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Gotta stop with the new projects, but... I was in the mood for crackshipping. And Sci-fi. So you get... this.

So yeah, this is a Romance/Sci-fi fic focused on Roy and Eirika. Why Roy and Eirika? Because that is the couple my dreams that started this showed me.

[spoiler=Roles, characters will be added as they appear, details to be added as revealed in fic]Roy- The first of our two main protagonists, a test subject of the Dream Machine. Actually the 'Seer of Ice'.

Seliph- Roy's escort, Dr. Chalphy's son and Dr. Velthomer's stepson. Is unaware of the Dream machine's existance, but has his suspicians. Wishes to simply leave, but reality holds him back.

Sigurd/Dr. Chalphy- A scientist of the facility who mysteriously died when Seliph was a child.

Voice- A voice in Roy's head.

Arvis/Dr.Velthomer- Seliph's stepfather, and is the scientist in charge of the Dream Machine.

Dr. Sephiran- Scientist in charge of preparations for the Dream Machine's use, as well as its dissassembly.

Eirika- Ephraim's escort

Ephraim- Eirika's twin and the Seer of Fire.

Eliwood- One of the children sent to the conference room with his escort.

Rebecca- Eliwood's escort, seeems to have a constant smile...

Micaiah- Alongside Eliwood and Rebecca, she was sent to the conference room with her escort, Sothe.

[spoiler=Current Chapters]1. Prologue

2. The Dream Machine

3. Just an Ordinary Girl... or not.

4. Finally Get to Meet the Others

I don't have prewriting to share with you. Too many spoilers, even with a tag!

Link= https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10174744/1/The-Dream-Machine

So yeah, as usual, everything about this goes here. Et cetera et cetera...

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Voice- A voice in Roy's head.

"Roy: You know that little voice people have that tells them to quit when they're ahead? You don't have one!

Seliph: Well just... wait, you have a little voice in your head?

Roy: ..."

Sorry and apologies, that just came into my head when I read that bit. :XD:And I had a flashback to a movie I saw a million years ago.

Anyways, great concept and story, I look forward to more.

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