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Hello, Hi, Hey: I'm $$$ richh

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i'm sorry, i get em chronically too, they happen in cycles of 5 hours when i assume medication wears of


oh god that's even worse

But at least medication makes them go away for you? I hope >w> I'm gonna go see if my doctor can give me something stronger for the migraines + nausea.

but thanks

who played pepsiman

Ein posted the speedrun of the guy playing it in here too


Binging FMA Brotherhood has royally fucked up my sleep schedule lmao

Remember people, binge responsibly

I read binging as a typo of banging until I saw the second sentence. Edited by Cirno

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well yeah but don't bang so often that you have to do it responsibly

i think

Accidents can still happen if you bang irresponsibly just once.


Wow, whoever are in those bathrooms sure need a lot of time.

Edited by Hattusili II

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i just remembered that registration is still goin on and sure enough there was one (1) unlocked bathroom downstairs life is good

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