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Loki Laufeyson

Let Me Show You My Pokemanz

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Because yes.


I am a fan of the pikachu. I am training it to DESTROY MINE ENEMIES! LOOK OUT, BROTHER!!


Totally top percentage. dogshiftyeyes-1.gif


Isnt he cute!?

Stop looking at me like that. Ive really never played Red in its entirety.

Show off your pokemanz for all to see!

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Shouldn't Jormungand be an Ekans instead ? Jormungand is Midgarsomr, right ?

I wasnt planning on getting an Ekans. I was gonna rock mostly fire types and dat pikachu.

Thor Should Be Magikarp with splash.

Thor is my rival.

There's more than one Mjolnirs if you know what I mean


You shoulda named the Charmander Surtr or something. Cuz of fire.

Yeah i should have. Oh well.

I caught a Spearow named Huginn. He may or may not stick around on my team. The geodude i got is not going to.

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Needs a Gengar named [nevermind, read more of thread] and a Machamp named Odin.

Edited by Knight

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Well well...look what i found. Pretty unintentional too.


Ehh...It might prove useful. Otherwise its entrails will be my binding...


Someone is doing well for himself. Im also working on getting dat Mjolnir to be one broken little SOB. (When i find that Thunder Stone, it is on!)

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Get a Sudowoodo. Name: Yggdrasil.

I got an Oddish named Yggdrasil. :B

Mjolnir now has Quick Attack so i guess we can pretend thats throwing pokeballs at things.

Damn that Misty. I remember her being a little bit of a pain in LeafGreen cuz i charmander'd during that too. But all my pokemanz this time cant quite kick her Starmie's ass. So im working on getting Huginn evolved and leveling up Mjolnir more.

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