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Hello, Hi, Hey: I'm $$$ richh

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Standing on the corner
Suitcase in my hand
Jack is in his corset, Jane is in her vest
And me, I'm in a rock n' roll band

Rinding in a stutz bear cat, Jim
You know, those were different times
Oh, all the poets they studied rules of verse
And those ladies, they rolled their eyes

Sweet Jane oh
Sweet Jane oooh
Sweet Jane

I'll tell you something
Jack, he is a banker
And Jane, she is a clerk
And both of them save their moneis
And when they come home from work
Sitting down by the fire oh
The radio does play
The classical music, there Jim
The march of the wooden soldier
oh you protest kids
You can hear Jack say
get ready

Sweet Jane (come on baby)
Sweet Jane (ooh)
Sweet Jane

Some people, they like to go out dancing
And other people they have to work
Just watch me now
And there's even some evil mothers
They're gonna tell you that everything is just dirt
You know, that women never really faint
And villains always blink their eyes
And that, you know, children are the only ones who blush
And that life is just to die

But anyone who's ever had a heart
They wouldn't turn around and break it
And anyone who's ever played a part
They wouldn't turn around and hate it

Sweet Jane oooh
Sweet Jane
Sweet Jane

Heavenly wine and roses
Seems to whisper to her when he smiles
Heavenly wine and roses
Seems to whisper to her when she smiles

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The moment when you feel so bored that you read the first fifty pages on this thread just to refresh good old memories.

I cannot even recall everyone anymore because of UN change (and they are gone).

Even godfather of this thread left the forum quite a while ago.

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Poor you

I'm not sure which of those I'm giving my sympathy to; being horribly bored in general, or being bored enough to do... that

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Ah, sometimes I do something similar to that. Either here or at FE4Thread. Though, it's been months since the last time I did it.

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Nioh 2's character customization is good, namely the hair... specifically the hair, rather. Made me more aware that KT be sleeping on character customization in their Musou games

That Ken clone from that irrelevant fighting game series is in Smash. When's my Geno because being a side character in one game compared to Terry friggin Bogard makes makes him the most relevant fucking character ever

People's feeling are hurt because Death Stranding isn't a brain dead run and gun, or a carbon copy of Metal Gear because Kojimalol, also is a walking/delivery service sim. On the other side of the coin, people are too quick to defend it because it's "not all about action, some games are about the story, exploration, etc" or what have you. While I don't disagree with that sentiment, I just wouldn't get so wound up about it

People weird

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"This game is going to be bad. This game is going to be awful, irredeemable. It will betray expectations, it will murder speculations, it will be a living nightmare. The combat unbalanced, music forgettable, graphics dated, plot nonsensical, the characters shallow and insufferable. This game will make you regret ever buying it, it will forever taint your memory, you will want the franchise euthanized or else purged of everything associated with it.

*Takes a deep breath*

But you know, as fundamentally flawed as it will be, maybe you’ll find something in the trash heap that is worth something.😉

Start from the bottom, assume nothing but disappointment. And whatever doesn’t end up being so, cannot so easily be marred in the future by newfound disappointment, because you already imagined so much disappointment, even if not all of it."



"My mind is an open field of grass

Through which all may freely pass

Onto which you sit your ass

In the meadow so verdant and vast

You lay undressed with a fine lass

And comes to bite you is an asp

Crawled it through a dimensional hasp

Which I unlocked because you gassed

On my mind the open field of grass"



That was stuff I told myself months before I played Three Houses. Written to lower the barriers I had placed around my mind specifically for this game.

It didn't work. The gameplay I enjoyed, that was the one thing of 3H I was certain to indulge in, it's why I fundamentally bought the game, I love FE gameplay.

The rest met a different fate. Long ago, the first impression of Sothis had worried me about the plot. A personal distaste for high school hijinks turned me off to exploring the monastery, and further strengthened my hesitations about the story. The characters, though nothing specifically turned me off from them, though I knew nothing about them, I still had reservations towards.

With two- games behind me of pure ignorance, so I added a third. When I finished Golden Deer, I knew as little about the world, the tale, and its actors as I did coming in. Who is Claude? I haven't a clue.

I drove myself into battle and battle alone went all my time, I was mindless when it came to instruction, and not a single walk through the school, barring the two that were mandatory, where I spoke to none but those who were forced on me. I didst not cultivate, nor fish, nor cook, nor find, nor joust. No flower were ever given, no holidays ever attended. What a "professor" I was, you'd be better off hiring a Scarlet Swordsman, an Angel of Death, a Fireman, or even an Alba of Leonster. 

My ignorance had if anything worsened. For in the worlds of Nohr-Hoshido and Rigel-Zofia, I had allowed conversation between comrades to unfold, I simply observed its contents not. Friendship or love, whatever it was, not a letter from one to three or nineteen was allowed to solidify. And barring the lyric'ed melodies rare, I hadst allowed the sounds of the two worlds prior to play within my ears. So it was not for Fodlan, not only did I silence the voices as done prior, so too the harmonies of ambience were stilled. The clash of weapons, the pacing of feet and wings, the chimes of experience surpassing and its chance gains, that was all I heard. Even when the battle was ultimate or momentous prior, it was in hollow quiet that I played, perhaps doing so made the flaws of the maps more visible, lacking the auditory cloth to cover their nakedness.


I yearn for more 3H now. But how my heart is torn. To keep these walls erected, or to tear them down. To remain "neutral", to avoid disappointment, to abide by habits that refuse to easily subside. Or to open the pores, to pristine air and mal aria alike, to have joy and be able to critique and then share those critiques with others. To enjoy a totality of an Emblem again, or to savor just the Vert and throw away the rest of the Gemstones.

Should it be on the Vulture, the Raven, the Crow, the Bird of Prey on which I rest my talons next, and I've a half-mind to do so, then I think I would turn to the Vermillion Magnolia. But that would require taking a moment to converse with the Lady of Hair Which Surpasses Her Lifetime. Such would break the bars of my iron cage and shelter. Could I bring myself to the task? Do I wish for it?

I could perhaps take a half-dram and not a full measure. I could roam the place of habits and tonsures for its services, but I needn't speak to others. Or I could speak to others, yet ignore what they their words are- yet how foolish this would likely be. I could most certainly take the people of Fodlan, but not its epic, the characters, but not its plot. Mayhaps I return its music too.

However! I am thankful and worried I would do none of this. Similar seals did I construct when playing the Myth of Fitzgerald: Exhalation of Frontier, and the barriers there, which were set against speaking to anyone, were gradually lowered. And yet, I've still never spoken to Impa (blame an irrational super-overreaction to Yiga which I know shall appearance once I do), nor did any Divine Beast I ever attempt. I know nothing of Zelda the Geek, Ganon the Cthulhu, or Sidon the Wetness of Fan-tasies. So how far can those Three Houses walls be broken, if at all?

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