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Pokémon OmegaRuby/AlphaSapphire Discussion Thread

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you probably are thinking..''oh icarus you making a useless thread everyone aleadry made one about it''

Yeah but, we have a news thread and speculation thread so..why not a discussion thread? we will probably want one in some months so.

there you go. some copypaste from my latest OR/AS topic in MFFA. you can post news here even tought theres a news thread, just for discussion.

--This is a discussion and news thread, so don't post any other for safety-----
Any new news you can either post it here if i haven't yet. it will be put here to everyone interested see it
Hoenn Confirmed, Remake of course.


Pic 1 shared by sweetfire

late is your mom.

Q: Why is it called Alpha and omega?


The Prophet : http://www.ign.com/boards/threads/if-ruby-and-sapphire-remakes-come-out.452842335/

probably a admin is gonna get butthurt and lock this.. but if not then feel free to discuss!

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Are you posting that scan as real, or are we posting fake scans here as well?

(protip: On the scan, the name of the remakes are wrong, compare to the japanese logo)

(why would someone lock this...?)

Edited by L95

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if we're going to be posting obviously fake leaks then i may as well post my friend's actually vaguely funny ones. learn from the master



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