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Hello, Hi, Hey: I'm $$$ richh

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1 minute ago, はたの 秦 こころ said:

He cheated!
How he could do an empty post?
He didn't even use white color text.

He doesn't need that, he can make empty posts through the power of love...

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4 hours ago, はたの 秦 こころ said:

I wished I could.

If you didn't do it, you'd not be in the current situation, a happy one, as you are now.
A little bit egoism is needed sometimes to reach all your targets.


Huh, it's 8 AM EST.

Must be a night-job then apparently.

Yeah it's much better now than before. I don't have negativity weighing me down anymore so now I can just improve on everything in my life.

and yes, i'm still in my night job but next week I will be fully in my day job.

3 hours ago, Sophie said:

RIP posting in HHH anymore, no longer any reason to.

Bye guys.

Quit being such a downer and just stay, geez.

2 hours ago, Soul~! said:


too hawt

way too hawt

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I never could work at night.
Darkness makes me tired.

Seriously it's easier for me to start working at 5 AM than to work till 8 PM or later.
In the summer months it's not that a problem to work till (late) evening since it's longer bright outside.

Also no big fish fan either.

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