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Dolphin Users without working AR codes? Look here!

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EDIT: See a few posts below for an upload of RDCC - Radiant Dawn Code Creator! Generate masses of AR codes instantly!

I had some trouble with getting some working codes on Dolphin. It took a while and even http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=29220 couldn't help me. Many people seem to be posting on this forum looking for answers, so here are some answers.

I found that most stuff ended up being offset by different amounts - it was a bit confusing but everything has been shifted around in memory a lot for me. Most of this was figured out with the Dolphin memory monitor thingy, which requires running the command prompt, navigating to where Dolphin is installed and running "Dolphin.exe /d". Pretty damn handy for making AR codes.

NTSC-U codes, not sure whether I have the patched RD disc or not...

I also posted them here: https://forums.dolphin-emu.org/Thread-wii-fire-emblem-radiant-dawn--26089?pid=319200#pid319200


The BEXP codes seem to be a bit temperamental in terms of specifying how much EXP you have. 0x6000 seems to give you 999999 so whatever; Part 4 doesn't seem to be a simple sum. Gold codes work fine as far as I know.
$BEXP Part 1
023CAB5C 00006000
$BEXP Part 2
023CAB60 00006000
$BEXP Part 3
023CAB64 00006000
$Gold 1
043CAB50 000F423F
$Gold 2
043CAB54 000F423F
$Gold 3
043CAB58 000F423F
For gold, Part 4 is simply the sum of the other 3.


$Nolan Item Slot 1
You can find more character addresses by adding an offset calculated from the 99% EXP codes; e.g.:
Laura slot address = Nolan slot address + (Laura EXP address - Nolan EXP address):
= 0x0484DB4C + (0x0084DE7F - 0x0084DA8F) = 0x0484DF3C
$Laura Item Slot 1
0484DF3C XXXXXXXX (totally untested)
You can find more slots for the same character by adding 0x28 to the address.
$Nolan Item Slot 2
For XXXXXXXX numbers (copied from the Gecko page and modified with a script):
Provided by: Am3692+ShadowX39+Haiyukin
80B62210 - Slim sword
80B62260 - Bronze sword
80B622B0 - Iron sword
80B62300 - Steel sword
80B62350 - Silver sword
80B623A0 - Iron blade
80B623F0 - Steel blade
80B62440 - Silver blade
80B62490 - Venin edge
80B624E0 - Brave sword
80B62530 - Killing edge
80B62580 - Wyrmslayer
80B625D0 - Wo dao
80B62620 - Caladbolg
80B62670 - Wind edge
80B626C0 - Storm sword
80B62710 - Tempest blade
80B62760 - Vague katti
80B627B0 - Florete
80B62800 - Ettard
80B62850 - Ragnell(can't give away)
80B628A0 - Alondite
80B628F0 - Amiti(can't give away)
80B62940 - Slim lance
80B62990 - Bronze lance
80B629E0 - Iron lance
80B62A30 - Steel lance
80B62A80 - Silver lance
80B62AD0 - Iron greatlance
80B62B20 - Stl greatlance
80B62B70 - Slvr greatlance
80B62BC0 - Venin lance
80B62C10 - Brave lance
80B62C60 - Killer lance
80B62CB0 - Horseslayer
80B62D00 - Javelin
80B62D50 - Short spear
80B62DA0 - Spear
80B62DF0 - Wishblade
80B62E40 - Bronze axe
80B62E90 - Iron axe
80B62EE0 - Steel axe
80B62F30 - Silver axe
80B62F80 - Iron poleaxe
80B62FD0 - Steel poleaxe
80B63020 - Silver poleaxe
80B63070 - Venin axe
80B630C0 - Brave axe
80B63110 - Killer axe
80B63160 - Hammer
80B631B0 - Hand axe
80B63200 - Short axe
80B63250 - Tomahawk
80B632A0 - Tarvos
80B632F0 - Urvan
80B63340 - Bronze bow
80B63390 - Iron bow
80B633E0 - Steel bow
80B63430 - Silver bow
80B63480 - Iron longbow
80B634D0 - Steel longbow
80B63520 - Silver longbow
80B63570 - Venin bow
80B635C0 - Killer bow
80B63610 - Brave bow
80B63660 - Rolf's bow
80B636B0 - Silencer
80B63700 - Lughnasadh
80B63750 - Double bow
80B637A0 - Bowgun
80B637F0 - Crossbow
80B63840 - Taksh
80B63890 - Aqqar
80B638E0 - Arbalest
80B63930 - Ballista
80B63980 - Iron ballista
80B639D0 - Killer ballista
80B63A20 - Onager
80B63A70 - Bronze knife
80B63AC0 - Iron knife
80B63B10 - Steel knife
80B63B60 - Silver knife
80B63BB0 - Bronze dagger
80B63C00 - Iron dagger
80B63C50 - Steel dagger
80B63CA0 - Silver dagger
80B63CF0 - Kard
80B63D40 - Stiletto
80B63D90 - Beast killer
80B63DE0 - Peshkatz
80B63E30 - Baselard
80B63E80 - Fire
80B63ED0 - Elfire
80B63F20 - Arcfire
80B63F70 - Bolganone
80B63FC0 - Rexflame
80B64010 - Cymbeline
80B64060 - Meteor
80B640B0 - Thunder
80B64100 - Elthunder
80B64150 - Arcthunder
80B641A0 - Thoron
80B641F0 - Rexbolt
80B64240 - Bolting
80B64290 - Wind
80B642E0 - Eliwind
80B64330 - Arcwind
80B64380 - Tornado
80B643D0 - Rexcaliber
80B64420 - Blizzard
80B64470 - Light
80B644C0 - Ellight
80B64510 - Shine
80B64560 - Nosferatu
80B645B0 - Valaura
80B64600 - Rexaura
80B64650 - Purge
80B646A0 - Thani
80B646F0 - Creiddylad
80B64740 - Worm
80B64790 - Carreau
80B647E0 - Verrine
80B64830 - Balberith
80B64880 - Fenrir
80B648D0 - Fang-lion-a
80B64920 - Fang-lion-s
80B64970 - Fang-lion-ss
80B649C0 - Great fang-lion-a
80B64A10 - Great fang-lion-s
80B64A60 - Great fang-lion-ss
80B64AB0 - Fang-tiger-a
80B64B00 - Fang-tiger-s
80B64B50 - Fang-tiger-ss
80B64BA0 - Claw-cat-a
80B64BF0 - Claw-cat-s
80B64C40 - Claw-cat-ss
80B64C90 - Fang-wolf-a
80B64CE0 - Fang-wolf-s
80B64D30 - Fang-wolf-ss
80B64D80 - Great fang-wolf-a
80B64DD0 - Great fang-wolf-s
80B64E20 - Great fang-wolf-ss
80B64E70 - Talon-hawk-a
80B64EC0 - Talon-hawk-s
80B64F10 - Talon-hawk-ss
80B64F60 - Great talon-hawk-a
80B64FB0 - Great talon-hawk-s
80B65000 - Great talon-hawk-ss
80B65050 - Beak-raven-a
80B650A0 - Beak-raven-s
80B650F0 - Beak-raven-ss
80B65140 - Great beak-raven-a
80B65190 - Great beak-raven-s
80B651E0 - Great beak-raven-ss
80B65230 - Breath-red dragon-a
80B65280 - Breath-red dragon-s
80B652D0 - Breath-red dragon-ss
80B65320 - Breath-white dragon-a
80B65370 - Breath-white dragon-s
80B653C0 - Breath-white dragon-ss
80B65410 - Breath-dragon prince-a
80B65460 - Breath-dragon prince-s
80B654B0 - Breath-dragon prince-ss
80B65500 - Breath-dragon king-a
80B65550 - Breath-dragon king-s
80B655A0 - Breath-dragon king-ss
80B655F0 - Fire tail
80B65640 - Thunder tail
80B65690 - Wind tail
80B656E0 - Dummy
80B65730 - Dummy
80B65780 - Judge
80B657D0 - Judge
80B65820 - Judge
80B65870 - Judge
80B658C0 - Judge
80B65910 - Judge
80B65960 - Judge
80B659B0 - Judge
80B65A00 - Judge
80B65A50 - Judge-lightmagic
80B65AA0 - Judge
80B65AF0 - Judge-lightmagic
80B65B40 - Judge-lightmagic
80B65B90 - Vortex-bug
80B65BE0 - Heal
80B65C30 - Mend
80B65C80 - Recover
80B65CD0 - Physic
80B65D20 - Fortify
80B65D70 - Restore
80B65DC0 - Silence
80B65E10 - Elsilence
80B65E60 - Sleep
80B65EB0 - Elsleep
80B65F00 - Rescue
80B65F50 - Rewarp
80B65FA0 - Torch
80B65FF0 - Hammerne
80B66040 - Unlock
80B66090 - Ward
80B660E0 - Matrona
80B66130 - Ashera staff
80B66180 - Seraph robe
80B661D0 - Energy drop
80B66220 - Spirit dust
80B66270 - Secret book
80B662C0 - Speedwing
80B66310 - Ashera icon
80B66360 - Dracoshield
80B663B0 - Talisman
80B66400 - Boots
80B66450 - Statue frag
80B664A0 - Master seal
80B664F0 - Master crown
80B66540 - Holy crown
80B66590 - Satori sign
80B665E0 - Chest key
80B66630 - Door key
80B66680 - Herb
80B666D0 - Vulnerary
80B66720 - Concoction
80B66770 - Elixer
80B667C0 - Olvi grass
80B66810 - Pure water
80B66860 - Antitoxin
80B668B0 - Panacea
80B66900 - Torch
80B66950 - Arms scroll
80B669A0 - Silver card
80B669F0 - White gem
80B66A40 - Blue gem
80B66A90 - Red gem
80B66AE0 - Dummy
80B66B30 - Spectre card
80B66B80 - Reaper card
80B66BD0 - Daemon card
80B66C20 - Frey bomb(unusable, calls it a bug)
80B66C70 - Shine barrier
80B66CC0 - Howl
80B66D10 - Shriek
80B66D60 - Quickclaw
80B66DB0 - Maelstrom
80B66E00 - Wildheart
80B66E50 - Blessing
80B66EA0 - Boon
80B66EF0 - Blood tide
80B66F40 - White pool
80B66F90 - Night tide
80B66FE0 - Shade
80B67030 - Stillness
80B67080 - Corrosion
80B670D0 - Disarm
80B67120 - Discipline
80B67170 - Miracle
80B671C0 - Resolve
80B67210 - Wrath
80B67260 - Cancel
80B672B0 - Adept
80B67300 - Counter
80B67350 - Vantage
80B673A0 - Flourish
80B673F0 - Mercy
80B67440 - Pass
80B67490 - Nihil
80B674E0 - Fortune
80B67530 - Nullify
80B67580 - Provoke
80B675D0 - Daunt
80B67620 - Paragon
80B67670 - Renewal
80B676C0 - Imbue
80B67710 - Blossom
80B67760 - Tempest(it works!)
80B677B0 - Serenity(it works!)
80B67800 - Celerity
80B67850 - Savior
80B678A0 - Guard
80B678F0 - Pavise
80B67940 - Beastfoe
80B67990 - Birdfoe
80B679E0 - Dragonfoe
80B67A30 - Parity
80B67A80 - Gamble
80B67AD0 - Smite
80B67B20 - Laguzguard(unusable, calls it a bug)
80B67B70 - Beorcguard(unusable, calls it a bug)
80B67BC0 - Full guard(unusable, calls it a bug)
80B67C10 - Knight ward(unusable, calls it a bug)
80B67C60 - Troop scroll(unusable, calls it a bug)
80B67CB0 - Laguz stone
80B67D00 - Laguz stone blue
80B67D50 - Wild stone
80B67DA0 - Laguz gem
80B67DF0 - Coin
80B67E40 - Rudol gem(can't give away)

Blessing and other stuff:

$Nolan Blessed Item Slot 1
This is just the Item Slot +0x4.
XX: Number of uses. Not useful if you are blessing.
YY: Add the following together using a hex calculator:
+0x01: ???
+0x02: ???
+0x04: Locked to that character
+0x08: ???
+0x10: Blessed Item (you can bless anything)
+0x20: Forged Item (causes blank name if one is not already set, e.g. by it actually being forged)
+0x40: Makes name turn red, I guess drop on death... Interesting to see if that means you can give enemies items.
+0x80: Item is equipped (forced equips cause game freezes when you try to use them...)
ZZZZ: First two characters of the name. Knock yourself out finding characters - a few of the first ones are stars; modify the next bytes for more characters.


Forged-ness must also be indicated by the above (Blessing etc) code using +20 (or else already be a forged weapon), else stats will remain normal.
$Nolan Forged Weapon Slot 1
WW: Added Mt
XX: Added Hit
YY: Added Crit
ZZ: Added Wt
Large numbers become negative, e.g. ZZ = FA will give you -6 Wt. No idea what it does if you have a non-weapon there.

99% EXP and other character attributes:

Some characters still missing. Search addresses by increments of 0x3F0. Not all tested, may be a little random like in Path Of Radiance. Again, converted from an existing list using a script.
$Micaiah 99 EXP
0084FA0F 00000063
$Edward 99 EXP
0084FDFF 00000063
$Leonardo 99 EXP
008501EF 00000063
$Nolan 99 EXP
0084DA8F 00000063
$Laura 99 EXP
0084DE7F 00000063
$Sothe 99 EXP
00852D3F 00000063
$Ilyana 99 EXP
008550AF 00000063
$Aran 99 EXP
0085645F 00000063
$Meg 99 EXP
0084E26F 00000063
$Volug 99 EXP
0084E65F 00000063
$Tauroneo 99 EXP
0084EA4F 00000063
$Jill 99 EXP
0084EE3F 00000063
$Zihark 99 EXP
0084F22F 00000063
$Fiona 99 EXP
008587CF 00000063
$Tormod 99 EXP
008583DF 00000063
$Muarim 99 EXP
00858BBF 00000063
$Vika 99 EXP
00858FAF 00000063
$Nailah 99 EXP
008505DF 00000063
$Rafiel 99 EXP
0084F61F 00000063
$Marcia 99 EXP
00850DBF 00000063
$Elincia 99 EXP
008509CF 00000063
$Nealuchi 99 EXP
008544DF 00000063
$Leanne 99 EXP
008548CF 00000063
$Haar 99 EXP
00854CBF 00000063
$Brom 99 EXP
008511AF 00000063
$Nephenee 99 EXP
0085198F 00000063
$Heather 99 EXP
00856C3F 00000063
$Lucia 99 EXP
00851D7F 00000063
$Lethe 99 EXP
0085216F 00000063
$Mordecai 99 EXP
0085255F 00000063
$Geoffrey 99 EXP
0085C2DF 00000063
$Kieran 99 EXP
0085C6CF 00000063
$Astrid 99 EXP
0085CABF 00000063
$Makalov 99 EXP
0085CEAF 00000063
$Danved 99 EXP
0085D29F 00000063
$Calill 99 EXP
0085294F 00000063
$Ike 99 EXP
0085312F 00000063
$Soren 99 EXP
0085390F 00000063
$Titania 99 EXP
0085351F 00000063
$Boyd 99 EXP
0085549F 00000063
$Gatrie 99 EXP
0085606F 00000063
$Shinon 99 EXP
00855C7F 00000063
$Mia 99 EXP
0085702F 00000063
$Mist 99 EXP
00853CFF 00000063
$Rhys 99 EXP
0085684F 00000063
$Rolf 99 EXP
008540EF 00000063
$Oscar 99 EXP
0085588F 00000063
$Ranulf 99 EXP
0085780F 00000063
$Kyza 99 EXP
00857BFF 00000063
$Lyre 99 EXP
0085741F 00000063
$Reyson 99 EXP
00857FEF 00000063
If you want to modify other attributes of a character, change the address for 99EXP. The byte before (address ending in E instead of F) governs the current level of that character. e.g.:
$Nolan Level 10
0084DA8E 0000000A
You can try messing around with the values from http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/920189-fire-emblem-path-of-radiance/25075967 Post #3. Those are for Path Of Radiance but they should be similar to here; you can also see the Skill Modifier stuff if you want to try translating it from http://geckocodes.org/?c=RFEE01 , it will just need to be moved around, all the memory is the same structure, just with an offset.


Looks like 18 Skill slots for each character (I have only looked at Nolan so far though - codes below were for me and Nolan was a Reaver at the time). I think adding a skill in-game just uses the first unfilled slot, and skills will stay in the slot you put them in; the order in the display window is just the order of the slots, skipping any blank slots. If there are too many skills it will go off the bottom of the list and the text for them becomes Japanese. (?!?!) You can assign multiple copies of one skill, but attempting to remove one of them will remove all of them and give you a single scroll. I don't think you can make skills removable here - removability and visibility seems to be tied to the skill itself.
Each skill is set by 8 bytes, split into two parts - first is the skill identifier, second appears to be some attributes:
$Nolan Skill Slot 1 (8070F4C8 by default, which is Tarvos usable, named MSID_EQ_I)
0484DAC0 XXYY0000
To find the next slot, add 0x8 to both addresses:
$Nolan Skill Slot 2 (not sure what the default 8070EE98 is, named MSID_HIGHEST - you can make the name appear if you screw about a bit with enabling it while looking at the screen)
0484DAC8 YYZZ0000
$Nolan Skill Slot 3 (not sure what the default 8070F260 is, named MSID_EQBALLISTA - guessing Nolan can use a ballista?! Didn't know that!)
0484DAD0 YYZZ0000
Defaults are YYZZ = 0200 for normal skills, 0101 for locked skills (Critical +X, Shove, Mastery Skills etc), 0003 for Tarvos usable.
+0x01: ???
+0x02: ???
+0x01: Padlock icon (only actually makes the skill removable when you are forced to remove a skill after a level up resulting in a character having too many skills)
+0x02: Makes skill free for Capacity
XXXXXXXX (another borrowed list, scripted an offset and sorted):
8070EE6C - MSID_HIGHER (Second Tier)
8070EE98 - MSID_HIGHEST (Third Tier)
8070EF74 - MSID_BOSS
8070F368 - Ragnell/Ettard usable
8070F394 - Florete usable
8070F3C0 - Amiti usable
8070F3EC - Thani usable
8070F418 - Cymbeline usable
8070F444 - Creiddylad usable
8070F470 - Caladbolg usable
8070F49C - Lughnasadh usable
8070F4C8 - Tarvos usable
8070F890 - Canto
8070F8BC - Shove
8070F8E8 - Steal
8070F914 - Galdrar
8070F940 - Crit +5
8070F96C - Crit +10
8070F998 - Crit +15
8070F9C4 - Crit +20
8070F9F0 - Crit +25
8070FA1C - Aurora
8070FA48 - Formshift
8070FA74 - Aether
8070FAA0 - Astra
8070FACC - Impale
8070FAF8 - Colossus
8070FB24 - Deadeye
8070FB50 - Luna
8070FB7C - Eclipse
8070FBA8 - Bane
8070FBD4 - Lethality
8070FC00 - Flare
8070FC2C - Corona
8070FC58 - Sol
8070FC84 - Stun
8070FCB0 - Roar
8070FCDC - Rend
8070FD08 - Savage
8070FD34 - Tear
8070FD60 - Ire
8070FD8C - Sacrifice
8070FDB8 - Glare
8070FDE4 - Insight
8070FE10 - Vigilance
8070FE3C - Mantle
8070FF44 - Wildheart
8070FF70 - Blessing
8070FF9C - Boon
8070FFC8 - Blood tide
8070FFF4 - White pool
80710020 - Night tide
80710078 - Stillness
807100A4 - Corrosion
807100D0 - Disarm
807100FC - Discipline
80710128 - Miracle
80710154 - Resolve
80710180 - Wrath
807101AC - Cancel
807101D8 - Adept
80710204 - Counter
80710230 - Vantage
807102B4 - Pass
807102E0 - Nihil
8071030C - Fortune
80710338 - Nullify
80710364 - Provoke
80710390 - Daunt
807103BC - Paragon
807103E8 - Renewal
80710414 - Imbue
80710440 - Blossom
807104C4 - Celerity
807104F0 - Savior
8071051C - Guard
80710548 - Pavise
80710574 - Beastfoe
807105A0 - Birdfoe
807105CC - Dragonfoe
807105F8 - Parity
80710624 - Gamble

Some credit due to everyone in http://www.kodewerx.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=5793 ... People never explain how the codes work though, all the sites just say "HERES YOUR FREE STUFF DERP" and you have no idea how to alter the codes to suit you better.

Making the Dawn Brigade suck less! ACTIVATE ONCE FOR EACH CHARACTER AND THEN TURN OFF AGAIN. Activating once, and then activating again in a different chapter screws up skills in ways I can't figure out easily. Only done the first 5 characters but that's okay. You can figure out Aran if you like.
0484DB4C 80B632A0
0284DB50 00002890
0484DAD4 8070F9F0
0484DAD8 00030000
0484DADC 80710230
0484DAE0 00020000
0484DAE4 807103BC
0484DAE8 00020000
0484DAEC 80710440
0484DAF0 00020000
0484FEBC 80B62620
0284FEC0 00002890
0484FE3C 8070F9F0
0484FE40 00030000
0484FE4C 80710154
0484FE50 00020000
0484FE54 807103BC
0484FE58 00020000
0484FE5C 80710440
0484FE60 00020000
0484FACC 80B646A0
0284FAD0 00003290
0484FA74 8070F9F0
0484FA78 00030000
0484FA7C 80710180
0484FA80 00020000
0484FA84 807103BC
0484FA88 00020000
0484FA8C 80710440
0484FA90 00020000
048502AC 80B63700
028502B0 00002890
0485023C 8070F9F0
04850240 00030000
04850244 807101D8
04850248 00020000
0485024C 807103BC
04850250 00030000
04850254 80710440
04850258 00020000
0484DF3C 80B65C30
0284DF40 00001490
0484DF64 80B65CD0
0284DF68 00000F10
0484DF8C 80B66950
0284DF90 00000100
0484DEC4 80710128
0484DEC8 00020000
0484DECC 807102B4
0484DED0 00020000
0484DED4 807103BC
0484DED8 00020000
0484DEDC 80710440
0484DEE0 00020000
0484DEE4 80710548
0484DEE8 00020000

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I found some more cool stuff:

[spoiler=Character Stats and Affinity]

You can change the class of a character - causing some interesting graphical glitches when done during a level:

$Nolan Class Slot


XXXXXXXX is as in the below spoiler, in the Class Start Address List.

Add 0x3F0 to step from Nolan's Character slot to the next slot. Maybe. I really don't know.

$Nolan Current HP

0084DAA4 000000XX

$Nolan Mv+

0084DAA6 000000XX

$Nolan Affinity

0484DAA8 000000XX

01: Fire

02: Thunder

03: Wind

04: Water

05: Dark

06: Light

07: Heaven

08: Earth

Anything else seems to just be "-".

$Nolan Stats 1


WW here is non-trivial - C0 seems to be HP of 1 and it wraps around after FF -> 00, so 00 is 64HP. Not fully tested.

XX: Str

YY: Mag

ZZ: Skill

$Nolan Stats 2


WW: Sp

XX: Lck

YY: Def

ZZ: Res

Note that the last 7 of these stats are all added to the base Class stats, not just equal to the stats.

[spoiler=Default Class Skills]

When a character promotes, the skills from the default class that the character promotes to are added to the existing character. Same with a new character being created - the skills for a new character are a combination of the default class skills and the default character skills.

Vanguard start address: 808A890C (048A890C to edit)

To find the slots from the start address, add 0x24, and then multiples of 0x8:

$Vanguard Default Skill Slot 1 (MSID_HIGHEST - Third Tier)


048A8934 YYZZ0000

$Vanguard Default Skill Slot 2 (Shove)


048A893C YYZZ0000

$Vanguard Default Skill Slot 3 (Nihil)


048A8944 YYZZ0000

$Vanguard Default Skill Slot 4 (Aether)


048A894C YYZZ0000

$Vanguard Default Skill Slot 5 (blank)


048A8954 YYZZ0000

XXXXXXXX and YY/ZZ are as above in the Skills spoiler. You may need to think about changing the second lines to make default skills free, but I don't know if that persists.

[spoiler=Class Start Address List]

808A87F0 - Hero (Ike)

808A890C - Vanguard (Ike+)

808A8A28 - Myrmidon (Edward)

808A8B44 - Swordmaster male (Zihark, Edward+)

808A8C60 - Swordmaster female (Mia)

808A8D7C - Swordmaster disciples of order

808A8E98 - Trueblade male (Stefan, Zihark+, Edward++)

808A8FB4 - Trueblade female (Mia+)

808A90D0 - Soldier (Aran)

808A91EC - Halberdier male (Danved, Aran+)

808A9308 - Halberdier female (Nephenee)

808A9424 - Halberdier disciples of order

808A9540 - Sentinel male (Danved+, Aran++)

808A965C - Sentinel female (Nephenee+)

808A9778 - Fighter (Nolan)

808A9894 - Warrior (Boyd, Nolan+)

808A99B0 - Warrior disciples of order

808A9ACC - Reaver (Boyd+, Nolan++)

808A9BE8 - Archer (Leonardo)

808A9D04 - Sniper (Shinon, Rolf, Leonardo+)

808A9E20 - Sniper disciples of order

808A9F3C - Marksman (Shinon+, Rolf+, Leonardo++)

808AA058 - Armor lance

808AA174 - Armor axe

808AA290 - Armor sword male

808AA3AC - Armor sword female (Meg)

808AA4C8 - Lance general (Tauroneo, Gatrie)

808AA5E4 - Axe general (Brom)

808AA700 - Sword general male

808AA81C - Sword general female (Meg+)

808AA938 - Lance general disciples of order

808AAA54 - Axe general disciples of order

808AAB70 - Sword general disciples of order

808AAC8C - Marshal lance (Tauroneo+, Gatrie+)

808AADA8 - Marshal axe (Brom+)

808AAEC4 - Marshal sword (Meg++)

808AAFE0 - Marshal zelgius

808AB0FC - Black knight

808AB218 - Thief

808AB334 - Rogue male (Sothe)

808AB450 - Rogue female (Heather)

808AB56C - Whisper male (Sothe+)

808AB688 - Whisper female (Heather+)

808AB7A4 - Assassin (Volke)

808AB8C0 - Bandit

808AB9DC - Fire mage

808ABAF8 - Thunder mage male

808ABC14 - Thunder mage female (Ilyana)

808ABD30 - Wind mage

808ABE4C - Light mage (Micaiah)

808ABF68 - Fire sage male (Tormod)

808AC084 - Fire sage female (Calill)

808AC1A0 - Thunder sage male

808AC2BC - Thunder sage female (Ilyana+)

808AC3D8 - Wind sage (Soren)

808AC4F4 - Light sage (Micaiah+)

808AC610 - Dark sage (Pelleas)

808AC72C - Fire sage disciples of order

808AC848 - Thunder sage disciples of order

808AC964 - Wind sage disciples of order

808ACA80 - Arch sage fire male (Tormod+)

808ACB9C - Arch sage fire female (Calill+)

808ACCB8 - Arch sage dark (Pelleas+)

808ACDD4 - Arch sage thunder (Ilyana++)

808ACEF0 - Arch sage wind (Bastian, Soren+)

808AD00C - Light priestess (Micaiah++)

808AD128 - Empress (Sanaki)

808AD244 - Chancellor (Sephiran/Lehran) (I stopped adding names here)

808AD360 - Druid

808AD47C - Druid disciples of order

808AD598 - Summoner

808AD6B4 - Priest male

808AD7D0 - Priest female

808AD8EC - Bishop male

808ADA08 - Bishop female

808ADB24 - Bishop valtome/numida/disciples of order

808ADC40 - Saint male

808ADD5C - Saint female

808ADE78 - Saint lekain

808ADF94 - Cleric

808AE0B0 - Valkyrie

808AE1CC - Sword knight

808AE2E8 - Lance knight male

808AE404 - Lance knight female

808AE520 - Axe knight

808AE63C - Bow knight

808AE758 - Blade paladin

808AE874 - Lance paladin male

808AE990 - Lance paladin female

808AEAAC - Axe paladin male

808AEBC8 - Axe paladin female

808AECE4 - Bow paladin male

808AEE00 - Bow paladin female

808AEF1C - Blade paladin disciples of order

808AF038 - Lance paladin disciples of order

808AF154 - Axe paladin disciples of order

808AF270 - Bow paladin disciples of order

808AF38C - Gold knight sword

808AF4A8 - Gold knight axe male

808AF5C4 - Gold knight axe female

808AF6E0 - Silver knight lance male

808AF7FC - Silver knight lance female

808AF918 - Silver knight bow

808AFA34 - Pegasus knight

808AFB50 - Falcon knight

808AFC6C - Falcon knight disciples of order

808AFD88 - Seraph knight

808AFEA4 - Queen

808AFFC0 - Draco knight male

808B00DC - Draco knight female

808B01F8 - Dragonmaster male

808B0314 - Dragonmaster female

808B0430 - Dragonmaster disciples of order

808B054C - Dragon lord male

808B0668 - Dragon lord female

808B0784 - Lion red untransformed

808B08A0 - Lion red transformed

808B09BC - Lion black untransformed

808B0AD8 - Lion black transformed

808B0BF4 - Lion king untransformed

808B0D10 - Lion king transformed

808B0E2C - Tiger untransformed

808B0F48 - Tiger transformed

808B1064 - Cat male untransformed

808B1180 - Cat male transformed

808B129C - Cat female untransformed

808B13B8 - Cat female transformed

808B14D4 - Wolf untransformed

808B15F0 - Wolf transformed

808B170C - Wolf queen untransformed

808B1828 - Wolf queen transformed

808B1944 - Hawk untransformed

808B1A60 - Hawk transformed

808B1B7C - Hawk king untransformed

808B1C98 - Hawk king transformed

808B1DB4 - Raven male untransformed

808B1ED0 - Raven male transformed

808B1FEC - Raven female untransformed

808B2108 - Raven female transformed

808B2224 - Raven king untransformed

808B2340 - Raven king transformed

808B245C - Heron reyson untransformed

808B2578 - Heron reyson transformed

808B2694 - Heron rafiel untransformed

808B27B0 - Heron rafiel transformed

808B28CC - Heron leanne untransformed

808B29E8 - Heron leanne transformed

808B2B04 - Red dragon male untransformed

808B2C20 - Red dragon male transformed

808B2D3C - Red dragon female untransformed

808B2E58 - Red dragon female transformed

808B2F74 - White dragon untransformed

808B3090 - White dragon transformed

808B31AC - Dragon king untransformed

808B32C8 - Dragon king transformed

808B33E4 - Dragon prince untransformed

808B3500 - Dragon prince transformed

808B361C - Spirit fire

808B3738 - Spirit thunder

808B3854 - Spirit wind

808B3970 - Order incarnate aura

808B3A8C - Order incarnate ashera

808B3BA8 - Pilgrim

808B3CC4 - Vendor

808B3DE0 - Citizen old man

808B3EFC - Citizen male

808B4018 - Citizen female

808B4134 - Citizen child male

808B4250 - Citizen child female

808B436C - Horse

808B4488 - Hero (can have an ss rank in all types)

[spoiler=Default Character Skills]

Don't know what order these are in, I don't think it's easy to figure out since you don't really get much of a reference point here. 8084DA7C (part of Nolan's Character slot) has the value 8088F130, which is shortly (offset by 0x4C) before the Skill Slots below, I guess you can use that to figure each one out. The next one along seems to be Haar for some reason (has Cancel but not Lughnasadh Usable and the line at -0x4C is referenced in Haar's Character slot). I'm expecting the character's default level and base stats to be somewhere here.

Again, add 0x8 to both addresses to step to the next slot.

$Nolan Default Skill list, Slot 1 (Nihil)


0488F180 YYZZ0000

$Nolan Default Skill list, Slot 2 (MSID_EQ_I - Tarvos Usable)


0488F188 YYZZ0000

$Nolan Default Skill list, Slot 3 (blank)


0488F190 YYZZ0000

Edited by Haiyukin

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This is really awesome!

I myself made a thread around a week ago, concerning gecko codes, but I don't think anyone knows the answers to my questions. That being said, I was able to find out most of the stuff on my own, my only issue is, I still don't understand how to apply skills directly to a character's slot(s). I don't suppose you'd know how to do that, would you? I can use the cheat engine search in Dolphin to find a value for a specific character, but I have no idea how to isolate their skill slots.

Anyways, these codes are really helpful, thank you so much :)

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I posted a response in your thread on the Dolphin Support forum :P

Skills shouldn't be too hard - in the first post, I show Nolan's Skill Slots. You can just use those, using the AR to put a skill code in a slot - you can assign new skills in a blank slot or in an already-used slot; I recommend either using slots you know would be blank (slot 10+) or assigning over a known skill (use the Dolphin memory reader to check the pre-existing skills). Removing a skill whilst looking at their skills in-game seems to freeze the game, so close any character info you have open when setting blank Skill IDs...

I'm working on an AR Code Creator for FE:RD, allowing you to just tick some boxes and get out the AR codes at the end. It's gonna be so cool.


It's actually mostly done, just a couple features I want to finish first.

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Well this was a giant waste of a few days...

RDCC: Radiant Dawn Code Creator! Generate AR codes for anyone and anything. Still lacking some functionality but works very nicely so far.

ReadMe included in the .zip. Requires Python and PySide.

Edit: Deleted upload, see below for updated version.

Edited by Haiyukin

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Well this was a giant waste of a few days...

RDCC: Radiant Dawn Code Creator! Generate AR codes for anyone and anything. Still lacking some functionality but works very nicely so far.

ReadMe included in the .zip. Requires Python and PySide.

This looks absolutely amazing! I had given up ever getting codes to work for this game.

Can't wait to get home and try this!

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Well I'm finally home, unfortunately I'm having some difficulty getting the codes to work.

I added a few codes by right clicking the game in the dolphin browser (version 4.0-1487 btw). Went to the AR Codes tab and clicked add

the codes are checked in the list.

Here is what my ini file looks like:

$edward +10 xp
$edward +10 luck
$edward +10 xp
0084FDFF 0000000A
$edward +10 luck
0084FE1E 0000000A

From there I start the game and I'm able to see the codes listed and active in the cheats manager, but the don't take effect.

Am I doing this right? Do you have to play up to a certain point or should they be active immediately?

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Yeah that looks fine, the codes should be active immediately. Note that it won't necessarily add 10 Lck to Edward, but will instead cause his Character to have 10 Lck - his final stat is comprised of the base stat for Myrmidons (or Swordmaster, Trueblade) plus the number you give him there. For me starting a new game, it makes his Lck go to 18.

If those codes do nothing, try changing version:

0088717F 0000000A
0088719E 0000000A

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Fixed some stuff, including making the Forge Names work with normal characters (it was just Unicode ¬_¬ as simple as using ord() ) and fixing a push-button bug. Also split weapons and non-weapons up, not 100% tested so some feedback on stuff like changing the stat boosts for items would be good.

Lastly, using None as your Target will generate codes for all targets in that category! Yay for mass-modifying items! Boo for mass modifying weapons to be unbreakable and bows no longer working! Learnt that the hard way.

RDCC 30-04-2014.zip

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Very nicely made, Haiyukin. I have the PAL version, so of course these codes don't work out of the box, but that's where Dolphin comes in handy. A little searching sorted that out, and a handy-dandy spreadsheet with numerical offsets and formulae copy-pasted handled the rest.

Seems to be based on v.1.01

Edit: this post is outdated. See my next post further down for more complete and recent information.

For the PAL version, add 6BFA0 for most character codes. The offset between characters in the PAL version is still 3F0 / 1008 (so no change there).

I've verified that the following work:

- Level, Experience, and Stat codes

- Gold codes


- Bonus Exp code not so much, although a buggy version can be found on a french site. Randomly works, but usually zeroes out your BExp.


The code for Fiona didn't work so I checked and found that her codes are offset by 2 extra slots (+ 7E0 / +2016), whilst Maurim and Vika are both shifted back one slot each (-3F0 / -1008).

Codes that don't function:

- Skill codes for free/locked status


- The rest of the skill codes

- Equipment

Edited by Raivshard

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Thanks for the feedback :) As I understand it sometimes different characters can be offset by different amounts in the memory for even different playthroughs of the same version and thus I am not surprised that Fiona/Muarim/Vika didn't work correctly. I know about the Bonus Exp code, I really don't know how to fix it though since it doesn't seem to do anything simple.

Skill codes for free/locked status - what exactly do you mean? I know that adding the padlock icon doesn't actually lock the skill, you can still remove it. o_O

Edited by Haiyukin

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Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn PAL codes

All values in this post are from the PAL version (except where specified).

The offset for PAL character codes from your NTSC item value is 442272 dec / 6BFA0 hex.

The offset between characters in the PAL version is still 3F0 / 1008 (so no change there).

The offset for PAL item values from your NTSC item values is -2350176 dec / -23DC60 hex (subtract).

NTSC Slim Sword: 80B62210

PAL Slim Sword: 809245B0

Found core item names with memory viewer's ascii search. Renamed a couple to verify the correct address.

[spoiler=Info re: Item Names (and changing them)]
Slim Sword Base Name
006CDC64 536C696D
006CDC68 2053776F
006CDC6C 72640000
Silver Sword
006CDC98 53696C76
006CDC9C 65722053
006CDCA0 776F7264

Note that names can use 4, 8, 12, or 16 spaces, and the distance between the start of one and the start of the next depends on the number of characters used. Also note that in each case, the name length must less than 4, 8,12, or 16 characters, ie: usage of 8 spaces requires a name of 7 characters or less, or 12 spaces requires 11 or less, etc. Nothing uses more than 16.

I copied a list and RegEx'ed it into delineated pieces, then tossed it into excel and grabbed the character count of each name with a macro. Double-checked it with the memory viewer at a few random locations down the list.

Edit: Mostly successful: I ran into problems with the identical names (different versions of claw and fang, etc). I edited these sections manually, then rechecked the values on the bottom of the list. All good. Glad there's an ASCII view option.

Edit: Skill names start right after the items. Cool. Now who wants to change lion fangs to Bunny Ears? Negligible damage, but since they can move separately, you get two attacks. ;-) Oh, wait, there's only space for 7 characters. Hmm: Bny Ear . . . B. Ears . . .

SpfTstc. Nah, I'll leave it.

Also, in your code creator program, in the section for modifying items, you have a part labelled "(0-8) (???)"; I believe that it may refer to the amount of Weapon Experience you gain for that weapon type. Either that or the location one bit previous, as there's a an extra space between that code and the rank requirement. Your thoughts?

For example:

NTSC 1.01 values from Code Creator:

Silver Sword

Rank Requirement 02B62368 000000B5

empty location? 02B62369 0000000? <----------------

(0-8) (???) 00B6236A 0000000? <---------------- WExp?

I'll double-check this later, but the Silver Sword has in it's base item stats a value of 05 between the rank req. value and the max uses value. The wiki states that 5 is the WExp given by this weapon, so I think that's it.

Edit: In the PAL version, the Rank Requirement is location 9. Location 8 is always empty, and location A always has the same number as displayed by the wiki for WExp

Edit: Found the switch for damage types on a weapon. It was listed on http://geckocodes.org/?c=RFEE01; I just referenced the location by comparing it to the location of their weapon range code.

- the location is 10 hex / 16 dec less than the min range of the weapon.

[spoiler=Damage Type Reference:]

For Florete:

code from the site: 04B60340 00C80009

converted to PAL: 00924B60 00C80009

converted to NTSC 1.01: 00B626D0 00C80009

Note: the 09 at the end is it. For swords, it's normally 00. The 09 changes damage output to light magic.

- it's on the tail end of the value string, which of course means that you need to add 03 to get the specific location.

Don't know what the C8 references.

Damage Type Values:

Sword    0 00
Lance    1 01 
Axe      2 02 
Bow      3 03 
Knife    4 04 
Strike   5 05 
Fire     6 06 
Thunder  7 07 
Wind     8 08 
Light    9 09 
Dark    10 0A 
Staff   11 0B


- Item slots: blessing, forge-types, forging modifiers, item lock, force equip, uses remaining

- Items: items and item names -- everything works

- Level, Experience, and Stat codes

- Gold codes

Offset not found yet: (haven't looked)

- Skills: adding, removing, modifying

Untested: (likely have different offsets)

- Model codes

- Class codes

Won't bother with class and model codes any time soon unless I get curious about something.

Currently, everything is in a 2MB Excel file. Not exactly ready for public consumption, but useful. If there's interest, I can attach the file. Eventually, I'll put a bunch of stuff up in spoiler tags, also.

Edited by Raivshard

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Hi longtong4 - what you can do is try running it in a console instead. Rename the file to .py instead of .pyw. Then, hold shift and right-click on the background in the folder, and click "Open command window here" (this option will only appear if you have unzipped it to another folder). This should bring up a console. Type "RD Code Creator.py" (shortcut by pressing r, d, then tab), hit enter, and see what error you get. You will need to install PySide from the link in the ReadMe as well as just Python 2.7.

Good stuff Raivshard - I wasn't planning on maintaining this program though, I haven't looked at RD for a while now :( Damage Type stuff and possibly Weapon Exp look like great additions though, if you look at the code you can probably figure out where to add them yourself :) look at the create_data_type_lists function, and probably add something to the 'weapon': entry in that dictionary. Each entry is a tuple of (memory offset from the start of that target, human-readable name, type) - type is harder to figure out since if you want a list of names for Damage Types you are going to have to do it in the same way the Affinities are done. I've done a complete reinstall of my PC very recently so I'm not going to be working on this myself any time soon. Should be simple enough to rename the (0-8) (???) thing...

From what you said about 0x10 less than min range, I think the offset would just be 0x10 for Damage Types :)

Edited by Haiyukin

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Haven't looked at the python script much thus far, but yeah, it looks like it should be pretty straightforward for adding/changing sections once I wrap my mind around the coding.

I've mostly just been going through this playthrough with some tweaks and minor changes, so I likely won't do much more building/modding for a good bit. I am curious about adding a PAL option to the version selector dropdown menu, though.

I also added a few character locations -- referenced from the geckocodes page:

The space between Fiona and Geoffrey: Sigrun, Tanith, Sanaki, Naesala, Bastian, Oliver, Volke, Caineghis, Giffca, Kurthnaga, Ena, Renning.

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longtong4 - BExp for Part 4 is a combination of all the previous parts, so just use any of the other codes and it should work :) You need to try following the instructions I posted and tell me what error you get when you try to run the program in the console. Once I know that, I might be able to help.

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Hey, i'm new, and sorry to ask, but i have used some of your codes and they do work but do you think you could make me a control enemies code? seeing as how i do not understand anything about coding or such.

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So what would the offset of this code be to get it to work as a AR code.

$Always Perfect Level-Ups
088C359A 00000064
016500FC 00000000
088C359B 00000064
016500FC 00000000
088C359C 64646464
216500FC 00000000
088C35A0 00000064
016500FC 00000000
088C35A1 00000064
016500FC 00000000

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Ok thanks! but one last question, do you know of anywhere that i could find a working control enemies code for gecko or AR, because i have been searching everywhere and cannot seem to find one

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