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Hello, Hi, Hey: I'm $$$ richh

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[4:48:41 PM] Adrian P.: >gets a super success right when Kintoki hits 60

[4:48:46 PM] Adrian P.: fuck you too game

[4:49:38 PM] Shadowfrost Zenbiniar: don't you hate it when the game does that

[4:49:42 PM] Shadowfrost Zenbiniar: 888888)))

[4:49:54 PM] Shadowfrost Zenbiniar: but yeah replace Martha aka piece of shit rider with Kintoki

[4:50:52 PM] Adrian P.: Martha ain't shit shush yourself

[4:50:57 PM] Adrian P.: she's meh

[4:52:29 PM] Shadowfrost Zenbiniar: okay fine

[4:52:39 PM] Shadowfrost Zenbiniar: replace Martha aka the jesus slut with Kintoki

[4:52:51 PM] Adrian P.: much better

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also soledai you used to play FGO right

do you have your bind account and password

give it to me

The emulator I used turned to crap, and it won't boot

So even if I wanted to give it away, I couldn't. Not that I had anything good.

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well at least this means you can invest your time in a better game like Melty or KoF

probably KoF

i'll just pick up 13 again some time

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Melty seems like a good investment.

That's even worse

Also like no fun to play

Sure it has been almost a decade since I played but fuck MeltyBlood.

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I love the gameplay though.

Gameplay is kinda a reason why I moved to Persona 4 Ultimax. It's a bit watered down but I still enjoy it. BlazBlue I can't really pick up much anymore just because I realized I have a dislike/problem with most of the cast. AND THEY MURDERED THE SOUNDTRACK I'M STILL SALTY.

*in the corner looking at Skullgirls on my computer*

Skullgirls is such a good game.

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So I got banned for a day. sig violations, etc. Was an interesting experience.

Huh, you were gone for a day?

Ah, it shouldn't come as a surprise. I barely even notice those sort of things...

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