless Fre-Fre

Currently no Casualties; The XCOM Project is on schedule.

[spoiler=The N7 Squad in Action]

Latest XCOM Mission (Bomb Squad)
May the RNG Goddess bless them all.

[spoiler=Happy Birthday Sophie.]iLcjhVo.png
Have some more rockets.

[spoiler=Old HHH stuffs]
Just wanted to say hello to everyone!!! ^_^
*end OP*
Everyone's first posts in HHH (thanks to Nee-chan and Aryton):

HHH Pokemon




































































My Inspirational Quote to myself:

So I will be going back to college, because it seems that I'm not going to get a decent job anytime soon, which is any job that isn't working at a fast food restaurant.

At least, by going back to school, I can further my education and better my worth, and even get paid to do it at the same time.
Even though... I really want to move out of my own house already and live on my own. But it seems I won't be able to do that anytime soon unfortunately.

There's been so much misfortune in my life this past few months... but I won't ever give up. I'll be able to break through this terror, and become even stronger than I ever was before.
I won't falter, because then, I will never win.







































































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Now go away


Go do your chores, instead of slacking around :dry:

I just finished them, you jerk! :p

Why does it feel like the hi is not mean for only a hi?

Because it's not only hi.

It's "Hello, Hi, Hey."! :P

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It's 1:18 pm here Dodge! :p

go back to sleep

And my name isn't that long... >>

I've seen some pretty ridiculously long names during my time on the internet. It's not long at all...


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Hello Inui!!! :D

I've seen some pretty ridiculously long names during my time on the internet. It's not long at all...


I can make it even longer. ;)

I have a longer name.

Not here you don't!

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