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Interpreting part of the Lon'qu/Panne support.

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  • Lon'qu: And why did you collect them in the first place? Were they for you? Are you also haunted by nightmares?
  • Panne: I often dream of the night man-spawn razed my village and murdered my kin. Just before she died, my mother told me that I mustn't hate all humans. She said there were good men as well as wicked, and I was never to forget it.
  • Lon'qu: But why did you make the potion for me?
  • Panne: I told you. I didn't want the herbs to go to waste.
  • Lon'qu: ...You have a good heart.

I've been reading over these lines in italic lately and I wonder if those lines are a bit of subtext that implies that Panne sees Lon'qu as a good person despite her trauma caused by humans.

Am I reading too much into this or does anybody else see the same thing as I do?

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Well yes, but Lon'qu doesn't go out of his way to earn Panne's trust compared to some of her other supports. That's what I find interesting about it.

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