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Crazy Foxie

GFantasy Fire Emblem CD Drama

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Fire Emblem: Ankokuryuu to Hikari no Ken

Presented by Maki Hakoda

GFantasy collection

What is this?

It is a CD Drama based on the first Fire Emblem game. It is audio only, and a total of four volumes were released. This was written and designed by Maki Hakoda, who is more famous for creating the 12 volume manga. The manga itself, fully translated, can be found HERE by my dedicated teams and me.

The disks come in a book-like wallet, with a cover, back and small 8 page booklet with illustrations and character profiles.

I had noticed it on the old merchandise page, so I wasn't sure how desperate people were for this.

Drama synopsis

80% of the spoken words are exactly what it says in the manga. The first three volumes are dedicated towards the first four volumes of the manga, spanning from Devil Mountain to recruiting Minerva. The fourth volume of the drama does a time-skip and bypasses reclaiming Pales entirely, instead resuming from about volume nine of the manga and ending at volume 11 with a horrible cliffhanger.

What the files contain

  • Big scans of the cover, back and 8 page booklet
  • The audio files
  • Notes page with translated tracklist, seiyuus (voices) and credits


Volume 1: To the Promised Land | 4shared | Mediafire |
Volume 2: Fire Emblem | 4shared | Mediafire |
Volume 3: Trails of the Wind | 4shared | Mediafire |
Volume 4: The Sanctuary of Magic | 4shared | Mediafire |

I don't mind if you wish to distribute this elsewhere, but please credit me or keep the notes page with each volume download.

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